Neck lines: 16 reasons of their appearance and 27 effective ways of struggle against them

Neck wrinkles are not only an indicator of age, but also the result of improper care. In addition, improper posture also negatively affects the skin in this area. And after all, the epidermis of the neck, as well as in the décolleté area, is much more delicate than the facial. Consequently, it needs a thorough and complete care.

But it is not always possible to avoid the formation of wrinkles in this part of the body. If they have already appeared, you should direct all efforts to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Neck Wrinkles: 16 Causes and 27 Effective Ways to Combat Them

16 Causes of wrinkles on the neck

Flabby skin on the neck has many causes, and some of them can be combined with each other. To eliminate them means to solve half of the problem, if not get rid of it at all. The provocateurs of the appearance of wrinkles on the body can be:

  1. Physiological peculiarities of the body. The neck epidermis is almost devoid of sebaceous glands, so it is often dry and therefore vulnerable. And skin that doesn’t get enough moisture fades much faster.

  2. Inadequate, insufficient or no skin care. Cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishing are key steps in skin care. If they don’t get it, they begin to lose their elasticity. The neck is a problem area for most women, because while focusing on the face, girls somehow ignore this area. As a result, local hypovitaminosis develops, which causes the formation of wrinkles.

  3. Bad habits. It provokes many health problems of the internal organs and skin. Smoking is the main enemy of healthy epidermis because nicotine destroys vitamin C.

  4. The peculiarities of the fat layer in the neck area.In this area it is very thin, and sometimes not at all. It leads to sagging and flabby skin.

  5. Lack of melanocytes. These substances are responsible for the complete production of melanin, which protects the epidermis against the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. The lower the concentration of pigment, the more the epidermis is exposed to photoaging.

  6. Decreased calcium gradient distributiona, on which the skin regenerates.

  7. Age-related changes.As we age, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity. This process begins after 35 years of age, but is particularly intense after menopause, when oestrogen levels fall significantly. This is why the epidermis must be nourished and moisturised as intensively as possible.

  8. Unbalanced diet.Vitamin and mineral deficiencies have unpleasant consequences for the skin. Especially tocopherol, retinol and ascorbic acid. Vitamin P is equally important for our skin.

  9. Diseases of internal organs.Gastrointestinal, biliary, and endocrine pathologies are the most common pathological reasons for neck folds.

Also the formation of wrinkles on the neck can be a consequence:

  1. Increased dryness of indoor air;

  2. Excessive insolation;

  3. Self-tanner abuse;

  4. Constant stress;

  5. sudden weight loss (when you gain weight, the skin stretches, and when you suddenly lose weight, it does not go anywhere, so it begins to sag, forming folds on the face and neck);

  6. Posture disorders;

  7. Genetic predisposition.

Another reason for the appearance of wrinkles and folds on the neck is prolonged sitting at the phone or computer with the head bowed. Prolonged reading or writing in the above position can also affect the formation of a skin defect.

Types of wrinkles on the neck

Neck Wrinkles: 16 Causes and 27 Effective Ways to Combat Them

Cosmetologists distinguish 2 types of wrinkles and folds on the neck:

  1. Vertical.The main reason for their appearance is the dysfunction of the platysma, also called the “muscle of youth. It is attached to the skin, not to bone tissue. But it is usually immobile and only begins to function with excessive physical exertion. The latter, as a consequence, can also cause the appearance of bands in the neck area.

  2. Horizontal. Circular wrinkles are also called “rings of Venus. These wrinkles can be congenital and acquired, so they belong to the category of physiological neck wrinkles. However, they can become deeper and more prominent over time, often caused by poor posture. It provokes a muscle spasm which causes the skin to shrink.

Skin blemishes, whatever they are, must be corrected in the neck region. And it is advisable to take action as soon as possible after identifying the problem, before the situation worsens. Especially since professional and home cosmetology give good results.

Neck Wrinkle Remedy Overview

Cosmetics for wrinkles on the neck: description and review of 6 best cosmetics1C E Fer Serum
    ic, Skinceuticals
13200 €
2Absolue Serum, Lancôme13800 €
3Kiehl’s Turmeric Cranberry Seed Mask2000 €
4Garnier Cells of Youth265 €
5Suprem, Vichy2850 €
6Vitex Super Nourishing Argan and Almond215 €
5 home remedies for wrinkles on the neck1Protein-Vitamin Mask
2Pumpkin mask
3Banana Oil Mask
4Lemon Mask
5Cucumber Mask
Top 10 beauty treatments1Chemical peeling
4Botulinumtoxin injections
9DOT therapy

Neck Wrinkle Cosmetics: description and reviews of the 6 best cosmetics

The appearance of wrinkles and folds on the neck is a signal that the skin in this area has become less elastic, instead of increasing its dryness. If this is the case, immediate measures need to be taken, and the following cosmetic products are recommended.

C E Fer Serum
    ic, Skinceuticals

Rating: 4.9

syvorotka C E Fer<ul></div><p>ic, Skinceuticals” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/74316666195821-73mo.jpg” height=”400″ title=”C E Fer</p><ul>ic, Skinceuticals”><p>An antioxidant serum suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin. It has eight times the defenses of the epidermis, neutralizes free radicals and reduces wrinkles. It contains vitamin C, tocopherol and ferulic acid. This cosmetic product protects the skin of the neck against the harmful effects of UV light, preventing premature photoageing.</p><p>The main ingredients of the serum eliminate signs of dehydration and also have a mild whitening effect. Therefore it is good to use this product if you have pigment spots on your skin.</p><h3>Absolue Serum, Lancôme</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=ABSOLUE SERUM, LANCÔME

Absolue Intensive Regenerating Serum, Lancôme contains native rose cells. Not just any ordinary mask, but a special one. Special varieties of the plant are taken to obtain the indicated cells. The cosmetic product also contains rose essential oil and extract.

Although it is suitable for the face, it can also be used for the neck and décolleté area. It softens the skin, nourishes it and removes wrinkles. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizes and adds shine to the skin. If used regularly this cosmetic product smoothes wrinkles, removes wrinkles and helps to reduce the appearance of the double chin.

Kiehl’s Turmeric Cranberry Seed Mask

Rating: 4.8

Kiehl's Turmeric Cranberry Seed Mask

The mask is designed for sagging and withering face, neck and cleavage. Contains turmeric and cranberry seeds. Under the influence of the ingredients of the product is the saturation of the epidermis with vitamins, smoothing wrinkles, the appearance of a natural glow. As the product contains antioxidants, it helps remove toxins from the layers of the skin and strengthens local immunity.

Mask suitable for all skin types. After applying it, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with warm water, massaging gently. Treatments should be performed 3 times a week.

Garnier Cells of Youth

Rating: 4.7


The cosmetics line is designed for day and night care of ageing skin. Garnier Intensive Rejuvenation 55+ Wrinkle Reducing Cream is intended for the face, but can also be used on the neck and decollete area.

The product has anti-aging properties. Use it effectively for skin aging and wrinkles. The components of the cream stimulate cell renewal, smoothing wrinkles, nourishing and moisturizing the epidermis. The cosmetic product is effective for vertical pulls and Venus rings on the neck.

Suprem, Vichy

Rating: 4.7

Suprem, Vichy

Night care cream has complex action. Increases skin turgor and gives a strong lifting effect. Suitable for all skin types, including hypersensitive epidermis. Can be used on face, eyes, neck and cleavage.

Long-term and regular use of the cosmetic product provides nourishment and moisturizing of the skin during the night. It also prevents the intense evaporation of moisture from the dermis layers, smoothens out wrinkles and prevents their recurrence. The anti-oxidant complex present in the night cream protects the skin from harmful external factors and prevents photo-aging.

Vitex Superfood Argan and Almond

Rating: 4.6


Revitalizing, anti-aging mask for the face, neck and décolleté zone contains valuable oils. They nourish and moisturize the skin, saturate it with useful elements and prevent moisture loss. Soothes and calms irritated epidermis, smoothes wrinkles and improves the condition of the skin in problem areas. The mask can be used at any age and for all types of epidermis.

It is applied with a thin layer on previously cleaned skin. Wash off the rest of the mixture with a cotton pad soaked in warm water. The cosmetic can be applied up to three times a week.

5 Home Mask for Wrinkles on Neck

Home cosmetology is almost as good as professional care for aging skin of the neck. It is possible to prepare useful masks that will nourish, moisturize and lift the flabby epidermis in problem areas. And these products can be used not only for the neck, but also for other parts of the body where the skin has lost its elasticity.

Protein-vitamin mask

For this mask you need to prepare:

  1. Protein of 1 egg;

  2. 15 ml of olive oil;

  3. Retinol oil solution.

Whisk egg white until frothy, add olive oil and 10 drops of vitamin A solution. Stir the mixture and apply it on the skin of the neck and decollete zone for 15-20 minutes. Wash off the rest of the mask with cool water and apply anti-aging or nourishing cream.

Pumpkin mask

Grind the pulp of the ripe pumpkin in a blender and mix with olive oil in a 2:1 ratio (2 parts pumpkin and 1 part oil). Apply the composition to problem areas of the epidermis massaging movements and leave for 15 minutes. Remove with a clean cloth soaked in warm water or herbal tea.

Banana Oil Mask

Neck wrinkles: 16 reasons and 27 effective ways to fight them

For the mask composition you need to prepare:

  1. 1 ripe banana;

  2. 5 drops of linseed oil;

  3. 3 drops rose oil.

Crush the flesh of a banana well with a fork or whip it with a blender. Add a mixture of oils and stir well. The resulting mixture should be applied to the skin of the neck and left for a quarter of an hour. Rinse with cool clean water, then apply moisturizing cream to the epidermis.

This mask nourishes the skin well, reduces wrinkles and prevents moisture evaporation. The procedure can be performed 2-3 times a week.

Lemon mask

Remove wrinkles and whiten the skin of the neck can be used with a mask of lemon pulp. Peel the fruit and cut it into small pieces. Remove the seeds and mix the pulp to a pulpy consistency. Then the following steps are performed:

  1. Apply a thick layer of greasy cream to the skin of your neck.

  2. Place a thin strip of absorbent cotton on the area treated with the cosmetic.

  3. Place lemon squash on top of absorbent cotton.

Keep the mask for 20 minutes, then remove the absorbent cotton and, if necessary, wipe the skin of the neck with a cotton pad soaked in warm water or herbal decoction. Afterwards treat the epidermis with lemon juice, and then apply a nourishing cream.

Cucumber Mask

Cucumber has anti-edematous, rejuvenating and antioxidant properties. Therefore, with pulls and wrinkles on the neck, a mask from this vegetable will be a good way to combat skin problems.

To get a cosmetic product, you need to wash 1 cucumber and grate it on a fine grater. Place the resulting porridge on the skin over the entire area of the neck and leave for half an hour. Rinse off the rest of the mass with warm water, nourish the epidermis with nourishing cream.

10 best cosmetic procedures

Professional methods of fighting wrinkles on the neck are used in specialized beauty salons. The following cosmetic procedures are considered the most effective.

Chemical peeling

Wrinkles on the neck: 16 reasons for their appearance and 27 effective ways to fight them

Chemical peeling for wrinkles on the neck can be done at any age. And thanks to its composition and properties, it can be used regardless of the season.

The product exfoliates dead skin cells and triggers rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin and improves overall health. Chemical peels even out skin tone and make it more receptive to cosmetics. And this, in turn, increases the effectiveness of home and professional care products.


Mesotherapy involves the injection of special vitamin cocktails into the subcutaneous space. They may contain not only nutrients, but also hyaluronic acid, collagen and other useful substances. The composition of mesococktails is selected individually, depending on the severity of the problem, the depth and area of wrinkles on the neck.

Treatment courses of 6 to 10 sessions are conducted. Between each treatment a break of 7-10 days is observed, and between courses of treatment the pause lasts from 6 to 12 months.


Often biorevitalization is combined with contouring, during which the fillers based on hyaluronic acid are used. Research has shown that injections with HA injected into the neck and décolleté area stimulate the process of cell renewal and rejuvenation.

Three groups of patients took part in the test. A total of 62 volunteers between the ages of 37 and 60 were tested. Positive results of the manipulation became visible at 6, 9 and 12 weeks. They were confirmed by instrumental evaluations combined with photodocumentation. The injections were made with hyaluronic acid (32 mg) combined with antioxidant complexes to fight the natural aging process.

Botulinum toxin injections

The use of a substance known as Botox or its analogues helps smooth out wrinkles on the neck. Injections of botulinum toxin can relieve excessive tension in the platysma. It also visibly smoothes out wrinkles and creases around the neck and decollete area.

The French Dysport or Xeomin from the German manufacturer is often used. The results of the injections last on average 4-6 months.


Myostimulation is a technique for the treatment of wrinkles. It implies the use of impulse currents, which, acting on the neck muscles, provokes their contraction. Due to this, their healthy tone is restored, excessive tension is released, wrinkles are smoothed and ugly folds disappear.

The manipulation is recommended for older women. It is not only an effective treatment for wrinkles around the neck, but also for the double chin. This treatment is conducted in courses of 3 sessions per week. All in all it takes from 5 to 20 visits to a cosmetologist to eliminate a cosmetic problem.


Neck Wrinkles: 16 Causes and 27 Effective Ways to Control Them

Another technique that uses monopolar low-frequency radiofrequency waves to affect the problem areas of the skin. During the manipulation, the epidermis is heated to a temperature of 50 ° C. Radio waves affect collagen and elastin fibers, stimulating their production and increasing their elasticity. For neck rejuvenation, 6 to 12 sessions are needed. The results last for 1-3 years.


For neck rejuvenation with this method a special preparation is prepared from the patient’s plasma. This is done with a special machine. The treatment is applied intradermally all over the epidermis of the neck and chin area.

For one treatment you’ll need about 20 ml of blood. After the introduction of the biopreparation there is a lifting effect, disappearance of fine lines and smoothing of large wrinkles. Manipulation is not cheap, but it is effective.

contouring plastic

This cosmetic treatment uses injections of absorbing gel and hyaluronic acid. Such injections are administered subcutaneously or intradermally. The method of application of the preparations is determined individually by the beautician.

The manipulation starts the collagen production, cell renewal and the elimination of neck folds or wrinkles. The skin becomes smooth and velvety, its water balance is restored.


Dermal Optical Thermolysis (fractional photothermolysis) is based on the use of a laser beam that spreads to the problem areas of the skin. Its action can be adjusted and corrected, allowing you to affect only those areas where the deepest wrinkles are located. With the help of manipulation any type of wrinkles on the neck, face and even hands can be removed.

However, the procedure is associated with the occurrence of microtraumas in treated areas. That is why it is necessary to follow all the rules of skin care after it, which will be indicated by the cosmetologist.


The treatment helps when the skin on the face has become flabby, which results in wrinkles under the chin and on the neck. The main purpose of the manipulation is to lift the epidermis, which helps to eliminate wrinkles. During such lifting, a focused ultrasonic wave acts on the skin, causing moderate heating of the muscular-aponeurotic layer. The approximate temperature of heating is 60-70 °s.

The manipulation does not traumatize the skin. In addition, ultrasonic skin tightening does not require a series of procedures. Under the influence of ultrasound the collagen synthesis is activated, resulting in a natural rejuvenation and lifting.

Set of three exercises for neck wrinkles

With loose skin on the neck and the appearance of wrinkles, home gymnastic exercises will also be useful. They should be done daily or at least every other day. The following activities are good for tightening the skin:

  1. Stand up straight, arms at your sides. At the same time the left hand should be pulled down and the head should be tilted to the right. Do the exercise for the other side. Repeat at least 10 times.

  2. Standing position: arms hanging down freely and slightly pulled forward. Tilting the head and trying to keep the top of the head as low as possible. In this position, hold for a few seconds, then raise your head and relax. Repeat the exercise several times.

  3. Fold your hands into a “lock” and place them on the back of your head. As you exhale, bow your head as low as possible, feeling the muscles of your neck and face tighten. Try to lift it while breathing in, pressing with your hands on the back of the head and thus trying to prevent this. Perform the exercise 10 times.

Such exercises are very useful and bring good results. But it is necessary to perform them with caution to avoid injury. No sudden jerks or turns of the head. All manipulations should be slow, measured and accurate.

Neck Wrinkle Massage and Self-Massage: 3 Best Practices

Neck Wrinkles: 16 Causes and 27 Effective Ways to Reduce Them

A special massage for tightening the skin on the neck is performed only in a salon. To get positive results, you need to go through 10 to 15 procedures. Between the courses of exercises you need a break of 30 days.

  1. But you can’t leave your skin untreated during a pause. During this period, you can perform simple self-massage techniques such as:

  2. Neck massage with ice cubes. For this purpose, cosmetic ice is prepared from decoctions of medicinal plants. But you can also use plain, clean water.

  3. Self-massage with a nourishing cream. Apply a cosmetic product to the skin, rubbing it in circular motions. You can gently pat and pinch the epidermis on the neck, it helps to stimulate blood circulation and warm the tissues.

  4. Contrast massage. Need to take a soft terry towel and soak it in warm water. Pat the lower part of the chin and neck skin, then soak a cloth in cold water and do the same manipulation. Do such a massage for a few minutes, until the epidermis becomes purple. Then apply a nourishing cream.

Important! No amount of stretching or jerking should be done with any kind of home massage!


Avoiding the appearance of wrinkles is difficult, but it is possible. It is enough to follow simple rules and recommendations:

  1. Holding gadgets at eye level.Constantly bent neck or spine is one of the causes of sagging skin and the appearance of folds on its surface. In addition, such a position is harmful to health, so the smartphone or tablet should always be at eye level.

  2. assure proper care. The skin of the neck is thinner than that of the face, so it is more sensitive to irritants. In addition, it is prone to dryness, and this is another cause of wrinkles and creases. Cleansing, nourishing, toning and moisturizing are procedures that must be performed daily.

  3. Watch your posture.The crown and tailbone should be in line – this is considered the ideal posture. Of course it will not be possible to achieve this at once, but if you accustom yourself to sit in this position little by little, your posture will soon improve noticeably. Bad posture, as mentioned above, predisposes to wrinkles, folds and bumps on the neck.

It is also necessary to watch the position of the chin while walking. It should not be pulled forward, and the angle between it and the neck should be no more than 90°.

Neck wrinkles are unpleasant, but reversible. You can get rid of them if they have already appeared, but it is better to prevent their formation. Not much is required: good skin care, good posture and body posture.

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