Eyebrow wrinkles: how to remove and get rid of wrinkles and creases on the forehead

Don’t frown, wrinkles will. We’re sure you’ve heard these words from your loved ones. There is an opinion that the first involutional changes begin to appear after 25 years of age, when the process of natural collagen and elastin production slows down. But that’s not quite right: fine lines and wrinkles can appear much earlier, and our mistakes are the culprit. Is it possible to get rid of wrinkles and how to prevent them?? We experts at expertology are ready to share with you effective ways to correct.

What is the cause of the appearance of interbrow wrinkles??

The eyebrow wrinkle: How to remove and get rid of wrinkles and creases on the forehead between the eyebrows

Certainly, the first factor that leads to interbrow wrinkles is time. It is with age that the skin begins to fade, which is due to numerous physiological processes. But there are many other reasons besides natural aging,which lead to the formation of breakouts on the skin:

  1. stress and constant emotional tension;
  2. Unhealthy lifestyle – alcohol abuse, smoking;
  3. Lack of sleep, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome;
  4. Crazy diets, fasting, and eating without the WBCs;
  5. Lack of facial skin care;
  6. Use of low-quality or cheap decorative cosmetics;
  7. Hormonal imbalance;
  8. Bad habits – squinting, forehead frowning, and excessive mimicry;
  9. Excessive sun or tanning in a tanning bed;
  10. Exposure of the epidermis to aggressive environmental factors;
  11. genetic predisposition;
  12. Individual skin characteristics.

Eyebrow wrinkles appear as deep creases in the skin, which is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the periorbital area. They come in two types – supraperior and horizontal, but despite their classification, there are general principles for the correction of this cosmetological flaw.

Apparatus ways to fight interbrow

Modern advances in cosmetology offer a lot of different possibilities for aesthetic correction of physical appearance defects. The most noteworthy of these treatments are the hardware-assisted methods, which guarantee excellent results in the fight for a youthful appearance of the face.

  1. Laser resurfacing.Fractional lifting promotes the qualitative and safe removal of the upper layer of epidermis, thanks to which the relief of the skin is smoothed, and wrinkles are smoothed. The laser beam penetrates deep into the dermis, increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and activates the regenerative process. The effect of rejuvenation with proper skin care after laser resurfacing can last for 2-3 years.
  2. SMAS-tightening.Ultrasonic lifting is suitable for women who have thin skin. The main advantage of the method lies in the fact that it works perfectly at the level of the SMAS, that is, it affects not only the epidermis, subcutaneous fat tissue, but also the muscular aponeurotic layer. It provides a complex rejuvenating effect: wrinkles are smoothed out, ptosis of soft tissues is eliminated, and the face oval is shaped.
  3. Microcurrent therapy. It is one of the most popular methods of physiotherapy, which has found its application in cosmetology. Minimal force and amplitude when a current is applied to the skin, it stimulates the outflow of excess fluid, improves microcirculation and enhances collagen and elastin production. Early results of microcurrent therapy are visible after the first session – significantly smoothed out interbrow lines, aligned skin tone and complexion.
  4. RF-lifting.Electromagnetic radiation, as the main acting force, promotes tissue regeneration. The result, which can be achieved with the help of thermage, lasts for a year.

Injection methods


Unfortunately, hardware cosmetology does not always allow to achieve the effect a woman dreams about. In such situations, come to the aid of “beauty injections” – injections can quickly and effectively smooth out wrinkles, furrows and deep creases.

  1. Botulinum therapy. Introduction of Botox, Dysport – a classic technique in the fight against wrinkles. The doctor, calculating the correct dose according to the characteristics of the skin and the degree of difficulty of the problem, injects a drug based on botulinum toxin in the area above the bridge of the nose and the edges of the eyebrows. The neurotoxin paralyses the muscles, which helps to smooth the skin. The skin and muscles relax – the maximum effect occurs in two weeks and lasts up to six months, after which it gradually regresses. If the folds are too pronounced, then Botox is combined with the introduction of fillers.
  2. Mesotherapy.During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon injects nourishing cocktails, including those based on hyaluronic acid, under the skin. The injections are administered under anesthesia, which reduces any pain. Immediately after the mesotherapy redness, swelling and small bruises appear on the skin, but these phenomena pass on their own and do not require medical assistance. After 3 treatments, the topography of the skin is smoothed, wrinkles become less pronounced. To achieve maximum effect, 8-10 sessions of mesotherapy are recommended.
  3. Plasmolifting. An innovative procedure, which is based on injections of the patient’s own plasma combined with platelets. This “cocktail” is not rejected by the body, which guarantees a reduction in risks after plasmolifting. After injecting the plasma natural hyaluronic acid is produced, which is necessary for the epidermis for recovery.
  4. Bio revitalization. The treatment involves the introduction of hyaluronic acid, which aims at moisturizing, improving skin turgor, color and tone. By activating the regeneration process it helps to improve relief and smooth out wrinkles. As a consequence, the youthfulness, beauty and attractiveness of the face returns.
  5. Contour plastics. This technique is similar to biorevitalization, as the same substance, hyaluronic acid, is injected. The only difference is that during the contourplasty in the problem area the doctor introduces a hyaluronic gel – filler, which has a denser consistency.

Is it possible to get rid of wrinkles at home??

The treatments listed above are expensive salon techniques that can correct marked involutionary changes in the skin of the face. But you can also get rid of superficial wrinkles at home.

  1. Massage– One of the best preventive means, so it is recommended to massage the face long before the appearance of wrinkles. The massage improves blood circulation, which helps to smooth the skin. During the self-massage, gently pat the skin, knead the face and slightly pinch the tissue. To improve the efficiency of the massage one should use almond or coconut oil.
  2. Cosmetic products.The massage is recommended to be combined with home care cosmetics. Here’s a list of what we think are the best beauty products for improving your skin:
    • Collagen cream Medical Collagen 3DSuitable for the daily care of problem age skin. The active ingredients in the product saturate the cells with minerals and vitamins, replenish lost fluid volume, and smooth the relief.
    • Gloris Beauty Serumhelps to neutralize microcirculations that are responsible for fine lines and wrinkles. The serum penetrates deep into the dermis, improves its turgor and elasticity, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, as well as hyaluronic acid: the triad of these components makes the skin more smooth, soft, elastic and shining.
    • Declare serum designedEspecially for correcting expression lines. The protein ingredient in the treatment relaxes the muscles, which helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

It is possible to keep your skin smooth, beautiful and elastic until old age, for this purpose it is enough to eat well, refuse to drink alcohol and smoke. Avoid eating fatty, spicy, salty and sweet foods. Start taking care of the beauty of your face and body in advance – simple care products will save from early aging.

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