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To date, no one has problems with the choice of lighting devices in the house. The market presents the most diverse range of lamps and lamps. So finding something suitable for a certain interior will not be difficult. In this article, consider embedded sections, their features and types.


SPOTS are not just an efficient lighting device, but also the necessary part in the interior. Spot, if you translate a word from English, means a stain or point, so the use of such lamps is often called point lighting.

The main feature of the point lamp is a small size. Therefore, it is used to create a necessary atmosphere indoors or for highlighting.

For full lighting, this type does not fit. It will rather be auxiliary than the main.

Embedded lamps are used to illuminate in showcases, rooms, offices. The main task is the need to highlight something at a particular point, zonate or highlight some definite place, angle, emphasize the light furniture or photos.

Indoors, especially large, SPOTs are always combined with another main light to create a holistic picture.

Description of species

Before choosing one or another lighting option, you must always get acquainted with the views. SPOT – unique lamps, there are quite a large number of design models, but several types are presented in the market.

  • Wall mounted. There are single and double. Are a narrow-controlled source of light. Mounted usually vertically. Used to highlight pictures, photos or shelves. Having installed a light bulb of a small voltage, you can use as a night light.

  • Ceiling. Such sids are used for additional lighting, they can partially replace the central light. If the lamps are hinged, then playing with the position is pretty easy, it is worth just to change the angle. For embedded luminaires in the ceiling, you need to select such models that can be adjusted. Usually such lighting is chosen in order to save space. For example, there are low ceilings in the room, and a large chandelier hang is very problematic, but the flat spots in the ceiling will be to the place.

  • On the rod or on the bracket. The next to popularity is the lighting type are spots on the barbell or bracket, they are also called complex devices. Such a simple design may contain several reflectors, from 3 to 5 per average, but if the room is large, then the calculation will proceed from the area that must be lit. They are usually combined into one straight line, the rod itself can be smooth or curved in the corners (such a rod is performed from a flexible material that is easy to mount). When using programs, for example, a “smart home”, the lamps can be configured to a certain wave, or set them specific goals. You can put the motion sensor so that the lamps will be unfolded in the right direction or just turned on. Suitable for office space, as the space is maximally.

  • Overhead. Such reflectors are mounted tightly to the plane (wall, ceiling, cabinet) and have a limited point of rotation, small in size, have a form. Do not require additional niches or drill in the surface. Therefore, they are considered one of the most popular types. Linear LED lamps can be overhead.

By type of construction

SPOTs are divided not only by type, but also in design. To determine which reflectors need, you need to understand what you want to highlight. Because every kind of design is more convenient in one way or another. Consider the main types.

  • Swearing. The lighting angle can be adjusted. Applied to highlight a specific composition.

  • Nonepown. Usually embedded in cabinets for highlighting or ceiling for additional or shadow lighting.

  • Cardan dot lamps. This is a small exposure of 2-4 reflectors, which are embedded in the surface, having a special additional niche. The rim is usually square shape and has a thickness of 5 cm, highlighting the lamp significantly on the surface.

  • Downlaight. Compact reflectors for creating a powerful and direct light stream. A distinctive feature is that the light does not dissipate, but focuses on a specific selected object. Pretty simple installation.

Each of the types carries certain characteristics, as well as positive and negative qualities that need to be considered.

For example, swivel spots have the ability to change the angle of lighting and its intensity, which you can not say about non-reflective or downlights, which are shining aimed at one particular object.

In form

The market presents a large number of diverse forms of spots. They are divided into classic and complex.

Classic belongs: Round forms, square, spheres, drop.

To complex: flower, shells, waterfall.

By type lamps

In addition to the lampsions themselves, an integral part of the light source are lamps. The lamps themselves are divided into three types: incandescent, LED, halogen.

Previously, the most common option was incandescent bulbs. They are affordable, inexpensive. But cheaper – not always better. This type is too quickly fails, consumes too much energy, as well as because of the heating of the flake itself heats up the ceiling, What can contribute to his deformation (if there are some details from plastics).

LED lamps, they are also called LED, as popular. Now presented a variety of variations of these lamps. Diverse and forms, and sizes that are ideal for a particular design.

In terms of performance, a more favorable option, that is, the lamp will last much longer than the incandescent lamp.

Design options

SPOTS can be performed in a variety of stylistics and in different color. Everything will depend on the selected design, there are no restrictions.

If the design of the room is classically style, then it is better to choose the illuminators with round lines, the material should be light, and the light bulb has a cold white glow.

For modern interior, cleaner lines will be suitable. Material – metal or glass, plafo color can be strict black or any other.

In the room it is best to select non-standard stylish spots that will harmoniously fit into the idea and, at the same time, look like an exquisite and expensive decoration of the room.

Double models on the frame or drive lamps are suitable for the kitchen.

The most common option to use embedded spots is a bedroom.

There is no need for a large amount of light, but only a muffled version. Embed usually in the ceiling around the perimeter of the bedroom or in the cabinets.

Child Nuances

Each model always has advantages and disadvantages. Consider first positive parties.

Efficiency is what many pay attention immediately. All thanks to LED lamps that consume less energy. Strategy spot is not fragile. There are no small details or any spirals in it, so the case is very resistant to mechanical damage.

Large range of temperature drop. Such constructions are often used on the street, as they can work both at very high temperatures and at very low. There are also special waterproof dotted lamps for the bathroom. They are perfectly harmonized with any design, as well as safe in operation.

And now we turn to the shortcomings.

One of the minuses can be considered that such lamps have a limited flow of light, that is, shine specifically on the object. And with the wrong choice of the room will be lit by stains, and not a beautiful smooth glow.

Halogen lamps are an excellent non-energy-base option, but too sensitive to voltage drops. Because of this, they quickly fail.

High price. In order to harmoniously distribute light on the room by point light, you will have to purchase several such lamps.

Tips for mounting

It is worth remembering that any technique must be properly installed as lighting devices. There are a number of certain points that are worth sticking with independent installation.

  1. It is best to acquire sobs of one manufacturer, it will be easier to install the design, as they will be identical.

  2. Lamps choose costs no more than 40 W. If you purchase a greater power, you will have to additionally buy a downgrade transformer. If you purchase a transformer, then to determine its power it is necessary to fold the power of all lamps.

  3. Mount the cable from speeds with additional protection (insulation).

  4. For stretch ceilings (film, fabric) It is recommended not to choose light bulbs in the stubs that will highlight heat.

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