Chandeliers in strict black tones

Black color is very concise and even universal. It is used in all spheres, including in the interior. On such an integral part of any room like a chandelier, black shades look strictly and at the same time attractively. With this color in the interior, a note of creativity and exclusivity is made. But when choosing such models, you need to pay attention to a number of characteristics inherent in it.

Models and forms

The design of ceiling lights is not limited to several models, there are many options, according to the features of forms and sizes.

  • First type of lighting devices – Ceiling chandelier. It is attached to the surface of the ceiling and does not have a cable for plafimons. Such attachments reliably fix the design and make it suitable for small-sized rooms with low ceilings.
  • There is also Suspended type of chandelier, which are attached to the ceiling with a cable. It can have a different length, and often due to it the product can be quite large. Some models have a cable length of more than a meter, which does not allow you to install similar models in small rooms.

Both types of chandeliers may have plafoons and frames of various shapes. When black color is chosen for the lighting device, it is worth paying attention to the geometry and the structure of the plafo.

For suspended dark chandeliers are characterized by the following models:

  • Products with fabric lampshade trapezoid or cone-shaped. In the design there can be one large lampshade or several small, frame chandeliers, as a rule, made of metal. The light bulbs themselves are often mimicing candles, and in the included state of the product look very romantic – not too bright light passes through a translucent, corrugated lampshade.

The lower part of the chandelier can be equipped with shiny black suspension, which additionally reflect the light from the lamp.

  • Designs with dome cloaks are very popular, in addition to the main cable, they are often supplied with an additional black cable. It creates an imitation of the fact that lamp structures are equipped with wires or hang on thin cord. The inner surface of the dome is usually sustained in yellow or orange.

  • Sometimes hanging lamps have a complex design that imitates the candelabra. The cable is made in the form of a gold chain that gives the design even more luxurious and catchy.
  • For some styles, transparent plaffers are selected from black rods, made in the form of inverted fuels. In a similar interpretation, black color does not “steal” lighting and looks strictly and concise.

In the ceiling models, black is embodied in its own way:

  • Sometimes black is only the foundation. On the zigzag or curved frame are plaffers of contrasting. Due to this reception, the lamp does not look intrusive, the black shade successfully “dilutes” the whole design.
  • Among the ceiling products there are round or square ambashed structures. Sparkling suspension sometimes fall straight out of the lampshar. The view is a chandelier of truly luxurious, but it does not look defiant.
  • Sometimes the main frame of the black ceiling chandelier has a flat shape, it happens in the form of a certain geometric shape. Luminaires are uniformly around the perimeter of the frame.
  • Metal structures often depart from the ceiling. Sophisticated patterns and thin weaves make a chandelier truly elegant.

Materials and decor

It is important material from which the ceiling lamp is made.

Several types of materials are popular with popularity:

  • Metal is often used to create framework frames. It is reliable and durable, has high strength. Sometimes there are chandeliers with fully metal housings. They are made in the form of candle holders or plates forming the shape of the ball.
  • Skilled artworks under forging are original iron structures. They are made according to complex technology, sometimes consist of a variety of lines intertwined with each other. Such chandeliers attract attention to both in some homes are indicators of wealth.
  • Plafones are attached to the frame using fittings, which is also often performed in dark shades. This technology is used mainly in products with several lamps made in the form of candles or cones.

  • Black chandeliers with fittings made using chromium look peculiarly in the interior. Thanks to glossy overflow, products do not look too dark and successfully combined with many interior styles.
  • Many dark models are equipped with pendants made of contrast or similar to the tone of the material. Sometimes the suspension is made of stained glass with elements of different sizes. They may also consist of identical elements and hang, like pearls. The most expensive material is a crystal forming very bright overflows of light.

Crystal suspensions are organically looking even on a dark product and make chandeliers of truly luxurious chandeliers.

  • For some interior directions, the chandeliers made from a dark wood are common. Plafones can have large features or geometric silhouettes. Sometimes they are openwork wood threads or a hollow sphere, in the center of which is the lamp. Tree is not so typical material for the manufacture of lamps, so it will look original in any room.
  • For many styles, plastic chandeliers are popular. They can have various forms and sizes. This material is not expensive, but it is used to design both standard and exclusive chandeliers models.

Color combinations

Black doesn’t mean gloomy. Ceiling lamps may not only be coal, but also Other dark shades that give lighting devices stylish and non-pie.

  • Matte black original combined with colored and transparent textures. Similar products look very solid. They do not look cumbersome due to lack of brilliance.
  • Dark gloss is often embodied in contrast. If the outer part of the ceiling has a discreet shade, the inner part is made in bright color.
  • In order to add luxury chandeliers, black color combined with gold. Golden tump is used on suspensions, cable and fittings.

  • For those who prefer a more modest design option, a combination of black with silver is suitable. Fastening of silver color look modestly and at the same time very peculiar.
  • Plastic products often combine black and white colors. Contrast drawings can be performed on them, sometimes black and white models are equipped with prints.
  • Actual in many styles looks chandelier with striped flappon. Simplicity and versatility – the main features of such models. In contrast with black, there may be strips of any color – from acid to modest and restrained.

Tips for choosing

To not be mistaken with the choice of the lighting device, remember that the chandelier is characterized by a certain A set of signs that are distinctive features of products from each other.

  • Lamps can be made in different countries. The most qualitative is the German, Italian, Austrian, Spanish and Hungarian chandeliers.
  • It is important to afford the product to a certain style. In general, lighting devices can be divided into 2 types – classic and modern. All styles belonging to the classics have similar features, but with modern directions it is necessary to be careful, because some concepts are fundamentally different from each other.
  • For some buyers, the exclusivity of the product is important. In order to create a unique chandelier, you can use the services of a designer, but designer products will cost more.

  • Choosing a chandelier, consider which room it will be. It is important to take into account the main function of the room before stopping the choice on a specific model.
  • So that the lighting device looked beautiful, think about its combination with textures in the room and the color of the walls and the ceiling.
  • Pay attention to the complexity of the care of the chandelier. Some products require very careful and time-consuming care. If you do not have enough time to carry out this, then choose the simplest on the form of the structure.

Black chandelier in the interior

Black chandeliers are installed in various rooms. To each site of the house, select special models that emphasize the purpose of the room and will look most appropriate.

  • In the living room You can choose large pendant chandeliers. This room is usually one of the most dimensions, so you should not be afraid to make a visual focus on the lamp. Square models or two-color chandeliers of other geometric shapes are appropriate from the ceiling designs.
  • In the bedroom Basically, the overall products are also used. Often black color is combined with white, because light shades are welcome in the sleeping room. Sometimes products are selected with lampshades from the fabric, the color and ornament on them can echo with other elements of textiles.

  • For kitchen more appropriate to choose simple plaffones that do not overload the situation. Installation of more frosted products is permissible if the cooking zone is combined with the dining area and there are no clear boundaries between them.

Remember that if the chandeliers are located on the black ceiling, then their dark color must be diluted with an additional tint so that the lamp does not merge with the surface of the ceiling.

The chandelier is not just an important, but also a beautiful detail of the interior. To make the setting in the room truly impressive, stop your choice on black chandeliers.

Similar models, subject to competent selection, make the situation in your home unusual and give rooms an extra comfort.

Black chandelier review Look in the following video.

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