How to remove false eyelashes at home: 2 ways and 8 means

Many women, trying to make the look more expressive and mysterious, increase eyelashes in the salon. It really is a great way to make eyelashes look more dense, long and full. But sooner or later the time comes to return the appearance of naturalness. What to do if the master got sick, was on vacation, and the procedure must be carried out as soon as possible?

Journalists talked with the masters of makeup and beauty salon employees, found out what are effective and safe ways to remove lashes at home, and what methods should not be used.

There are several ways to remove false eyelashes at home, without harming the natural hairs, eyelid skin, eyes. Means that are used in these methods, conditionally, can be classified into professional and improvised.

How to remove false or false eyelashes

Special products for eyelash removal

The most effective way to solve the problem without going to a specialist – to buy a substance specifically designed to be able to remove false eyelashes. It is called debonder and is the solvent of the glue on which the artificial hairs are held. There are both natural and synthetic components in the composition of debonders, in particular there is often acetone.Our experts have given some recommendations to help you choose the right product:

  1. First of all, pay attention to the consistency. First, the liquid product often contains acetone, and working with a liquid is much harder than working with a debonder in the form of gel or cream. The thicker the compound, the better and safer, especially if you do not have much experience in removing eyelashes by yourself.

  2. Manufacturer’s brand. Since it is a question of eye health, vision, it is better to give preference to a reliable, well-known and well-established brands. The products by Irisk, Dolce Vita, NLL are very popular with makeup artists and makeup artists. You may find the cost of debonding excessive, but it is best not to skimp so that you do not have to spend large sums on eye treatments.

  3. Component composition of the product. Give preference to debonders that are natural-based or with a minimum of synthetic additives. Try not to use a cosmetic product if it contains acetone. Information about this should be indicated on the packaging. If the composition does not mention acetone, but debonder has a very acrid odor, then it is likely a fake or low-quality product. Do not use it, as there is a risk of damaging the eyelid skin and mucosa.

  4. The place to buy debonder. Such products should be purchased only from trusted specialized stores. This reduces the likelihood of buying counterfeit, fake, expired, stored in improper conditions.

Also, in addition to the liquid solvent, you will need cotton pads, cotton swabs, a roll of tape width of 1.5-2 inches, a small thick brush for lashes (clean brush from used mascara, a brush for eyebrows) or tweezers, small scissors, preferably manicure.

Another product that can be used to remove false eyelashes – remuver. It also contains components that can dissolve the adhesive. Most removers have additional gentle and caring, emollient ingredients designed to protect and restore eyelash hairs. You can find removers on sale with different consistencies – gel, cream. For example, professional lashmakers recommend using Enigma Cream Remover with lemon flavor at home. It does not spread, does not get into the eyes, and does not cause mucous membrane irritation. It costs about 800 rubles, it is enough for about 10 or more removals. The principle of action and method of application of such products is similar to debonder.

How to remove artificial eyelashes at home by yourself

This technique can be used with both a debonder and a remover. Having prepared everything you need, the procedure to remove the hairs is not difficult:

  1. Cut the cotton disk into two parts. On one side of the two semicircles you can make a small depression, so that the cotton disks well repeat the convex shape of the upper eyelid.

  2. Apply the half-circle with indentations under the lower eyelids, just below the lash growth line. The cotton pads should be fixed with duct tape. Make sure that the sticky tape does not touch the temple area, or it will be unpleasant to tear it off.

  3. To dip a cotton swab in the solvent liquid, apply the preparation to the base of the false eyelashes in a small even layer, starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. Give the debonder time (a few minutes or the time indicated on the package) to deactivate the glue.

  4. Take a brush or tweezers and gently separate the artificial hairs from the skin of the eyelids.

  5. Rinse with water or eye makeup remover.

  6. After removal of false eyelashes, let the skin of the eyelids to rest and recover, try not to use the products of decorative cosmetics and treatments with aggressive composition.

Handy products for removing false eyelashes

Remove the extended lashes

Specialists to build up mainly use fat-soluble glue. So you can try to solve the problem with such liquids, which you will probably find at home or in the range of the nearest supermarket:

  1. Vegetable oil.You can take any – sunflower, olive, castor. If possible, it is better to use oils that have more useful substances – burdock, linseed or almond oil, grape seed oil, peach oil. Such natural oils can not harm your skin or mucosa. Moreover, they can help to improve the tissues and stimulate the growth of cilia.

  2. Steam bath + vegetable oil. This method can be more effective than the previous one. Hot steam will soften the glue, making it more receptive and pliable to the action of vegetable oil. A steam bath is very simple: cover your head with a towel and hold it over a pan of boiling water, allowing the steam to escape. The procedure takes 10 minutes, after which you can use the oil.

  3. Biphasic liquid with oily substances in its composition. This means, as well as oil, and other improvised means, is suitable to remove the eyelashes only if the master used during the procedure of building-up the resin glue. However, in modern cosmetology such adhesives are used less and less often. Cyanoacrylate-imethylacrylate-based products have taken their place. This kind of glue cannot be dissolved with oil or greasy preparations. It is removed only by professional means – deboner and remuver.

  4. Fat and thick cream, preferably children’s, with a minimum of synthetic additives. Such a product should do a good job, just need to make sure that it does not get on the mucous membrane of the eyes. Before you use a cream, make sure you are not allergic to its composition. To do this, apply a small amount to the inner part of the bend of the elbow and rub into the skin. After 15 minutes you will be able to judge the result. If redness and rashes, itching did not appear, then the cream is safe for your health.

  5. Fat cream, for example, 35%. As a last resort, oily sour cream is also suitable. In addition to the fact that the product will help dissolve the glue, it will also revitalize the skin of the eyelids, eyelash hairs. And will not cause adverse reactions, as long as you avoid getting it in your eyes.

  6. A medicine called Albucid. You can not worry about safety, as it is quite often used to treat infectious and inflammatory ophthalmic diseases. One of the components of this preparation is sulfacetamide, which, according to women who have already used this method, effectively copes with the dissolution of glue. Just in case, do not let the medication get on the mucosa, so as not to cause tissue irritation. And do not use it if you are expecting a baby, breastfeeding.

How to use improvised meansIn order to remove artificial eyelashes at home:

  1. Prepare the necessary accessories, cut in half a cotton pad.

  2. Soak half-circles in oil (cream), apply under the lower eyelids.

  3. Soak a cotton swab in oil or other preparation, liberally apply the solvent to the base of the extensions. Close your eyes, take a horizontal position.

  4. Since you are not using specialized products, they will need more time to dissolve the glue than the debonder or remover. The procedure may take more than half an hour. If, after 30-40 minutes, the eyelashes are still badly detached from the skin, move the procedure to the evening. By applying oil (but not cream) to the eyelids at night, in the morning you can achieve the desired result.

  5. When the glue softens, begin to separate the artificial hairs from the skin, driving them with a cotton swab from the base to the ends, removing them on a cotton pad, which lies under the lower eyelid.

  6. After the procedure, wash your face and remove any glue residue from your skin and hair with a brush.

How to understand when it is time to remove eyelashes

Answers to frequently asked questions about the use of false eyelashes

If you take as a basis the natural processes of growth and loss of eyelashes, then about a month after the procedure of extensions, the difference in the length of natural and artificial hairs will be significant. Normally, a person has about 2-5 eyelashes falling out per day. This means that in 30 days after the cosmetic procedure, the bulk of the hairs will be renewed – about 60-150 of them will fall out, and new ones will grow in their place. But the young eyelashes will not only be short, but also thin. The hairs that have been added will stand out too much, which will have a negative impact on your appearance. To avoid this, you need to contact a specialist who has done the augmentation – a lechmeiker. The master will conduct a correction, or remove the false eyelashes. If you can not visit the salon, you can solve the problem yourself at home.

The need to remove the extended eyelashes may arise not only because they look unnatural against the background of young lashes. In some cases, the artificial hairs simply lose their aesthetic appearance, some of them break, fall off, and you need to remove the remnants.The reasons why the lifespan of the extensions may expire before the time:

  1. Frequent contact with eye drops.

  2. Frequent use of contact lenses.

  3. Peculiarities of the skin of the eyelids, in particular, increased production of sebum.

  4. The habit of sleeping on your stomach or burying your face in a blanket, pillow.

  5. Lack of skill and professionalism of the master, discomfort when wearing eyelashes.

  6. The service life of false eyelashes also depends on the material used in the production:

  7. It is customary to wear mink hairs for up to 14 days without correction.

  8. Silicone eyelashes will last a maximum of 3 weeks without correction.

The highest quality, durable and, accordingly, resistant – silk, they can be worn for almost a month, without visiting the salon for correction or removal.

What not to do when trying to remove false eyelashes yourself

What not to do

If you decide to do the removal at home and not to go to a master, remember the safety rules and the fact that theit cannot be done during the procedure:

  1. Do not start the procedure before you wash your hands and remove makeup from your face, as dirt and particles of cosmetics can get under the eyelids, causing disease.

  2. Do not tolerate the pain that can occur when using a product if it is of poor quality. Slight discomfort, tingling, tingling in the skin of the eyelids – these are normal phenomena. But if you get a strong burning sensation, rinse out the solvent immediately with plenty of running water. If the burning, pain or redness does not go away, seek medical help immediately.

  3. Don’t pull lashes too vigorously if they are difficult to separate. It is better to wait a little, give the solvent more time to act. Otherwise you can not only damage your eyelid skin, but also tear out your natural eyelashes.

  4. Do not use expired products. Even if you have used the solvent only once or twice after opening the bottle, and there is still a lot of it left, but the expiration date has passed, it is better to buy a new solvent.

  5. Do not try to remove eyelashes if you wear contact lenses. Because products that can get on their surface can interfere with the clarity and effectiveness of lenses. If you can’t see well without these optical aids, ask someone to help you carry out the procedure.

  6. On no account help yourself to remove artificial hairs with sharp objects – needles, pins, toothpicks.

  7. You should not try to remove the eyelashes yourself if you have any eye disease of an infectious and inflammatory nature.

  8. Specialists do not recommend such procedures during critical days, a few days before they begin, and for a few days after they end. During this period, the pain threshold is lowered, increasing the overall sensitivity of the body to external stimuli. It is not necessary at this time to bring yourself unnecessary discomfort, if it can be avoided.

If any product that you used to remove false eyelashes at home gets into your eyes, rinse them with plenty of cool water.

What can not be used to remove false eyelashes at home

Specialists categoricallyDo not recommend applying the positions on this list to remove false eyelashes:

  1. Alcohol and any alcohol-containing drinks, lotions, other liquids. Use is fraught with chemical burns, irritation, redness, swelling.

  2. Vaseline. This preparation is used in medicine, but it should not be forgotten that it is a product of petroleum refining. You should not expose delicate and sensitive tissue, such as the skin of the eyelids and eyelashes, to petroleum jelly.

  3. Pure acetone. No matter how gently you handle this substance, you are guaranteed to get health problems that will require long and expensive treatment.

  4. Soap will not help remove the false eyelashes, because the glue used in the cosmetic procedure is not sensitive to its action.

  5. Shampoo, including baby shampoo – just like soap, this product will not help remove hairs that are fixed with a special persistent adhesive.

  6. Hot water and mechanical action will also not be effective as solvents for the adhesive, will not help remove hairs. You only traumatize the tissue, the eyelids will swell, and the artificial eyelashes will remain in place or fall off partially, which will not look very pretty.

If the permissible means did not help you remove the artificial eyelashes at home, do not go to extreme measures. It is better to make an appointment for a procedure in the salon, even if not in the one where you have made extensions.

Eyelash hairs care after the procedure

How to recover eyelashes after Eyelash Extension

Although professionally done extensions will not affect the rate of growth and renewal of natural eyelashes, the hairs still need extra care.

To activate the recovery processes and hair growth,It is possible to carry out the following procedures for thirty days (before going to bed):

  1. Compress, applied to the eyelids for 15 minutes. As a preparation for the compress, you can take a water infusion of calendula and cornflower. To prepare an infusion of herbs are taken in equal quantities – 1-2 tablespoons each.

  2. Compress of strong brewed green tea without additives. To do the treatment, simply soak cotton pads in the tea and place them on your eyelids for 15 to 20 minutes. Pre-prepared green tea bags can be used instead of discs.

  3. Various vegetable oil mixtures – castor oil, linseed oil, peach oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, fir oil, sea buckthorn oil. Such a mixture is applied to the lashes with cotton sticks or a clean brush from used mascara. It is quite acceptable and even desirable to add to the mixture the contents of 1 capsule of liquid vitamin A or E, or both. The mixture will need to be stored in the refrigerator for a few days at most. The remnants can be used to soften the skin of the hands.

  4. Mixture of aloe juice and vegetable oil, to be used as a compress fluid.

  5. Also during the recovery period, which will take at least a month, you need to use a gentle products of decorative cosmetics. It can be a shadow on a natural mineral basis, gels for lashes, strengthening mascara. Once the natural eyelashes will normalize, recover from the load and grow back, you can do the build-up again.

The alternative to extending – you do not have to remove the artificial eyelashes

If you’re tired of constantly building up your eyelashes, going to corrective procedures, looking for ways to help bring back the natural look, pay attention to such a product as mascara volumizer. The manufacturer declares, and numerous reviews of users confirm that the use of such mascara will allow to get a 100% effect of false eyelashes. A healthy alternative to salon cosmetic procedures is the Extreme Lash Volumizer mascara, with specialty fibers from the brand Feg pro Advanced.

The benefits of using this remedy are obvious:

  1. Thanks to innovative materials and application technology, you can get a 3D effect, varying the degree of density, volume, length of lashes.

  2. Mascara is universal, it can be used in daytime and evening makeup. The manufacturer recommends for everyday makeup to apply 1 or 2 layers of mascara, for the holiday – 2 or 3 layers. Each new layer is a 100% increase in hair volume. Accordingly, if you apply 3 layers, your lashes will increase by 300%.

  3. The mascara is excellent all-day hold, it does not fall off and does not smudge.

  4. No additional means are needed to wash off the mascara. You can do it with plain water or a standard eye makeup remover.

  5. And the last advantage of mascara volumizer before extending, correcting and removing lashes – the cost. Despite the fact that the beauty product costs a lot – about 800-1000 rubles, it will still be cheaper than the build-up, the price of which in reputable salons starts with 1500 rubles. The mascara will last for a month, and the most expensive extensions will also work for about the same amount of time. But it will require constant adjustments and will damage the eyelashes. The volumizer mascara has a disadvantage: the need for makeup. But many women, as well as makeup artists and beauticians, believe that it’s better to spend 10 minutes in the morning to apply makeup than to depend on the schedule of your lashmaker, to risk the health of your lashes and eyelash skin.

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