Make your home original want many. Using interesting ideas in the interior, you can make it bright and unusual. The chandelier-steering wheel will give the room a unique appearance, and the ceiling model in the marine style for the nursery will not just decorate, but also the element of the game.


Perhaps someone will seem that the chandelier steering wheel will be appropriate exclusively in the seedroom, decorated in the marine style. However, designers are ready to argue. In their opinion, such a source of light will be not just an element of decor, but also a very functional subject of interior.

The chandeliers in the shape of the helm fit perfectly into the space of business offices, unusual living rooms and quite ordinary bars. In the wooden country house, the chandelier steering wheel will be fully justified, due to its connection with the theme of fresh air, nature, the sea, travel. You can place a luminaire in the form of the helmet in the corridor, and above the staircase or along it, as well as in any other room, depending on the desire of the owners and the design idea. In addition to residential premises, the chandelier-steering wheel is suitable for bars and offices, cabinets and halls.

Marine Themes can be originated not only by the presence of chandeliers in the form of a helmet on the ceiling of the room, but also using this item as a wall light source and surface, for example, for a coffee table. In addition to originality, this detail of the interior will give him comfort and attractiveness.

Use in the children’s room

For babies and children of older chandelier “Circling of the ship” in the children’s room will not only be an unusual source of lighting, but also create an atmosphere of an interesting travel, exciting adventures and dreams, will open truly unlimited expanse for fantasy

Manufacturers offer children’s special models of similar lamps. They are withstanding in a relaxed color scheme, have a safe design, and everything in them is made with the lack of negative impact on the health of the child.

Also, the interior design specialists are advised to supplement the premises of the items, images and details on the marine subject: a bed in the shape of a ship, a curtain sail, ships figures, globes, cards and t. NS. With a chandelier in the form of a helfer on the ceiling, a shelf-steering wheel on a wall or a mirror in the frame of such a form can elap. The choice of color surfaces for such premises is also preducing the theme of the sea, and the chandelier in the form of the helm will finish the image created in the room.

Form and materials

Most often, the chandelier in the form of the steering wheel has a round shape with transverse crossbars. In such models, the plaffones are attached to the same circle or to cross-country. The imitation of the steering wheel is achieved due to the round shape, symbolizing the steering wheel of the ship, and also due to the design of the chandeliers of characteristic handles on the sides of the design and “marine” materials: grids, seashells, stones, etc. D. A characteristic form resembling the sea, ships and ship lamps can have plafones and lamps selected for the design of the lighting source.

Any chandelier must be beautiful, original and functional. For the manufacture of the chandelier in the form of the wheelchair manufacturers most often use metal and wood. The colors are the most different: from white to black, including a variety of shades of wood painting (wenge, ivory, nut, oak and t. D. ).

The brass with the effect of aging is also a fairly popular option for chandelier in the marine style.

In general, the designers are very loved to artificially comprise similar models, causing a patina or varnishes with the effect of cracker (cracking).

To reduce the cost of the product, manufacturers use plastic by imitating traditional materials. True, it is not so durable as its analogues.

Wishing to place a placing in the marine style should be borne in mind that the materials for the chandelier in the form of the wheelchair are most often used not the most lightweight. Therefore, the fastening of chandeliers must be reliable, since the design is quite heavy. Fasten them to the ceiling on the suspension with chains or ropes. At the heart of the attachment is most often used by a traditional hook capable of withstanding high weight. Due to this, many models can be placed not only on strong wooden or concrete ceilings, but also securely fasten when installing the stretch ceiling.

Varieties of lighting

The lighting of the loser-wheel room can be organized in several ways:

  • lamps up;
  • lamps down;
  • Wall-mounted (side) lighting.

The direction of light to the ceiling creates muffled lighting in the room. The atmosphere of mystery and closedness is great for sleeping rooms, where the light directed to the ceiling is dissipated, becomes muffled, and a rather cumbersome chandelier creates an additional dimming effect.

Such lighting is best suited for rooms where people relax, spend time in conversations and relaxation.

For premises, where the owners prefer to read, perform any small or accurate work, it is better to choose a chandelier with lamps looking down. They will give a brighter light, the degree of illumination will be higher, which will allow working without harm to the view of the inhabitants of the room.

Light from the lamps sent down, fills the room, creating the maximum brightness of the lighting.

Wall chandelier in the form of a helm will undoubtedly become a bright spot in the interior of the room.

The lighting from it will be a good option, if the backlight is required not entirely, and some part of it, for example, walls, recreation areas or headboard.

Do not forget about individual preferences. If the owners love bright light, but they want to organize a rest area in the room, then the chamber atmosphere in the room can be created at the expense of other solutions, although choosing bright lamps, luminous down.


If the design of the chandelier chasso is quite simple and something original here is unlikely to be able to come up with, then the plaffones and lamps for it can be chosen from a very wide range.

Plafones for chandelchairs may have the following form:

  • Round (full-length ball or with cut edge);

  • cylindrical;

  • Fantasy, repeating appearance of ship lanterns of past centuries.

For registration of the chandelier in the shape of the helm and giving it more similar to the source of the image, various design techniques use.

Among them are the following:

  • Using candle shaped lamps that create the effect of the mixture of the wind characteristic of marine spaces and a pelling light.

  • Application for registration chandelier of open lamps without ceiling. They are often installed in forged candlesticks.

Such a source of light gives simultaneously bright and soft lighting.

  • Concentration of light in one point – in return of several lamps uses one domed ceiling, softening incident light and, as if dissolving it.
  • Lamps with lampsy lamps looking into the ceiling. Most often, this idea is used in the design of a chandelier intended for children’s rooms.

  • Location on the surface of the chandelier (most often it is a tree model) built-in ceiling lights.

This option allows you to create a soft muted light and at the same time quite brightly illuminating the room.

Tips for choosing

Such models today are quite popular and in many outlets (including online stores) are chandeliers in the form of an eye. At the same time, they all vary greatly at the price.

Their cost depends on several factors:

  • The material from which the lamp is made;
  • Mark and Country of manufacture (Russia, Italy, Poland and others. );
  • the number of lamps and their price;
  • the uniqueness of the design;
  • Number of additional decorating elements.

Lamp chandeliers of domestic manufacturers, which contain the minimum number of lighting elements, are the most inexpensive lighting devices of this category. Designs with LED lamps are more expensive, but the lamps in them are more durable in operation and safe.

Do it yourself

Some craftsmen advise to make the original chandelier in the form of the helm hand. With some skills in working with metal and wood, as well as in decorating, you can cope with this task quite successfully. True, often such a model will cost more than it could be in the store. But the chandelser made with his own hands will immediately become a unique thing, turning not only in the “highlight” of the room’s interior, but also becoming its main light accent.

Ceiling or wall chandelier-steering wheel successfully harmonizes with elements of any style and directions. It will become a bright light accent of the room, give the interior completion and originality.

About how to personally make a chandelier, see the following video.

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