Secrets of strengthening nails gel-lacquer from professional masters

Beautiful, well-groomed nails that retain their aesthetic characteristics for a long time – the dream of every woman. With the appearance of shellac and gel nail polish on the market this dream has come true. These products create a permanent decorative coating, which decorates nails 2-3 weeks in a row and longer. Masters of manicure and nail-art shared with reporters the full information about the gel-lacquer, what it means, how to use it to strengthen the nails and make a permanent manicure.

Gel nail polish – what is it, composition, how does it differ from other means for nail art

Gel polish - what is it

Before you know how to try to strengthen the nails gel varnish, it is not superfluous to understand what this means. Gel nail polish is a product for the decoration of nails, with which you can decorate, protect and build up the nail plate.Distinctive features of the product:

  1. Gel nail polish is different from conventional polish in that it does not harden in the air. For its polymerization, that is, hardening, it is necessary to hold the nails under the light of a special lamp with ultraviolet rays.

  2. Gel-paint also differs from classic varnish in that it has a deeper and richer color.

  3. Gel nail polish differs from regular nail polish in that the coating looks more voluminous. This means that it is more noticeable on the nails and draws more attention to them.

  4. Gel nail polish differs from conventional varnish and shellac by the duration of “wear”. If the traditional decorative coating lasts on the nails 3-5 days, after which it begins to lose its aesthetic characteristics, the manicure made with shellac will have greater durability – 2-3 weeks. But the longest lasting on the surface of the nails gel polish – it will stay in place for 3-4 weeks. If you get a manicure to strengthen your nails, using gel nail polish from a qualified master in a salon, the coating can last longer than 4 weeks. Your nail polish will remain in perfect condition. But the nails during this period do not stop growing, near the base of the nail plate gradually begins to form a strip not covered with nail polish. And it does not look quite aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it makes no sense to wear gel nail polish for more than a month.

  5. Gel nail polish differs from shellac in that it has a thicker consistency. Because of this, the product can perform several functions at the same time. That is, it can be used not only to strengthen nails and create a strong and durable decorative coating, but also to correct the shape, length of nail plates.

  6. Also one of the most important differences between gel varnish and conventional polish and shellac is that it is much harder to remove the first product from the surface of the nails than the others. Classic varnish is easily washed off the nails with acetone-containing or non-acetone “flush”. Shellac can be removed by soaking the drug using special removers and tips (“pegs”, foil) for the nails. Gel nail polish in most cases can be removed only by the hardware method. That is, it must literally be cut off from the surface of the nails with a special cutter. At home, the machine can be replaced by abrasive files and buffs. But the procedure will take much longer.

Summarizing the above, we can say that the first step of the “evolution” is familiar and familiar to all of us nail polish. On the second step is more resistant and durable shellac. The crown of evolution today is the decorative coating of nails with gel nail polish, which can decorate the hands, strengthen the nails, protect them from any damage and negative influences.

Gel-lacquer differs from its “brethren” and on the composition, which has:

  1. Film Former. It is this component in the preparation that requires the use of an ultraviolet lamp for the polymerization of the working surface. Thanks to it, a dense and rigid film is formed on the nail, which is extremely durable, resistant to abrasion, chipping, cracking, mechanical and chemical attack. In addition, the film-forming agent helps to strengthen the nails and protect them from negative external influences.

  2. Solvents and thinners. These are the substances that affect the degree of gel density, consistency and texture. It is these components help to distribute the gel polish on the surface of the nail evenly and effortlessly. They also facilitate the process of removing the resistant coating from the surface of nail plates.

  3. Pigments. This component is a special dye, which is responsible for the color of the gel polish, how bright and saturated it will be, how high overlapping abilities it has.

  4. A variety of secondary additives and fillers that help strengthen the nails and maintain their health.

Gel nail polish is very popular lately because it can be worked with at home. It is enough to buy a special ultraviolet lamp, a set of accessories and auxiliary devices, and tubes of gel lacquer in the shades you plan to use. And no more visits to beauty salons or nail bars. The manicure can be done by yourself, and it will last in place for up to three to four weeks.

Advantages of gel varnish

The benefits of gel nail polish

The advantages of a gel nail polish, which will help to strengthen nail plates and make them look good, are as follows.Among them, nail-art specialists and ordinary users note the following advantages:

  1. Safe composition. If you use a quality original product from a reliable manufacturer, among its components you will not find formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthal and other harmful chemical compounds.

  2. Versatility and versatility for different purposes. With the help of gel nail polish can be performed and embody a variety of unusual, original designs. The product also helps to make drawings and patterns of any degree of complexity.

  3. The use of gel nail polish in most cases does not interfere with the natural processes of nail growth. The procedure will only strengthen the tissue, not inhibit the speed of their natural regrowth and renewal.

  4. Optimal resistance of the decorative coating in contact with chemical compounds or mechanical influences. Gel nail polish strengthens nails and acts as a kind of “armor”, which can not be destroyed by any factor. It will not burn out in the sun, chipping, cracking, flaking, and cause other troubles to the mistress of the nails.

  5. High aesthetic properties. Covered with gel nails look just perfect, so the tool can be used for a discreet everyday manicure, as well as for a wedding or other festive nail art. And do not worry that at the most unexpected moment manicure will be accidentally spoiled.

  6. Many colors and designs for every taste. In the range of large manufacturing companies have gel lacquers of the entire color palette – from white to black, more than several hundred options for every taste. And that’s not taking into account the special types of cosmetics with glitter, matte finish, stains and a variety of decorative effects. This makes it possible to realize any flight of fancy and any idea, without experiencing any restrictions.

  7. The possibility to use gel nail polish to camouflage the various imperfections of the nail plate, not only to strengthen it. Unlike classic lacquer and shellac, gel lac can camouflage any defects of the native nails. Including grooves, violations of the shape and thickness of natural plates.

  8. Economical use. In most cases, even one layer of gel polish is enough to strengthen nails and give them the desired look. And since the product is used quite rarely – once every three to four weeks, one tube is enough for a long time.

  9. Ease of use. The gel polish has an optimal consistency. It is thick enough not to spread when applied to the nail plate. And at the same time, it does not solidify in the air, which allows you to paint one nail as long as required. When the desired design is done, the product quickly hardens under the rays of a special lamp, and there is no need to wait extra time, afraid to touch any object, to break the integrity of the coating.

  10. Comfort in wearing the decorative coating. Gel nail polish allows you to strengthen your nails, but it does not weigh them down. Literally within a few hours you will get used to the fact that a foreign film has appeared on the surface of the nail plates, and you will no longer feel its presence in the future.

  11. When using gel nail polish, which is applied in order to strengthen and beautify the nails, there is no unpleasant odor. This fact is a great advantage for those women who can not tolerate the characteristic aroma of regular nail polish, which can spoil the feeling during the cosmetic procedure. The absence of chemical vapors when using gel nail polish makes it a great option for nail art for people with respiratory diseases.

  12. Short-term decolorization procedure. With an experienced master you can strengthen and steal your nails with gel nail polish in just 30-60 minutes, stopping by the salon during your lunch break at work. But even if you perform the procedure yourself, at home, it also does not take much time. If you paint your nails with gel nail polish regularly, after a few sessions you will acquire the necessary skill to perform the desired designs no worse and no longer than professional manicure masters.

  13. To strengthen your nails, gel nail polish can be used by everyone, without age restrictions. Including young girls who are still attending school or university. And also ladies in middle and older age.

  14. You can use gel polish regularly, taking small breaks so that the nail plates have an opportunity to “rest” from the decorative coating.

All these advantages and advantages of gel nail polish make it extremely popular for nail design for women around the world. However, this drug also has disadvantages, which should be borne in mind, intending to use it in manicure.

Disadvantages of gel polish

Disadvantages of gel nail polish

Let’s list the main disadvantages of using gel nail polish in everyday life, including at home:

  1. Gel nail polish can not strengthen your nails, and simply will not harden on their surface, if you do not have at hand a special lamp with ultraviolet radiation. It is an expensive purchase, which will cost you a considerable amount, starting at several thousand rubles. But keep in mind that it is a one-time and long-term financial investment in your appearance, which allows you to consider the purchase of the lamp as not so burdensome to the family budget.

  2. If you use regular nail polish, in case of the slightest mistake, you can wash off the product from the nails with a simple solvent and start all over again. When using gel nail polish to strengthen and beautify your nails, you should be prepared for the fact that you need a certain skill. After all, once the product has polymerized, it will no longer be possible to remove it from the surface of the nails in a few minutes. Therefore, experts recommend – before you apply gel nail polish on your own nails, practice on the mini-mannequins. They are models of natural long nails, mounted on a stick-holders, which greatly facilitates training in the art of nail art. Our experts have shared with the readers of the online publication besthack, which will save on the purchase of mini-mannequins in the initial phase of the practice of manicure with gel nail polish. Take an ordinary used (burned out) electric light bulb. It has a curved surface, well imitating the surface of the natural nail plate. Outline the contours of the nail with a permanent, permanent marker in the position in which it will appear in front of you during the manicure (the base of the nail down if you manicure yourself, the base of himself if you intend to make manicure other person). After that practice to apply nail polish on the surface of the light bulb so that the coating was flat and smooth, filling the entire surface of the improvised “nail plate”.

  3. Applying gel nail polish to strengthen your nails is much easier than removing it from the surface of your nail plates. At home it is even more difficult to do this. Permanent coating is difficult to resist removers and other solvents. In any case, you will have to saw off the top layer of the drug, using abrasive materials on the type of files with a high grit. And then you need to additionally treat the nails with solvent soaks. And at the end of the procedure, use a pusher or orange sticks to finally remove any residual product.

  4. As we already know, gel polish hardens under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Sunlight also refers to the ultraviolet spectrum. Therefore, if the gel polish is not used often, it can greatly thicken and fall into disrepair simply because it is exposed to daylight. Therefore, when applying the product on the nails, it should be kept in the shade. As in the period during which the gel polish is not applied.

  5. Despite the economical use, gel nail polishes cost a lot. Products well-known and reliable brands cost several thousand rubles. Not all women can afford to spend such money on “nails”. All the more so that a similar procedure performed in a beauty salon or nail bar will cost 1.5-2 times more expensive.

  6. Another risk when using gel polish to strengthen and beautify the nails is the high probability of buying a fake. In this case, you can pay a relatively small amount for the product, but you should not hope for high quality. The product may last on the nails for less time than indicated on the package. And as a result, you may find that the structure of the nail plates is damaged. The only way to avoid this – buy high quality products for manicure in specialized stores of cosmetic products. And even better and more reliable – to make a purchase on the official website of the manufacturer, each of which is represented in the online space, even if minimally. To purchase can also use the stationary stores and online stores that have the appropriate quality certificates and documents confirming the originality of products. If you neglect it, buy products of unknown origin, you can severely damage the health of your nails and the surrounding tissues of your fingers.

Contraindications to the use of gel varnish to strengthen the nails

Contraindications to the use of gel nail polish

Restrictions and contraindications for the use of gel varnish is, they need to know every woman who plans to undergo a similar procedure in a beauty salon or do manicure using this tool at home.

Contraindications for the use of gel polish:

  1. The presence of skin conditions in the area of exposure or diseases of the nails on the type of fungus.

  2. The presence of allergies to the composition of the drug.

  3. Performing a hygienic trimming manicure immediately before applying gel polish. In this case it is necessary to wait for at least 24 hours after hygienic procedures.

And yet thin, brittle, weakened, flat, springy, broken, with bumps and irregularities nails can not be a reason not to use gel varnish. Decorative cosmetic product will in no way aggravate the unsatisfactory condition of the nails. On the contrary, they will only strengthen, and have the opportunity and time for a full recovery.

Popular types of gel polish

Every woman not only wants to strengthen her nails with gel nail polish, but also create a unique, attractive decor on their surface. That is why manufacturers do not get tired of developing more and more new types of cosmetics for nail art, which allow you to create a strong and original decorative coating. Let’s get acquainted with the main types of gel polish that exist today:

  1. Ordinary monochrome gel nail polish, Available in more than 200 shades with glossy or matte finish.

  2. “Cat’s eye”. This type of product, which allows to strengthen and decorate the nails, is very popular today. This cosmetic product contains micro-particles of metal. The result is a gel polish that gives off a soft shimmer, comparable with mother-of-pearl. When decorating nail plates, the master uses special magnets, moving which near the nail, he creates on the surface beautiful drawings and patterns formed by metal particles. As a result, each time you can get a completely new and unusual design that emphasizes individuality and uniqueness of the taste of its owner.

  3. Single-phase product. It is one of the best at home applications. Using such a preparation, you spend much less time on a manicure, as there is no need to perform two layers – the base and top coat. And at the same time the ability of gel nail polish to strengthen the nails is not reduced.

  4. Thermal gel polish.This means of decorative cosmetics for nails has truly original and unique properties. Such gel polish changes its shade at the slightest change in ambient temperature or with fluctuations in the temperature of the hands and nail plates themselves. Especially unusual and original, such coverage looks on long nails, as at the base of the nail holds one tone, at the tip – a completely different one, and they smoothly flow into each other.

  5. With the spraying effect.Such a product is very similar to a gel polish with a matte finish. Only it has a more velvety looking surface. When using the product, you get the feeling that your nails are not covered with gel-lacquer, but with the lightest layer of tissue. This varnish allows you to strengthen your nails no less effectively than the classic version.

  6. Stained Glass. This is yet another product that allows you to create a nail design in an original and unique style. When using it you can get a coating in the form of broken glass, marble, quartz, liquid stones. Or paint your nails in aquarium style.

  7. Chameleon.Such product, which gives the opportunity to strengthen and beautify the nails, will certainly appeal to fans of thermal gel polishes. In this case, the decorative coating reacts not only to the temperature of the environment and the body, but also to the quality and features of lighting. On sale you can find chameleon lacquers, which are complemented by a spectacular pearlescent sprinkle.

  8. With shimmer, glitter, sparkles.Such gel varnishes will strengthen the nails of fans of everything bright and shiny. The size, shape, and color of the particles, as well as the intensity and brilliance of their shine can vary.

  9. Mirroring. This is probably the trend of the season. This gel-polish allows to strengthen nails, as well as to create perfectly smooth and shiny mirror surface on their surface, which is 100% imitates the polished to a shine metal, creates an effect of covering with foil. Reflective gel nail polishes in silver, golden and black colors are very popular among customers.

  10. Spreadable. Such preparations create on the surface of the nail plate an interesting and unusual effect of paint spreading. This allows you to create unique patterns, which become a highlight of the image of women with a creative nature.

  11. Crackleur. The preparation allows you to get an unusual effect of cracked, even antique surface. Due to the unusual texture of the gel polish with craquelure effect is very popular among women who like variety in manicure.

In addition to this classification, you can also distinguish several other types of gel polish – biogel and hypoallergenic preparation. Biogel is the product with which you can strengthen your nails most effectively without causing the slightest damage. The preparation helps not only to save and increase the health of nail plates, but also to give them a well-groomed, fresh look. Hypoallergenic gel polish is a great rarity in today’s beauty industry, not many brands produce such a product. However, women are interested in buying such a product, especially if they have an individual sensitivity to various kinds of chemicals, which are present in the composition of ordinary varnishes. Hypoallergenic products can be used (after consulting a doctor) even in adolescence and during pregnancy, breastfeeding.

A set of accessories and devices that will help strengthen your nails with gel nail polish

A set of accessories and devices that will help strengthen your nails with gel nail polish

To strengthen your nails with gel nail polish and make a manicure for two to three weeks without the need for correction, prepare the following accessories and devices:

  1. Everything you might need for a general hygienic manicure. The list can include the usual preparations for cleaning the nails, nail scissors and tweezers for correcting the shape of the nail plate, tools for removing cuticles and taking care of them. And also all kinds of files and buffs for shaping and polishing the surface.

  2. Lint-free cloths or sponges, as well as degreasing agent that allows you to qualitatively treat the final layer of the preparation.

  3. Glitters and powders, shimmers and other designer products that will help you make your manicure in the style that you have planned.

  4. Gel nail polish with the shade that suits your wishes. Choose suitable options can be in a stationary cosmetics store, which presents “live” models of nails with a cosmetic applied to them. There are also palettes, which allow you to pick the best shade of the tool, applying models to their own nails.

  5. A special lamp with UV radiation. Without it in this process can not do without. You can buy cheaper or more expensive variant. There is no fundamental difference between these products, except for the brand and price. They work according to the same principle. In any case, if the lamp breaks within a year after its purchase, you can return the purchase under warranty or ensure yourself a free repair of the device. Experts recommend buying lamps with waves of the widest range – from 270 to 400 nm, they differ from analogues with versatility. This quality of the devices will allow you to work with any gel lacquers from different manufacturers.

  6. If you intend to do a manicure with gel varnish, sooner or later the decorative coating will have to be removed. And you may need specialized implements for this. If you wanted to remove gel nail polish in a beauty salon or nail bar, you are likely to be offered a machine to remove the permanent decorative coating. Since it is sawing off that allows you to remove all the top layers of the product as quickly as possible. But you should not use such a device at home. It should only be used by an experienced technician, as the slightest mistake can lead to permanent damage to the nail plates or nearby tissues. Therefore, experts recommend combining two methods of removing gel varnish from nails at home – sawing off with a file and the use of a remover. For this you may need such devices:

  7. Files for sawing off resistant polymer layers of varying degrees of grittiness.

  8. Specialized remuver, which is used by masters in beauty salons. Do not use such improvised means as acetone or alcohol to remove gel nail polish. You would just be wasting your time, as such preparations will not be able to dissolve the persistent polymer coating qualitatively.

  9. Cotton disks or pieces of absorbent cotton, as well as cotton swabs.

Items to help fix the remuver-soaked cotton pads to your nails. These can be:

Items to help fix cotton pads
  1. Ordinary food or professional foil, cut into strips that have dimensions of approximately 7 by 7 centimeters.

  2. Professional plasters for removing permanent coatings from the nails. These patches are already equipped with cloth inserts that are soaked in remover. The surface of the patch is perforated, so it allows the tissues to breathe during the procedure.

  3. Special small wipes in individual packages, which serve to put on the tips of the fingers and fix the wipes in the right places.

  4. Tips or clips for fingertips – this is the best option for those who plan to use gel nail polish to strengthen their nails, regularly.

  5. A metal pusher with a thin but blunt edge to use as a scraper. It is convenient to remove the polymer coating from the main area of the nails.

  6. Orange sticks. These soft accessories are convenient to use to clean nails in hard-to-reach places.

  7. To strengthen your nails after the removal of gel nail polish, you can use a bath with decoctions of medicinal plants. If you plan to carry out such cosmetic procedures, prepare a deep glass, or better ceramic (retains heat well) bowl, as well as a small soft towel for the hands.

How to strengthen the nails, using gel nail polish – a step-by-step procedure

How to strengthen your nails using gel nail polish

The application of gel lacquer on the nail plate is not much different from the use of classic nail polish. Preparations are available in the same tubes as the nail polish we are used to, the bottles are equipped with the same brushes. Therefore, if you have previously performed a manicure with a decorative coating and have experience in this business, problems with the use of gel varnish you should not have.

How to strengthen your nails gel varnish – step by step instructions:

  1. Do a hygienic uncut manicure, remove cuticles. Adjust the length of the free edge of the nail plates, as well as their shape. All nails must look exactly the same.

  2. Remove the thin keratin layer from the nail plates. Using a rough, soft file or baffle each nail so that the shine disappears. Such a manipulation will contribute to the fact that the decorative coating will be harder to hold on the nails and will not peel from the base.

  3. Degrease, disinfect and remove excess moisture from the nails. You can use alcohol, or another special agent, for example, a dehydrator with degreasing properties. Antiseptic treatment is necessary, as the nails will be under the thick coating for two to three weeks, or even longer. And on their surface can begin to multiply pathogens, provoking the development of diseases. To avoid finding fungus on your nails after removing gel nail polish, you need to decontaminate them.

  4. Apply the nail primer. This agent penetrates into the shallow layer of the nail plate, preparing it for the application of polymer coating and normalizing the acid-alkaline balance. Some primers, usually acidic, slightly lift the scales of the nail plate, thereby providing an improved bond surface nail and permanent decorative coating.

  5. Apply a special base under the gel polish. From this point, all subsequent layers of cosmetics must be dried under the light of an ultraviolet lamp.

  6. Apply a layer of color coating. It must be as thin as possible and have no gaps or other imperfections, such as bubbles or waves. Allow the gel polish to dry under the lamp. You can do two or three layers of the product, especially important if you use a varnish of light, pastel colors and you want to improve the saturation of color. Each layer requires polymerization with a lamp.

  7. Apply the top coat. Its layer may be a little thicker than the layers of pigments. Top, as a rule, is sticky, so it should be treated with a lint-free cloth soaked in a special product for finishing gel-lacquers.

To strengthen your nails with gel nail polish, you need to spend 1.5-2 hours. But with experienced masters it takes much less time – 30-40 minutes.

What and how to remove the gel polish to strengthen the nails

What and how to remove gel nail polish to strengthen your nails

To remove gel polish at home, which was applied to strengthen the nails, you need to allocate 2-3 hours of free time.The procedure is carried out in this sequence:

  1. The upper layers of decorative coating are carefully filed off with a file. Acts the tool gently and slowly, control your movements so that you have time to stop in time when you get close to the nail plate.

  2. After removing as much polymer coating as possible, prepare 5 cotton disks cut into crescents or 10 small pieces of absorbent cotton to the size of the nail. Consistently soak the absorbent cotton with remoisturizer, place it on the nails and secure it with whatever accessories you have on hand, for example, foil. Try to ensure that the lotion covers only the surface of the nail plate, but not the surrounding tissues.

  3. Sustain remuver on your fingers for as long as specified in the instructions for the drug, which should be present on the package. Usually the lotions should be kept on the nails for 15-25 minutes.

  4. When the remover will soften the gel nail polish, remove the foil from one finger and use a pusher to scrape the coating off the nail plate. Move the tip of the pusher from the base of the nail to the free edge. But, in no case in the opposite direction, as there is a chance of damaging the cuticle. In hard-to-reach places you can use an orange stick, which has a thinner edge. Proceed to the next finger only after the previous one has been completely cleaned.

  5. After the procedure, you can make a bath for the hands, apply the nails, cuticles and hand skin care products. The next time to use gel-lac to strengthen your nails or make a decorative manicure, you can after some time. Experts advise to take a break between procedures in 2-3 weeks.

How to choose the best gel polish to strengthen your nails

How to choose the best gel-polish to strengthen your nails

The choice of a suitable cosmetic product is of great importance in the strengthening of nails. It must be a really good quality product, otherwise it can not strengthen the tissue, but cause them harm.Therefore, when choosing a gel polish, pay attention to such points:

  1. Component composition of the product. Be sure to study it, it is desirable that it contains as few toxic components as possible, for example, formaldehyde or dibutyl phthallate. It’s a good idea to mention that the gel polish is hypoallergenic.

  2. The integrity of the packaging and the date of manufacture. If the bottle is sealed in cling film, it is air-tight, which means the product’s consistency remains optimal. But only if the product has recently arrived on the store shelf. If the nail polish has a long date of manufacture, then over time it could thicken naturally, and apply it to the nails an even layer will be problematic.

  3. The brand and its reputation with professional nail artists. Branded products from reliable companies with a worldwide reputation, for example, Gloss, CND, Premiere, Just GelPo

  4. The sh, Jessica Geleration, is characterized by high quality, durability, safety of application.
  5. The place to buy gel nail polish. It is better to buy such products in stationary large stores of cosmetic products. Or in specialized stores of goods for nails and manicure. There you will be offered the widest choice of colors. In addition, near each means you will find a sample, which will demonstrate how the varnish will look on your nails. If you choose products in an online store, make sure that the company has quality certificates issued by the manufacturer. And even better to order gel-lacquers and related products on the websites of manufacturers or their official representatives in Russia.

Following these simple-to-follow recommendations, you can buy a really good quality product, work with which will be easy and pleasant.

How to extend the wear of gel nail polish

How to prolong the wear period of gel polish on your nails

If you want to strengthen your nails and enjoy their appearance for the maximum time,You should follow the simple recommendations of the masters of manicure:

  1. During the first 24 hours after applying gel nail polish, keep contact with water and chemicals to a minimum.

  2. Throughout the time you wear a manicure with gel polish, do not expose your nail plates to any aggressive substances and solvents.

  3. When doing any housework or household chores, wear thick gloves that will protect your nails.

  4. Avoid exposing nails to high or very low temperatures. Abrupt changes in ambient temperature must also be avoided.

  5. Do not use your nails as a tool for picking, peeling off hard substances from surfaces. It is not necessary to test the manicure for extra strength.

If you make a coating of gel-lacquer by an experienced master, it must last on the nails within the stipulated time. And precautions allow manicure to maintain high aesthetic characteristics, will save from premature cracking and chipping.

How to understand that gel nail polish does not help strengthen your nails, but harms them

How to understand that gel nail polish damages but not strengthens your nails

Gel nail polish protects nails and strengthens tissues. However, the effect of such a manicure does not always meet expectations. In some cases, the nails under the polymer film suffer, and their condition gradually deteriorates. How do you know if a cosmetic treatment with gel nail polish is bad for your nails??You will be able to see for yourself if you notice the occurrence of characteristic symptoms:

  1. The color of your nails has changed, they have turned grey or yellow.

  2. Gone is the natural shine of the nails.

  3. Stains appeared on the surface.

  4. Defects on the nails that indicate a violation of their structure: cracks, bumps, chips, roughness.

  5. Free edges of nails often break or split.

  6. The structure of the skin surrounding the nail has changed.

  7. There is often pain in the nail area.

  8. Nails have fungus.

If one or more symptoms do occur, then turn away from the manicure with gel polish and consult a podologist or, as a last resort, a therapist.

Does gel nail polish help strengthen nails – user reviews

Does gel polish help strengthen nails

Perhaps it is difficult to find a modern girl or woman who at least once did not change the manicure with a classic varnish on the nail design with gel varnish. Or would not want to do it anytime soon. Therefore, our journalists have analyzed the reviews of those who have already used this product to understand whether it allows to strengthen the nails and perform a quality permanent manicure, or not.

Positive reviews about gel nail polish:

  1. Really helps strengthen the nail plates and give them a chance to recover.

  2. Has an excellent degree of pigmentation and evenly smooth coverage, hiding all the imperfections of the native nails.

  3. Allows you to wear long nails even for those women who have problems with the growth speed and brittleness of natural nails.

  4. There is no pungent, unpleasant odor during the process, so the procedure takes place in a comfortable environment.

  5. If you buy a special lamp with ultraviolet radiation, you can do your own manicure without using the services of nail artists and save a lot of money.

  6. Dries quickly, so it does not smudge and does not print.

  7. Long wear, allowing you to forget about nail care for at least a few weeks.

  8. Has excellent aesthetic characteristics. Manicure looks beautiful and expensive.

Gel nail polish is especially appreciated by women who work with their hands, for example, secretaries, a lot of typing on the computer keyboard. And the housewives, who used to have big problems with manicure, because the regular polish on the surface of the nails maximum one or two days, and then began to peel off.

But you can also find negative reviews online about gel nail polish, its ability to strengthen the nails:

  1. The slightest mistake by a manicurist, and the appearance of the nails is ruined, and alterations take a long time.

  2. The execution of the nail design itself takes a long time. But this is a relative disadvantage, since the procedures are carried out quite rarely.

  3. During prolonged wear of gel nail polish, the design has time to get bored.

  4. It costs many times more to get a manicure than with classic nail polish.

  5. Some women were faced with a situation where after applying gel nail polish, nails acquire excessive volume, looking “blown” and curved, like animal claws. But here the matter is most likely in a mistake or poorly qualified manicurist.

As you can see, the advantages of gel nail polish more than the disadvantages. But to finally make sure whether this product is suitable for you, you can when you try it on your own nails. And it is better to start with a salon procedure, approaching the choice of a master as responsibly as possible.

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