8 tips for applying blush to a round face

The round face – it is a feature of appearance, which is usually inherent in overweight girls and ladies “in the body”. But by no means always. Girls with a standard figure can also have a round face, simply because nature and genes have decided so. And such shape perfectly emphasizes exceptional femininity, softness and tenderness, goodwill, sincerity and openness of the image and character of a woman.

Journalists of the online edition interviewed many experts in the field of makeup in order to find out how you can emphasize and correct the features of the appearance of round-faced girls. And it turned out that one of the most important tools in their hands is blush. Read about how to choose and apply this cosmetic on a round face and how to combine it with other types of decorative cosmetics in this article.

A round face

How to know if you have a round face

Before finding out the peculiarities of applying blusher to a round face, you should make sure that nature has given you exactly this shape. For this you can consult a makeup artist, who should be familiar with the anatomy of this part of the body. But if there is no time or desire to visit a specialist, you can “identify” a round face yourself:

  1. Visually separate the face from the rest of the head – draw a rounded line with a dark cosmetic pencil that starts near the auricle, crosses the forehead at its highest point, and ends near the second auricle.

  2. Check visually or use a ruler to see if the length of your face is equal to its width. If the numbers are approximately the same, it means that the face is round.

  3. If parameters such as the width of cheekbones, forehead, and lower jaw also match, the chin is rounded, and the cheeks are plump, it also indicates that you have a round face.

  4. A round face is easy enough to distinguish from an oval or heart-shaped face. But it is close to a square face. The main difference is the shape of the chin. It is not hard and wide, massive, but on the contrary has a very soft line and does not stand out at all from other parts of the face.

How to properly apply blush to a round face

The purpose of applying blush to a round face is not only to balance the overall image, to make it more harmonious, but also to visually correct an overly round shape. With the help of decorative cosmetics the face can be stretched a little, to make the shape close to the oval, which is considered the most correct.

Experts assert that it is necessary to pay attention not only to the technique of applying cosmetics, but also to the correct selection of shades. Use pastel, matte and muted pastel colors to correct your features. It can be light brown, terracotta, deep beige, gray-pink tones that resemble a light tan after application on the skin.General rules for choosing a cosmetic product depending on the color of hair and skin:

  1. Brown-skinned brunettes suit means muted, dark colors, for example, bronze, copper, chocolate, peach varieties.

  2. Girls with normal or tanned skin with brown or dark blond hair can apply pink and brown products.

  3. Red-haired women can use cosmetics for cheeks in beige, peach, brick shades.

  4. Light-skinned and fair-haired girls can also use cosmetics in peach and close to it shades.

  5. It is not recommended to choose bright and juicy berry shades, including those with pearly shine. First, such products will attract to the cheeks and cheekbones increased attention, and the purpose of applying cosmetics is just the opposite. Secondly, bright colors will create a “red cheeks” effect, which will only emphasize the rounded shape of the face. Also, when choosing shades, it is necessary to remember your color type. If you have a cold face it means that cosmetics should have a cold undertones and vice versa.

cosmetic bag

Rouge is applied to a round face in combination with other means of decorative cosmetics, otherwise the makeup can not be considered complete, and the image – harmonious and balanced.Therefore, in addition to blush, you need to prepare such cosmetics:

  1. Face primer and a separate eye primer. These cosmetics will help foundation, blushes and shadows to stay on the skin all day, without rolling, smearing or crumbling. If there is no separate primer for the eyes, you can use a regular base.

  2. Light concealer to mask dark circles under the eyes, foundation, powder. The last element is mandatory if a girl is going to apply blush, especially if she has oily, combination skin.

  3. Eyeshadow in muted tones.

  4. Arrow pencil or liner.

  5. Mascara.

  6. Lipstick or lip gloss.

  7. Highlighter – a tool that, in conjunction with blushes, will help to conduct the correct contouring of the round face.

Before applying blush, the skin is covered with primer, foundation, powder, eye shadow, arrows are drawn and the highlighter lightens the back of the nose. Now we can see the almost finished look in the mirror, the final touch is contouring of the cheeks.

In most cases blush should be applied to the cheekbones or the so-called “apples” of the cheeks. But if we’re talking about a round face, the pigment is covered by a completely different area. Use wide strokes, with a thick, soft brush to apply the makeup to the area from earlobes to the chin. Here, the layer of cosmetics should be almost weightless, enough to lightly and gently tint the skin. The second stage in applying blush: Draw your cheeks in, keeping your lips in a tube. The result should be a dimpled appearance under the cheekbones. This is the starting point of the pigment application. Smooth the tone evenly, starting below the cheekbones toward the temples. It is recommended to introduce the pigment smoothly into the area where the hair begins to grow. If you apply this technique, there will not be a feeling that the painted area has any clear boundaries, makeup will look most natural.

To create the sleekest aspect of a blush, it is possible to lightly powder the infamous “apples” of the cheeks. This technique of applying makeup is called “draping. It is a combination of darker shades for the cheekbone area and lighter shades for the cheekbones. But only light pigment of a soft pink or peach shade must be used very carefully, so that the skin acquires a pinkish tint, and not a bright red, as after being in the cold. The result is a natural shadow effect, which masks the extra volume in the cheekbones, cheeks and chin. It is important not to forget about thorough shading, which will help to hide the transition from one shade to another, eliminating the mask effect.

The kinds of blushes that can be used on a round face

Blush types

There are several types of blush, which can be classified according to their consistency and texture. Depending on your own preferences you should choose cosmetics according to how easy it is to apply them at home or away, how comfortable it is to “wear” the cosmetics on your skin.

Blush types:

  1. Dry– The most popular makeup products, easy to apply. Lays on the skin with a thin film, no matter what accessories are used, brushes or sponges. The application of dry blush is possible even with the fingers, the pigments are shaded well. Excellent for combination and oily skin. Have an optimum composition – natural mineral ingredients, mainly natural pigments and other additives.

  2. Creamy– a real salvation for dry skin. Brush application is not a usual practice. Better if you use sponges or pads. The composition contains natural coloring ingredients, creamy moisturizing base, other substances that help increase the moisture of the epidermis.

  3. Gel rougeSuitable for women with normal skin type. They have a translucent structure, thanks to which the application of such blush on a round face allows you to get the most natural result without the doll-like effect.

  4. Blushes that are similar in consistency to mousse. The number one choice of professional makeup artists. The blush is easy to spread in all directions, it doesn’t smudge during the day, it doesn’t crumble.

  5. Blush in balloons.Have all the benefits of pressed dry blushes, but may have a pearly sheen. It is therefore necessary to choose such cosmetics carefully, and to apply them to the skin in moderate amounts.

To apply blush to a round face – picking the right accessories

choose the right accessories

Girls who don’t attach much importance to the process of applying makeup often use their fingers to apply foundation, lipstick and blush. It is certainly not prohibited, but in terms of hygiene and the final result is not quite the right course of action. It is still better to buy at least one blush accessory. It makes the process easy and makes the makeup look as natural as possible…

What you can buy to make applying blush to a round face easier and more optimized:

  1. Brush with a soft natural or synthetic pile and beveled end. This is the best option in this case, since we have to apply the blush in beveled up and down lines. The soft nap helps to blend the pigment well into the zone you want. It’s easy to control the amount of pigment on the hairbrush, just shake the brush to remove the excess.

  2. A small, narrow brush with a pile of the same length – this accessory is suitable for women after 40-45 years of age, as they have long been accustomed to use exactly this auxiliary means for applying blush, popular in their youth.

  3. A flat, woven applicator or “puffer” is not a bad option and ensures even application of blush to the right areas of the face.

  4. Rectangular silicone sponges are suitable for applying cream, gel or mousse blushes.

If you buy a brush of any size and shape with natural or artificial hair, make sure to check the quality of the tool. All hairs should be held flat and tight. stroke the brush with your finger, grip it in your palm, and then gently pull the tip. If the hairs haven’t fallen out after these manipulations, it means that the brush is of good quality.

General tips for choosing and applying makeup to a round face

Experts on makeup shared a few general tips that will help make choosing makeup easier and applying it to a round face:

  1. If you do decide to use a blush with a soft shimmery sheen, then apply it only to the highest points of the cheekbones. And only if your age is under 40-45. Middle-aged women are contraindicated with any facial gloss.

  2. Cream or gel blushes work well in combination with a cream foundation. And dry pressed, powdered and ballooned – with dry.

  3. Always use the minimum amount of blush on a brush. It is better to apply a few light layers of makeup, controlling the intensity of the shade, than to apply so much pigment the first time, that the entire makeup has to be washed off and redone.

  4. Cream blushes can shade not only the cheeks on a round face, but also the lips. There are two advantages – no need to worry about finding the right lipstick, and the lip color will perfectly match the cheeks makeup.

  5. Forget about making makeup on a round face and avoid sharp horizontal or vertical lines. Such touches in the makeup visually broaden the face and make it look more voluminous. This circumstance is the main reason round-faced girls don’t need to use a lip contour pencil.

  6. When applying blush and other decorative cosmetics, remember that the center of the face must be lighter than the sides. Focus on forehead, eyebrows, eyes, upper cheek area. If you want to experiment with blush, with different makeup techniques, do it in a relaxed atmosphere, without rushing to work or any festive event.

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