Washable hair dye: review of 7 temporary dyes and secrets of use

If you like to change the style or want to give your hair a certain shade, but at the same time do not want to carry out a radical coloring of curls, then washable dye is just what you need. Using such preparations is a simple and quick way to briefly change the color of your hair or individual locks. Essentially, washable dyes are hair “makeup” products, which have recently gained widespread popularity. Cosmetic products can be found on sale in natural as well as very bright, extravagant colors. Journalists asked experts about what are the washable colors, their pros and cons, and how to use such products to get the desired result. Read this article for complete information.

What is colored washable hair dye and how does it work?

What is color washable hair dye and how does it work?

Washable hair dye is a product for short-term color changes or tinting of hair shafts. During dyeing, pigments or other components of the preparation do not penetrate deep into the hair shaft, but are only slightly absorbed and fixed on their surface. Rinseable dye contains no ammonia or similar substances that make the dye aggressive and can damage the hair structure. That’s why the dyeing effect lasts from a few hours to a few days.

What is the purpose for which you can use washable dyes:

  1. Natural shades are used to refresh the hair color if you suddenly received an invitation to a special event, and there is no time to go to a beauty salon. It can also be used to cover gray hair in emergencies.

  2. Natural colors are also used to change or correct the shade of your hair. For example, to give a perky redness to auburn hair, or to make locks darker. Including in cases when there are contraindications for the use of permanent hair dyes, or when you simply do not want to traumatize the hair shafts by dyeing with products based on acetone.

  3. Washable colors of bright, even acid colors are used mainly by young people who like to stand out in the crowd, to experiment with appearance and styles. These products will also be useful if you plan to make a photo shoot in an unusual image, or to visit a theme party.

The range of applications of washed-out dyes is vast. In any case, when you need to change the color of your hair, but you do not want the result to last, you can use tinting preparations.

An Overview of the Most Popular Temporary Dyes

The range of washed-out dyes is wide, and sometimes users find it difficult to choose the best product. Therefore, journalists asked experts to recommend the most popular means of this group, suitable for home use:

  1. Manic Panic by NYC.This cosmetic tool will allow you to carry out coloring in a gentle way, without disturbing the structure of the hair cores. All the colors of the rainbow are available in the palette, and you can mix and match them to your liking, achieving individual shades. The tinting creams come in jars with tightly closing caps, which allows you to store the product for multiple uses. The average cost is 1000-1200 rubles.

  2. Permanent hair dye from the company La Riche. In the palette you can find more than 30 shades – from natural and pastel, to bright and “caustic. In the composition there are no hazardous substances for hair and skin, the packaging is a jar with a lid. The average cost – 900-1000 rubles.

  3. Crazy Color Liquid for changing the color of curls.Many pastel and bright color options are available. Users can also buy the products by the same brand, designed for light bleaching of the strands before dyeing. The average cost of a washed-off dye is 500-600 rubles.

  4. Hair color rinse from StarGazer brand.The product is distinguished not only by a rich palette of colors, but also by the presence among them of the original neon colors, which glow in the dark. The average cost – 600-700 rubles.

  5. Liquid for tinting curls Adore. This American-made product is also available in many colors – classic and bright. Distinctive feature of the dye – it is available in large bottles. Due to this you can spend two or three dyes, spending only 600-700 rubles for the purchase of the product.

  6. Means for permanent hair tinting Special Effects. This product is distinguished by the brightness and saturation of hair color after treatment. And also by the fact that the dye will last one to two months on your hair. Colorista is ideal for guys and girls who have extravagant personal styles and don’t want to color too often. The average cost is 1500-2300 rubles.

  7. Spray, dye jelly and balm from the Colorista line by L’Oréal Paris. Preparations of this company differ in consistency and form of release, as well as have different periods of action. For a short-term effect, you should use a spray or jelly. To dye the hair for one or two weeks the balm is used. The cost of products ranges from 400 to 800 rubles.

  8. For fans of quick and short-lived coloring of individual strands, the brand crayons are suitableHobbihit,MimiForme,Got2band t.d. They cost about the same – from 300 to 450 rubles. And you can find complete sets of crayons on sale, that is, to buy two or four pieces for the price of one.

The benefits of color washable dyes

Advantages of color washable dyes

This group of products has a lot of advantages,That’s why washed-out dyes are so popular:

  1. Predominantly safe composition, the lack of aggressive substances in the formula of the preparation on the type of solvent. This means that using the product, even frequently, can’t cause damage to hair shafts or other complications. Most of the tinted colors contain moisturizing and other useful components, natural acids that help maintain the curls in a normal state.

  2. Wide color range. On the shelves of cosmetics stores you can find paints and tinting tonics of any color. You can combine colors of different gamma or similar types, getting spectacular transitions of one shade to another, perform coloring in the technique of ombré.

  3. Relatively low cost. As a rule, colored washable dyes are cheaper than preparations for permanent hair coloring.

  4. The use of washable dye allows you to instantly and briefly dramatically change the image or just give your hair the desired shade. You can still return to your natural hair color at almost any time. You can experiment with colors without fear of mishaps or the consequences of dyeing your hair.

  5. The use of the product does not require qualification, certain skills, long preparation. That’s why you can use this kind of dye at home. This can be done by people of any age and gender – teenagers, older people, women and men. Even if kids want to indulge and experiment with paints, or need to create an image for New Year, Halloween, washable paints are best suited for this purpose.

  6. Tinting washes can be used on all hair types. Colour both dry hair and oily hair without weighing down the hair shaft, follicles, or scalp.

  7. Versatility of use – you can shade and accentuate individual locks or tone all the hair on your head.

  8. It washes out easily, and it stays on your locks as long as you need it to.

  9. You can always stop using the product at will, as there is no need to permanently cover the regrown hair roots.

  10. A variety of release forms, from liquid toners used at home to sprays that you can carry in your purse and use in any situation.

The disadvantages of color washes

Disadvantages of color flushable dyes

Colored washable dyes have a few disadvantages, which you should be aware of if you plan to use cosmetics of this type:

  1. The pigments cover the hair shaft, but the saturation of their color may be insufficient if the strands have too dark a shade. For example, natural brunettes have almost no chance to change the color of their hair with washed-out dyes. But women with this type of appearance can, as a last resort, tone individual strands. Surface treatments like color mascara can be used for that. Such a product colors curls, creating a layer of pigments, but does not penetrate deep into the hair shaft at all.

  2. This type of product may not adequately cover your gray hair. Unless you’re using coloring mascara.

  3. If you have bleached hair, and your hair is porous, even a day’s worth of colour will penetrate deep within the hair shaft, which means the colour may not last as long as it should. You can avoid this by reducing the amount of product you apply, diluting it with water, or reducing the amount of time it spends on your hair.

  4. If you use a cosmetic in the form of a spray or crayon, evenly coloring all the hair on your head will be problematic, almost impossible. Such products are better suited for accentuating individual hair strands.

  5. The dye does wash out very quickly, in most cases. If you like the result, you should use it regularly, after every washing or every other time.

  6. Some people may be allergic to the composition of the washable paint. Before using the product as directed, it is recommended that it be applied to the skin on the inside of the wrist. If you do not experience hypersensitivity symptoms (bum, redness, rashes) in the short term, the product is safe.

  7. Some washable dyes that last a few weeks on your locks can stain the skin near the hairline as well.

  8. Also, individual dyes can not only tone curls, but also stain clothes, linens. Therefore, it is recommended to pre-test the product on a small area of curls, to see how persistent it holds.

How long does washable dye last on your hair

When planning to use a flushable dye, you should keep in mind that different products have different degrees of resistance:

  1. Chalks, shadows for toning hair and colored sprays – in most cases they are washed off curls after the first wash with shampoo.

  2. Tinting toners and mousses, liquids, gels and jellies – these products last for one to two weeks on hair. It all depends on how often you wash your hair.

Accordingly, it is necessary to choose a means for hair coloring depending on your goals and the desired period of action of pigments.

Colored washable dyes – types of preparations

Colored washable dyes - types of preparations

To date, there are several products that help to temporarily tone or color your hair. Let’s consider what such dyes are, and let’s consider the peculiarities of their application:

  1. Tinting Mousse. This product is easy to use – just squeeze a small ball of airy foam in the palm of your hand, distribute over the entire length of the hair and wait for the product to dry. Mousse is usually used to tone the entire hair, but to accentuate individual curls is also suitable. The palette of shades in this tool is quite wide, so there are no limits to the imagination.

  2. Toners and shampoos. Such preparations should be used after or during the washing of the head. They’re applied as a hair mask, left on your head for a while, then rinsed off. Tonics are not used for coloring individual curls. In the palette it is difficult to find really bright colors, there are usually natural shades – various variations of blonde, brown, black, and red tones.

  3. Sprays for tinting curls. Such products are ideal for dyeing one or more strands, bangs, hair tips. The spray can can allows for precise application, but only if the neighbouring strands that cannot be dyed are protected by the headband or kerchief.

  4. Chalks, shadows and powder, mascara for hair coloring. These are the least popular choices, but they have their uses, too. Such products allow you to tone individual curls, but they are not intended to color the entire array of hair. Experts warn that dry cosmetics should not be used too often, as they can damage the health of the hair shafts.

A subspecies of colored washable dye, henna

In essence, henna or henna-based cosmetics products are the same as washable dye, only the coloring effect lasts for two to three weeks, not days. In this case, the pigments are washed from the hair gradually, and the grown roots of curls do not stand out on the head, because the hair shafts just do not have time to grow to a sufficient length.

The advantage of henna when using it as a color washable hair dye:

  1. Natural composition and completely safe. Hnna can’t do any harm to your hair shaft, follicles, or scalp (unless you’re allergic). On the contrary, this natural product will help revitalize the hair. When used regularly, curls get a healthy shine, they become stronger and more elastic, and begin to grow better.

  2. Easy to use. You can use henna while taking a bath. You just need to wash your hair, apply the dye to your hair, and relax in hot water while the dye takes effect. A treatment takes 15-30 minutes.

  3. Relatively long-lasting and natural result. After applying henna-based washable hair dye, hair looks natural. Even professional makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers can’t always say with certainty whether hair is a natural shade or not. And you don’t have to color too often. The pigments stay on the hair shaft and perform their function for an average of 10-14 days.

However, you must be careful when using henna to avoid getting the dye on your forehead, because it can leave a red streak that is difficult to remove in 1-2 days. It’s best to apply a little bit of oily baby cream to the area before you get your hair toned.

hair coloring

As mentioned, washable colors come in a wide variety. Your henna palette is wide-ranging, butThe most popular colors at all times have been these bright colors:

  1. A variety of pink and red color options-pink, bright pink, bubblegum, fuchsia, pink with a lilac or peach undertone. Green hair colors help you pretend you’re a Little Mermaid or Barbie. They suit almost all girls, instantly uplifting, making the image more feminine and delicate.

  2. The entire blue palette – baby blue, ultramarine, rich indigo, cobalt, dark denim. These colors are suitable for the creation of the image of Malvina and perfectly emphasize the color of the irises of blue-eyed girls in casual looks.

  3. The entire palette of green – mint, emerald, turquoise, pistachio, sea wave or lush grass. Green is suitable for flamboyant, eccentric personalities and people with a bold spirit.

  4. Purple and lilac, lavender – such shades are especially relevant for fair-haired girls with bright eyes.

The choice is not limited to this, you can easily find the best option depending on your mood and goals.

How to Use Colored Washable Dye

The method of application of the cosmetic product must be indicated on its packaging. If this information is not available, it is better to buy a dye from another manufacturer. Our experts can give you directions on how to use the product, so that you have a rough idea of what you will face during the hair tinting procedure.

How to use the spray – the standard way of application:

  1. Wash your hair with regular shampoo and dry it without using any styling products, as they may make it difficult to apply the dye. Separate a strand or a few locks whose color you want to change. Tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail or cover it with a headband, and secure it with a bandage.

  2. Wear a protective cape to prevent pigments from accidentally getting on your clothes and staining them. If you don’t have a cape, you can wrap an old sheet or large piece of fabric around your neck.

  3. Shake the can of tinting product vigorously.

  4. Hold the can at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from the strand to be dyed. It is not advisable to hold the spray closer to you, as you will not be able to evenly apply the paint, it will lie too thick.

  5. After spraying the pigments, brush the strand to cover the entire length of the hair in the desired area.

  6. Wait until the paint has dried, and then you can tint the next curl. After all curls have been treated you can style your hair and it will hold well, as usually the washable hair dye acts as a bonding agent and is also a hairspray.

During the procedure, do not let the volatile substances of the cosmetic product get into the mucous membrane of the eyes, nose, mouth or respiratory tract. If you get paint in your eyes or mouth, flush them with plenty of water.

How to use a toner (cream, gel, jelly) – standard method of application:

  1. Wash your hair with regular shampoo. Lightly dry them with a terry towel.

  2. Squeeze a small puddle of dye in the palm of your hand, massage it on the hair, starting from the roots and ending with the tips of the hair. If you have long, thick curls, use an extra dose of the product to evenly apply the dye along the entire length. Use a “manly” flat comb to distribute the pigments more thoroughly, without missing a single hair.

  3. Affix the locks on the head in a bun. You can also wrap your head in a plastic wrap or cling film.

  4. Wait 15-20 minutes, then rinse the dye under running water without using shampoo. The easiest way to do it is with the shower hose. Do not finish the procedure until the water that runs off the strands is completely clear.

  5. You can then dry your hair in a standard hair-drying way or style it with a hair dryer and special styling products.

The hair chalk is the easiest to use. You just need to wash your hair, dry it, and separate the strands you want to dye. Then the base of the strand is clamped between the two flaps of the crayon, which gradually descends to the ends of the curls, leaving behind a colored trace. Using powder or shadows, mascara for hair coloring is also not difficult. The product is simply applied to the selected strands in any convenient way.

Color washed-out dyes

Is it necessary to take care of your hair after using colored washable dye?

If dry pressed or crumbly dyes are used, as well as a spray, grooming treatments are necessary, as they will help to avoid possible unpleasant consequences. But even if you use liquid products like toners and shampoos, extra care for the curls will not be superfluous. Experts recommended the use of such products to the readers of our online edition:

  1. Moisturizing conditioner balm.Such a product will help restore normal moisture to the hair shafts, smooth them and give them a natural shine. You can use any product to your taste, for example, the conditioner All Soft Mega from the company Redken.

  2. Herbal and cosmetic oils, nourishing oil complexes.Such products can restore and improve the structure of hair, as well as normalize the condition of the scalp. You can use for masks of burdock, castor or linseed oil, as well as any other herbal remedy. Or buy a special product, such as Biolage Exquisite Oil from Matrix, which is great for dry, oily, and normal hair, nourishing it and stimulating its natural regeneration process.

  3. Restore the condition of the curls after using colored washable dyes is not difficult, because such preparations do not have a significant negative impact on the hair shafts. You can visit a beauty salon or use any wellness complexes at home.

Reviews on the use of flushable hair dye

The reviews of girls who have used washable hair toning products are mostly positive:

  1. Dyes that give hair a natural shade, rescue women who do not want to radically change the appearance. They want to change the color of their hair a little, to make it more saturated, and this allows you to do nuance balms, pigments that hold on to curls, until the head is washed two or three times.

  2. Dyes that can give curls bright and unusual shades are used by young girls for everyday and holiday looks. In this case, most users are very satisfied with the result, as these products can stand out from the gray masses and still save the health of the hair and scalp.

  3. Only washed-out dyes in the form of shadows, crayons, powders and similar dry products deserve neutral or negative reviews. Users note that they have weak pigmentation and very poor color adhesion to the hair, last no longer than a few hours, fade and crumble. The use of such preparations, according to the claims of women, is appropriate only to give the lightest color to the hair. These colors are more suitable for children and teens than adults.

  4. Sprays are just as popular with young people as tinted balms. But the colored mascaras are almost never used by modern girls. They glue the hair, the coating cracks and crumbles, making the hair sloppy, the hair “dirty”, and the appearance – ungroomed.

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