Carboxytherapy for the face: what is it and how is it done non-invasively?

Your skin needs more oxygen, as our cosmetologists say when they receive patients with tired, de-energized skin. Carboxytherapy – a unique procedure that improves cellular respiration, eliminates toxins, increases blood circulation.

Carboxytherapy for the face: what is it in cosmetology, how do non-invasive procedure

What is carboxytherapy?

This treatment is connected with a carbon dioxide therapy. It would seem that what is the connection between oxygen and CO2? The saturation of skin cells with carbon dioxide increases perfusion, i.e. tissue nutrition is improved, resulting in a sharper release of oxygen.

Carboxytherapy in medical practice has been used for 90 years, and in cosmetology for over 30 years, during which doctors have been able not only to evaluate the effectiveness of this method, but also to offer modified versions of the cosmetic procedure. While previously doctors could only offer their patients invasive methods to correct age-related changes through injections into the epidermis, today cosmetologists are increasingly resorting to non-injection methods.

What problems can carboxytherapy solve?

First and foremost, carboxytherapy is a rejuvenation treatment that has proven safe and effective in combating involutionary signs. It combines perfectly with other cosmetic procedures, in particular with mesotherapy, liposuction, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, laser dermabrasion. Thanks to carboxytherapy the skin of the face recovers faster after the machine treatment.

Cosmetic effect of the procedure is multifaceted. Carboxytherapy allows:

  1. Reduce the severity of scar tissue;

  2. Hide traces of postacne and scars;

  3. Smooth out expression lines, especially in the periorbital area;

  4. Lighten the skin by concealing areas of hyperpigmentation;

  5. Relieve puffiness from the face, and correct bruising under the lower eyelid;

  6. even out skin tone;

  7. Remove signs of involutionary changes;

  8. Improve the production of collagen fibers and elastin, which improve the skin’s corset;

  9. Tighten and strengthen facial contours by improving skin turgor;

  10. to reduce the second chin;

  11. to reduce the number of acne breakouts;

  12. Strengthen the capillary network and eliminate couperose;

  13. Narrow the pores, giving the skin aesthetic appeal and beauty;

  14. Eliminate dryness of the epidermis and get rid of peeling;

  15. Slow down the aging process of the skin;

  16. Reduce the inflammatory process;

  17. restore the cellular immunity.

The benefits of carboxytherapy in cosmetology are great. Therefore, the popularity of this procedure is increasing exponentially every year.

Varieties of Carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy for the face: what is it in cosmetology, how is the non-invasive procedure done

Modern cosmetology offersThe 2 main methods of the procedure:

  1. classical therapy– Carbon dioxide is actively infiltrated under the skin with the help of tiny needles;

  2. non-invasive therapy– The procedure does not involve injection, on the contrary, a solution saturated with gases is applied to the problem area of the skin in the form of applications


Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but the noninjection method of correction wins with its advantages. We are ready to share with you the most important advantages of this anti-age technique.

Comparison of 2 types of procedures

Invasive Carboxytherapy

Non-invasive Carboxytherapy

The introduction of injections has a number of absolute and relative contraindications.

The procedure is prohibited in the case of exacerbation of pathologies of a chronic nature, hypertension, iron deficiency anemia, cardiac, renal and hepatic failure, epileptic seizures, during pregnancy and lactation, with mechanical trauma of the epidermis, as well as with the exacerbation of inflammation of the skin in the chone.

The atraumatic procedure has no counter-indications.

Carboxytherapy without invasive intervention can be performed on pregnant women and while breastfeeding.

Injection therapy with carbon dioxide gas implies multiple skin punctures, which increases the risk of infectious affection. Therefore, we recommend that special attention is given to the choice of the clinic and the cosmetologist prior to the procedure.

During the procedure, there is no mechanical damage to the skin, which reduces the risk of tissue infection.

The injection of carbon dioxide into the tissue must only be carried out in strict sterility by a certified beautician.

Carboxytherapy can be performed at home, which requires the purchase of quality professional cosmetics.

After the procedure, the skin may show redness, swelling. The epidermis may sting or itch.

The side effects after the procedure are minimized. No risk of complications.

Visible results are obtained after the first session, but for maximum effect, a course of 10 sessions is required.

The first result becomes visible after the procedure, but to achieve the effect it requires a course of action – at least 10 sessions.

Not suitable for patients who have hypersensitive or dry, dehydrated skin.

it is ideal for all skin types.

Can be performed at any time of the year.

No seasonal limitations.

Due to the numerous injections the procedure is quite painful. Anesthesia is used in the form of applications to alleviate discomfort.

The patient does not feel any discomfort during the treatment.

Because of the “marks” from the injections, it is not recommended to perform the carbone therapy before you need to go out.

Even a couple of hours before an important event, as there is no need for renewal.

High cost of the treatment.

The democratic price of cosmetic products.

What else you should know about facial carboxytherapy?

No specific preparation for the procedure is required. The main thing is to know that carboxytherapy is not contraindicated for you. Immediately before the introduction of carbon dioxide cosmetic beautician cleanses the skin with a light scrub or peeling.

Directly in the salon for the procedure is carefully monitored by a specialist. Of course, the masks and gels used in beauty centers work on their own. But in some cases, a severe allergic reaction can occur. In these situations, the physician determines that the patient has an individual intolerance to the CO2 products or that there are contraindications, which the patient has omitted or forgotten. Products in such cases should be immediately rinsed off the skin.

Does the Carboxytherapy Field Require Care?

Despite the fact that Injectionless Carboxytherapy does not require rehabilitation, it is very important to take comprehensive care of the skin.Follow the standard recommendations given by cosmetologists after any procedure:

  1. Avoid exposing skin to direct sunlight for two to three days.

  2. To protect the epidermis, always use cream with a high degree of protection (30-50) when going out.

  3. Moisturise and moisturise your skin with a cream suited to your skin type.

  4. You should not go to the bath, sauna for 48 hours after the treatment. Also within 2 hours after carboxytherapy it is undesirable to go outdoors, where there will be contact with frosty air.

  5. Use a suitable mask to nourish skin.

  6. Clean skin of impurities aggressively.

How often can carboxytherapy be performed?

Exposure to carbon dioxide on the skin is a safe technique, but a time interval of at least 6 months should be observed between courses.

Carboxytherapy has practically no age restrictions – you can have the procedure at the age of 25-60. Carboxytherapy is not recommended for older patients, as it has no effect. The more serious methods are the only way to achieve a long-lasting rejuvenation effect at this age.

Carboxytherapy at home: top best products, according to experts portal Expertology

Carboxytherapy at home: the best means, according to experts portal Expertology1ARAVIA Professional carbon therapy kit suitable for dry and aging skin.2 400 €
2DJ Carborn Professional Strength Therapy New2 600 €
3Face Neck Spark
  • Homecare Kit
  • 2 500 €
    4Carboxytherapy mask for active dermal repairBeauty Style1 200 €

    Carbon therapy kit suitable for dry and aged skinARAVIA Professional

    Rating: 4.9

    A set of carbon fiber therapy, suitable for dry and aging skin from the Russian manufacturer Aravia Professional

    This set includes 3 main products that are used in stages during non-invasive carboxytherapy. CO2-gel, which has a rather dense texture, a gel-activator, after the application of which there is an active chemical reaction phase and an intensive mask, which has a restorative effect. Skin tightens, improves firmness and elasticity.

    Professional Carboxytherapy kit heals and regenerates the skin, replenishes lost oxygen and moisture. The effect of the action becomes visible after the procedure – the epidermis becomes smoother, the complexion becomes healthy.

    New kit for non-invasive carboxytherapy, DJ Carborn Professional Strength Therapy New – 5 treatments

    Rating: 4.8


    A product that is widely used in beauty salons by beauty therapists. Also suitable for home care, all you need is a brush to apply the solution. Korean-made, it contains three key components: gel activator, facial tissue mask, neck pads.

    As the manufacturer indicates, due to the active formula of the product after the procedure redness, tingling and burning of the skin of the face may occur. But these effects are short-lived and will disappear on their own after 10 minutes of exfoliation.

    To achieve a good aesthetic result, 8-10 treatments are required, with an interval of 4 to 7 days. For preventative purposes it is sufficient to use the mask once a week. For a visible aesthetic result 4-5 treatments are enough, after which a pause is necessary.

    Face Neck Spark Carboxytherapy Kit
  • Homecare Kit – 3 procedures
  • Rating: 4.8

    nabor dlja karboksiterapii lica i shei, 3 procedury / Face Neck Spark<li></div><p>ng Homecare Kit” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/42216666195621-67ka.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Face Neck Spark Carboxytherapy Kit, 3 sessions</p><li>Homecare Kit”><p>This set is made in Korea. It not only helps remove sebum and other micropollutants from the skin, but also improves cell respiration and metabolism. The active ingredients in the product lighten the skin, improve capillary microcirculation, and detoxify. Ideal for skin with a dull complexion and large pores. By nourishing the epidermis it evens out the texture of rough skin. After Carboxytherapy it eliminates shine and beauty imperfections of the problem skin.</p><h3>Beauty Style Carboxytherapy mask for active dermal repair</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Carboxytherapy for the face: what is it in cosmetology, how do non-invasive procedure

    Effective and safe mask, consisting of two active ingredients, which allows you to conduct CO2 therapy at home, without visiting a cosmetology center. The active ingredients of the mask improve cell metabolism, stimulate regeneration processes in the dermis, increase the production of collagen and elastin fibers, and remove accumulated toxins and waste from the epidermis.

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