What to eat before and after a workout

Proper nutrition before and after training – the key to 75% of success. With food, the body gets the necessary nutrients, giving the right balance. Without them, all the efforts in the gym are in vain and the food directly affects the result that everyone has set themselves to achieve.

To really see results, you should balance your diet and think about your goals. If the aim is to keep muscles, but to lose weight, then before training take complex carbohydrates for energy. Protein is needed for muscles to get amino acids. Fats should be eaten in minimal amounts so that other substances can be absorbed more quickly.

What to eat before and after your workout

Nutrition before training

There are a few recommendations that are important to remember:

  1. Eat no later than a couple of hours before the activity, because an overfilled stomach will not allow a normal workout, the blood flow will be directed to the gastrointestinal tract, not to the muscles.

  2. The volume of food is small, so that all the food visually fits in the palm of your hand, it is enough.

  3. Be sure to add protein, about 0.5 g per kg of weight and complex carbohydrates at the same rate (cereals, wholemeal bread, vegetables).

The basic diet before training includes only protein and carbohydrates, fats can be no more than 3 grams, but it is better to give them up.

Carbohydrates are a source of energy, “fuel” that burns up quickly. Proteins are amino acids for muscles that will work, so synthesis increases immediately after exercise.

Important!Fats only slow down the gastrointestinal tract and digestive processes. Such food can provoke colic, nausea and other unpleasant feelings.

The most successful meals and foods before exercise consider:

  1. Bird meat – chicken fillet or turkey.

  2. Coarse bread or rice.

  3. Potatoes and lean steak.

  4. Protein omelet and oatmeal.

Caloric intake can be as usual, as at regular times. Eat large portions 1-2 hours before exercising, so that the food has time to digest. Dense foods like porridge or cheese are allowed to eat 30-60 minutes in advance.

To build muscle, drink a protein shake and consume 1 large fruit in half an hour:

  1. apple;

  2. pear;

  3. Berries, strawberries and others will do.

Strong green tea or coffee helps improve the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine. Substances remove fat from cells, which serves as fuel for the body and improves burning, storing more glycogen, amino acids. This approach helps not to feel tired for a long time, the brain will work better and exercising is more intense. From coffee the effect lasts about 2 hours.

Do not eat anything right before working out, but if you are very hungry, a protein shake or a glass of milk is allowed.

Drinking during workouts

What to eat before and after a workout

Drinking while exercising is a very important and most important part. Even 2% dehydration leads to a sluggish workout and poor results. Do not feel thirsty because intense exercise suppresses the receptors and the moment you feel like drinking water, the body is already dehydrated. With age, a person gradually loses sensitivity, so it is imperative for adults to drink plenty of fluids.

Immediately you need to drink water if you have 2 andMore signs of dehydration:

  1. feeling of thirst;

  2. dry mouth;

  3. Dry lips;

  4. fatigue;

  5. lightheadedness;

  6. headaches;

  7. Loss of appetite.

Workouts with these symptoms can be stopped for 5 minutes to rest and get rid of discomfort.

Drinking Mode

Immediately before your workout, consume 1 glass of water and drink a little every 15 minutes while exercising. The amount of perspiration determines the amount of fluid. It is necessary to achieve hydration of the body. Sports drinks are recommended for those who spend more than 1 hour in the gym. Together with sugar should enter the body about 30-60 grams of carbohydrates every hour. The body does not take more volumes, and the effectiveness of the sport may deteriorate.

Take 1-2 sips every 10 minutes of a sports drink. They have salts in them, which people lose by sweating in the gym. Fresh juices diluted with water in equal amounts are acceptable. Store variant to exclude from drinking during exercise completely.

Eating After Exercise

What to eat before and after training

It is best to eat immediately after exercising, within the first half hour. Abstaining for up to 2 hours nullifies efforts at the gym. As a result, some fat is burned, but no strength is added, no muscle density, and other results. During the first 20 minutes, the body is located to proteins and carbohydrates to rebuild muscle and accelerate the buildup of muscle tissue. Nothing gets wasted on fat.

Carbohydrates are best used simple and in liquid form. Juice of cranberries or grapes is ideal. They have the ideal ratio of glucose to fructose. 1 gram of carbohydrates from the drink per 1 kg of body weight is enough.

Attention!A glass of grape juice has 38 g of carbs, cranberry juice has 31 g.

It is allowed to eat foods that have no fat and many carbohydrates:

  1. bread;

  2. Sugar;

  3. potatoes;

  4. Fig;

  5. pasta;

  6. fruits and vegetables.

Protein should not be forgotten, shakes or egg whites will do. In general, food can be any kind of protein, the main thing is to determine the amount of substance per kilogram of weight.

Nutrition after sports has one goal: to increase muscle mass quickly and efficiently. Fats slow the intake of essential nutrients.Of the protein foods to choose from:

  1. Fillet of poultry, not legs or wings.

  2. Eat only white from eggs, without yolk.

  3. Give up beef and pork, veal is better.

  4. Allowed fatty fish, any method of cooking, except frying and it should be eaten more often than other foods.

Within a couple of hours after exercise, completely avoid products with caffeine, as they slow down the process of muscle recovery.

Important! Endorphins are released during the workout, but physical strength is at a minimum, you should eat after 30-60 minutes.

An important point for those who burn fat – this process does not begin immediately after exercise, but during a night’s sleep.

Nutrition before and after exercise should be chosen, taking into account the peculiarities of your own body. You can use several methods and techniques to understand what suits the body, what is better to give up. Anyone should be guided by generally accepted rules and their own feelings about the diet.

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