The best choice is peeling or scrubbing

Regular cleansing of the skin is an obligatory treatment, which is carried out before the application of creams and color cosmetics. It allows you to preserve youthfulness and freshness of the skin, remove black spots, polish the surface of the face, if there are scars or scars on it. For this purpose they use special products – scrubs and peels.

At first glance, these products are exactly the same, but in reality there are differences between them. First of all, by composition and the principle of action on the skin. To determine which of these cosmetic products is preferred, it is necessary to understand how they differ from each other.

Peel or scrub - which is better to choose: the difference between the means, reviews of the best brands, whether it is possible to combine peeling with scrub

The concept of peeling

Peeling is a type of cleansing procedure, which is aimed at removing keratinized particles of epidermis from the surface of the skin. It is mainly used for treating the face and scalp. For the body, peels are used relatively rarely.

The main components of acid peels are fruit acids. They work on the scales of the stratum corneum, loosening them and stimulating their removal. The most popular in this case is glycolic acid.

The main tasks that peels solve:

  1. Stimulation of skin regeneration;

  2. fight against wrinkles;

  3. elimination of hyperpigmentation;

  4. Narrows and cleanses pores;

  5. Smoothing the texture of the skin;

  6. removing or reducing scars and scars.

Until recently, peels were performed only in specialized salons. However, they can now be purchased in cosmetic stores and used at home.

The concept and features of a scrub

Scrub is a cosmetic product, the main purpose of which is exfoliation. The mechanical removal of dead skin particles is provided by the inclusion of abrasive elements in the products, which are divided into 2 types:

Natural. Such abrasives include minced berry seeds, nutshells, sugar, salt, sand, and powder made of sea shells or pearls.

Artificial. Pellets are prepared from small polyethylene particles.

Scrubs effectively remove impurities and keratinized epidermal cells from the surface of the face and body. Various other properties: anti-cellulite, rejuvenating, tightening, whitening, and so on. But because such tools can traumatize the skin, they can be used no more than 2 times a week.

Scrub and peeling: differences, what to choose?

Scrub and peel have some similarities, but there are more differences between them. To understand them is not difficult if you carefully analyze the features of each of these products separately, and then compare them with each other. For more information, see the table.

comparison criterion



The presence and characteristics of abrasive particles

Does not always contain abrasives. If they are present, they are microscopic, almost imperceptible on the skin.

Contains various types of abrasive particles. During scrubbing, these components can be distinctly felt on the skin, creating a massage effect.

Application at home

Can be performed at home or in a specialized salon. For independent use, only superficial varieties are suitable.

Used at home. In the salons is not usually carried out, or performed in spas as part of a comprehensive cosmetic services.

Classification by depth of impact on the skin

Divided into 3 varieties:




At home, only products of the last category are used.

It has only a superficial effect on the skin.

Using hardware technology

It can be performed with ultrasonic, vacuum, laser or other kinds of medical equipment.

It is not carried out with the help of machines.

Extra properties

May contain additional ingredients with anti-aging, firming, nourishing, and moisturizing effects.

It is enriched with substances that not only rejuvenate and nourish the skin, but also perform other functions. In particular, this cosmetics can have anti-cellulite effect, and possess the ability to remove stretch marks on the body. Peels do not have this ability, and are seldom used for treating other areas of the epidermis besides the face.

The common opinion – a scrub differs from a peel with more aggressive action on the skin. But this is only partly true: in fact, there are traumatic varieties of peels. Nevertheless, if we’re talking about abrasives, in a scrub they are indeed larger and harder, and in a peel – shallower and softer. Therefore, for the daily care of the face it is allowed to use the second version of cosmetics.

What is better to choose – a scrub or a peel, and whether they can be combined??

Peeling or scrub - what is better to choose: the difference between the means, reviews of the best brands, whether it is possible to combine peeling with scrub

It is difficult to decide which is better: scrub or peeling. At home it is more effective, of course, to use scrubbing agents. However, if we are talking about a deep cleaning of the face, the professional peeling is considered more effective.

At home, you can periodically alternate the use of these products. For example, buy a gel peel for daily washing, which will maintain the smoothness and tenderness of the skin. And for active exfoliation, scrubbing 2-3 times a month. On the day when it will be executed, as well as within the next few days of the use of peeling will need to be abandoned, so as not to traumatize the skin even more.

Combination of the two treatments is also allowed. Only in this situation for peeling formulations can be applied without aggressive acids and abrasives. The product must be mild, and have superficial action.

In the case of professional peeling, the situation looks somewhat different. Scrubbing after a median or deep cleansing is allowed only 2-3 weeks after visiting the salon. And only if the skin reacts normally to the combination of the two types of exfoliating manipulation.

How to combine peeling and scrubbing: the procedure

For effective cleansing of the face, neck, decollete zone peeling and scrubbing are sometimes carried out on the same day.For safety reasons, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. First of all, the skin needs to be steamed. Then scrub, gently massaging and avoiding the eye area. The duration of the procedure – maximum 2-3 minutes.

  2. Apply a mild peeling composition to the face. Wait a few minutes (a little massage the skin, if necessary) and wash off the remnants of cosmetics with plenty of water or saline solution.

Cosmetologist Rene Rouleau recommends not combining the two peeling treatments too frequently at the same time. In addition, before using both types of cosmetics, it is recommended to first visit a specialist.


Despite the differences, peeling and scrub have almost identical indications and contraindications for.Do not apply cosmetics of these varieties at:

  1. Infection-inflammatory skin lesions in the area of the treatment

  2. neuropsychiatric disorders;

  3. Individual intolerance to the components of any product;

  4. The presence of wounds, ulcers or other disturbances in the integrity of the skin;

  5. burns or facial frostbite.

Do not rush with these procedures after surgical interventions on the face. Chemical, acid and instrumental peels are not indicated for women during pregnancy.

Possible side effects

After epidermal cleansing, minor side effects can sometimes occur. The most frequent consequences of peeling are peeling and slight redness of the skin. As a rule, these symptoms disappear on their own within a few days. Scrubs, on the other hand, can cause a feeling of tightening of the skin on the face, but only if the cosmetics have been chosen incorrectly or are of poor quality.

But the development of an intense allergic reaction cannot be ruled out.It manifests itself:

  1. swelling;

  2. Itching;

  3. Intense peeling;

  4. hives;

  5. pain when touching the affected skin.

These symptoms indicate the presence of hypersensitivity of the body to the ingredients of cosmetics. Further use of scrub or peeling is prohibited.

The best tools for home peeling: a review of 6 brands of cosmetics

When buying a means for home peeling, the main thing is not to neglect the quality of the product. A good cosmetic product can’t cost too cheap, so it’s better to choose from the segment of medium and high price category. With this criterion in mind, experts have ranked the best peels available in stores.

The best means for home peeling: a review of 6 cosmetic brands1
  • ederm chamomile facial peeling
  • 520 €
    2Natura Siberica Facial Peeling380 €
    3Salicylic peeling Mediccontrolpeel1 900 €
    4GiGi Retinol Peel8 000 €
    5Belita MEZOcomplex Mesopiling Scrub225 €
    6Collagene 3D, Professional
  • ne 3D Easy peel Medical
  • 670 €

  • Ederm Peel Face Scrub with Chamomile
  • Rating: 4.9

    <li></div><p>Ederm Chamomile Facial Peel Scrub” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/23916666195831-76ch.jpg” height=”400″ title=”</p><li>Ederm Chamomile Facial Peeling Scrub ><p>This product from the German manufacturer is present in many reputable publications that make ratings of skin care cosmetics. The peeling is in the shape of a rolling pin and has a light texture. Its formula is completely natural, so it does not cause skin irritation or allergies. The additional component is the extract of chamomile, which prevents peeling and reddening of the skin after the treatment.</p><p>Regular use of peeling can improve the tone of the skin on the face and reduce the number of seasonal breakouts. Glycerin, the ingredient of the product, allows it to be used at any time of the year.</p><h3>Natura Siberica Facial Peeling</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=NATURA SIBERICA FACIAL PEELING

    Cosmetics from this brand have an exclusively natural composition. And the peel under consideration is no exception. Volga and raspberry extracts, as well as Siberian cedar oil.

    The active ingredients that provide exfoliation are salicylic and citric acids. Using a product allows you to achieve a refreshing, rejuvenating, and brightening effect. The peeling cleanses pores, removes black spots, fights blackheads and post-acne marks. The only disadvantage of the product both buyers and experts call the specific smell of the cosmetic product.

    Mediccontrolpeel Salicylic Peel

    Rating: 4.8

    Salicylic peeling Mediccontrolpeel

    Professional peeling for salons against excessive oiliness. It effectively treats acne and post-acne, restores a healthy texture and tone of the skin.

    The product has a moderate local irritant effect, due to which the dead epidermis particles are exfoliated. At the same time, the peel has anti-inflammatory, keratolytic, regenerative, antiseptic effects.

    The main ingredient of the solution is salicylic acid. It helps to narrow pores, brighten, cleanse facial skin. This peeling belongs to the preparations of superficial influence, therefore the risk of side effects is low.

    Retinol peeling GiGi

    Rating: 4.8

    retinol peeling GiGi

    Professional peeling from the Israeli manufacturer. Used in salon and home conditions. The product has a gentle exfoliating action and does not damage the skin. Its use promotes rejuvenation, eliminates inflammation processes, disappearance of postacne and acne.

    Positive results can already be observed after the first application of the peeling. Skin tone is evened out, skin is brightened and refreshed. And when the peeling is used regularly, one can observe the disappearance of the epidermis flabbiness, improvement of facial oval shape and lifting of the skin.

    Belita MEZOcomplex Mesopilling Scale

    Rating: 4.7

    Mezopiling-scrub BelitaMEZOcomplex

    A gentle and mild exfoliation suitable for all skin types. Safe even for thin and hypersensitive epidermis. Is shaped like a rolling pin, provides refreshment, cleanses the dermis, shrinks enlarged pores, eliminates acne, comedones and scars on the face. Suitable for neck and décolleté area.

    The peeling contains hyaluronic acid which moisturizes the epidermis and prevents the evaporation of moisture from the dermal layers. The use of this cosmetic product improves skin firmness and elasticity, fights pigment spots and wrinkles. Lactic acid provides gentle exfoliation. Among the disadvantages of the product noted the presence of alcohol in the composition, and the ability of cosmetics to cause dry skin.

    Collagene 3D, Professional
  • ne 3D Easy Peel Medical
  • Rating: 4.7

    COLLAGENE 3D, PROFESSIONAL<li></div><p>NE 3D EASY PEEL MEDICAL” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/52716666195831-28ch.jpg” height=”400″ title=”COLLAGENE 3D, PROFESSIONAL</p><li>NE 3D EASY PEEL MEDICAL”><p>Glycolic peeling. The main ingredient of the product is chitosan. It moisturizes the skin and acts as an antiseptic.</p><p>The use of peeling is advisable for oily epidermis, black spots, oily shine, acne and post-acne. And thanks to the ability of the composition to form a strong, but imperceptible film on the skin, the moisture is retained inside, which prevents dryness and peeling. This product also lightens pigmentation and refreshes the skin tone.</p><p>Minus – the possibility of slight tingling at the beginning of peeling application. But over time, the skin gets used to it, and the discomfort disappears.</p><h2>Review of the 7 best face and body scrubs</h2><p>Peels are rarely used for parts of the body other than the face, neck and décolleté area. This cannot be said of the scrubs. There are varieties of products for the face and body, of which experts and buyers considered the following brands the best.</p><table><tbody><tr><td><b>Nomination</b></td><td><b>Place</b></td><td><b>Name</b></td><td><b>Price</b></td></tr><tr><td>Review of the 7 best face and body scrubs</td><td>1</td><td>Facial Scrub Mask “Magic Clay” by L’Oreal Paris</td><td>470 €</td></tr><tr><td>2</td><td>“Peel Me Perfectly,” (Givenchy)</td><td>2 700 €</td></tr><tr><td>3</td><td>“Physio, (La Roche Posay)</td><td>1 500 €</td></tr><tr><td>4</td><td>Christina – Wish Exfo<li>Scrub</td><td>1430 €</td></tr><tr><td>5</td><td>Clean Line Facial Scrub Cleansing Apricot Seed</td><td>190 €</td></tr><tr><td>6</td><td>L’Occitane Amande Exfo<li>The product is a peeling and Smoothing De<li>Paste</td><td>3 900 €</td></tr><tr><td>7</td><td>Black Pearl Perfect Skin with Caffeine</td><td>200 €</td></tr></tbody></table><h3>Facial Scrub Mask “Magic Clay” by L’Oreal Paris</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=Facial Scrub Mask

    Scrub designed for oily and problematic skin with enlarged pores and blackheads. It has a pleasant creamy texture that makes it easy to apply and distribute to the skin. It exfoliates gently, without serious damage to the epidermis or side effects.

    This cosmetic product contains three types of clay – kaolin, hassul and montmorillonite. They purify and refresh the epidermis, eliminating the shine and sebum overactivity. Scrub application returns skin to a healthy complexion and natural glow, with red algae extract acting as the main exfoliating ingredient.

    “Peel Me Perfectly, (Givenchy)

    Rating: 4.9

    The scrub has a whitening effect, making it suitable for treating hyperpigmentation. Contains oat extract and glycolic acid. Smoothes, softens and nourishes skin.

    The product contains cosmetic clay. It dries the epidermis, tightens pores, removes oily shine and acne. The pluses of means – a light texture, pleasant smell, reasonable price. Less – scrub is not intended for thin and hypersensitive skin, as its use can cause dryness, redness and peeling of the face.

    “Physio, (La Roche Posay)

    Rating: 4.8

    All-natural cosmetic product. Contains thermal water, which deeply moisturizes the epidermis. Cleanses and removes impurities and signs of ageing. And glycerin softens and leaves the epidermis soft and smooth.

    Exfoliation is ensured by diatomaceous earth particles. This component acts gently, so the risk of irritation is minimal. It is suitable even for used on thin, sensitive and damaged skin.

    Christina – Wish Exfo
  • Ating Scrub
  • Rating: 4.8

    Christina – Wish Exfo<li></div><p>Ating Scrub” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/50516666195831-56ch.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Christina – Wish Exfo</p><li>ating Scrub”><p>Exfoliating and exfoliating scrub. It evens out the skin tone and prepares it for further treatment with cosmetic products.</p><p>The abrasives are microparticles of polyethylene, which do not traumatize the epidermis, but on the contrary, they gently remove keratinized cells from its surface. An additional ingredient in the scrub is peppermint extract, which acts as an antiseptic.</p><p>The product belongs to the group of professional cosmetics. It’s designed for aging skin, it can be used by women over the age of 40.</p><h3>Clean Line Cleansing Face Scrub Apricot Seed</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=CLEAN LINE FACIAL SCRUB CLEANSING APRICOT KERNEL

    The scrub’s natural formula is the main reason for its high appreciation. And not only from women, but also from experts. The product contains crushed apricot kernels, which slough off the dead epidermis and trigger the regeneration of the skin cells. After the scrubbing procedure with this product feels freshness of the face, it becomes brighter, black spots are eliminated. It makes the skin smooth and silky smooth.

    Suitable for girls as young as 18 years old, reasonably priced and non-drying. The disadvantages are the large particles of ground apricot kernel, which slightly scratch the face, and the inability to use when the epidermis is inflamed.

    L’Occitane Amande Exfo
  • Caffeine and Smoothing De
  • cious Paste
  • Rating: 4.5

    L’Occitane Amande Exfo<li></div><p>Cleansing and Smoothing De</p><li>cious Paste” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/66116666195831-34ch.jpg” height=”400″ title=”L’Occitane Amande Exfo<li>Scrubbing and Smoothing De<li>caffeine paste”><p>Almond-based body scrub paste, which is recommended for cleansing, softening, nourishing the skin. It has a soft and light consistency, does not damage or scratch the epidermis.</p><p>The cosmetic product contains almond nutshells, oil and extract. These components exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize the skin and stimulate the development of regenerative processes. Contains grape seed oil, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV light, moisturizes and soothes inflammation. Shea butter provides skin tightening, and sucrose is essential for renewing the epidermis.</p><p>The disadvantages are the high cost and the short cleansing effect.</p><h3>Black Pearl Perfect Skin with Caffeine</h3><p>Rating: 4.3</p><div style=BLACK PEARL PERFECT SKIN WITH CAFFEINE

    Body scrub improves tone, elasticity and firmness of skin. It stimulates blood circulation, has a lymphatic drainage effect, removes excess fluid from tissues and splits cellulite. Even old stretch marks become less visible after prolonged use of the cosmetic product.

    Exfoliating keratinized micro-particles of the epidermis, thanks to the addition of ground apricot kernels. And caffeine is designed to smooth and tone the skin on the body.

    The scrub has a creamy texture, the abrasives feel almost imperceptible and work almost imperceptibly. Therefore this cosmetic product is suitable for hypersensitive, thin and damaged skin.

    To choose a scrub or peel for home use, you need to consider the type of skin and the purpose for which the product will be used. Do not be guided by advertising claims or colorful packaging, and do not buy the cheapest products from a little-known brand. Let the product cost more, but it will be effective, as natural as possible, and most importantly, safe for the health of your face or body.

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