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LED tapes have long entered our life as an element that allows you to decorate various places indoors. In addition to decorative, they also perform the lighting function, which significantly expands the ability to use such a device. Especially popular today is a diode USB tape that works with LED diodes. This solution does not consume a lot of energy and can be powered even from the computer. We will try to figure out what features there are from such a device where it is used and how to connect it correctly.


If we talk about what is a USB tape working on LED technology, then this A whole chain of low-voltage type LEDs designed for 5 volt. Interestingly, most of its manufacturers of such devices are located in Southeast Asia. In our country, they are practically not produced.

USB tape is the usual, monochrome or multicolor RGB tape. But almost all models for normal operation require a special management device called Controller. If the tape is monochrome, then it emits only white light, which exudes the lighting lights and LEDs. But multicolor solutions boasts such shades like blue, red, green and yellow. But such a backlight is not bright, because of which it is difficult to use as a source of full light.

But as a decorative element is a good solution.

It should be added that it can work in various modes. For example, constant or wave light, or the so-called 1 through 2. Mode of operation will depend on factory settings. In addition, garlands are very common, changing their operation mode every few minutes. But for this, as already mentioned, it will be necessary to have a special controller. Often it must be purchased, and sometimes it is already coming with a purchased USB ribbon. In this case, it will only be possible to make it connect to the computer, and it will work.

The tricolor tape is somewhat more complicated in the structure, because it is mounted at once 3 LED categories: blue, red and green. It applies in a large number of modern TVs, laptops and monitors, and even more precisely, their matrices running on LED technology. And, of course, a feature of such a device will be a USB connector at one end.

This allows you to connect the device to the appropriate socket.

Scope of application

If we talk about the appointment of a similar device, then first of all we are talking About the execution of decorative function. There are often opinions that mounting the LED type backlight on the rear side of the monitor will be an excellent solution that will reduce eye fatigue. But in this case, the backlight still performs only decorative and decorated feature and no more. Users usually mount this device with USB powered to different areas:

  • monitor design;
  • creating desktop type lamps, lamps or other types of lighting equipment;
  • Installation on the roofing shelves or table;
  • Decoration of retractable type table for mouse and keyboard;
  • Decoration of various items in close proximity to laptop or PC;
  • Accommodation on the inner or outer surface of the system block of a personal computer.
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In principle, everything is limited here only by the fantasy of a person, because options for using such a LED backlight can be found a mass. At the same time, its placement is a process that can not be called time consuming. By the way, such a device is often equipped with a remote control, absolutely does not load the computer power supply. Another important advantage of this device will be Soft light that does not blind at all and how to help the eyes somewhat relax.

Yes, and other family members, such a backlight will definitely not interfere even at night.

How to connect?

Now let’s talk how to connect such a device to a computer through the USB adapter or simply into the USB port that is on the computer. To begin with, you will need to have the following elements at hand:

  • The connecting wire is better if there are several;
  • Multimeter;
  • Led tape;
  • wire or a separate USB plug under the soldering;
  • scolding and passatia;
  • scissors or knife to be used to remove the insulating layer;
  • soldering iron with a solder or soldering station;
  • The resistor of the current-limiting type.

Now you need to make a USB pinout. Usually modern computers and laptops are equipped with USB version 2 connectors.0. They use 4 cables, 2 of which transmit data, while others 2 are + and – nutrition for 5 volts. In standard devices, the plus wire is usually red, and a minus – black. Contacts In a simple bowl nest, it is usually placed so that the data transfer wires in the center are located, and on the edges – wires that are responsible for food.

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It should be said that For mini-USB nods of various types, the placement will be the same as for USB Type B, Usually used to connect printers or various peripheral devices, the power will be located on contacts 1 and 4, which are placed on the right one over the other if the bevelled faces are located on top. More precisely, identify plus and minus will give the opportunity to be called with a multimeter. When connected, the location of the contacts should be taken into account, because the plug will have to solder where everything is placed in the mirror order.

Now let’s talk about connected. Its scheme for ribbon to cable with a USB jack is quite simple: to + the current-limiting type resistor should be connected to which the appropriate belt contact must be soldered. And the wire must be connected to the same contact on the nest. In this case, it will be very important not to confuse polarity. In addition, it should be remembered that when the plug is soldered, the contacts will be located in a mirror position relative to the socket.

But here you will first need to calculate the denomination of the aforementioned resistor of the current-boundary type according to the following formula:

R = (U PIT-U LED) / I LED, where:

  • U Pit – supply voltage equal to 5 volts;
  • U LED – reduction of voltage in light diode, which will depend on how long the radiated wave is;
  • I led – LED current in operation.

When the nominal value is designed, you can prepare for the work of the soldering connector, as well as the wire. If you already use the ready-made USB cable, then one end must not be touched, because it will be necessary to connect it to a laptop or computer jack, and the second – cut down the length and clean the pair of extreme contacts, namely, the plus and minus having red and black color, respectively. A couple of other wires on which the transmission of information goes, should be shortened and insulated in order to avoid the likelihood of a short circuit.

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If you plan to apply the plug under the soldering, it is required to take it up, after which it is necessary to solder it to extreme wired contacts. You can even make it easier to contact the plus plus contact immediately, the resistor is immediately soldered, and the electrode of the wire connections is soldered to the contact. Plus it takes to attach to a free resistor contact after the plug will be assembled. In addition, it should be checked for a possible closure of contacts with each other.

After all, they are located pretty close to each other, and during the soldering can be larch to connect the neighboring conclusions.

But if there is already a ready-made ribbon with a 5 volt nutritional and a 12 volt tape with a converter, then everything will be easier. Especially in the first version, because there is no need to have any preparation for connection at all, except except the tape settings for the previously selected plane. It only needs to be included in the USB connector and all.

The second case will be somewhat more complicated due to the fact that it is used less.

It will be better here to use a regular power source by 12 volts, which will be connected to a conventional power grid by 220 volts.

Besides, There is another method for connecting the LED type backlight to a personal computer. Its power supply is given a stable 12 volt, but on USB type connectors, this voltage indicator is simply not served. However, no one interferes finding a PC in the system unit free connector type Molex and connect the tape to it. High-colored electrode suitable for the connector – it will be + 12 V, and a minus can be any black wire.

Such a connection option is best implemented using the Molex standard plug to which it will be connected in the desired order by soldering LED tapes.

This solution is suitable exclusively for the system unit, but a laptop can use one of the USB connections and a special tape designed for 5 volts.

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