Chandeliers in the children’s room

The choice of chandeliers in the children’s room for the girl is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. It is necessary to approach this issue extremely seriously, because it is in this room that your child will carry out most of its time. And the whole setting, including the ceiling lamp, should affect the health and mood of the girl.


Domestic Lighting Market offers a wide selection of chandeliers for children’s room Girls.

They can be divided into several groups:

  • Ceiling lamps are divided by mounting. They hang on the hook, which is provided in the design of the ceiling in the middle of the room or fastens on the screws. The second type is more relevant for the maiden room, as such a fastening is more reliable, the chandelier can be positioned in any part of the room and can be used on stretch ceilings.
  • Children’s chandelier can have a different type of lighting elements. Here are used halogen lamps, LEDs or lamps with a conventional basement. The use of LED lamps is preferable, since such an instrument will help save electricity.

  • Chandeliers can have a different design. So, chandeliers for children’s rooms with the image of the heroes of favorite cartoons, colors, the sun. But such chandeliers will soon be changed, as your baby preferences will change with age.
  • Separate group I want to highlight chandeliers with additional functionality. They, in addition to replacing daylight, can play the role of a night light or projector.


Materials from which chandeliers make a huge variety, but not all of them are suitable for installation in the children’s room:

  • Glass. Remember that the safety of the child is the most important thing, therefore, choosing a chandelier into a nursery with a glass lamp to. Then such a plafof will not only give the beautiful shine and the tenderness of the setting, but will be safe and easy to care.
  • Crystal. Low-button material for baby room. This is due, first of all, with its fragility. Yes, and excessive chic in the children’s room is not needed. Rather, this material is suitable for equipment living room or dining room.

Although in the teenage girl’s room, if it is framed in a classic style, the chandelier of the crystal will also be relevant.

  • Plastic. This material, despite the variety of plafones for the design of children’s from it, is not enough for this room. This is due to the fact that it is quite toxic material. At high temperatures, which creates a light bulb inside the instrument, it starts to melt, and formaldehydes begin to the air. When your girl will breathe them every day, her health can worsen, the allergic reaction will begin, which can later lead to asthma.
  • Organic glass. This type of plastic is the most suitable for the chandelier in a nursery, as its composition is natural and environmental. In addition, the plaffones from this material are resistant to shocks, so it should not be afraid that your child will disarm them and will be lit. In addition, such lampshes are easy to clean, dust do not accumulate. The cost of chandeliers from the plexiglass is quite democratic, and a large selection of models will help you choose the necessary accessory to the interior.

  • Textile. Mother lamps are made to the room warm and comfort, but this material is not enough for the children’s room. This is due to the fact that the fabric is able to attract dust, and it will be extremely problematic to rub such a cemeter. It can develop allergies from a child. In addition, with time, textiles will lose its appearance, and such plafones will have to change.
  • Natural materials. Now it is very fashionable to apply natural materials in the dwelling, and the chandeliers of them are also in demand. But before equipping the maiden room with lampshade from wood, rattan or bamboo, it is worth assessing the possibility of wet cleaning of such an appliance.

Since it is very important for a nursery so that the objects of the situation do not accumulate dust and there was no reason for the reproduction of dust ticks.


Color gamut that surrounds the girl in the room is very important. She must raise the taste in the hostess. Therefore, the chandelier must be perfectly fit into those colors in which the room has already been issued.

Color can influence the mood of the child, so some tones should be avoided when childcare:

  • Red chandelier can cause an aggression from the child. It is not necessary for both baby and a teenager. In addition, the constantly present red chandelier will excite a girl. It will hard to calm down before bedtime, looking at the purple spot on the ceiling.
  • Cold shades, such as blue and lilac, on the contrary, will decline your baby to lethargy. She will be reluctant to move, she can become too passive.
  • Black and white colors are boring enough for children’s interior, although the chandelier of the original color data form may well be. For a teenager girl, a white chandelier will be quite appropriate, but the black plander is to exclude, as it will not only be too dumbway light lamps, but also will awaken in the girl.

For the girl’s room it is worth choosing cheerful shades chandeliers:

  • The green color of the lamp is soothing and pacifies. In addition, a greenish tint of light that will give such a chandelier, very pleasant for the eyes, promotes their rest.
  • Yellow and orange will be in the room comfort and positive emotions. These are the colors of cheerfulness and baby they will definitely like.
  • Pastel pink and blue shades always like girls of any age. They are very gentle and do not awaken negative emotions.

Lusters of these shades will easily fit into the girl’s guest interior.

How to choose?

When choosing a chandelier to a girl’s room, you should consider several factors. The most important of them is safety. This aspect should be considered in several planes.

  • Fastening. It should be as safe as possible. Even if the child hits the chandelier with a stick or blanket she should not fall. It is better to give preference to the designs that are attached to the ceiling by screws.
  • Form. The chandelier should not hang out from the ceiling, the child in no case should hurt the individual parts of the ceiling lamp, and he should not have a desire to hang on them.

  • Quality Materials. The design of the chandelier must be performed only from safe materials. It should necessarily have certificates of compliance with the goods by the sanitary standards of the Russian Federation. This is due to the fact that recently unscrupulous manufacturers have been applied in their products by low-quality raw materials. As a result of the heating of various parts, there is a release of toxic substances into the air, because of which your child can get serious poisoning or allergies.
  • Another important aspect when choosing is Functionality of the device. It is very important that the illumination of the child was sufficient. Too dim, like very bright light will adversely affect your girl’s eyesight, so you need to choose the optimal lighting power corresponding to 17 W per 1 kV. M Square.

Well, if it is possible to change the lighting power of the chandelier, depending on the situation.

  • the beauty In the girl’s room there is not a last role, so the ceiling lamp must also vaccinate the girl’s feeling of excellent.
  • The possibility of developing imagination. Well, if you choose a chandelier that will give your child the soil for fantasy. Introducing various images on the ceiling of your room, the girl will develop in itself an extraordinary thinking, which will come in handy in her future life.

Choosing a chandelier in a children’s room for a girl, do not forget to ask about the desires of your child, ask what she would like.

And when buying be sure to try to consider the opinion of your baby, as it is very important for her.

Interesting models

Among the great diversity of children’s ceiling lamps, I want to highlight several original devices.

Chandelier imitating our system planets. Such a chandelier will not only decorate the ceiling of the children, but will also be the subject of study. It will be interesting not only to teenagers, but also kids.

The chandelier in the form of balloons will not leave your baby indifferent. Children’s room decorated with such a lighting device will always be filled with a holiday.

Ceiling lamp with cartridge bugs will force to show the fantasy of your child: who is and where they fly? And green color will contribute to the relaxation of babes before bed.

In the room, the princess and chandelier must be in the form of a crown, and many crystal elements will help such a chandelier to doll as soon as the light turns on.

For a lover of colors of excellent challenges will be the device from the plafoons-bells hanging a bouquet from the ceiling.

Read more about Lutra for children’s room you will learn from the following video.

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