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The eyebrows are an important part of the face, setting the tone for the general image, giving a certain expression and especially emphasizing the eyes.

Journalists asked makeup artists, cosmetologists and eyebrow specialists about how often you can and should paint your eyebrows. Also, what to use and how often to perform corrective procedures.

It turns out that it is necessary to paint eyebrows when necessary, but it should not be overdone in order not to damage the skin and the very hairs of the brow arches.

How often can you paint your eyebrows with a pencil or special mascara, shadows, gels

How often you can paint your eyebrows

The pencil and mascara are so good that you can use them at will – and every day, and even several times a day (if you want to apply daytime and then evening makeup).

The advantages of using different decorative cosmetics for eyebrow makeup:

  1. A wide range of shades and textures of cosmetic products.
  2. Each time you can paint differently depending on the purpose, having several colors of pencils in your arsenal. Often this type of decorative cosmetics is used not only in everyday life, but also to create evening makeup, image for a photo shoot or holiday.
  3. There are specialized products based on wax or silicone. They allow you to maintain a perfect color and shape, even in unusual or extreme situations. For example, in the case of extreme heat or high humidity. The usual pigment in such a situation will quickly be smeared, and eyebrows will not look aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Eyebrow pencil or mascara (if used correctly), can do no harm to a person’s health or appearance. The components included in such cosmetics, are not absorbed into the skin and do not enter the bloodstream.
  5. You can experiment with the image as much as you like – often apply a drawing and wash it off over and over again, to touch up the eyebrows more intensively or to change the shape. If you made an extra touch or went too far with the pigment, the paint can always be washed away with soap and water or with the help of specialized cleansers.

From the above it can be concluded that you can use a pencil or a special mascara without restrictions. That is, as often as you want.

How often can we dye eyebrows with henna, oyster, and basma?

How often can you dye your eyebrows with henna and basma, oyster

Natural products such as henna and basma have many advantages, which have different means of short-term and long-term action:

  1. Just like a cosmetic pencil or mascara, powder, shadow, natural dye can’t do any harm to a girl’s health. But only if you are not allergic to a specific product.
  2. Find henna or basma at the drugstore, cosmetic store, is not difficult.
  3. Natural products have low cost.
  4. Dyeing preparations on a natural basis not only give the desired result, but also nourish the tissues. They stimulate the growth of hair follicles. And make the hairs more dense, elastic, resistant to the negative impact of external or internal factors.
  5. How often you can paint the eyebrows with natural products? The answer is by necessity. Henna and other similar products can be painted often – once every 10-14 days (as the pigment is washed out). You won’t harm your hair or skin, but only if you follow the instructions exactly, and don’t overdo it on your eyebrows.

How often you can paint eyebrows with chemical eyebrow dye

Dye eyebrows

Dyeing with a special eyebrow dye is not a bad option, if safety precautions are observed, and there is no risk of eye contact with the chemical. And if the product does not contain ammonia, which is dangerous to the eyes. You can forget about dyeing your eyebrows every morning with a pencil for a long time, which can be very time-consuming. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions. When preparing (diluting, applying) the preparation it is necessary to follow the sequence and proportions recommended by the manufacturer.

How often you can paint eyebrows with chemical dye? This procedure is usually carried out once every 2-3 weeks. It all depends on the quality of the product and the color of the dye pigment.

Darker paint is longer noticeable on the eyebrows, most importantly, that it blends in with the hair color and skin tone of a woman. The brand whose product a girl uses is also important. So is the price range of the product. Luxe and premium products last more than two weeks.

Once the color ceases to be bright, the pigment is washed out, you can repeat the coloring procedure again. Or wait until the shade of the arches returns to its natural value, correcting it slightly with a pencil every day.

If a woman uses chemical dye, she must take into account that it is necessary to periodically take small breaks. For example, to spend one coloring, and as soon as the effect of the procedure decreases, to correct it only with a pencil during 1 month. Thus it is possible to prevent the occurrence of unexpected side effects or complications. The fact is that the skin on the face is very sensitive to any negative impact. If you go overboard with cosmetic procedures, you can get just the opposite result, which will significantly spoil the whole look.

In one month’s break in coloring with chemically based dyes:

  1. The structure of the hairs of the eyebrows will be restored, they will be fully ready for a new coloring with chemical dyes. Otherwise they will be too brittle, faded, and prone to fall out.
  2. There will be regeneration of the skin, which is also affected by the negative effects of chemical constituents of paint. If the skin is not given a “break,” redness and inflammation, rashes, swelling, and even wounds can occur. In any case, it will adversely affect the appearance of the woman.
  3. Allergic reactions are less likely to develop. If a girl’s immune system is not good enough, for example, in winter or spring, it is possible to switch to a more gentle and soft coloring tools for the eyebrows – a specialized cosmetic pencil or natural henna and basma.
  4. Immediately after dyeing, measures can also be taken to improve the condition of the brow hairs. The aggressive effect of the paint requires the subsequent application of nourishing oils or other caring, strengthening and restoring eyebrow products. Wash in the morning and before going to bed with special gentle gels and foams, and do not use regular (solid, liquid) soap in this case.

How often it is possible to paint eyebrows, using the method of tattooing

tattooing method

Tattooing, like permanent makeup, is a technique in which the beautician injects the pigment of the desired shade under the skin. The answer to the question, how often it is possible to paint eyebrows in this way – once in 1-2 years. The thing is that the pigmenting agent is retained in the epidermis layers in different ways. This depends on both the depth of application and such factors as the individual characteristics of the body in general and the skin of the woman in particular. It also depends on what kind of care is given to your brow bone area.

The eyebrow tattoo is a subject for serious considerations. It requires a responsible approach in terms of the choice of the master and the optimal shape of the arches. After all, it will be very difficult to correct an unsuccessful result.

Advantages of the tattoo:

  1. You can paint the eyebrows very seldom, forgetting about the daily routine.
  2. The professional will provide a beautiful clear contour of the arches, a rich color and the desired thickness.

Disadvantages of tattooing:

  1. A permanent result is also the impossibility to change the choice of shape and color. A slight correction will be possible with another procedure, a cosmetic pencil, but the effect of such actions is often unpredictable.
  2. If you entrust the procedure to an untested master, especially to a specialist with little experience or qualification, you can get very disappointing results.
  3. There is a possibility of getting an infection if the master poorly sterilizes the instrument, or does not follow the rules of asepsis and antiseptics at all.

In general, the eyebrow tattoo is not suitable for women who like to frequently change the image. But for those who want to spend as little time as possible on daily beauty care.

Is there even a need to dye eyebrows?

dye your eyebrows?

Girls with light eyebrows, or the owners of the arches, not perfect enough in thickness or shape, are forced to make the correction. It turns out that you have to paint the eyebrows in such cases:

  1. The eyebrows are lighter than the hair on the head (by several shades). And at an estimation it is necessary to consider not the native color of hair, but that there is at present (if hair has been dyed, burned out, grayed).
  2. Eyebrows due to corrective procedures (plucking with tweezers or after using a special trimmer), have an insufficiently attractive, harmonious shape.
  3. The arches are not dense enough, there are areas where the hairs are completely absent.

In the first and last variant it is possible to paint eyebrows without fear and doubts. And in case a woman is not sure that she has the ideal shape of the arches, it is possible to conduct a small test. It is possible not to paint eyebrows, if their shape corresponds to several parameters. It is necessary to determine the location of the three key points – the beginning, the bend and the end of the arc of each eyebrow:

The beginning of the arc should coincide with the point where the pencil, applied to the face vertically, and touching the wing of the nose, as well as the inner corner of the eyebrow, intersects with the eyebrow.

To determine the ideal point of curvature, place the pencil with one end against the wing of the nose and deflect it toward the middle of the eye socket. The pencil, conventionally crossing the center of the eye, then crosses the eyebrow. This is the point that determines the place of the ideal curve of the arc.

Determination of the end point of the arch can be as simple as that. A pencil in contact with the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eye socket, indicating where the eyebrow should end.

If there is a deviation in at least one point, it is possible to paint eyebrows. If everything is in order with the form, the hairs of the right shade and sufficient density, carrying out any corrective procedures is not necessary.

You don’t have to measure your eyebrows yourself to see if they fit the perfect shape for your face. It is enough to address this issue to a professional makeup artist. The master can both advise and suggest using standard templates to shape the contours of the eyebrows. And also to conduct all the necessary procedures accurately and qualitatively during the first appointment.

Can You Improve the Thickness and Saturation of Your Brow Color Without Using Dye?

The saturation of the color of the eyebrows without the use of dye

Women who dye their eyebrows often look for ways to avoid any cosmetic adjustments. And there are such ways:

  1. If the hair on the head is colored, return to the natural shade. So, genetically conditioned eyebrow color should perfectly match the natural hair color and make the image harmonious.

  2. They can use a special gel to stimulate the growth of eyebrow hairs. In this case, the woman gets several advantages at once. The structure of the hairs improves, they become stronger, they fall out less often. Their color becomes more saturated. There are also positive changes in terms of the density of the eyebrows. As an option, you can use folk methods of hair restoration, for example, castor oil, burdock oil, olive oil, wheat oil. In the meantime, a miniature trimmer can help you control the length of your eyebrows, so you can achieve the ideal curve shape.

  3. Obviously, the color, the density of the eyebrows in most cases can be normalized with the use of gentle methods. This means that it is not necessary to immediately use chemically based dyes. Or to seek the services of tattoo specialists. You can experiment with a pencil and tweezers, while trying to make the eyebrows thicker and more expressive with the help of special cosmetics and care products.

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