How to know it’s your woman

“He who loves many knows women, he who loves one knows love.”. Sigmund Freud uttered this beautiful saying. The man who pioneered psychoanalysis, who viewed the sexual instinct as the dominant mechanism of higher mental functions, understood the importance of emotional intimacy with a beloved woman. Each person wants to find a “safe haven” – a relationship in which he will be warm, comfortable, harmonious, and where he will find boundless happiness. Finding the perfect partner isn’t always something we do right away. In the search, we encounter pain, suffering, and a host of other feelings. And when we feel ready to enter into a mature, harmonious relationship, the question arises of whether the woman next to us? Is she the one to share our happiness and sorrow??

In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at this issue and analyze the factors of compatibility of partners that will help create a strong, happy relationship.

How to understand that this is your woman

Signs that you have deep feelings for her

Looking for the basis of an incipient deep connection should begin with yourself. There is no need to look closely at the signs of her serious attitude if you yourself do not have any grounded feelings. The following are points that will tell you if you really love your chosen one:

  1. You think of the two of you as one. This does not mean that you merge so much that each other’s personal space ceases to exist. It means experiencing the commonality, the indivisibility of your couple and making decisions together.Researchers at the University of Toronto conductedresearchon the nature of the relationship of people who accept each other as a whole and isolated couples. Results showed that partners who experience mutual companionship are less likely to compare themselves to other couples, and less likely to be affected by external negative influences on their relationship. Whereas isolated couples, comparing their partners with others, felt that the former were strongly inferior to the latter.

  2. You tend to spend more time with her.The first person you want to tell about difficulties at work, unexpected pleasant events and more is your woman. You feel you can open up in her company, not pretend. Near her, you feel calm and comfortable.

  3. There is no drama in your relationship.An incontinent relationship that has no future is maintained by creating drama: finding reasons for conflict, constantly holding each other on “emotional swings,” manipulating on painful points. When the bond between partners strengthens, matures, the need to maintain “heat” disappears, and people simply enjoy each other’s company. Jealousy leaves the relationship as confidence in your beloved comes to the forefront. You want to resolve the growing conflict constructively, without breaking up and leaving suddenly.

  4. You are inspired by your love for her.Deep feelings for the woman makes you move forward, to grow their careers, improve their financial situation and improve physical fitness. This kind of behavior is caused by genetic factors. To start a family, have children, and have the means to meet basic needs. Over time, human needs have transformed and new ones have emerged, but the desire to ensure the well-being of future offspring still remains.

  5. You’re together, but you each have your own personal space.Dissolve into each other and focus all the meaning of life on your partner – these are signs of a futile, dependent, painful relationship. Respect for your partner’s desires, goals, aspirations are at the core of a healthy relationship. When one person in a couple gives the other the right to self-identify, and the other tries to lure him or her into a codependent relationship, the couple falls apart.

  6. You see a future with her together.When you imagine your future, she is in it. You see your shared home, children, warm family evenings over dinner and experience peace. Perspective in a relationship is fundamental to its strength.

Found the signs described in yourself? It means you have real feelings for your beloved. This answers the question of whether your woman is around in a positive way. It remains to be seen if your significant other feels the same way?

How a woman who is in love with you and ready to enter into a conscious relationship behaves

How to know that this is your woman

“Women’s sensuality is the source in which men’s spirituality is renewed” (Austrian writer Karl Kraus). It’s a saying about how people derive their strength, inspiration and passion from the love of their partner. Chances are, if you have deep feelings for her, she’s a worthy woman.But to be fully convinced of this, consider how a loving woman behaves:

  1. After getting to know the real you, she is not trying to change you. Trying to change an adult’s personality is the basis of an immature approach to a loving relationship. True feelings do not extend to the ideal image of a man, which she is trying to fit you, built in her head. They belong to a real man, with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Your woman understands that if you want to change, you will do so willingly.

  2. She supports your endeavors and gives you confidence.After a bad day at work, she will support you with a kind word. She says she believes in you when no one else does. Her actions, words and feelings are aimed at supporting in difficult situations where you yourself can not decide on a plan of action. It speaks to her devotion and belief in a shared future.

  3. She behaves in your company in a natural, relaxed way. Trust is the key to a serious relationship. A lot of factors influence her trust in you: perspective, reliability, ease of interaction and communication, equality of masculine and feminine positions, etc.d. When a bond of trust is formed, a woman can afford to remove “masks” and be as natural as possible in your company.

  4. She introduces you to her inner circle.Getting to know your best friends, relatives, parents is an important step for a woman. This way she shows you are a man she is ready to give her the happy years of her life. For her, it’s a step towards a serious relationship. Then it’s important for you to decide if you’re ready for this turn of events.

  5. Its love makes you calmer and helps you to fight against difficulties. Immature relationships put all areas of life out of whack and force you to put a lot of effort into maintaining the emotions that sustain them. However, real feelings help reduce baseline stress levels and intense reactions to stressful situations. Research by scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada has shown that the support of a loved one reduces anxiety, improves performance and self-esteem of the partner. That is, a trusting relationship filled with love makes us better human beings.

  6. Her life goals are the same as yours. You are not focused on each other, but you are looking in the same direction. What if her aspirations seem to you absurd and unworthy of recognition? In that case, leave this woman alone and let her live her life. But if you see her attitude as a reflection of yours, hold on to it tightly. Having common values strengthens the relationship, creates a strong emotional connection between partners and improves mutual understanding.

The telltale signs that this is your woman

Still not sure if she is your destiny? Then let’s turn to other, circumstantial signs of a promising relationship in a couple:

  1. You constantly think about her. When you see an interesting article, you wonder what she would say about it? You have your own formed point of view, which you necessarily adhere to. But you’re curious to know what she thinks and feels.

  2. Often find things that relate to her. In everyday life you see fleeting things that remind you of meeting her. Catching the scent of a familiar perfume on the street and remember a date with her, on which the same it smelled like. These little things create a whole picture of the perception of the beloved woman.

  3. You are not ashamed to tell her “sorry” and it is mutual. Pride and stubbornness take a back seat to the need to restore trust. Clashes of interest occur in many couples, but the way out of conflict situations determines the depth of feelings and the nature of the relationship.

  4. Her small flaws are perceived by you differently. Irritating little things cease to be so when you identify them with your loved one.


It is difficult to find a person who 100% corresponds to our idea of the ideal partner. Happiness in a couple is not based on fictional ideals, but with real people who rarely fit into rainbow dreams of princesses and princes. The signs and characteristics described above can help you understand a lot (whether you value the woman, how she feels about the relationship, etc.).d.). I wish you find happiness in your relationships with the people you love and learn to appreciate the magic that happens when you are with them.

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