How to repair a broken nail at home

Many women carefully care for their nails, spending weeks to grow them, to make them beautiful. But often at the most inopportune moment one of the nails breaks, after which it must be trimmed, shortening the length and the rest of the fingers. Manicure is irrevocably ruined – and so is your mood. After all, in order to grow nails again, you will have to spend at least a month. However, journalists have learned that there are several methods that can repair a broken nail and save the manicure for at least one evening, and even a few days. From this article you will learn why nail plates break, how to prevent this problem, how to restore the integrity of the broken element at home.

Reasons for broken nails

Causes of broken nails

Even if you take good care of your nails, they can still break,The cause of this phenomenon can be several factors individually or in combination:

  1. Lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The condition of the nails directly depends on the quality of nutrition and fullness of the diet. In order to keep strong nails, and you do not have to constantly face the need to fix one of them, be sure to consume fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, dairy products, cereals and lean meat.

  2. Not drinking enough clean water. If you drink less than 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, dehydration can lead to tissue dryness and breakage.

  3. Lack of physical activity. This is an indirect cause of broken nails, but it must be mentioned nonetheless. The fact is that people who don’t move much, their metabolism slows down and the quality of circulation deteriorates. The result is damage to tissues and organs, including the nail plate, which lack oxygen and nutrients.

  4. Manicure mistakes. If you intentionally file the edges so that they have right angles, the nails can cling to the objects around you, to your clothes. In this case, the need to repair a broken nail can arise quite often.

  5. Constant mechanical impact on the nails. If you often work with your hands, for example, do gardening, the condition of the nails can deteriorate from contact with hard objects.

  6. Regular exposure to chemicals. If the nails are often in contact with household chemicals, detergents, their structure may deteriorate, there is increased dryness, brittleness, splitting.

  7. Excessive exposure to moisture. If your hands are constantly in contact with water, they become weak and brittle.

  8. Bad habits. If you smoke, or often drink alcoholic beverages, this greatly affects the state of the different tissues of the body. A broken nail that needs to be repaired is a constant problem for people who cannot give up the habit of chewing their nail plates.

  9. Diseases, including diseases of internal organs (thyroid, liver, kidney), skin infections, psoriasis, lead to the deterioration of the health of the nails.

  10. The use of low-quality care or decorative cosmetics is one of the main causes of frequent nail breakage. If there are harmful components in the preparations that you use regularly, the nails get weaker, and their resistance to a variety of negative factors, both external and internal, is reduced. For example, if a woman regularly does manicure with gel-lacquer or shellac, in between procedures, she repeatedly encounters such a nuisance as a broken nail. After all, to remove resistant polymeric decorative coating often uses acetone or other, no less harmful to the nails means.

Broken nail plate – types of damages

Broken nail plate - types of damage

In order to understand how to repair a broken nail correctly and without causing more damage to your health, you need to know what kinds of “breakage”,How severe can be tissue trauma:

  1. The edge of the nail is broken, that is, the part of the nail that is in front and can be trimmed or filed. This is the easiest type of injury that does not cause pain, since there is no trauma to the bed.

  2. The nail is broken at the very edge, where it is connected with soft tissue. This type of trauma causes pain and discomfort, but in some cases it is still real to repair the broken element.

  3. Trauma to the nail bed. A very painful type of damage, in which the nail is not likely to be repaired.

  4. Trauma to the nail plate with its detachment from the bed, soft tissue damage. In this situation, you should not think about how to fix the broken nail, but about how to provide first aid and reduce pain. You may have to see a doctor, a beautiful manicure with long nails must be forgotten about until the full recovery.

  5. Also, the possibility of repairing a broken nail depends on the location in which the plate was cracked, the size of the break, the length of the nails. Look closely at the damaged element, more precisely at its free edge. If it is broken by more than one-third of the entire length, the result of the repair will be short-lived, you can restore the beauty of the manicure for only a couple of days. If the breakage has caused less than one-third of the length of the nail to separate, then the effect of resuscitation measures can last much longer.

What you need to fix a broken nail

A set of accessories and gadgets to help strengthen your nails with gel nail polish

In order to qualitatively and quickly carry out the recovery procedure,You need to prepare a set of materials and tools:

  1. Disinfectant. It can be a drugstore remedy or alcohol.

  2. Dehydrator – this product will remove excess moisture from the surface of the damaged nail plate, so that the glue and the artificial nail tip will hold stronger.

  3. A special cloth that will effectively repair a broken nail at home. It can be a natural material, for example, silk or linen, as well as an artificial material, such as firecloth. The cloth can be bought in a ribbon, cut off. There are also sets of individual samples that match the size of your nails. If you do not have time or opportunity to buy cloth, you can use an ordinary tea bag. We will also talk about this method of restoring the integrity of broken nail plates in.

  4. Special glue to repair nail plates. As a last resort, you can use a preparation like “Moment”.

  5. Cotton sticks and disks.

  6. Nail scissors or pliers to shorten the length of nail plates.

  7. Nail file and buffs (files for polishing the surface).

If your nails break often, it is recommended to always keep the necessary materials and tools on hand, so to speak “in readiness”.

How to fix a broken nail with an egg

If the free edge of the nail is not completely torn off, but only cracked, a raw chicken or quail egg will help to fix it. Preparation for the procedure should be carried out by the standard method – remove varnish, wash your hands, disinfect, polish the surface of the nail. After that, proceed as follows:

  1. Carefully break the egg, separate the white from the yolk.

  2. There is a thin film on the inside of the egg shell, you need to pick it up and carefully separate it.

  3. Use tongs to apply the cling film to the nail plate and place it over the entire surface, including the area where the nail is cracked.

  4. Wait until the foil dries completely, then trim it so that it does not go beyond the contours of the nail form.

  5. On top of the foil you can apply a thin layer of chicken white, but you can not do this, so that the varnish holds better.

  6. Cover the restored element with transparent, then colored varnish.

How to repair a broken nail in the most economical way

How to repair a broken nail in the most economical way

Suppose the nail is broken at the most inopportune moment, there is no time to buy tissues, specialized glue. So, you need to use what you always have at home – a tea bag, PVA glue, some alcoholic liquid (alcohol, cognac, cologne, etc…d.). And also a file and buff – if you regularly do manicure, such accessories you definitely have.

The process of repairing a broken nail:

  1. Wash your hands, treat the surface of the nail plates with a disinfectant.

  2. Undercut the broken place with a nail file to remove the sharp corners.

  3. Polish the surface of the nail plate so that it becomes a little rough.

  4. Once again wash your hands, dry them, and treat your nails with Dehydrate if you have it.

  5. Cut a teabag and cut out a piece that exactly matches the shape of the nail as it was before the damage.

  6. Take a cotton swab, dip it in glue, apply the product to the entire surface of the improvised patch, let it dry a little. Also apply a thin layer of glue to the surface of the nail itself.

  7. Apply the artificial element to the natural one, wait until the glue dries completely and the free edge of the “patch” hardens.

  8. If necessary, if the break is too big, you can make not one but several patches, laying them one on top of another after the previous layer has dried completely.

  9. Polish the surface of the nail plate with clear and then colored polish so that the manicure on all fingertips looks the same.

  10. After the procedure is completed, there is no need to test the reanimated nail for strength. Also, you can not get your hands or at least that finger, the nail on which was damaged.

  11. In addition to a tea bag, you can use filter paper, paper plaster.

How to repair a nail plate with a tipa

How to repair the nail plate using a tipa

A tip is a special nail-shaped overlay that is used to repair a damaged element in case a break goes deep inside. All tips have a large length margin, so you can easily adjust it to the shape of the natural nails with a file.

The process of restoring the nail plate using tips:

  1. Clean the surface of the old nail polish, polish all sharp corners and irregularities.

  2. Degrease the nail and the inside of the tip.

  3. Apply the glue to the surface of the nail plate and the inside of the tipa.

  4. Fixing the tipa on the surface of the damaged element. At this stage, you need to wait a little longer for the glue to dry well.

  5. The shape of the tipa should be correct: it must be the same as the rest of the nails.

  6. Cover the nails with a decorative coating.

Let’s use the extension method

How to repair a broken piece with extension method

This method is suitable for those girls whose nail is broken at or near the growth point. To fix a nail by this method is possible if you have a gel-lac and a special lamp for its polymerization.

How to restore the length of the nail at a large break with the help of extensions:

  1. Clean the plate from nail polish, file its edge if it protrudes, disinfect, dry.

  2. Apply the primer, which you use before the manicure with gel nail polish.

  3. Apply the base to provide strength and durability of the polymer base and the grown nails, dry it under the UV-lamp.

  4. Put a special overlay on the finger, over which the free edge of the nail is built up to the desired length. Instead of the overlay, if you do not have it handy, you can use foil. Wrap it around the fingertip and it becomes an excellent “substrate” on which to shape the contours of the free edge of the artificial nail plate.

  5. Apply gel nail polish, trying to shape the finish as close as possible to the shape of other nails on the hand.

  6. Dry the first layer of the product under the lamp.

  7. Apply one or two more coats to make sure the nail is really strong and doesn’t break like a natural nail.

  8. Apply the topcoat.

If you fix a broken nail in this way, the manicure can last one or two weeks. If you carry out the procedure not at home, but in a salon (or visit a private master), you can count on a higher quality result than in the case when the build-up is performed independently.

How to fix a cracked nail with nail polish

How to repair a cracked nail with nail polish

Ordinary manicure polish can be useful to resume the integrity of the nail in case it has not chipped, but just cracked. This often happens after a brief mechanical impact, for example, if you hit your hand hard against a hard surface. If the crack is not fixed, then the free edge of the nail will deteriorate more and more, eventually catching on something and will come off permanently. And nail polish, which you can quickly buy at your local store, will allow you to stop the process of damage, at least until you have the opportunity to take more drastic measures. Therefore, this method is suitable if the unpleasantness occurred outside the home and you need to take urgent action.

What you need to buy is a first aid kit:

  1. Nail polish remover (if you have a decorative manicure).

  2. Lacquer of any color. Even if your nails are covered in nail polish, for example, yellow, and you can only buy blue, you can use it. Simply instead of painting one broken nail, paint several on both hands. Now in fashion such a multicolored manicure, no one will guess that you are using two different shades out of desperation.

  3. Buff for polishing.

  4. Cotton sticks and disks.

This set is enough to quickly but briefly hide the crack and not let it grow, finally ruining your manicure, especially if the rest of your nails are straight, long and beautiful.

How to fix a cracked nail:

  1. Remove the old decorative coating, using a liquid nail polish dissolver.

  2. Connect the edges of the crack by dripping varnish between them, wait until the cosmetic preparation dries completely.

  3. On the surface of the nail for sure came out the excess nail polish, extruded when joining the edges of the crack. Gently polish them with a buff.

  4. Cover the nail with several layers of nail polish, if the length allows, apply one coat on the inner surface of the free edge to strengthen the damaged plate both above and below.

At this point the reanimation measures can be considered over, the cracked nail will not spoil the appearance of the hands, will not cling to everything and make puffs.

Using a special recovery kit

The key to a quality manicure

Quick help for a broken nail can be provided by using a special repair kit. For example, the Nail Rescue Kit Easily Repairs Cracked, which is popular among today’s fashionistas
oken Nails from the American company Orly.

The set, which allows you to qualitatively repair a broken nail includes:

  1. Specialized safe nail glue Orly
    The ush-On Nail Glue is of gel consistency, very easy to use, as it does not bleed. The bottle is equipped with a brush, which allows you to apply the product in a very thin layer.

  2. Orly Nail Repair Powder fine nail repair powder.

  3. Orly buffer surface block buffer.

  4. The nail plate shape correction kit is used as follows:

  5. Nail polish, dirt and grease is removed from the nail. An ordinary nail polish remover, based on acetone or another similar substance, can be used for this purpose.

  6. Using a brush, apply glue to the damaged area.

  7. The nail is gently dipped into the jar with the powder. It resembles the finest white dust, is odorless, does not contribute to tissue irritation, hypoallergenic. The jar with powder is equipped with a tightly screwed lid, so the product will not crumble and will not absorb moisture from the air, perfectly preserved until the next use.

  8. To even out the surface of the nail plate and to give it a shine, it is necessary to use a sanding block. Apply the stiffer side first, then the softer side. Sand the nail with gentle but vigorous movements, first in one then in both directions.

After using this set, the damaged nail will look as good as new for at least five to seven days.

Using glue and a special cloth

How to repair a broken nail with glue and a special fabric

One of the most reliable ways to repair a broken nail is to strengthen it with a cloth. Most regular users as well as manicurists prefer to use special silk, which is already cut by the manufacturer according to the size and shape of the nails.

Sequence of repair using fabric strips:

  1. A fracture or crack in the nail must be prepared by buffing. The movements are performed from the cuticle area to the outer edge of the nail. This treatment also allows you to remove the shine and remove the thinnest keratin layer to improve the bonding quality of all layers. Next, it is necessary to disinfect the surface, using alcohol, a drugstore preparation or acetone-based nail polish remover.

  2. Cut the required amount of silk to glue the damaged nail. There is an adhesive layer on the back side of the strip, so the material can be fixed in place of the break without much effort.

  3. Apply glue to the break spot and the entire surface of the plate, wait until it dries completely. If the preparation gets on the skin, it can be gently removed with the sharp edge of a wooden toothpick. If you have a special nail repair powder, apply a small amount of it to the glue layer before it hardens.

  4. When all the layers of the applied agents have dried, you need to polish the nail, giving it a natural shine.

The advantage of this method is that the silk, glue and powder are completely invisible on the nail. You may not even cover the platinum with colored polish, the fact that the repair was made will be known only to you. However, the use of nail polish will prolong the result. Without a decorative coating, the nail will remain intact for two to three days, and with several layers of nail polish – seven to ten days.

How to repair a broken nail without harming your health – safety rules

Manicure experts recommend following a few tips that will save you from common mistakes that often occur in the process of repairing broken nails:

  1. Try to repair the broken nail immediately after the problem occurs. Especially if the damage is at the cracking stage. It is easier to restore the integrity of the nail plate in an early stage, before the crack has grown, the fracture has not increased, and the edge of the nail has not separated completely.

  2. If you use glue, it must be either a specialized means, or PVA, or a preparation on a rubber (rubber, silicone) basis. It is not recommended to use other kinds of glues, as their aggressive chemicals can corrode the natural nail plate.

  3. If a broken nail has caused a wound, you need to make sure that glue, acetone, or other chemicals do not get on the damaged tissue. Otherwise, it can cause severe pain, chemical burn, irritation and inflammation of the tissues, which will take a long time to heal.

To enjoy the result of the restoration as long as possible, you must try to protect the nails from any negative effects – mechanical, thermal, etc.d.

How to prevent nail breakage in the future

How to prevent nail breakage in the future

Fixing a broken nail is much harder than preventing the possibility of such a problem. Following simple rules will reduce the chances of a broken nail ruining your mood and disrupting your plans again:

  1. Manicure, use a nail file, don’t leave sharp corners or chips on the nail edges.

  2. Carry out procedures that promote the health of the nail plates. Baths, vegetable oils, specialized preparations used once or twice a week will help make the nails less brittle and stronger.

  3. Drink plenty of clean water, normalize your diet, give up bad habits, increase physical activity. A healthy lifestyle is sure to affect the condition of your nails.

  4. Cleaning, washing dishes, household and garden work should be done with rubber gloves, so your hands are not in contact with chemicals potentially harmful to the nail plate.

  5. Do not use your nails to tear off or pick at anything (open packages, cans, bottles) keep them away from any mechanical stresses.

  6. Use nail care and decorative cosmetics with a safe, mostly natural composition. It is desirable to completely abandon preparations that contain acetone or formaldehyde. The tools and accessories used must be of high quality, with sharp edges well sharpened.

  7. If you often do not only hygienic but also decorative manicures, don’t forget to give your nails time to rest and recover. Especially if you are a fan of acrylic, shellac, gel-lacquer coatings.

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