The secrets of eyebrow dyeing at home

Neat, well-kept, expressive eyebrows are an ornament to everyone’s appearance. But, unfortunately, not all women are lucky enough to become owners of thick eyebrows of a beautiful natural shade. To solve the problem in such a case, eyebrow dye helps. Journalists learned from experts how to choose the right color of paint, how to choose the right cosmetic product, how to use it correctly.

Why may need to correct the color of the brow arches

Smoothly curved eyebrows

Eyebrow dye comes in handy in such cases:

  1. The color of the eyebrow arcs does not match the shade of the hair on the head, because the woman has dyed curls.

  2. The natural shade of the eyebrows is not bright and saturated enough, the hairs are weakened, look dull, healthy shine is absent.

  3. It is necessary to emphasize the beautiful shape of the eyebrows and accentuate the eyes.

  4. Many women use paint not in order to hide, fix imperfections of appearance, but because painted eyebrows simply make the appearance more expressive and attractive.

How to choose the right color

Choosing the color of eyebrow dye, you need to be guided not only by your own preferences and desires for the appearance, but also by such factors:

  1. The darker the skin tone on your face, the darker can be the color of paint you intend to paint your eyebrows with.

  2. If you have blonde hair (natural or coloured), go for the color of your locks at the roots. The color of the paint should match this shade. Optimal for you is a light brown palette.

  3. If you have dark curls on your head, choose the color so that it is 1-2 shades darker.

  4. If you’re a fiery brunette you’re good with black and electric-black paint.

  5. If you have red hair, your eyebrows should also be red, just a little darker than your hair. Suitable copper, brick, terracotta shades, as well as brown.

  6. The main rule of the choice of paint – the means should not give the hairs of the eyebrow arches a shade that is 100% the same as the color of the hair on the head. In order to find the best option before the first treatment, it is recommended to consult with a master eyebrow stylist or a beautician. It will not only find the best color for you, but it will also adjust the shape of eyebrows, setting the correct vector for further coloring.

How to choose the right color

How to choose the right paint

Before proceeding to the choice of paint, which you’re going to paint the eyebrows, you need to understand that to use the product, intended for hair dyeing on the head, is strictly prohibited. It has a completely different composition, more dangerous to the hair, skin, and mucous membranes of the eyes. That’s why you need to buy a specialized product designed specifically to safely dye eyebrow hairs.

Several options for cosmetic preparations:

  1. Refectocil . This paint from an Austrian brand has a high safety profile, so it can be used not only to dye eyebrows, but to correct the shade of lashes. It has a gentle effect on the hair shaft and skin, does not cause irritation and allergic reactions. Spends economically and has a prolonged effect – the pigments last on the eyebrows for 1-1,5 months. The palette includes 9 popular and unusual shades.

  2. Concept Color Look. It is an inexpensive, but high-quality paint that you won’t have to use very often. Eyebrows get a rich, natural color that lasts on the hairs for about 4 weeks. The color palette is poor, with only two shades – black and brown, but they can be mixed. This may not be a good option for blonde women, but dark-eyebrow people are generally happy with the product.

  3. Estel Professional Only Looks. This is another mid-priced product. The product gives great color to the hairs, gives them a healthy sheen, and makes the eyebrows look better looking and smoother. The palette includes 9 color options for girls with different appearance types. One bottle is enough to paint eyebrows for a year, as long as it is done once a month. From user reviews, you learn that this is how long the pigments stay on the hairs and the skin underneath them. It comes with special stickers to protect the skin around the eyebrows.

  4. Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom.This is an eyebrow dye, which is often used by professional beauticians and master eyebrow artists. The formula is safe, has a good consistency and the pigments are highly resistant, while the colour pigments retain their effect for three to four weeks. The coloring result will last for one month. Included with the paint are the necessary accessories – a container for mixing the components, a spatula, protective pads for the skin around the eyebrows. The disadvantage of the drug is the high price – about 1000 rubles per package. And also a poor palette – the colors are only suitable for dark-haired girls.

  5. Rokolor.This is an eyebrow product, suitable even for those with sensitive skin. The composition has useful components that improve hair growth, for example, castor oil hydrate. The consistency of the paint is pleasant, moderately thick, so the coloring at home can be done even by girls who do not have much experience in such procedures. Using one bottle, it is possible to paint eyebrows 10-15 times in a row. After each use, the result will last for 3-4 weeks. The disadvantage of dyeing is that there are only two shades to choose from – black and brown, so it doesn’t make much sense to mix pigments, achieving the desired color.

Correct different eyebrows

The rules and criteria for choosing the product with which you intend to paint your eyebrows:

  1. Be sure to study the component composition. It is clear that among the ingredients of such a product will be dominated by synthetic dyes, preservatives, etc.d. But it is desirable that as part of the dye were and useful, protective and care components, which will have a positive impact on the facial skin and hairs, follicles. The product must have a quality and safety certificate.

  2. It is also important to verify that you are not allergic to the substances used to make the cosmetic product. If you are not sure that the dye is completely safe, use it on a small area of your skin, such as the inside of your wrist or elbow bend, instead of on your eyebrows first. You should not have any alarming symptoms such as red skin or hives after applying and washing the dye.

  3. Package volume and paint consumption. Here you need to be guided by your own preferences. Some girls do not like to use paints that last long after opening the package, preferring to buy a “fresh” paint every time. Others like to buy big vials that can hold 20-30 color treatments. However, it is worth remembering – the longer the shelf life of the product, including the expiration date after breaking the tightness of the packaging, the more preservatives in the product, which is not very good for your health.

  4. The variety of shades in the palette and the possibility of mixing and combining them. Some girls find it very difficult to choose a product that can paint eyebrows, because the manufacturer does not offer a wide enough range of colors of cosmetics. If a company has 6-10 shades of paint, several variants can be mixed, achieving the ideal color.

  5. The richness of the pigments and the overlapping properties. For example, whether the product is good at shading gray eyebrow hairs. Or how deep the color turns out, that is, the paint just gives a certain shade, or dramatically changes the hair color of the eyebrows. Most likely, the opportunity to test these characteristics of the product will only arise after the purchase and first use. But if they can give you a sample in the store, you can find out if the dye is right for you before you buy the full bottle.

  6. The reputation of the manufacturing brand and your confidence in the reliability, safety, and quality of cosmetics. You should not rely on the products of unproven brands, as such experiments can cost you eyebrows.

  7. Online reviews of eyebrow dye. To learn more about eyebrow dye, and to find out if it’s worth dyeing eyebrows with, get the opinions of people who have used the product before. Of course, the same cosmetic product can have both positive and negative reviews, depending on whether it solved the problem of a particular person or not. But usually the reviews of frankly low-quality products, which should not be used, are very numerous, eloquent and unambiguous. The same applies to the positive reviews – if there are most of them, the product may suit you.

  8. The cost of paint, designed in order to paint eyebrows, as a rule, is not high. With the exception of products that are used by professional eyebrow artists. Therefore, it is better to overpay extra 100 rubles, but to buy a high quality product, than to save money and be disappointed as a result.

How to paint eyebrows – preparation for the procedure

Eyebrow correction by different methods

For the coloring to be successful, and the result to please, to last as long as possible,Need to prepare for the procedure:

  1. The day before the cosmetic procedure at home, conduct a scrubbing of the skin in the area of the brow arches. This will help remove keratinized skin so the paint can be applied more evenly. You should scrub your skin exactly 24 hours in advance, so that the epidermis is normalized during this time.

  2. Also, in one or two days, pluck the excess hairs and fluff that are near the lower contour of the brow arch and are knocked out of the general mass, spoiling the appearance of the brow.

  3. Prepare in advance all necessary tools and accessories, sterilize all metal objects.

  4. Immediately before the procedure, clean the skin and eyebrow hairs with a cleansing foam or a water-based (oil-free) makeup remover. And also fix the hair on your head, particularly your bangs, with an elastic bandage or headscarf, hairpins.

Any accessories you may needFor the eyebrow dyeing procedure:

  1. A mirror, preferably a wall or table mirror, but not a hand mirror, as both hands must be free.

  2. A container for mixing the components of the mask made of metal or ceramic, glass, but not plastic, as the material can stain.

  3. Stirring spoon or spatula (not plastic or wood). You can also use a disposable wooden stick, which you can throw away after the procedure.

  4. A brush or cotton swab for dyeing eyebrows. It is more convenient to work with a brush, as it allows applying paint precisely and not to overstep the limits of the form. The brush should have a resilient synthetic pile, a sharp tip and a beveled cut. And cotton swabs will come in handy, as they are very handy for removing the excess paint from eyebrow arches.

  5. Cotton disks.

  6. Any plastic or rubber gloves (thin, disposable gloves are easier to use).

  7. Tweezers to pluck eyebrows and a white or very light colored contour pencil.

  8. Grease cream or special stickers to protect the skin around the eyebrows from staining.

  9. You may also need a micellar water or other makeup remover to remove the dye from your arches when the cosmetic procedure is over.

How to paint – the sequence of steps

How to paint - the sequence of steps

To paint eyebrows with eyebrow dye at home is not difficult, if you follow the instructions on the package of cosmetics. To make sure you’re aware of it,Our consultants will roughly describe to you the standard sequence of steps:

  1. Wash and dry your eyebrow area thoroughly, especially the hairs.

  2. Draw the contours of the eyebrows with a cosmetic pencil, outline the shape that you want to get as a result. It is preferable not to deviate too much from the natural shape of the eyebrows, and not to draw too wide.

  3. Use a cotton bud or the pad of your finger to dab some fatty cream on the skin around the eyebrows. Or apply stickers to the area.

  4. Wear a headband on your head – the hair should not fall on the forehead and eyes, interfere with the review.

  5. Wear protective gloves, a towel or a piece of cloth can be thrown over your shoulders. Pour the colourant and the oxidant into a container. As a rule, the working ratio of these substances is 2:1. Thoroughly mix the mixture with a chopstick or spoon, do not leave any undissolved lumps. If you use paint in a tube, squeeze a small amount of the substance into the bottom of the bowl.

  6. Apply the product you are going to use to the centre of the brow arch, sticking closely to the pencil outline. Be very careful not to let the paint drip onto the upper eyelid or get into the eye mucosa. This can happen if the cosmetic has too liquid consistency. If the substance gets into your eyes, stop the procedure, wipe the paint off your eyebrows with a cotton pad and flush your eyes with plenty of water. If even after washing, burning, pain, swelling, and redness occur, go to the doctor immediately, taking the paint box with you.

  7. Distribute the pigments to the tip of the eyebrow, then apply a little more product to the brush and paint the area from the base of the arch to the middle of the eyebrow. Dye must be applied evenly. Apply the pigments in the direction of hair growth.

  8. After five to ten minutes, clean the base of the eyebrow from the main amount of paint, so the area will look a little lighter than the middle and tip of the arch, which is typical for natural eyebrows.

  9. Once the pigments are completely dry, wipe your eyebrows with cotton pads first and then with cotton pads soaked in makeup remover.

Do not leave the dye on the eyebrow hairs longer than instructed. Otherwise you risk unnatural or overly saturated shade. The easiest way to achieve the desired coloring result is to strictly follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the cosmetic product.

If after the dyeing procedure you still have the compound in the bowl, do not keep it until the next treatment, even in the refrigerator. The preparation can change its properties already after 60-120 minutes after mixing the components and staying in the air, in contact with the material of the bowl. Therefore, the remains of the paint must be disposed of, and next time prepare a smaller mixture, so as not to waste cosmetics.

Straight eyebrows

What you can do in case of unsuccessful eyebrow dyeing at home

What to do if the eyebrow color is not what you want? If you use permanent paint, it can be difficult to change the color. Enhance the color and make it darker, it is enough to color the eyebrows again, using saturated dark pigments. But to get a lighter shade or a radically different color at home is almost impossible, you have to wait until the dye is washed out of the surface layer of skin and hair shafts.

If you are not afraid to experiment, you can try to use blonding dye, for example, the product from the Austrian brand Refectocil (Refectocil). After lightening the hairs, you’ll have to paint the eyebrows again. But it is better not to do the correction yourself, as it is not known reliably how the blonde composition “will behave” in your case.

To avoid damaging the eyebrow hairs and the skin underneath them, it is better to seek help from a master eyebrow specialist. First, he knows what kind of products or procedures will be effective for solving your problem. Secondly, it will prevent mistakes and help you get the expected result or at least minimize the consequences of unsuccessful coloring.

How to paint eyebrows with stencil

The stencil is used in the standard eyebrow dyeing procedure in order to facilitate cosmetic manipulation and apply pigments with greater accuracy. The main thing is not to use a paper, but a plastic stencil, which will not get soaked from the dye and will not deform.

The preparatory step remains the same, as well as the actions listed in the first five paragraphs of the instructions for the normal use of eyebrow dye. But you do not need to outline the contours of the eyebrows with a white pencil. Apply preselected stencils to the arches, so you can get the best shape that suits the rest of your facial features. Holding the stencil tightly pressed near the eyebrow area with your left hand, draw the paint onto the brush with your right hand and apply it to the entire area of the brow arch, which “fits” into the slit of the template. Wait a couple of minutes for the paint to set. Then remove the stencil and perform the same procedure on the second eyebrow. After washing the dye off, you will see that the contours are very clear and graphic.

How often do you need to paint eyebrows with a special paint

Many women do not think about how often you can perform brow color correction. So they use the paint as needed – as soon as the color of the pigments begins to fade. But that’s not really right, and it’s definitely not good for your eyebrows or your skin.

The average frequency of chemical dyeing is no more than once a month. If the pigments are washed out of the skin and hairs much faster – after 2-3 weeks, it is better to correct the color with eyebrow shadows or pencil. This will not be difficult, because the base created by the paint already exists. A couple of movements with a slate or applicator will be enough to restore the color of the eyebrow arcs saturation. If you do not want to engage in daily eyebrow makeup, abandon the use of persistent chemical dye and use natural products – henna, basma, and their combinations. Most likely, the eyebrows have to paint eyebrows more often – once every 1-2 weeks, but these cosmetic products not only do not harm tissues, but also revitalize the hairs and skin. About henna for eyebrow dyeing, its benefits and method of application, read at the end of our article.

Eyebrow care that will allow you to dye your eyebrows as infrequently as possible

eyebrow make-up

On the one hand the use of any decorative or care cosmetics for eyebrows can make the paint not so resistant and affect the duration of the aesthetic effect of the dye. On the other hand, care products will help to restore the structure of the hair and normalize the condition of the skin, because the composition of eyebrow dye is not as harmless as many girls think. If the tissues are provided with care and additional nutrition, the hairs will begin to grow faster and acquire a healthy shine, eyebrows will become thicker. Perhaps over time, the need for coloring will disappear. But not in that case, if you dye eyebrows to match the color of your colored hair. In such a situation, you will have to correct the eyebrows’ color permanently, during the whole time you dye your hair on your head.

How to care for the eyebrows after the cosmetic dyeing procedure:

  1. Lubricate the eyebrows with vegetable oil every day 1-2 hours before going to bed. There is no need to rinse it off, so there will not be an additional washout of pigments. For care any oil is suitable, even sunflower or olive oil. However, if you read the reviews of women and girls, the most effective in the care of eyebrows turn out to be castor, burdock and linseed oil. To apply the product to the hair, you can use a finger pad, cotton swab, or an old, dye-free mascara brush. The latter option is the most convenient and effective, since the brush allows you to apply the oil also to the skin of the brow arches and conduct a light massage of the skin.

  2. Instead of vegetable oil or in combination with it you can use liquid vitamins A, E, C, B, D, which are available in ampoules and sold at pharmacies. You can mix vitamin A with a little oil, pour it into a clean container, for example, a small plastic container with a screw cap. And use this product until it runs out (the mixture should be stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator). Then mix with vegetable oil another vitamin, etc.d. You can use the medicated mixture in the same way as pure vegetable oil – apply it to the eyebrows once or twice a day.

  3. Every evening, do a simple massage of the brow bone area. To improve blood microcirculation and saturate the tissues with oxygen, nutrients, it is sufficient to massage the eyebrows with your fingertips after applying the oil or medicated mixture.

  4. Also, in order to improve the richness of the color of the eyebrows, to stimulate their recovery and growth, you can use specialized purchased products. These can be gels, serums or eyebrow sprays.

Contraindications to the use of eyebrow dye

Eyebrow paint with a predominantly synthetic composition, it is not recommended to use in such cases:

  1. Pregnancy and lactation. Pregnancy itself is not a contraindication to the cosmetic procedure. But if you are going to dye eyebrows, think about whether it is worth the risk, being “pregnant” or breastfeeding your baby. After all, allergic reactions and side effects can occur, which is highly undesirable at such times in a woman’s life.

  2. Too sensitive skin on the face. If during the use of decorative or care cosmetics on the skin redness occurs, the chemical paint definitely should not be used.

  3. The presence in the treatment area of inflammation or scratches, wounds, diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.

  4. Also a contraindication to start painting eyebrows is the presence of any infectious eye disease.

How to properly paint eyebrows with a non-stable dye – henna

How often you can dye eyebrows

Henna, basma and combinations of these products can be used by women who, for whatever reason, can not use chemical cosmetics. The durability of henna compared to conventional paint, is not much lower. If the eyebrows are properly cared for, the pigments can last on the skin and hairs for 2-4 weeks.Henna has additional advantages over synthetic pigments:

  1. Henna is a natural henna derived from a plant called Lauzonia. The pigments of natural means do not penetrate deep into the structure of the hairs, do not change its. If you are not allergic to this product, eyebrow dyeing will not cause intoxication, will not harm tissues. On the contrary, henna helps revitalize the skin, hair shafts, and follicles.

  2. Henna can be used without age or health restrictions. If you have no eyebrow skin damage or allergies, you can use henna as often as you want.

  3. Pure henna is very inexpensive, available in a fine powder with a pleasant herbal scent. But such a product will stain your eyebrows a reddish color. If you want a different shade, you need to buy specialized products based on henna, which colors the brow arches in any color – from light blond to black. There is also a colorless henna, which is used exclusively for tissue revitalization.

  4. Preparations based on henna can be available in a ready-to-use form. Nothing needs to be mixed and diluted, which simplifies the process of cosmetic procedure.

  5. You do not have any negative feelings while you are dyeing your eyebrows. Even if a natural product gets in contact with your eye, it will not cause irreparable damage, nor lead to serious complications such as chemical burns.

  6. The pigments contained in preparations made on the basis of henna, washed from the skin and hairs gradually, imperceptibly. No regrowth effect will occur. If you think that the saturation of the color of the arcs is not enough, you can always perform a second procedure, bringing the eyebrows in the proper form.

The use of natural henna or cosmetics based on it has some disadvantages, But they are not much:

  1. Henna is not recommended for those who have too dry skin in the area of the eyebrows, as the dryness of the epidermis can increase.

  2. After henna dyeing, to preserve the result in the long term, do not use products to remove permanent makeup, expose the face to chlorinated water.

  3. The henna-based dye mixture may have an uncomfortable consistency for use – too liquid or lumpy.

  4. If henna gets on the skin beyond the shape of the eyebrows, the skin can take on a reddish or brownish hue. This effect will disappear after a few days, but during this period you will have to put up with this aesthetic defect. However, if you protect your skin with a cream, the probability of such an unpleasantness tends to zero.

However, these disadvantages pale in comparison to the advantages of henna as a cosmetic eyebrow dye. That’s why today’s beauty industry market is overflowing with eyebrow dyes based on this plant-based substance.

The most popular henna-based eyebrow dyes are

Our consultants have selected for you several cosmetic colors based on henna, which can be used at home without any special skills:

  1. Henna in the form of cream from the company Phyto Cosmetic.It’s inexpensive, safe and easy to use, ready to apply to the eyebrow area. The dye also contains burdock oil, which occupies a leading position among natural products for restoring hair health. The cosmetic product is available in four colors, including natural and very dark shades of dye available.

  2. Henna-based eyebrow biotattoo paint by Nila.This inexpensive product allows you to dye your eyebrows as often as necessary. The procedure takes only 15-20 minutes, and the result will please you as much as after the use of chemical dye – for 3-4 weeks.

  3. Sexy
    ow Henna
    – The whole set for comprehensive eyebrow care and coloring produced by Innovator Cosmetics. The kit includes capsules with powders of different shades, which can be mixed and combined to your liking. The result is the most natural, saturated, deep and noble shade of the eyebrows. The kit also includes special brushes for precise application of the color on the eyebrow hairs. The staying power of the pigments is not very long – only 1.5-2 weeks. But the number of dyes in the kit will allow you to carry out several dyeing procedures without additional costs.

  4. Of the more expensive eyebrow coloring products, these options are popular:
    ; henna for eyebrows
    BH Henna; a product for eyebrows and eyelashes by Niva

  5. ; Bio Henna Premium Eyebrow Henna. These colors are mostly used by professional eyebrow artists, but can also be used at home.

To dye eyebrows with a dye based on herbal ingredients just like an ordinary chemical. The only difference is the exposure time of the pigments on the eyebrow hairs. Since henna is more gentle on the hair shaft, it can take anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes to color.

Possible alternatives to eyebrow dye

the method of tattooing

If the condition of your eyebrows leaves much to be desired, you do not need to use chemical dye or henna at all. There are many other ways to correct it without going to a master eyebrow stylist or cosmetologist.

What can paint eyebrows instead of permanent paint:

  1. Special eyebrow shadows – they will give the hairs a natural, moderately saturated shade. But shadows are not suitable for correcting the shape.

  2. Eyebrow pencil – this cosmetic product will help correct the color of the arches, give them the correct shape. With the help of a pencil you can draw the finest strokes that will imitate the hairs in those areas where they do not grow or where they do not grow too densely.

  3. Eyebrow mascara is an analogue of the paint, but it doesn’t penetrate the skin and stays on the hairs for only one day.

  4. Coloring agents prepared according to folk recipes. It can be the juice of green walnut peels, strong decoction of black tea with castor oil, coffee decoction, etc.d. The benefits of such natural colors is undoubted, but the effect does not last long, only a few days.

  5. If you want to replace the coloring of eyebrows with some other, but no less effective method of correction, consider options such as tattooing and more modern microblading. After one of these procedures the result will please you for at least 3-6 months, and the need to expose the eyebrows to the negative effects of chemical dye will disappear.

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