The peeling from postacne: what is the best choice and how to conduct the procedure at home

Post-acne are scars that form where there used to be pimples. They appear in cases of deep lesions of the skin inflammatory process and indicate that the body itself is not able to provide a complete regeneration of tissues.

In the fight against these aesthetic defects well proven peels. But it is important to choose the right remedy, preferably together with a doctor. A professional will help you choose the best cosmetic product for effective and safe removal of post-acne at home.

The mechanism of action and effectiveness of peeling for postacne

Types of acne

The peeling procedure is based on the exfoliation of microscopic skin particles. It can be superficial or deep – it all depends on the severity of the skin defect. With postacne, preference is given to the second method, which helps to remove not only the horny layer of skin, but also partially remove the epidermal cover. It makes scars less noticeable, as well as hyperpigmentation, if any.

Types of peeling from postacne

When facial scarring occurs after acne or any other skin rash, your doctor may choose one of 4 peeling options:

  1. Chemical. This is the most popular type of peeling. It means acids which destroy intercellular connections, allowing removing several layers of epidermis. Over time, “young” skin not affected by inflammation or rashes grows on top of the removed skin.

  2. Mechanical. A harsher and more aggressive type of peeling compared to the previous option. During cosmetic manipulation, the upper layer of the skin is literally scraped off, and intercellular bonds are destroyed under the action of abrasive particles. Home scrubs remove the stratum corneum of the skin, while the salon mechanical peel works deeper. Consequently, its effect on postacne is higher.

  3. Laser.The most popular cosmetic procedure aimed at the complete removal of scars from skin rashes. But it has a big disadvantage – high price.

The most popular in home cosmetology is a chemical peel. Use pre-made products sold in cosmetic stores to perform it.

How to peel off postacne at home: tips and tricks

Before deciding to undergo the procedure at home, remember a number of rules thatmust be observed:

  1. The peeling compound is applied to the skin after it has been cleaned and wiped dry.

  2. During the days of the manipulation, as well as during the week after it, it is necessary to apply sun-protection cream with a high SPF level to the skin.

  3. The skin needs an intensive moisturizing after the treatment.

  4. Choose the composition for peeling carefully, studying the composition and properties of cosmetics. Buy products from reputable manufacturers with a good reputation on the market. It is better to consult a specialist if in doubt.

Strictly follow the instructions for use of the selected peel! It is described in detail in the insert sheet or on the cardboard package of cosmetics.

Review of 7 cosmetic peels for post-acne

cosmetic composition

Despite the fact that experts do not recommend the use of compositions for peeling at home, many women do not miss the opportunity to perform such manipulation themselves. If such a need arises, it is better to choose cosmetics from the list below.

Clean Skin Active, Garnier

Clean Skin Active, Garnier

Abrasive peeling particles gently exfoliate the skin. Salicylic acid, which is part of the cosmetics, contributes not only to the removal of dead skin particles, but also stimulates the process of regeneration of the skin. This allows you to gradually get rid of post-acne and prevent the appearance of pimples.

Sugar Face Scrub Purifying, L’Oréal Paris

Sugar Cleansing Facial Scrub, L'Oréal Paris

The product is designed as a mechanical peel due to the mixture of three sugars and enzyme-enriched kiwi seeds. Scrub heats the skin, cleanses it and gently exfoliates the dead skin particles. It helps to visibly reduce the appearance of post-acne marks, or get rid of them completely. The renewal and rejuvenation of the epidermis cells happens due to the stimulation of blood circulation. This effect is also inherent in the scrub.


Almond peel

Almond peel that fights acne and post-acne. Contains the active ingredient almond acid, which has antiseptic, keratolytic, antioxidant properties. Using a peeling mixture not only removes acne marks, but also improves complexion, improves skin elasticity and gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

Effaclar Duo(+) Cream Gel, La Roche-Posay

Effaclar Duo(+) cream-gel, La Roche-Posay

The product comes in the form of a cream-gel, which has keratolytic properties. Its advantage is that it can be used daily. The cosmetic product contains salicylic acid combined with LHA acids. Additionally the peeling contains prokerad – an element that prevents the formation of new scars after skin rashes.

Blemish Age Defense, SkinCeuticals

Blemish Age Defense, SkinCeuticals

Cosmetic preparation is a serum containing a complex of acids:

  1. dioic acid;

  2. Capryloyl salicylic acid;

  3. glycolic;

  4. salicylic.

This formula of the serum provides gentle exfoliation of keratinized epidermis and control of subcutaneous fat production. Also with the use of the product, you can achieve skin renewal and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary

A peeling product containing a complex of beneficial acids:

  1. glycolic acid;

  2. lactic acid;

  3. tartaric acid;

  4. citric acid;

  5. salicylic.

The peeling agent removes post-acne, reduces wrinkles and age spots, and decreases subcutaneous sebum secretion. The solution contains ingredients that prevent the development of skin sensitization to the active ingredients. Thanks to aloe juice and Taman pepper extract, the risk of negative reactions is reduced.



The product for the so called “yellow peeling. Retinoid-based, used for acne, post-acne and oily skin. The set consists of 2 elements, the antioxidant solution and the cream. Both formulations have a multi-component structure and contain acids and herbal extracts.

3 recipes for home peels for the treatment of postacne


Store mixes for peeling require special precautions during use. Safer are home remedies – scrubs. They also have keratolytic properties, but act much gentler.

Honey peel with green tea

Honey peel mask is prepared from:

  1. 30 ml of fresh honey;

  2. 1 ch. l. brew or the contents of 1 sachet of green tea;

  3. ½ cup water;

  4. flour.

Prepare tea and cool to room temperature. Add honey, water and as much flour as is needed to obtain the consistency of thick sour cream. Smear the face with the obtained mass and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Such a scrubbing mask can be used daily, it has a gentle effect, gently exfoliating dead skin particles. The product helps to reduce traces of post-acne, tones and refreshes the epidermis.

Lemon-oat peeling

The peeling mask, prepared according to the recipe below, not only removes postacne, but also whitens the skin. Necessary components:

  1. 2 tbsp. l. crushed oatmeal flakes;

  2. 30 ml of honey;

  3. The juice of half a lemon.

Combine the ingredients and apply to the skin in circular motions. Massage for 2 minutes, then leave the composition for 10 minutes and rinse. Do not use the peeling mask more than once a week.

Peeling from cosmetic clay and thistle

Get rid of post-acne, comedones and acne and is such a peeling mask.

Mix 5g powder of white clay with 5g of thistle and 10-15ml of water. To whip the components it is necessary to use a wooden stick or a spoon, the composition must not come into contact with metal! The resulting paste applied to the face for 15 minutes, then wash well with cool water or herbal decoction. The peeling mask can be used up to 2-3 times a week.

Contraindications to peeling

Any type of peeling using ready-made or home remedies has contraindications to the following. This procedure is prohibited if:

  1. Predisposition to the formation of keloid or hypertrophic scars;

  2. Poor healing of wounds and other injuries on the skin;

  3. Allergy to individual components of peeling;

  4. Psychiatric and neurological disorders;

  5. general hypersensitivity of the skin;

  6. If you have severe couperose;

  7. oncopathologies;

  8. Infectious dermatological diseases.

Relative contraindications to peeling with store-bought preparations for post-acne include menstruation, pregnancy, exacerbation of chronic pathologies. In any case, the consultation of a doctor does not hurt, because the specialist will not only help to make sure there are no contraindications, but also pick up cosmetics for home use.

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