Mask from black spots at home: 10 recipes and 10 cosmetic masks

Black spots are a cosmetic problem that occurs in many. The desire of women to increase their attractiveness by hiding this defect under makeup can lead to serious complications. Black spots need to get rid of, not disguise them. The best way to cope with this task are homemade and ready-made cosmetic masks.

Mask from black dots at home: 10 best recipes and 10 cosmetic masks

Problem Characteristics

Black spots are called open comedones. They appear due to increased activity of sebaceous glands. Therefore, localized in the T-zone, where there are many: on the nose, on the chin, on the forehead. This problem is usually found in owners of oily skin. They have enlarged pores, which accumulate excess sebum. It mixes with particles of dead skin, dust. Oxidizing in the air, this mass turns black.

Such a problem can occur for several reasons:

  1. Endocrine system disorders;

  2. Hormonal malfunctions;

  3. use of cosmetics that are comedogenic or not suitable for your skin type;

  4. Abuse of heavy makeup products that close the pores, creating a film on the face;

  5. Insufficient cleansing of the skin.

In addition to the fact that black dots look unaesthetic, they can be inflamed. Clogged pores create favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria. Therefore, pimples can appear in this place.

How does the mask work?

The best way to cope with black dots are masks. They have a complex effect:

  1. Clean the pores by drawing out or dissolving impurities;

  2. Reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands;

  3. reduce inflammation;

  4. moisturizes;

  5. Shrink pores, preventing the formation of new black spots.

What should be included

In order for the mask to help cleanse the skin and improve the complexion, its composition should include the following ingredients:

  1. White clay or kaolin soaks up excess sebum, gently exfoliates and lightly whitens;

  2. Black clay cleanses and narrows pores, mattifies, and kills bacteria;

  3. Salicylic and fruit acids exfoliate dead skin particles, dissolve impurities, whiten;

  4. Gelatin penetrates into the pores, and when it hardens it pulls the contents out, also has a moisturizing effect;

  5. Activated or charcoal adsorbs fat, toxins, reduces inflammation;

  6. Proteins and peptides stimulate the production of collagen and the formation of new cells, even out skin relief and improve its elasticity;

  7. Oils nourish, moisturize, and stimulate cell regeneration;

  8. plant extracts saturate the cells with the necessary microelements, reduce inflammation, regulate the acid-alkaline balance.

Rules of application

Mask from black spots at home: 10 best recipes and 10 cosmetic masks

The mask is a popular remedy for home skin care. But not everyone knows how to use it correctly.

  1. Before the treatment it is important toCleanse the skin thoroughly.In addition to washing, you can use a mild scrub, which will increase the effectiveness of the mask.

  2. It is recommended to steam the face, At least use a warm towel. This will dilate pores and make sebaceous plugs soften a little. If this is not done, the mask can remove only the upper part of sebaceous plugs, after some time black spots will appear again.

  3. Do not use these masks more often than once or twice a weekju. They can dry out the skin, which stimulates the sebaceous glands.

  4. Choosing a recipe for a home mask or a ready-made cosmetic product,Be sure to take into account your skin type. If it is dry, it should not contain alcohol, salicylic acid, soda, etc. For oily skin suit mask based on plant extracts, clay, zinc.

  5. Before the first useBe sure to check the composition for allergic reactions. To do so, apply a small amount to the inside of the wrist for at least 15 minutes.

  6. It is better to apply the mask with a cosmetic brush. It will help to evenly distribute the mass in the right place.

  7. The composition should be applied along massage lines from the middle of the face to the sides. It is important to avoid the areas around the eyes and mouth. When using a foil mask, try not to get it on your eyebrows – hairs can be pulled out when you remove it.

  8. After applying the mask on your face, it is recommended to lie down and relax. Try not to talk and not to smile.

  9. Keep the mask for 10-20 minutes. Some formulations, such as foil masks, last longer, until they harden.

  10. After the procedure, you need to wipe your skin with a lotion, shrink pores or use an ice cube. This will prevent the formation of new sebaceous plugs.

  11. Then apply moisturizer on the face.Most black spot formulas dry the skin, and this can increase sebum production.

Homemade Recipes

Mask from black spots at home: 10 best recipes and 10 cosmetic masks

This mask can also be prepared by yourself. The mask can be clay, activated charcoal, baking soda, oatmeal, fruit, sour milk products. Mix the ingredients before use; do not store the homemade masks. We have analyzed existing recipes.Judging by the reviews, there are 10 most effective and safe masks.

  1. Mix one tablespoon each of white clay and starch. Dissolve in milk until the consistency of sour cream. Keep for 15 minutes. If the mask on your face dries out sooner, moisturize it with a spray gun.

  2. 2 tbsp. l. Dilute the black clay with water. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Such a mask has a complex effect: clay adsorbs impurities, and citric acid dissolves sebaceous plugs, brightens.

  3. Effectively adsorbs impurities activated charcoal. Crush 1 tablet, mix with 2 tbsp. l. natural yogurt. Add 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice.

  4. Another mask with activated charcoal has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents pimples. Grind 2 tablets into a powder, mix with 1/3 tsp. l. sea salt. Add 1 tbsp. l. Aloe juice and 2-3 drops of tea tree essential oil. If necessary, dilute with water to the desired consistency.

  5. Crush 2 tablets of activated charcoal. Mix with 1 tsp. l. gelatin. Dilute with a spoonful of warm milk. Heat in a water bath until the gelatin dissolves. Hold the mask until a film forms. Then remove in one upward motion from the bottom.

  6. Another recipe for an effective mask-film contains green tea, aloe juice and cucumber. Plants enhance the cleansing effect, eliminate irritation, inflammation. You will need 50 ml of strong brew, dissolve in it 1 tbsp (50 ml) of oats. l. gelatin. Heat until it dissolves completely. Let cool, add 2 tbsp (2 ml) of powder. l. Aloe juice and 1 tsp. l. cucumber puree.

  7. Mix 2 tbsp. l. Honey and ½ tsp. l. cinnamon powder. Apply it to the problem areas with light circular movements, then leave it for 15 minutes.

  8. Scrub mask made of oatmeal flakes. They need to be chopped in a blender, mixed with 1 tbsp. l. Powder and 1 tsp. l. Fine sea salt. Gradually add kefir to make the mask consistency like sour cream.

  9. Whip egg white, add a teaspoon each of lemon and aloe juice. Protein dries, draws out impurities, narrows pores. Aloe has an antibacterial effect, and lemon lightens black spots, dissolves plugs.

  10. Mix a tablespoon each of chamomile flowers and flax seeds. Grind in a coffee grinder. Add a little warm water, leave to infuse. When the powder swells, apply to the face in circular motions. This mask reduces inflammation, cleanses and nourishes.

Review the best ready-to-use masks

Elena Isaeva, Leading Technologist,Head of Development at Lauren CosmeticsBelieves that home remedies won’t help with blackheads, but can cause side effects. She points out that cosmetics for problem skin care should not dry out the skin. Therefore, in addition to cleansing ingredients in its composition should include glycerin, thermal water, vitamins, plant extracts.

On sale many cosmetic masks designed for oily problem skin. Not all of them are effective against black spots. In our opinion, there are 10 suitable products for this purpose.

Ready to use cosmetic masks1Garnier Steamy Clear Skin Mask150 €
2La Roche-Posay Effaclar purifying matting mask1 200 €
3L’Oréal Paris Magic Clay Exfoliate and Narrow Pores480 €
4Holy Land Special Mask1 480 €
5Vitex Black Clean Deep Cleansing Clay Mask220 €
6Garnier Black Seaweed Cleansing Charcoal140 €
7Vichy Mineral Clay Face Mask1 820 €
8ARAVIA Professional Deep Clean Purifying Mask with Clay and AHA Acids840 €
9AVENE Cleanance MASK990 €
  • zavecca Hell-pore Longolongo Gronique
  • 1 290 €

    Garnier Pure Skin Evaporating Mask

    Garnier Pure Skin Evaporating Mask

    For oily and combination skin. Zinc, clay and salicylic acid are the main active ingredients. Warms on contact with skin, extracting all impurities from pores. Adsorbs excess sebum, removes inflammation, prevents pimples.


    • Acne and blackheads prevention;
    • Cleanses well;
    • Matting;
    • easy to use;
    • pleasant smelling.


    • Not suitable for sensitive skin.

    La Roche-Posay Effaclar Cleansing Matte Mask


    Mineral mask for oily problem skin. 2 types of clay extract impurities from pores, adsorb impurities, toxins, sebum. It eliminates the greasy sheen. The mask prevents pimples. La Roche-Posay thermal water nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Contains tocopherol, panthenol, glycerin, citric acid.


    • Cleanses pores well;
    • smoothes;
    • smells good;
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Does not dry.


    • Expensive.

    L’Oréal Paris Magic Clay Exfoliate and Shrink Pores

    L'Oréal Paris Magic Clay Exfoliate and shrink pores

    Mineral mask for all skin types with 3 types of clay and algae extract. It effectively absorbs impurities and sebum, leaving the epidermis saturated with trace elements. Narrows pores, mattifies, restores a healthy complexion. Contains vitamins, zinc, iron oxide and glycerine.


    • mattifies;
    • normalizes the sebaceous glands;
    • results the first time;
    • Has a natural composition;
    • does not dry;
    • suitable for sensitive skin.


    • Not detected.

    Holy Land Special Mask


    Clay-based cleansing mask. Absorbs sebum and impurities from pores and narrows them. Contains sulfur, zinc, camphor. Removes inflammation, whitens, removes scars and removes shine. Prevents pimples, normalizes the skin’s hydrolipidic balance.


    • Results are visible after the first use;
    • evens out the complexion;
    • Has a pleasant fragrance;
    • Suitable for combination skin.


    • Expensive.

    Vitex Black Clean Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

    Vitex Black Clean Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

    It’s a bamboo charcoal film mask. Gently cleanses, pulls impurities and tightens pores. Effectively mattifies and nourishes the skin, restores a healthy complexion, stimulates regeneration processes. Reduces inflammation, prevents pimples and blackheads. Contains 3 types of clay, rice starch, glycerin, citric acid.


    • Removes blackheads the first time;
    • Matting;
    • Prevents the appearance of pimples;
    • does not dry the skin;
    • Smells good.


    • Slowly dries, so it is difficult to remove.

    Garnier Black Algae Cleansing Charcoal


    Moisturizing gel-impregnated tissue mask. Gently cleanses and narrows pores, suitable for sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid and black algae extract nourish and normalize water balance. Contains plant extracts, castor oil and glycerin.


    • moisturizes well;
    • Convenient size and shape;
    • does not slip off;
    • Improves complexion.


    • Did not find.

    Vichy Mineral Clay Face Mask

    Vichy Mineral Face Mask with Clay

    Mask for oily and combination skin. Gently cleanses pores, mattifies and enriches with minerals. Makes skin smooth and healthy-looking. Contains tocopherol, aloe juice and glycerin. Regulates sebum production, prevents blackheads and pimples.


    • convenient packaging;
    • suitable for sensitive skin;
    • Does not dry the skin;
    • Smells good.


    • Not to be found.

    ARAVIA Professional Deep Clean Cleansing Mask with Clay and AHA Acids


    Complex action mask for oily skin. Effectively cleanses pores, removes black spots, impurities and sebum. Regulates the sebaceous glands, matting. The mask accelerates regeneration processes, reduces inflammation, evens skin tone. Contains fruit acids, avocado oil, wax, glycerin.


    • simple composition;
    • moisturizes;
    • Removes inflammation;
    • The result of the first application;
    • dense texture, easy to apply.


    • uncomfortable packaging;
    • May cause an allergic reaction.

    AVENE Cleanance MASK

    AVENE Cleanance MASK

    Formulation designed specifically for the care of oily skin. Contains clay and acid complex. Absorbs grease, dissolves sebum and impurities. Matting the skin, evens out the complexion. Contains thermal water, glycerin, zinc, bisabolol. Prevents pimples.


    • moisturizes;
    • Removes traces of acne;
    • exfoliates;
    • thick consistency.


    • Not suitable for sensitive skin; expensive.

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