How to get rid of facial hair – Ways to remove facial hair

The face is the calling card of any person. And if unwanted hair appears on it, it can be a real challenge, especially for women. Feeling feminine and delicate with a “moustache” above the lip can be quite difficult. Some women go to beauty salons to solve this problem, while others try to get rid of hair at home.

According to a study by British scientists, it takes an average of 104 minutes a week for women with facial “hair” to get rid of it. Our experts talked to beauticians to find out the causes of unwanted hair and learn more about ways to remove hair in women.

Why women grow facial hair

Why women grow facial hair

Most often, women suffer from unwanted facial hair due to poor heredity. But other reasons are not excluded:

  1. puberty period;

  2. Increased testosterone levels;

  3. Pregnancy or lactation;

  4. Menopause and menopause;

  5. Frequent exposure to stress;

  6. Procedures that activate the growth of hair on the head;

  7. Certain somatic diseases.

If the appearance of facial hair is due to health problems, it is necessary to use a comprehensive approach, which helps to eliminate the root cause, not only resorting to aesthetic cosmetology services or home methods.

Methods of hair removal

A variety of methods to get rid of “vegetation” on the face, have their strengths and weaknesses. Before using any of the methods it is necessary to know all the nuances. If you use home methods, the positive result lasts for 2-3 weeks. And if you go through separate salon procedures, the effect can be much longer.

Laser hair removal

This method of getting rid of unwanted hair is popular due to the painlessness, safety and efficiency. Hair follicles are affected by a laser beam during laser hair removal. Laser destroys hair follicles. But one treatment is not enough. A stable result is noted after 5-8 manipulations. Read more here.

It is possible to get rid of “vegetation” on such areas with the help of a laser:

  1. Over the upper lip – gets rid of “fluff” and quite stiff hair;

  2. eyebrows – the laser gets rid of hair on the bridge of the nose and perfectly corrects the shape of the eyebrows;

  3. Cheeks and chin – this procedure is often in demand among men, but some women actively sign up for it;

  4. Lines of hair growth – the laser lines the hairline, visually enlarging the forehead.

The laser can also be used to get rid of hair in the ears, on the wings of the nose, or other areas. Such a procedure does not cause irritation on the skin, gets rid of ingrown hairs and other negative effects.



Hair epilation is done with the help of broadband pulsed light devices. The apparatus allows the hair follicle to be specifically treated. This procedure is performed over the upper lip, on the chin, on the neck, and on the eyebrows. After the first session the number of hairs is already reduced by 30-50%. The course of procedures is chosen individually, depending on the severity of the pathology.

Important! During the flash of a photoepilator, dark skin is heated stronger than light skin, so there is a high probability of getting tissue burns.


Here an electric current is applied to the hair follicle. It is “melted” under the influence of high temperature. A special needle or tweezers are used to “deliver” the discharge to the hair root. With electroepilation any hair can be easily removed, regardless of color and thickness. You may need 3 to 5 sessions to get rid of the moustache above your upper lip.


Some women at home resort to the use of tweezers. But it does not remove the bulb completely, it only damages it. As a result, the hair grows back coarser and darker in its former place. In addition, this procedure is quite painful and can take a long time if there are too many hairs.


Waxing is done both at home and in beauty salons. If the procedure is performed correctly, this method is quite effective. Although it has to be repeated every 2-3 weeks. The wax, applied during the procedure, cures and fixes the hairs. When the wax strip is removed, it leaves unwanted hairs with bulbs.

The main disadvantages of waxing include:

  1. Hair length must be more than 0.3-0.5 cm;

  2. Manipulation is quite painful;

  3. procedure is time-consuming;

  4. it is not possible to remove all hairs at once, and one has to resort to using tweezers.

The effect of this procedure lasts up to 4 weeks. If it is carried out regularly (once in 3 weeks), the speed of hair growth over time will decrease significantly.


This procedure is similar to waxing, but the main active ingredient is sugar. It is melted and applied to problem areas of the face. Paste for shugaring can be purchased ready-made or prepare your own.

In a beauty salon facial shugaring can be performed with three techniques:

  1. bandage;

  2. trowel;

  3. manual.

After shugaring tendrils redness lasts usually 2-3 minutes and quickly passes. If not all hairs were captured when removing the sugar paste, then, as in the case of waxing, you may need tweezers. The effect of the procedure usually lasts up to 3 weeks.

depilation cream

A simple, delicate and budget-friendly way to get rid of facial hair is to use depilation creams. Important nuance – before and after the use of such funds can not steam the skin, as well as tan in the sun or visit the solarium. Within 24 hours after depilation, you can not use products that contain alcohol.

Important! When using depilation cream for the first time, test it on your elbow for possible allergic reactions.

What methods are better not to use

Often women try to get rid of facial hair using unsafe methods described in social media. One of them is to apply the juice of green walnut peels to the skin of the face. From the hair it can not get rid of, but the skin over the lip stained green-brown. A similar effect is achieved when using recipes with soda, manganese or coffee. Doubtful and ineffective.

Also to the radical methods, which it is better to bypass, include the use of ammonia and iodine. The combination of these components helps to deal with unwanted hairs, but it has a devastating effect on the skin. Getting rid of the fuzz above the lip can be expensive if you get a serious chemical burn.

A very affordable and simple method is to use a razor. This is a very short-lived method of getting rid of “vegetation”. Already literally on the second day will begin to grow back more coarse and black hairs. This method is better left for men.

If to get rid of hair with knowledge and to use the services of a specialized specialist you can forget about this problem for a long time. It is better to select each method individually and not rely on the fact that helped a friend or co-worker. And most importantly, do not use dubious remedies that will do more harm than good.

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