How to use concealer – 5 expert techniques

Features and rules of application of facial concealer – this is quite a popular topic in today’s beauty industry. Therefore, journalists decided to find out what kind of product it is, what it is used for, how it differs from other products of decorative cosmetics, how to choose it and use it correctly. The answers to all these questions you will find in this article.

Concealer – its features and differences from other types of decorative cosmetics


Concealer is a special agent of decorative cosmetics, which is designed to mask a variety of imperfections and flaws in the skin. Until recently the concealer was used by professional makeup artists. However, gradually it began to be available in a range of mass-market and luxury cosmetics. Not all girls and women understand how concealer differs from concealer and foundation, so journalists of our publication asked experts to clarify this question.The main differences between these preparations:

  1. Skin corrector– Mainly used on the face, has a dense texture, high covering power and drying properties. Concealer is usually available in small tubes or sticks, as a pencil, so it is used to conceal small local defects of the skin such as unwanted birthmarks or solitary pimples. As a rule, correctors have different colors, which allows you to use them for different tasks. For instance, green is a good concealer for red spots, while white or flesh-colored ones can camouflage age spots, moles and freckles.

  2. Concealer– can be used not only on the face, but also on the neck, neckline, the back of the hands and other areas of the body. It can also be used to conceal large areas of skin imperfections. For example, it is advisable to use a concealer, not a corrector for the face to hide the bruise under the eyes or redness areas. Concealer has a lighter and more airy texture than concealer, has moisturizing properties for the skin. The overlapping abilities of this representative of decorative cosmetics are not too high. The color range, in which concealers are produced, includes all shades of flesh and beige.

  3. foundation– One that is applied on top of a corrective foundation to completely conceal all skin imperfections and flaws. It is opaque and thick in texture, and its tone is very close to that of the skin.

As can be seen, the purpose of the concealer is to prepare the face for applying foundation, to improve the covering capabilities of the latter, and to make the skin as smooth and monotone as possible. It is obvious that the differences between the corrector and concealer are not fundamental, they are interchangeable products. In addition, beauty brands still can not decide which product is a concealer, and which is a corrector. Therefore do not be surprised if in the description of the corrector you will find a recommendation to apply it to the entire surface of the face. Or if you see a green or purple product labeled “concealer.

The possibilities of concealer

Possibilities of concealer

The range of concealer application is vast. It can be used before, after or even instead of foundation. It is reasonable to use facial concealer instead of foundation if it is hot or humid outside. A product with a light texture will be easier to apply to the skin, will let oxygen through, and will be more convenient to “wear” in the warmer months.

If you plan to use concealer as a corrective tool,You can count on it to cope with such defects:

  1. Dark circles under the eyes. It does not matter if it is an inborn trait of appearance or a consequence of lack of sleep and increased stress on the body.

  2. Wrinkles, dermal laxity and other signs of aging.

  3. Patchy, irritated skin.

  4. Red spots on the skin surface.

  5. Areas where the skin is flaky.

  6. Flaws and irregularities of the skin, which are caused by sebaceous glands, hormonal changes, dietary disorders. It can be acne, enlarged pores, black spots…

  7. Acne sequelae, pockmarks, scars, and scars.

  8. Unwanted pigmentation on the face – freckles, moles, age spots.

To correct one or more aesthetic problem on the skin, you can buy preparations in nude shades. If the flaws are very pronounced, and a beige product is not able to mask them, use a colored concealer:

  1. Green – designed to conceal pimples and redness.

  2. Yellow and pink camouflage black eye, couperose (vessel network), shallow wrinkles.

  3. White is an excellent way to treat dark spots, from freckles to pigmentation.

  4. Purple, mauve, and lilac: preparations in these tones will help remove yellowing of the skin, including yellowing bruises on the face or other parts of the body.

  5. Beige with a glowing peach or apricot undertone: it will refresh tired, grey skin and restore youthfulness and radiance to ageing, fading skin.

In addition, beige or nude concealer is widely used by professional makeup artists to contour the facial features. In combination with a bronzer or dark-beige eye shadow, the concealer can be used to emphasize the advantages of appearance, and to draw attention away from flaws.

How to use to contour the face

How to use to contour the face

This way is perfect for girls who bought too light or too dark concealer and do not know how to use it. Surely every woman is a little bit dissatisfied with their facial features, even if they seem ideal to others. Some people dislike too wide nose or heavy chin, high forehead or eyes set too close to each other. This is where concealer comes in handy. If you have it too light, then it will be used in contouring as a highlighter. If the tone of the concealer is closer to dark beige it will act as a bronzer (darkener). The technique for using these two products is simple: areas that need to hide or visually reduce their length and volume should be darkened, areas that need to attract attention should be lightened.

Example of a product application for visual correction of appearance:

  1. Narrow eyes. Apply lighter pigments to the lower eyelid along the mucosa. For this purpose, it is better to use a pencil concealer that is not too sharpened. If you do not use dark eyeliner, you can treat your upper eyelids with concealer and then apply mascara to your upper lashes. Using curling tweezers will also help make your eyes visually larger.

  2. Eyes that are close to each other. In this case, concealer is applied to the skin in the inner corners of the eyes, as well as on the bridge of the nose.

  3. Eyes wide open. Concealer is applied to the area under the eyebrows, the inner corners of the eyes are darkened with bronzer or dark beige shadow. Do not hurt and arrows on the upper eyelids, taking the beginning not in the inner corner of the eye, but a little closer to the bridge of the nose.

  4. Massive chin, heavy jaw. Apply concealer to the center of the chin. Apply a darker pigment to the lower side areas of the face, particularly the protruding areas of the lower jaw.

  5. Wide nose, maybe a little flat. To correct this imperfection, apply a light-colored concealer in a straight line down the center of the nose, starting from the area between the eyebrows and moving up towards the tip. On the sides of the nose, that is, on the wings, you can apply a dark pigment that acts as a dimmer.

  6. Low, inexpressive cheekbones. Apply concealer to the upper cheekbone area, almost under the eye sockets, blur. Apply concealer to the area of the face that is lower.

  7. High and flat forehead. Concealer can be applied to the central forehead. Should create an inverted triangle with the lower end between the eyebrows. Blur the pigments. Apply concealer along the hairline on the head. The strip should be 1-1.5 centimeters wide, it goes smoothly into the hair growth line, so that there is no clear border.

  8. Round face. Brighten the center of the face – nose, cheekbones, chin, center of the forehead. Use dark pigment on the sides of the face, drawing the number 3, starting at the temple, rounding off to the upper cheekbone, skirting the cheek and finishing the line just below the lip corner. Don’t forget to shade the bronzer.

How to use the product to conceal facial aesthetic imperfections

How to use a product to camouflage aesthetic defects on the face

Concealer is usually used after foundation. But such technique not always allows achieving the desired result. That’s why experts recommend trying this sequence of applying beauty products to your facial skin:

  1. Cleansing the epidermis of a variety of impurities. This point is obligatory even if you’re going to perform a makeup in the morning, right after sleeping. Wash your face with running water and a special foam to clean the dermis.

  2. Apply a nourishing, moisturizing cream that you use regularly as a day care product. After 10 minutes you can remove any unabsorbed cream residue with a cotton pad or paper towel.

  3. Applying facial primer.

  4. Apply a thin layer of concealer to those areas of the skin that need correction. If the defects are very visible, it is possible to use the pigment layering technique. That is, you must wait until the first layer of masking agent “seizes up” and dries a little, after which you can apply a second thin layer of concealer to enhance the masking effect.

  5. Applying foundation. It should be done carefully, so as not to smudge the pre-made layers of concealer.

  6. Powder and blush are optional.

If you want to apply concealer using a classic technique, act in the same way as described above, but first apply your foundation, and then mask the aesthetic defects with concealer. In this case the use of powder is highly desirable, as it will not only make the face surface matte, but also help to fix the make-up, which will stay in place for the rest of the day.

How to use the product under the eyes

How to use the product to conceal aesthetic defects on the face

To conceal dark circles, bags under the eyes and unwanted pigmentation of the skin under the lower eyelids,Concealer should be used in this way:

  1. Apply moisturizer to the skin under your eyes, wait 5-10 minutes for it to absorb. If excess cream is left on the skin, remove it with a paper towel. The use of the cream is necessary, because in most cases the dermis under the eyes is thinner and drier than in other parts of the face. The cream will help to protect delicate skin, restore its structure and saturate it with moisture. It will also prevent conisler from getting trapped in fine lines and just rolling up into balls. It will be very good if your skin care product contains light-reflecting pigments, which will maximize the effect of the concealer and the vitamin K, which has a lightening effect on the epidermis.

  2. If you want to dilute the concealer a little and make it less dense, as well as to increase its usefulness, mix it with a light eye-care serum.

  3. For the product to adhere better to the epidermis surface, powder the treatment zone with colorless transparent (transparent finishing) powder before applying it.

  4. Apply some concealer to a thin cosmetic brush, which may have a slightly flat and beveled tip. Put 3-4 small dots under the lower eyelid.

  5. Brush the concealer from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye so that the transition between the painted and unpainted areas is not visible. Try to distribute the pigments so that they take the form of an inverted triangle, the bottom corner of which descends to the top of the cheek. Do not beat or rub pigments into the skin, their layer should be very thin.

If after the concealer you are going to use a foundation, you do not need to apply the latter to the eye area. Especially if the foundation has a dense texture. But the thinnest layer of powder can be applied, for this, use a volumetric brush or powders.

Facial Concealer

Non-standard ways to use facial concealer

We have listed the main tasks for which the concealer is used, and described how to use it correctly. But professional makeup masters have found many other uses for it, which is another argument in favor of buying it:

  1. Use as a primer for your lips or eyelids. Using this product before applying lipstick or eye shadow allows you to count on the fact that the makeup of these areas of the face will also be more durable than usual. Also, concealer can dull the natural tone of the skin. Thanks to this, both lipstick and shadow are more saturated shades corresponding to those indicated on the package.

  2. The product will help to make the lips more plump. Apply a touch of pigment beneath and above the upper and lower lips, as well as in the middle where the lips meet. Lightly “beat” it into the skin, then apply a low-bright or transparent gloss on the lips.

  3. Facial concealer as a means to slightly correct mistakes in the makeup. Even experienced girls often make mistakes when applying makeup to the face. For instance, it’s common to see arrows that are too long and too thick, or lipstick that doesn’t line up well with your lips. Such tiny imperfections, however, cause makeup to be washed off and reapplied. But a lighter pigment, used as a concealer, can remedy the situation.

  4. Concealer can help illuminate and open up the eyebrows. If you have a concealer that is light enough (beige, nude, or white) you can apply it to the area under the eyebrow tips and into the inner corners of your eyes.

  5. Concealer can help correct eyebrows if there are noticeable gaps in the bulk of the hairs.Apply the product to those areas where there are gaps, let it dry slightly, and then use eyebrow shadows.

As you can see, the scope of facial concealer is quite extensive, so it is recommended to have it always at hand.

The 4 main mistakes when using concealer for the face

Experts have pointed out to us the 4 main mistakes that girls make when using such a cosmetic product as a concealer:

  1. The Incorrect Sequence of Applying Concealer and Foundation. If you use a colored concealer, apply it strictly before foundation. If you use a correcting agent in a nude shade, it is better to apply it at the very end of the makeup procedure.

  2. Using the wrong shade of the product. For example, if purple under the eyes, bruises and puffiness will not become any less noticeable. On the contrary, acting in this way, you will only aggravate the situation. Therefore, select the tone of the cosmetic according to the nature of the problem. Green masks acne because it is the opposite color to red in the color wheel. Therefore, if you have, say, a fresh bruise on your skin, the yellow-orange highlighter will help to camouflage it.

  3. Too thick a layer of cosmetic product. Such an error seems obvious, but in real life the desire to better disguise the defect often becomes the reason that the sense of proportion disappears. To see if you’re wearing too much makeup, go to the window and take a good look at yourself in the mirror, pretending you’re looking at a stranger. If the skin of the face looks natural, there is no mask effect, then everything is fine. In other cases it is better to wash off the make-up and use a concealer with stronger covering power instead of a concealer, which will allow you to use fewer layers of make-up.

  4. To apply concealer strictly on the problem area, without any shading and without further application of foundation. In this case, an “island” will be noticeable on the face, covered with cosmetics, it will stand out strongly against the background of not pigmented skin. The technique of using a concealer suggests that this product merely makes the appearance of the problem area approximate the appearance of normal skin. Once the desired effect is achieved, the border of the area covered with concealer should be blurred and then the foundation should be applied to the entire face.

How to choose the right concealer for your face

How to choose the right concealer for the face

In order for this facial product to be useful in makeup, you need to follow the advice of experts when buying:

  1. Pay attention to the consistency and release form. Liquid or creamy product is ideal for correcting minor aesthetic flaws. If your defects are prominent on your face, a stick or pencil with a denser texture is the right choice.

  2. The shade of the product also matters. To disguise common minor defects, it is sufficient to buy a nude concealer that matches your skin tone. If you have a permanent flaw that requires regular correction, use a concealer in green, purple, white or other colors that are suitable for solving everyday problems.

  3. The nature of the finish. Liquid formulas tend to have different finishes, such as matte, satin or reflective. Matte is suitable for concealing imperfections on any area of the face and body. Reflective material is only suitable for masking dark circles under the eyes, but to pimples and wrinkles, it will only attract unwanted attention. Concealer with a slight sheen, that is, with a satin finish, is suitable for use in hot weather, as the skin will sweat under the sunlight, and the lightest shine of the cosmetic will make the makeup more natural.

  4. Price category and brand– are important criteria for choosing makeup. All more or less known manufacturers have in their range not only foundations, but also corrective products, including correctors and concealers. And here the consumer is faced with the question of which brand to choose? Let’s start with the price. Luxury products brands Lancom, C

  5. nique, Dior, Shiseido, MAC, Chanel, Guerlain, Givenchy, Estee Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent, Bobby
    They cost about 1,500-3,000 roubles. But they should be chosen with the help of qualified consultants. This is because many of the expensive products have not only the main effect, but also an additional effect, aimed at solving specific problems. For example, a concealer can be designed exclusively for dry or mature skin. At the same time, cosmetic products belonging to the category of mass-market, almost all universal, suitable for any skin type. You can choose from more expensive options from manufacturers Max Factor, L’Oréal, Yves Rocher, Garnier. The cost of their products is in the range of 500-1500 rubles. Or give preference to even more budget-friendly products from Maybel brands
  6. n, Avon, Benefit, Oriflame, Vivienne Sabo, Artdeco.
  7. If you are buying a concealer for the first time, do it in a stationary store, not online.The product should be chosen in natural light, using a sample. If it is a disposable sampler, you can safely apply the cream to your face, come up to the window, take a look in the mirror, and check whether the selected shade meets your expectations. You should also compare the color of the concealer with the color of foundation used, they should not duplicate each other. Once you have decided on the shade of makeup you want, you can order this product in online stores. But also take into account that the tone of your skin changes – it becomes lighter in winter and darker in summer. Therefore it is recommended to visit the point of sale periodically to test the samples and pick up the current shade of the cosmetic.

  8. Using the productBefore buying a concealer has additional benefits. You can form an opinion on how convenient the product consistency is for you, how comfortable it feels on your skin. And also make sure that the product is sufficiently resistant, that it will not smudge on the skin under the influence of body heat or environmental factors.

  9. And the last tipCarefully read the information on the package and understand the contents of the product.Experts recommend opting for products made from natural ingredients. If the composition has special ingredients – moisturizing, drying, nourishing, antibacterial – this is an additional advantage.

Concealer, as well as any other decorative cosmetic product, should not be used if there are significant damages on the face. We are talking about wounds, scratches, especially if an inflammatory process has begun. But in the case of acne with extensive rashes and pustules, the use of concealer can be useful. But only if you use a product with antibacterial and restorative properties, with tea tree oils and other useful components in the composition.

It is also not necessary to use a concealer, if it is made of substances that you are or may be allergic to. Test the product on the inside of your wrist, and only then apply it to your face.

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