How a man will like you on the first date

The first date is a defining moment in the development of further relationships. The result of this meeting, the impression that you make, will determine whether you meet with his chosen one again. One night you do not get to know the person well, and the first impression is usually superficial. But for interest and desire to see each other again is enough.

A man’s desire to build a relationship with a girl depends on the image that she shows. He pays attention to many details: the appearance, the manner of speaking, the ability to maintain an interesting conversation. It is important to have a clear idea of how to present yourself on a first date, so that a man wants to continue to communicate and offered to meet again.

There are a number of important aspects that are worth paying attention to:

How to like a man on a first date


How you will look on a first date should be taken care of in advance. Men’s psychology is designed so that he notices all the beautiful things. And your nice outfit, a dazzling smile and well-groomed hair will be appreciated. But it is worth remembering that men appreciate natural beauty in a woman, so it is better to refuse from tons of makeup. A successful option will be skillfully emphasized advantages of the face and figure. Feminine dress, well-groomed hands with a neat manicure, discreet makeup – with all this you will make a positive impression on the man.

Before the meeting it is important to get a good night’s sleep, it will give a healthy look to your face and eyes.


It is very important on a first date to be open and natural. No need to pretend to be something you are not. Man immediately noticed it and you can forget about continuing the relationship. They have well-developed logic and intuition, which will help them draw the right conclusion about you. If he does not show you his dissatisfaction with what is happening, it does not mean that he sees nothing and does not understand.

Men appreciate sincerity and openness. They love it when a girl allows herself to laugh from the heart, be surprised about something, openly shows her emotions, advises, shares her experiences and thoughts. Your chosen one will feel easy and comfortable around you. Be open and presentable and you can count on your relationship continuing.

Getting rid of complexes

Women usually have complexes about their appearance. Find a lot of flaws: too big a nose, very thin lips, small breasts, freckles, cellulite… A man won’t notice all these flaws. But your insecurity, anxiety about your appearance and bad mood will see right away. Man sees a woman as she knows how to present themselves.

Nowadays, there is also a time when a young girl, with no experience of serious relationships under her belt, has complexes about it. Thinking girlfriends who have a great deal of love experience has a number of advantages. In fact it is not quite so. It often happens that a man who is planning a serious relationship will only be happy to be the girl’s first in every way.

Interest in your partner

This aspect is one of the key ones in order to leave a positive impression about you. Often girls do not take into account the fact that the first date is intended not only to show themselves, but also to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of their partner. If you are curious about his life, his interests, you will not only get the information you need, but you will also show that you are interested in him. Men appreciate the attention of girls, so this fact will not leave your loved one without attention. With such an action, you will give a man the opportunity to feel important, to show his best qualities.

You should call your chosen one by his name more often. Scientists have proved that the most pleasant sound for a man is the sound of his name.


The atmosphere of inaccessibility

It is a well-known fact that a man is a hunter by nature. The inaccessibility of a woman attracts him to her even more. After all, what you can see on the outside generates only superficial interest. The mystery that a woman demonstrates, arouses the interest in a man to learn more about his partner, to achieve her attention. So do not reveal all the secrets about yourself, do not reveal all your sympathy for your loved one at once. Your reserved nature will arouse a man’s interest and intrigue him. And this will contribute to the fact that he wants to meet with you again.


This aspect concerns everything: clothing, behavior, communication, makeup. Excessive aloofness and being afraid to say a word can be taken by your chosen one as a lack of interest in him. And a too flashy image can alienate him. So you should always stick to the golden mean. It is important to pay special attention to alcohol. A glass of wine, of course, will do no harm. It will help to loosen up a little, relieve tension and make you feel good about yourself. But you should not use it so much that your first date will be your last.

Asking for help

Men love it when a woman asks him for help. That way he feels like a hero. But it’s worth remembering that the help should not be the world. This must be within your beloved’s abilities and must correspond to the time you have known him. You can ask, for example, to help you choose a phone or a television. This will be perfectly acceptable.

The truth

It’s not a question of telling your date all your secrets. We’re talking about if you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to state it openly. Or tell a funny story like you did. Worried, going on a date. The man will quickly pick up the conversation, which will reduce the tension.

Continuation of the evening

Your date is coming to an end, and you wonder what to expect next. You feel that between you two a flame of feelings flashed. What to do in this situation?

A survey by Cosmopo

  • A tan revealed that 83 percent of women said they believed their man would be put off by a girl’s willingness to have sex on the first date. And 67% of men assured that they had never even considered such a thought. According to OkCupid statistics, women are less likely to plan to move on to sex on a first date than men. Based on this, we can conclude that this aspect is tied to the principle of voluntariness. And don’t jump to conclusions about a man based on whether or not you’ll continue the evening.

    Along with the above recommendations, it is worth remembering what you should categorically avoid on a first date.

    Choosing the wrong food

    If you came to the first date in a cafe or restaurant, try not to amaze your chosen one with the exclusivity of the chosen dishes. Choosing food that is too expensive can make your man uncomfortable. Stick to a more familiar diet.

    Tales of “exes”

    This is one of the main mistakes of girls. Never forget to use your ex’s name on the first date under any circumstances. Your past can be discussed if you want, but later. Also, you shouldn’t ask your date about his past relationships. Talk about interests, hobbies, work. It happens that the man himself starts talking about exes. In this case it is necessary to move the conversation.

    Talking about the future

    Limit your conversations about your plans for the future. Elementary man may not yet be ready for a wedding and a weekend trip to his beloved grandmother. It takes several meetings to start planning a future together.

    An offer to pay for yourself

    When a woman is not financially dependent on anyone – it is beautiful. But on a first date, it’s important to let a man pay the bill. Otherwise the man may feel uncomfortable and it will hurt his dignity.

    Frequent use of the phone

    It is hard to imagine our life without a phone. But let the first date do without him. You don’t have to leave it at home. Just mute it and glance at him as little as possible.

    Use your first date to show your best side and get to know your date. Immerse yourself in conversation with him. Talk about exciting life events and identify common interests that will help you come together as one.

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