How to apply a foundation properly on the face: 4 techniques

The basis of makeup is foundation, which is important to apply correctly. Cosmetic gives the opportunity to hide the imperfections of the skin, making it flawless.

Foundations are indispensable cosmetics in every season. In winter, it’s great for protecting the epidermis from cold and wind. Without it, redness and flakiness appear. In summer, a thin layer of foundation can protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Applying your makeup correctly avoids the “false mask effect. Vogue magazine gave useful advice on the proper use of this type of cosmetics from celebrity makeup artists Bella Hadid, Zoe Kravitz and some other beauty experts.

Skin Preparation

What is the foundation for?

How to create a perfect tone? The secret, according to experts, lies in the choice of application technique. Also the pre-training is important. To begin with, the epidermis is well moisturized and cleansed. Begin with a nourishing mask, followed by an epidermis lymphatic drainage massage.

Nina Park, who is the makeup artist of Bella Hadid and Zooey Kravitz, shared her experience of successful makeup application: “As a rule, I start skin care with a tissue mask, selected depending on the type of skin of the client. If the product with rose is used, you can easily get rid of the shine of grease on the face. Green tea helps against inflammation, aloe helps against dryness. Keira Nasrath, who works as a makeup artist for Jessica Alba, adds that it’s important to “apply a moisturizer after the mask, using gentle, light strokes to reduce swelling and improve blood circulation.”. This procedure will improve the blush.

With what to apply?

Cosmopo Magazine

  • tansuggests three basic methods by which to apply foundation effectively:
    1. Sponges.Presented product is relatively new, but already loved by some beauty bloggers. For example, the BeautyBlender sponge is much easier to apply than standard brushes. The product allows quick and even application, even for inexperienced gals.

    2. Special brushesAre used to flatten the foundation by many professional makeup artists. Thanks to such tools, the cream is easily distributed on the surface of the skin. Manages to get a perfect layer. Professional makeup artists recommend DuoFi brushes
      M brand.A.C and Perfect Foundation by Shiseido.

    3. Finger application.This method is one of the oldest and proven. Many girls use it at home. The method of applying cosmetics is the most economical, especially when working with mousse.

    Innovative technology for creating foundation at home

    The secret to perfect application is choosing the right foundation for a woman’s skin tone. It may sound paradoxical, but in a couple of years already, ladies will be able to create their own cosmetics, taking into account personal skin features and their own wishes. At the origins of the appearance of new technologies are world-famous cosmetic brands.

    Lancome is a subsidiary of the renowned cosmetics company L’Oreal. Recently, the manufacturer has developed an interesting device called Le Teint Partic

      ier designed to create a foundation to match the color of the skin. Salespeople in French and British Lancome stores use a handheld colorimeter to tell you which shade is right for your face. The results are processed by the computer, which applies an algorithm to select from 20000 shades. The resultant data is sent to the equipment that creates the foundation right in the store.

      L’Oréal in 2021. Plans to begin producing Perso equipment that will allow the creation of foundation at home, along with skin care products and lipsticks. What is unique about the technology? The equipment selects the composition of cosmetic products, taking into account the analysis of the skin, the environment and personal preferences of the person for whom they will be created.

      The user takes a picture of his face in a special mobile app, and then the algorithms of the software determine what condition the epidermis has. The analysis will take into account dilated pores, dark spots, acne, wrinkles. After the data is processed, the application processes information about the person’s location – this is done to take into account environmental factors that affect the condition of the skin. It’s about UV index, pollen and air pollution.

      The final step in creating a personalized cosmetic is to fill in your own epidermis care goals. For example, a girl is interested in eliminating acne or increasing skin tone. Based on all the data, the equipment develops for the user an individual formula of foundation, which will be mixed and issued for application.

      A common technique for applying foundation

      Why is BB foundation good for you?

      We recommend to apply the tone to the periphery from the center of the skin along the massage lines. The décolletage area, along with the neck, should only be toned if the tone that is applied to the face is darker than the natural skin tone. When creating a daytime makeup it is necessary to go over the border of the face. The foundation is slightly shaded on the neck down. In addition, do not forget about the application of the tone near the base of the hair.


      The process must be performed with an artificial brush that has synthetic fibers, as the natural fleece can absorb up to 75% of the cosmetic product. The tool presented gives the possibility to create a perfect dense coverage. There are so many toning brushes to choose from.

      Synthetic kabuki brushes come in different shapes: beveled, semi-circular, straight, flat, oblique. Depending on the shape chosen, the foundation can be applied in circular or patting strokes. Each kabuki brush is characterized by high density. For this reason the product is ideal for shading foundation with density control. The product does not show up on the skin if it is thoroughly applied.

      Synthetic flat brushes are classics of the genre. Toner is applied by caressing the hairline. Brushes of this type allow you to apply a smooth and dense layer of cream. A flat brush, when made well, has hairs that are picked up one to the other so that they are thinned towards the spout. It is important for the tool to be semicircular to work comfortably on nasolabial folds, and the area directly under the eyes. Each flat brush is made with artificial fibers that do not absorb foundation. It is recommended to wash the product after every use.

      Duofiber brushes contain a mix of goat hair and synthetics. The peculiarities of the tools include the possibility of creating a veil for a natural beauty look. The described brush is as close as possible to an airbrush. If there are no particular skin problems and a dense concealer is not necessary, this tool is ideal. It evenly distributes the product, leaving a light veil on the skin without a mask-like effect. This variant is optimal for the daytime makeup. The brush can be used for aging skin: foundation is applied evenly and does not get clogged in wrinkles. It is necessary to apply the product in a circular motion, and the brush should be held perpendicular to the face.

      Application of tone with the sponge

      The Beauty Blender is a convenient elliptical sponge, one end of which is pointed and the other rounded. This structure allows access to every area of the face, in particular around the wings of the nose, the corners of the eyes. The product absorbs water without cream, which makes it more supple and soft, while increasing in size. Users are guaranteed easy application, after which no borders, no streaks remain.

      Wet and dry sponge. When using a dry sponge it is necessary to apply thick foundations, because the liquid creams will be absorbed into it. It allows you to create a dense coverage. The disadvantages of this method include high consumption of cosmetics and a visible layer of foundation on the skin. These nuances are the difference between the dry sponge and the wet one, which is suitable for applying liquid foundations.

      Attention!Professional makeup artists apply foundation with 2 to 3 techniques at once. Complex areas should be dabbed with a brush, or the cream should be applied with a sponge or light strokes with the fingers.

      Application of the cream with the fingers

      We tell you about this technique because many professional makeup artists in the U.S. love it. They believe that the fingertips perfectly feel the skin. It is comfortable to apply the cream with your fingers. Benefits:

      1. It is possible to save up to a third of the cosmetic.

      2. Your fingers can feel the topography of your skin.

      The warmth of your fingers allows the foundation to lay an even layer on your skin. It penetrates into places that are hard to reach with a sponge.

      Another peculiarity is that the hands are necessarily washed before and after makeup, and the brushes need painstaking care. Although this technique, in our opinion, does not always allow you to get a perfect even layer of concealer, the application of which requires a lot of experience.

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