Home acne mask: 10 best recipes and 10 best store-bought remedies

Facial pimples can appear at any age. To get rid of them, you need to eliminate the cause. If there are many rashes, treatment by a specialist is required. But in addition it is possible to apply cosmetic products on their own. The most effective are home-made and purchased masks with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect.

What should be a mask for acne

Full instructions for getting rid of acne

Masks act on the skin quickly and purposefully, so they are used for skin problems. To eliminate acne, they must have this effect:

  1. cleanse pores;

  2. exfoliate keratinized cells;

  3. remove excess sebum;

  4. soothe inflammation;

  5. dry up pimples;

  6. To even out the complexion;

  7. Reduce sebaceous glands activity;

  8. improve blood circulation.

What should go into it

Choose a mask for acne must be carefully, otherwise it can worsen the condition of the skin. It should contain cleansing and anti-inflammatory components, plant extracts. It is important to consider the type of skin, the peculiarities of rashes. The composition may contain such substances:

  1. Cleansing pores and gently exfoliating: cornmeal, oatmeal, clay, activated carbon, soda, fruit acids, salicylate;

  2. With anti-inflammatory properties: algae, turmeric, honey, aloe, green tea, chamomile;

  3. with drying and healing properties: aspirin, zinc, sulfur and cinnamon;

  4. For oily skin, the composition can include lemon, clay, salicylic acid;

  5. If the skin is dry, you need to add oils, sour cream, honey, juicy vegetables or fruit.

The best homemade recipes

Homemade masks based on common products are popular, but for problem skin, you need to use them with caution. It is important to choose only ingredients that are not allergic. They must all be fresh, high quality. The mask is prepared for one time, do not store the composition.

Cosmetologists warn that home masks will not help get rid of rashes, if you do not eliminate their causes.

We have analyzed many folk recipes for masks. Many can aggravate the problem, dry out the skin or cause allergies. We have selected the 10 safest and most effective recipes that have received the most positive reviews and approval of cosmetologists.

With activated charcoal

Activated charcoal – it is an adsorbent, it draws impurities from the pores, absorbs excess fat. Requires 2 pills, 1 egg, a spoonful of sugar, and 5 drops of lemon juice. Grind the charcoal into a powder in a mortar, mix with the protein and the rest of the ingredients, whip the. Apply the composition in a thin layer. After drying, apply a second coat.

With clay

Honey Clay Face Mask

Cosmetic clay is good for clearing pores and improving skin condition. At the pharmacy you can buy powder of different colors.Its properties depend on it:

  1. Blue tones, removes black spots, pustules;

  2. White whitens, eliminates traces of acne, softens, accelerates regeneration;

  3. black draws out toxins, regulates the sebaceous glands, and heals;

  4. Green destroys bacteria, tones, cleanses;

  5. Red and pink relieve irritation, eliminate rashes and itching.

It is easy to prepare a clay mask: mix the powder with water until it becomes a paste. If the skin is dry, you can take milk, green tea, nettle or succession decoction.

For a stronger effect, you can add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, if you’re not allergic to it.

With aspirin

Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid not only relieves inflammation and pain. Masks based on this component exfoliate keratinized cells, dry acne, eliminate itching, normalize the sebaceous glands.

It is best to mix Aspirin with honey. Need 2 pills and 1 tbsp. l. liquid honey. Crush the aspirin in a wooden or glass container, add a little water or herbal broth to make a paste-like mass, mix with honey.

With honey and cinnamon

Such a mask is effective against acne, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, accelerates tissue regeneration. But it can be used only in the absence of allergies. Require 2 tbsp. l. Melted honey and 1 tsp. l. cinnamon. Mix the components thoroughly. Apply it to problem areas for no more than 15 minutes.

With yogurt and strawberries

The effect of this mask is due to the properties of lactic and fruit acids. They normalize the sebaceous glands, clean the pores. Two strawberries must be mashed. Mix with 2 Tbsp. l. natural yogurt.


It is recommended to keep the aloe leaf in the refrigerator, wrapped in paper, for 10-14 days before preparing the mask. This plant moisturizes, destroys bacteria, and shrinks pores. To combat acne and comedones, the following mask is effective:

  1. 2 tbsp. l. Aloe juice and gel;

  2. 1 squirrel;

  3. half cup. l. lemon juice;

  4. 2-3 drops of tea tree oil.


Home remedies based on parsley

Effective anti-inflammatory mask for oily skin is made of chamomile. Pour half a glass of dried flowers over a glass of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes. The flowers swell, squeeze the excess liquid gently and spread the herb between two layers of gauze. Apply the mask to the face.

From herringbone

Grind 1 tbsp. l. oat flakes. Pour 3 tbsp. l. hot water. Let stand to let the flakes swell. Such a mask is suitable even for dry and sensitive skin.


In summer you can make a mask of fresh cucumber. Greenhouse vegetables are not suitable, as they have few useful trace elements, but a lot of chemicals. Need to take 2 tbsp. l. Grated cucumber and apple pulp, mixed with whipped egg white. To increase the thickness of the mass, add a little oat flour.


Good for all skin types. Effectively cleanses excess sebum, tightens pores and moisturizes. 20 grams of natural brewer’s yeast are needed. They must be diluted with warm milk to the consistency of sour cream. Infuse for half an hour. Add a little olive oil or tea tree oil.

Best Mask Shopper

The finished masks have a consistency like cream, only denser. They have a rich composition, so they work more effectively than home remedies. But it is not recommended to exceed the time specified in the instructions. It is better to apply such products before going to bed, not more often than 2-3 times a week.

Top 10 best remedies

In our opinion, there are 10 ready-to-use masks that work best for pimples. These products differ in price, composition and action. So everyone can choose a suitable option for themselves.

  1. MIKO Anti-Acne suitable for oily skin. Can be used during acne exacerbation. Reduces inflammation, tightens pores and moisturizes. It contains lecithin, borage oil, grapefruit oil, sage extracts, chaga, clay, lactic acid.

  2. Ducray Keracnyl triple action mask based on glycolic acid, zinc.Also contains panthenol and clay. Effective for oily skin: cleanses, exfoliates, removes acne.

  3. Dr. Kirov Sledocide is applied only on the problem areas at night. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, does not dry the skin. Contains zinc, hyaluronic acid, silver ions, plant extracts. Eliminates blemishes and acne marks.

  4. Propeller Volcanic Clay mask based on kaolin, volcanic clay. Reduces inflammation, clears pores and removes black spots.

  5. DARIQUE MASK ANTHI-ACNE– Professional product, often used by cosmetologists. Contains alginate, tea tree oil, calcium phosphate, sea salt. Prevents acne, regulates sebum activity.

  6. NEW Anti Acne Mask

  7. NE PROFESSIONALHas a complex effect. It relieves inflammation, heals, moisturizes, and increases the skin’s defenses. Contains many vitamins, minerals and enzymes. There is lactic acid, allantoin, vegetable oils, herbal extracts.
  8. Kiehl’s with calendula and aloe. Cleanses and moisturises, suitable for dry skin. The mask reduces inflammation, soothes.

  9. EDERM SERACIN with white and green clay has a sebo-regulating action. Contains sulfur, zinc, plant extracts. Removes excess oil, clears pores and removes acne.
  10. Garnier Black Charcoal Cleansing Cloth Mask.We included this remedy in the rating, as it effectively eliminates black spots. Draws impurities out of pores, reduces inflammation, removes shine. Contains green tea extract, hyaluronic acid.

  11. L’Oréal Paris “Magic Clay” Scrub Mask. Gently cleanses pores, exfoliates. Can be used as a preventive measure against pimples. Contains 3 types of clay and red algae extract.

Rules of application of masks from pimples

Warming facial mask

Skin condition is connected with hormonal, digestive and endocrine systems. Before applying any home made or bought masks, it is necessary to determine the cause of the pimples. Their aggressive ingredients can have the opposite effect and increase inflammation.

Cosmetologists recommend using such means, if the cause of rashes are hormonal changes, if there are not many pimples and they do not appear often. Effective masks in the presence of enlarged pores, black dots, recurrent redness. They normalize the sebaceous glands and eliminate the cause of acne.

Before using the mask, be sure to test it for allergic reactions – apply a small amount to the wrist. If within an hour there is no redness, itching or burning, this remedy can be applied to the face.


Treatment of rashes with the help of home or purchased masks is not allowed in such cases:

  1. high temperature;

  2. Exacerbation of acne;

  3. Purulent pimples, severe inflammation;

  4. allergies;

  5. dilated blood vessels;

  6. acne occupies more than 30% of the face surface;

  7. Caused by endocrine disorders or internal diseases.

How to Hold the Procedure

For the mask to work, it must be applied correctly. The main advice given by all cosmetologists is regularity. Such means have a cumulative effect, so apply them 2 times a week with a course of 10-15 procedures.

On no account should you squeeze pimples either before or after applying the mask.

Each means has its own peculiarities of application, but there are also general recommendations:

  1. Before the procedure, clean the face with a lotion or wash your face with warm water;

  2. Place a warm towel on the face for a few minutes so that the pores are opened;

  3. The composition is best applied with a clean synthetic brush, if there is no such a possibility – the hands should be washed with antibacterial soap;

  4. After applying the composition, you need to lie down, relaxed;

  5. If the time is not specified in the instructions, keep the mask for 15-20 minutes;

  6. Apply moisturizer to face after washing.

At-home care helps eliminate solitary pimples and improves skin condition. If there are many rashes, they are inflamed, it is better to see a cosmetologist and undergo a more serious course of treatment.

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