What is a facial highlighter and how to use it

About the light and shade correction of the face with highlighter and the role of this product in everyday, evening makeup has long been talked about. The great popularity of this product was brought by the famous American model and actress Kim Kardashian. After she posted the photos of her face before and after contouring on her Instagram page, hundreds of thousands of her followers learned how to emphasize and even correct the cheekbones, nose, eyes and lips with highlighter without resorting to the services of plastic surgeons. Journalists decided to understand what a highlighter is, how to choose it and how to use it correctly. The most complete information about this type of decorative cosmetics you will find in this article.

Highlighter – what is this cosmetic product

Highlighter - what is this cosmetic product

Highlighter is a cosmetic product that is designed to brighten or illuminate certain areas of the face and body. Why girls use this remedy:

  1. To give the face shine and freshness.

  2. To achieve an even complexion.

  3. To emphasize advantageous, attractive features of the appearance, for example, to highlight the eyes or the elegance of the form of the nose.

  4. To brighten certain areas of the face, to camouflage pigment spots, unwanted birthmarks or freckles, bags and bruises under the eyes.

  5. To hide fine age wrinkles, areas of redness, vascular network.

  6. To make the corners of the eyes and mouth less drooping, and the skin not so dull and flabby (for these purposes, the highlighter is used in adulthood).

  7. To make your face look younger and more attractive.

  8. To highlight the beauty of the eyes, to make the look open and expressive, to hide fatigue after a sleepless night.

  9. To make the image complete and harmonious.

For most of the above tasks performed with highlighter, we need another means of decorative cosmetics – a bronzer. It will create a blackout on the face, a shadow where you need it. Against the backdrop of darkened areas, which draws attention away from, highlighted areas attract the eye. This technique of facial makeup is called contouring (contouring, sculpting). Instead of a bronzer, you can use any cosmetic product of dark beige, light chocolate, brick, terracotta shade. For example, eye shadow, foundation, blush, powder and contouring powder, even concealer.

How to use the highlighter

How to use a highlighter

Let’s consider how, according to makeup artists, it is necessary to apply highlighter to girls with a certain face shape in order to make the appearance most harmonious:

  1. Rhomboid or triangular face – light pigment is applied to the forehead and chin, the area under the lower eyelids. The sides of the cheeks and lower jaw are treated with bronzer.

  2. The heart-shaped oval – highlighter is applied to the forehead and chin. Bronzer on the areas on the sides of the forehead, on the sides of the cheeks.

  3. For an elongated, too oblong face: Highlighter on the fringes of the cheeks and bronzer on the chin.

  4. The contours – apply highlighter to the forehead, the area under the lower lip, the areas under the lower eyelids.

  5. Rectangle and square – girls with such a face shape are recommended to highlight the light pigment on the forehead, chin, and dark to treat the side areas of the forehead and lower jaw.

  6. A round face – the highlighter is applied in a standard way – on the forehead and under the lower lip. And the bronzer should go over the entire lateral surface of the face on both sides – from the forehead to the bottom point of the lower jaw.

However, not all faces have a typical shape, not all girls want to apply highlighter. Therefore, it is not superfluous to consider what gives the use of this cosmetic product on a particular area of the face. That way you will know what effect you will get if you apply a highlighter to a certain area.

The upper and lower lip area

If you use a highlighter in this area, you can give your lips more volume. The same effect can be achieved by using a light pigment in the middle of the lips, where they meet.

Lip corners

If you apply a light pigment above and below the lips, and a darker one in the corners, you can correct such a problem as a “big” mouth.

Inner corners of the eyes at the bridge of the nose

Brightening this area will make your eyes more expressive and reduce staring fatigue. This technique can also be used by girls with close set eyes.

The middle of the eyelid

After you’ve applied eye shadow, eyeliner and used mascara, try adding the finishing touch. Brush a small amount of highlighter onto the brush and lightly work the middle of the upper eyelid. The pigment should lie in a semi-transparent layer. This will make the shadows on the eyelids visible, and the eyes themselves will seem larger.

The area under the eyebrows

Using a highlighter brush under the eyebrows makes the eyebrows look larger and more expressive. And it makes the eyebrows look more defined and graphic.

Middle of the nose

If you draw a thin line down the middle of the nose and treat the sides with dark pigment, you can make that part of the face more refined, elegant and elongated. And to visually shorten the nose, apply bronzer to the tip.

The protrusions of the chin and cheekbones

Highlighter applied to these areas helps to visually lift and, at the same time, slightly rejuvenate the face.

Middle of forehead

If you highlight that area the forehead will appear more voluminous, more convex. And darkening a strip of skin near the hairline can make the forehead look less high. If you need to “raise” the low forehead, and at the same time raise the eyebrows, apply a light line just above the eyebrows.


How to use a highlighter for the strobing technique

If you want to use a highlighter but find the contouring technique too complicated or don’t want to spend too much time on your makeup, you can use the strobing method. Much easier to perform than sculpting the face. No dark pigments are needed, a highlighter with a touch of pearlescent shimmer is enough.

Light pigment is applied to those areas that need volume and natural radiance:

  1. On the chin.

  2. On the cheekbones.

  3. Under the brow.

  4. On the middle of the forehead.

  5. On the back of the nose.

  6. Above the upper lip.

  7. In the inner corners of the eyes and on the bulge of the upper eyelid.

Since strobing does not use a dark contrasting pigment (bronzer), this makeup looks more natural and natural than the one performed in the technique of contouring. The main thing is to apply highlighter on top of foundation and shimmering pigment well.

To complete the makeup and to emphasize the naturalness of the image use not bright but shiny lipstick with pearly particles. Or a transparent, nude lip gloss.

How to use highlighter for the face on other areas of the body

Highlighter is a versatile product that can be used not only for facial makeup, but also to accentuate other areas of the body. Highlighter can make the neck look subtler, the bust look bigger, and the collarbones and jugular more expressive and alluring. Experts recommend trying to use this product in this way:

  1. To accentuate the grace of the neck, or more precisely the throat area, apply a light pigment in the middle of the throat in a vertical band, the width of which is about 2-3 centimeters. Brush the pigments with vertical and horizontal, diagonal brush strokes. On the lateral areas apply a bronzer, which should also be shaded.

  2. To add grace to the collarbones, apply highlighter to the protruding areas, and dark pigment on the sides.

  3. To visually increase the size of the chest, to make it more rounded and attractive, a combination of light and dark is also used. Bronzer or dark beige shadow is applied between natural roundness and along its contour. It is necessary to shrink the pigments well, creating a natural shadow effect. And on the convex area of the chest, which is visible in the neckline, apply pearlescent highlighter.

Experts warn – before applying makeup to the body, you need to dress up. That is, wear underwear and outerwear (T-shirt, sweatshirt, blouse) with a neckline. If dressed after contouring the throat, decollete, collarbones, cosmetics are likely to smudge, staining the fabric.

Pros and cons of highlighter

Pros and cons of highlighter

The benefits of highlighters, The main thing is to apply highlighter on top of foundation and shimmering pigment well, so that the shimmering pigment does not fade:

  1. Versatility. The product helps solve a wide range of problems, from masking blemishes to sculpting the face and body.

  2. Variety of textures and forms of release – you can easily find the right product for your taste.

  3. Variety of shades, which allows the use of highlighter on light and dark skin.

  4. Efficiency – any consistency and form of highlighter consumes slowly enough.

  5. Wide price range. You can buy a product from the inexpensive segment, belonging to the mass-market class, or opt for luxury cosmetics. For the most demanding consumers, professional highlighters are available, used by makeup artists in their professional activities.

From the disadvantagesof modern highlighters can be noted as follows:

  1. In most cases, the highlighter is difficult to use with problem skin. Since it is an illuminator, it instantly draws attention to aesthetic defects such as acne, pimples, scars. Therefore, highlighter can be applied only to those areas of the face where the skin looks relatively good.

  2. Frequent use of highlighter may negatively affect the condition of the skin. The components of the cosmetic product clog pores, the skin does not get enough oxygen, forced to endure the increased stress associated with the daily use of decorative cosmetics.

  3. Liquid highlighters are usually not very stable, so the makeup has to be adjusted regularly.

  4. Using dry highlighter in powder form, it’s easy to overdo it when applying. Especially if the girl does not have the necessary experience and skill. The result is the need to completely wash away makeup and do it all over again.

  5. High-quality highlighters for the face are expensive, but since this product is not used too often, it can deteriorate before the tube is empty.

The advantages of highlighter as a cosmetic product outweigh its disadvantages. That is why it is very popular with professional makeup artists and women who use this product in their daily lives.

Types of highlighters

Types of highlighters

Highlighters, as a means of decorative cosmetics, can be divided into two types depending on the consistency and texture – liquid and dry. Any fluid, that is, liquid, cream-like highlighter is compatible with foundation. And the dry (pressed, crumbly) preparations are combined with powder.

Let’s look at the main subspecies and release forms of highlighters:

  1. Highlighter in the form of a liquid or creamy texture. The product can be available in jars, bottles (including with a dispenser), as pencils with a built-in brush or applicator. Applied on the face with an egg or triangle shaped sponge, thin flat brush or applicator. Liquid highlighter usually has a pearlescent or satin finish, which means it delicately gives your skin a soft shine and glow. It has a very light and pleasant, weightless texture. The product almost does not feel on the skin. Comfortable to use and easy to dose, it spreads well and covers the skin evenly and sparingly. Liquid highlighter after applying to the skin, do not powder, as a gentle shine disappears under even a very thin layer of powder.

  2. Liquid highlighter-serum. Such a product has additional therapeutic properties and moisturizes dry skin well. The product is found mainly in series and lines of oxygen cosmetics.

  3. Dry pressed highlighter. Looks like eye shadow, blush or powder and comes in the appropriate, flat, small packages. The texture of this product is also very pleasant, on the skin almost does not feel. Pressed highlighter is more resistant than liquid, applied to the face with a puff (volumetric) or fan-shaped brush.

  4. Dry highlighter in the form of a pencil. Suitable for localized skin highlighting in small areas. Under the eyebrows, in the corners of the eyes, on the lower eyelids, for example. It’s easy to use, because it allows you to make precise strokes, which can be easily reconsidered as thoroughly as the makeup technique requires. The disadvantage of this product – it can traumatize (scratch) dry, sensitive skin, prone to irritation.

  5. Dry loose highlighter on the type of powder. This product is recommended to fully use after careful training and acquiring the knack of applying it to certain areas of the face. The powder can crumble and scatter with the slightest whiff. But the lacquer has a very pleasant texture, it is perfectly spread on the skin in a thin layer and allows to achieve the necessary shade saturation by using the technique of gradual layering.

  6. Semi-dry highlighter in the form of a thick pencil or stick. Convenient to use, it is great for contouring the face, as it allows you to create clear lines of desired width, which shrink well. After the treatment with a highlighter in the form of a stick the face looks sculptured; the oval acquires the desired shape and relief.

What kind of highlighter to choose, it depends only on you. Experts say that all these products are about the same in terms of ease of use and end effect.

How to choose a good highlighter for the face

How to choose a face powder for summer, winter, autumn and spring?

Choosing a highlighter for the face, guided by the recommendations of experts. First, pay attention to your skin tone. To make cosmetics on your face or other body area look natural and natural, choose it this way:

  1. If you have very fair skin, the pearly white, silver or light beige product, ivory or champagne highlighter will suit you. Its delicate pearlescent sheen gives the skin a natural glow. To create contrast, to highlight certain areas of the face, you can use a highlighter soft pink shade.

  2. If you have fair skin with a bluish undertone, opt for blue-colored cosmetics.

  3. If you have fair skin with a pinkish undertone, use pink highlighter.

  4. If you have a tanned or naturally dark complexion, a gold, peach, apricot, bronze, pale copper highlighter will do.

  5. If you have yellowish or olive skin, you will be suited to highlighters with peach or cream colors.

  6. Also, when choosing a color cosmetics need to be guided by other parameters. For example, the consistency and form of. Visit a stationary store and test different samples. So you will understand which product you are more comfortable to use – liquid or dry, how long a product stays on the skin, if during “wearing” there is no discomfort, a feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin. Using the wrist test, you can also make sure that you are not allergic to a certain cosmetic product.

  7. Also pay attention to the composition of the product: it should contain natural ingredients, for example, minerals, vitamins, oils, extracts from useful plants. But synthetic ingredients, such as artificial artomizers and preservatives, should be minimal.

  8. The brand and price are also important for many women. As already mentioned in our article, in today’s market of cosmetic products you can find products for every taste and purse. However, experts do not recommend buying highlighters from unknown manufacturers as they can be of poor quality, contain unknown components that can harm the skin on the face and body.

The best brands that make highlighters and their products

The best highlighter brands and products

Specialists have shared with the journalists of our publication their opinions on what companies and their products they prefer to use in professional activities.Introducing pro and luxury products:

  1. Night Idea Illuminating Stick by NYX Professional Makeup.

  2. rep + Prime High

  3. M.A.C.
  4. Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured High

  5. Becca’s ghter.
  6. Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm.

  7. Mister

  8. ght Instant
  9. The ght Corrective Pen from Givenchy.

This is not a complete list of popular expensive highlighters, but we can say that these products occupy the top positions in the ranking of products in this category.

If you prefer to use products from the low-price segment, pay attention to such products of mass market class:

  1. Sleek Precious Metals High

  2. highlighting palette.
  3. Al

  4. Ance Perfect by L’Oréal Paris.
  5. Master Strobing by Maybel

  6. ne.
  7. High Glow Mineral by Catrice.

  8. Face Studio Master Strobing

  9. Maybel quid
  10. ne.

These highlighters feature a good component composition, delicate texture, increased staying power and a variety of shades.

What can replace Highlighter for Face

What can replace the highlighter for the face

If you like to use a highlighter, but it ran out at the most unexpected moment, you can use other products and get a similar effect. For example, makeup artists recommend to try as a substitute for highlighter cream-fluid to moisturize the facial skin. Its light texture and pearly shimmer will give your skin a natural radiance and freshness. pYou’ll also find such substitutes as well:

  1. Primer with light-reflecting particles. Apply it to the same areas that you are treating with the highlighter. Only apply the primer before the foundation, because this product is the base. A second light coat can be applied over your foundation.

  2. Nude-colored concealer with pearly particles.

  3. Persistent dry or creamy pearl eyeshadow. For a permanent makeup, use eyeshadow that won’t crumble or fall into balls.

  4. Apply a small amount of nude lip gloss or pale lipstick with a shimmering effect.

  5. Chimmery blush in a delicate pastel shade.

  6. A pearlescent pencil that can be well shaded. Both lip liner and eyeliner can be used.

As you can see, highlighter can be replaced for a short time with one of the preparations that are sure to be found in your home cosmetic bag. However, makeup artists have shared with the readers of our magazine recipe, using which you can make your own highlighter at home.

How to make a highlighter for the face and body with their own hands

To make a highlighter, you will need body oil or lotion made from natural ingredients. And also a small amount of powder, loose (preferably) or pressed. Powder should have a light shade or be colorless. The main component that will give the product a soft shimmery shine is the pearlescent eye shadow of a light color, close to the natural skin tone.

The process of making a cosmetic product is simple. First you need to mix the powder and shadow. If the powder is pressed, it must first be ground into a powder. After that, so much oil or lotion is added to the mixture to get the desired creamy consistency. Highlighter is placed in a small container with a tightly screwed lid, stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator no longer than 1-1.5 months.

The main mistakes made by those who use highlighter

If you want to properly and effectively use highlighter for the face, you need to know what mistakes you should avoid when doing makeup:

  1. Do not cover your face completely with highlighter, even if it has a matte finish, and even more so if the product has a slight shimmer effect. That is, do not use a highlighter as a foundation.

  2. Do not use a highlighter on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) if you have combination or oily skin with problems such as acne, enlarged pores, comedones, black spots.

  3. Do not apply concealer to areas that should be darkened a priori. For example, it is not necessary to use this product on the skin under the chin, on the lateral areas of the forehead, on the wings of the nose and on the armpit area.

  4. Do not use multi-textured cosmetics. It means that if you put foundation on your face, only a highlighter with a fluid consistency should be applied over it. If you have used powder on top of your foundation, you can also use a dry highlighter over it. If you use multi-textured products, they can delaminate, which will look unkempt.

  5. Always carefully blend your makeup on your face so that light tones flow seamlessly into darker shades. Clear borders should not be visible. At the same time it is not necessary to overdo it, otherwise pigments mixed together will create a dirty spot effect.

  6. Do not apply cosmetic products in a thick layer, or you will get a mask or a greasy sheen instead of a healthy glow. A little “overdo” with cosmetics is acceptable only if you create a stage image or a bow for a studio photo shoot.

  7. Do not perform makeup in artificial light. Highlighter looks different in different light. If it’s dark outside, apply cosmetics using a daylight lamp.

If you avoid such mistakes, the application of highlighter will not cause difficulties and will perform a harmonious, fashionable makeup for day or evening out.

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