17 features of makeup for a round face

Features of makeup for a round face – quite a hot topic. Many girls and women are round-faced and they are interested in how they can visually correct the image. Journalists have found that the main thing in the makeup of a round face – to draw attention to the central area, that is, the eyes, to remove the emphasis on the side areas. So it is possible to visually narrow the face, to make the image more sophisticated and harmonious.

A few ways to find out what shape your face is

face shape

Many girls can’t say for sure if their face is round or oval, or even differently shaped. And the subtleties of the correct makeup depends on the shape of your face, which shape was given to you by nature. Journalists asked several professional makeup artists – what are the signs that indicate that the face round? And the answer isA round face has such features:

  1. The length is approximately equal to the width. It is “approximately”, as a perfectly round shape can not be.

  2. The width of the cheekbones, forehead and lower jaw are approximately equal.

  3. The forehead is low, gently rounded.

  4. Cheeks – chubby, cheekbones – wide.

  5. The chin is not massive, not protruding, not wide and not sharp, but rounded, losing in the overall background of the face.

  6. If you’re still not sure, you can do a simple test to help determine the shape of your face more accurately:

  7. Wash your makeup, pin bangs (if any), gather your hair in a ponytail, remove earrings – the face should be as open as possible, no details should interfere with the perception.

  8. Take an eyeliner or an eyeliner pencil, put dots along the chin line, along the contour at the level of the cheekbones, along the hairline.

  9. Try to connect these points in your imagination with a single line. And to estimate the result, which image she had, which shape geometry is more accurate? If your face is round, it’s pretty obvious.

A few more options:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror with a felt-tip pen in hand. Hair should be pulled back, shoulders spread out. Draw the contour in the mirror, see the result and draw conclusions.

  2. Measure the width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw using a centimeter. If the figures approximately agree, you have a round or square face. It is not difficult to distinguish one from the other, because the square shape is quite obvious due to the massive, rather than rounded chin.

  3. If you are convinced that the oval of the face is round, it is time to learn the specifics of applying makeup, which will help correct the appearance, to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages. If you are still unsure, a professional beautician can not only help you decide on the features of your appearance, but also advise you on how to do the right makeup.

The basic features of makeup

The basic features of makeup

Makeup artists told reporters what features makeup has for a round face. Perhaps our tips will save you from an unnecessary trip to a makeup specialist:

  1. When choosing cosmetics (shadows, eyeliner, blush), the emphasis should be on all shades of brown with warm undertones. But do not forget about your personal color type, warm colors might not suit you, it’s all individual.

  2. Shadows, eyeliner and pencil can be not only colors of the brown spectrum, but any deep dark colors. Except for the bright, shouty tones. Of course, a big role in this choice is played by the color of the girl’s eyes. But purple, gray, blue, their shades will create an accent on the eyes, while the oval of the face will recede into the background. For the same purpose, you can use a type of eye makeup “smokey eye”. If a girl just eyeliner, then you need to make sure that the shade of pencil or eyeliner, which are used on the upper eyelid, was a little darker than the same tool for the lower eyelid. It will help to make the eyes more expressive due to the shadow effect.

  3. The peculiarity of makeup (both daytime and evening) is that the central area should be lighter than the side areas. The accent is usually made on the upper part – the forehead, the eyes and the eyebrows. To achieve the desired effect, you can use different cosmetics. It can be a highlighter, a foundation that has one tone lighter in color than the one that a girl usually uses in her makeup. If your skin is not oily, you can accentuate the desired area with a powder with a shimmer (shimmer, shine) effect.

  4. The cosmetic products for the lips can be deep red, all berry shades. In this matter it is important to consider the color of the skin. For example, a product with an orange undertones would not work on a girl with a yellowish complexion. And to emphasize the virtues of the owner of dark skin can help bright, but not pastel colors. But you must remember that either your eyes or your lips should stand out. If you choose to highlight the eyes, the lips can be painted with a transparent gloss or discreet lipstick.

  5. Another peculiarity of the facial makeup. It lies in the fact that you should avoid clear horizontal lines. They visually expand the face, and we need to achieve the opposite result. Therefore all strokes with a brush or sponge are made from top to bottom or diagonally, that is practically in the vertical plane.

We considered the basic features of makeup for a round face. Now let’s move on to contouring, which will help make the oval visually narrower.

Features of the correct contouring

Features of correct contouring

The purpose of these cosmetic measures is to elongate the face, slightly reduce the cheekbones, cheekbones with the help of makeup. For this, a girl will need the following products:

  1. The make-up base – a primer.

  2. Corrector for the under-eye area, which will help hide dark circles, wrinkles.

  3. The foundation that matches the skin tone.

  4. Powder is not a mandatory element, but necessary for owners of oily skin.

  5. Blush – warm shades, matte. If you have no blush, you can use a bronzer, which should also be matte, without a shimmery effect.

  6. Eyeshadow, eyeliner or pencils for eyes, eyebrows; mascara, lipstick or lip gloss. But a pencil to emphasize the lip contour is unlikely to be needed, as the round shapes do not tolerate a clear geometry. The pencil can make the appearance of a “doll”. As the emphasis is usually on the eyes anyway, it is useless to experiment with lip contour.

  7. Highlighter (it can be replaced by a second foundation slightly lighter than the main one).

  8. Anything – powder, eye shadow, third foundation, bronzer – two shades darker than the foundation. It is important that the texture of this product is matte. Shine, glitter will draw unnecessary attention to the shape of the face.

  9. Accessories for applying makeup – brushes or sponges.

  10. Features and sequence of contouring and makeup of a round face:

  11. Clean the skin with a special cleanser and moisturize with cream.

  12. Apply a primer that will eliminate all the small imperfections of the skin.

  13. Under the eyes we apply concealer.

  14. Apply foundation all over the face.

  15. On each side of the face from the chin to the area above the eyebrows, apply a dark pigment that will create a shadow effect.

  16. On the nose, forehead, and chin we apply a light pigment (highlighter). It is noteworthy that most girls with a round face have a wide nose, which also wants to correct. On the middle of the nose we have already applied the highlighter, and to make this part of the face more refined, on the sides of the nose (on the wings) is also applied a dark pigment. It is important to understand that all the cosmetics should be applied in a very thin, translucent layer, carefully shaded – the transition boundaries of light pigment into dark should not be visible. It’s best to look at the result of your efforts standing by the window, in daylight. Artificial light from an electric lamp will not contribute to an objective assessment of the quality of shading.

  17. Under the cheekbones diagonally it is necessary to apply blush – this will visually lengthen, narrow the shape of the face. Brush it down to the earlobes. Usually blush is put on the “apples” of the cheeks, but in the case of a round face, there are peculiarities. Pigment on the cheekbones makes the face look rounder.

  18. Shadows are placed on the eyelids at the end. The black liquid eyeliner is used to make thin arrows on the upper eyelids that protrude beyond the eyelids, slightly bent upwards. Do not forget the mascara, which will complete the eye makeup. The finishing touch is the application of lipstick or gloss.

The Role of Eyebrows and Eyes in Makeup

The eyebrows in makeup

Now let’s deal with the shape of the eyes. As this area of the face of round-faced girls is emphasized, it is important to emphasize the advantages of the eyes, which can be carried out, taking into account the features of makeup in different cases:

  1. Convex eyes – exclude pearlescent shades, glitter, dark palette from makeup – all these visually add volume, weight eyelids. Muted tones are used, as an option – with a slight “stretching” towards the temples at the expense of playing with a gradient.

  2. Eyes that are wide apart make the roundness of the image even more prominent. To correct the situation on the inner part of the eyelids closer to the inner corners of the eyes is to apply a dark shadow, shading it towards the eyebrows. If you draw an arrow, it should originate also from the inner corner of the eye, not too far from the border of the eyelid.

  3. Eyes that are planted deep or close to the bridge of the nose. Any cosmetics in light shades will help, including those with the effect of glitter, shine, and shimmer. It is shadow, highlighter. The entire mobile eyelid is covered up to the eyebrow line, the inner corners of the eyes, and the outer corners are emphasized with darker pigments, visually “stretching” the eyes, distancing them from each other. If you draw your arrows, start in the middle of the eyelid, moving beyond the eye to the temples. But, in no case it is impossible to draw this element from the inner corner of the eye.

  4. The shape of the eyebrows plays an important role in the contouring of the face. Follow your makeup artist’s recommendations for curves. The optimal shape is angular, with a noticeable curve. A sharp, ascending curve is preferable, as it not only allows you to visually narrow the face, but also to accentuate the eyes. Smooth, rounded eyebrows are not your option.

  5. Arcs should not be narrow, stringy, short. Girls with round shapes have large features. And narrow, thin eyebrows will look comical, and the face itself will look flat. The best shape – a wide part at the inner corner of the eyes, narrower at the outer corner. It looks something like this – a soft kink is made at 2/3 of the beginning of the eyebrow, 1/3 of the eyebrow is the ponytail.

  6. Too short eyebrows make the cheeks look bigger. So, the beginning of the curve is just above the inner corner of your eyes, and the end is just beyond the outer corners of your eyes. If nature has not given you a thick eyebrows the necessary length, the form can be adjusted with a cosmetic pencil, or to make tattooing. And if your eyebrows are too bushy and wide – use tweezers or a special trimmer. To enlarge the eyes, to emphasize the curve of the eyebrows, you need to apply a little highlighter or very light shadows on the area under each arc.

Stylists and makeup artists have shared another beauty tip with journalists. Features of makeup for a round face – this is not all that can be used in the visual correction of appearance. There are other “tools” of modeling, for example, the image strongly depends on the haircut, hairstyle, styling, used accessories and jewelry. Read about it at the end of the article.

Hairstyles and haircuts for a round face – features of choice


Hairstyle can be your assistant in correcting the shape of the face, if you know the features and pick it up correctly. For example, a high styling, volume at the nape of the neck optically lengthen the shape of the head. If you have medium length hair – to the shoulders and below – you can wear it loose, but without a hoop. So strands will frame the face, partially hiding areas on the sides, that is, masking a wide jaw, cheekbones, cheekbones.

Let’s consider what recommendations were given to round-faced women by stylists and hairdressers:

  1. Looks great uneven, straight hair with a staggered shape, and a creative mess on the head.

  2. Hair cuts, in which the hair at the back of the head is shorter than the strands framing the jaw, will also help to hide excessive volumes. As an option you can use a bob with a length below the chin line with beveled bangs.

  3. Haircut pixie, “under the boy” – is a good option to expose the neck, visually stretch the oval.

  4. A high ponytail not only narrows the face, but also optically adds a few centimeters to the height.

What is contraindicated to round-faced girls – straight parting; braid or low ponytail; volume on the sides, in particular side comb, curls. It is not recommended to pull the hair back unless you have bangs. And the bangs should be obligatory oblique, jagged, asymmetrical, straight bangs will create the effect of weighing the face.

Also let’s pay attention to the clothes and accessories that can make the image more attractive for a round-faced woman:

  1. And to avoid high collars and scarves, but a V-neck and all variants that reveal the cleavage and the neck are suitable for wearing. They will emphasize the advantages of appearance.

  2. Hats, hats should be chosen so that they create volume at the back of the head or hide the cheek area, lower jaw. Not bad variants are trumpet hats, fur caps, scarves, worn on the head and tied under the chin. But hats with earflaps, knitted tight hats to the eyebrows, classic berets are contraindicated to a round-faced beauty.

  3. Glasses – it is better to choose such an accessory by shape. It should not be horizontal, but jagged. The “cat’s eye” variant is something that you can go for with a high probability.

  4. Earrings – long and asymmetrically shaped are the way to go. Button earrings and clips are not suitable.

Everything is important in creating a look – from makeup to the right hairstyle and clothes. If girls and women with a round face will take into account the recommendations of specialists, they can easily emphasize the positive features of their appearance.

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