13 lipstick expert tips

Lipstick is an essential element of daily and evening makeup. Its application makes the image more harmonious and expressive. Many girls and women buy lipstick, based on what shade they like. But this approach is not quite correct. Makeup artists told reporters that there are many factors to consider when choosing this makeup product – lip shape, hair color, skin and eye color, even age. As well as the characteristics of the lipstick itself – the formulation, texture, degree of staying power. Read about all aspects of choosing this cosmetic product in our article.

What effect can be achieved by correct and incorrect choice of cosmetics

The right and wrong choice of cosmetics

There’s a lot riding on whether a lipstick is chosen right or wrong:

The right choice:

  1. The perfect volume – lips look charmingly plump.

  2. Emphasizes and corrects the natural lip shape.

  3. Lip shade perfectly matches the overall style of a girl’s makeup – evening or daytime, holiday.

  4. The look is harmonious, with moderate lip accentuation.

Incorrect selection:

  1. Your lips look too plump or unaesthetically thin.

  2. The shape of the lips is distorted, not combined with the overall facial features.

  3. Lip color does not match the overall style – the lipstick is too bright or too pale, and the makeup looks overloaded, hard to perceive or unbalanced.

  4. The lips look vulgar, as does the entire makeup.

  5. The product makes the girl look older than she is.

For the right lipstick, get tips from our top makeup artists.

Shape and volume matter

In this matter, remember one rule or pattern – dark colors visually make the lips thinner, reducing their volume. And the light colors and shine (gloss, shimmer, shimmer) on the contrary, visually increase the volume.

Muted, pastel colors are recommended for puffy lips in the daily makeup. When choosing a color, use the palette of bronze, beige, not bright pink and restrained red shades. If you want to make your lips visually smaller, or to draw attention away from them, choose dark chocolate brown and similar shades.

Avoid darker colors if you have thin lips. The effect can turn out to be unexpectedly unpleasant – the lips just stretch into a straight line, the mouth becomes “rigid” and the whole appearance becomes austere, unfriendly. To give volume to the lips, use light colors, if appropriate – with gel gloss or glitter.

Appearance Color Type

Skin Color Type

The type of appearance of the woman is of great importance for the correct choice of cosmetic product. There are several parameters to work with:

Skin tint– You can apply the amount of lipstick you’ve tried on your fingertips and measure the results. If you like how the pigment on your fingers (skin tone in this area is as close as possible to the color of your lips) matches the color of the skin on the back of the palm of your other hand, then this version is for you. On the pads of your fingers, which are very sensitive, you can feel the texture of the product.

Hair color:

  1. Platinum blonde goes well with pretty much any color range of berry lipsticks (pink, mauve, muted purple, etc.).d.).

  2. To blondes with blond and golden hair it is recommended to choose apricot, light coral tones lipstick.

  3. Brown hair and brunettes are recommended to use the chocolate and beige pastel palette of decorative cosmetics.

Tooth enamel color.If you regularly visit a dentist, have preventive or hygienic cleanings, or bleach your teeth with Air Flow, Zoom or other methods, you can feel free to choose a lipstick with warm undertones and shades. If the color of your teeth enamel is yellowish, use a lipstick with a cool palette and blue undertones. This makeup will make the enamel of your teeth visually whiter, which will improve the aesthetics of your smile.

The age of a woman

At a young age girls can afford any experiments with colors. The choice of cosmetic product can include different options – from screaming juicy and bright tones, to nudes, pastels and translucent shades. It all depends on the girl’s goals and the purpose of the makeup. When choosing a makeup look, remember that very young girls (under 15-16 years) should opt for semitransparent, slightly pigmented makeup variants. But older girls can already safely experiment with gradients and textures.

For women aged 30-35 years old it is recommended to choose standard not extravagant colors. Bright, juicy, berry, neon colors, fuchsia – it’s a passing phase. It’s time to look to the classic scarlet, terracotta, copper, coral shades.

In older age – from 40-45 years old women should be careful in the process of selecting makeup products. As at the age of 35 you should try to avoid bright colors. The skin on and around the lips begins to age, to attract more attention to it is not necessary. And age requires a lady to look respectable, to try to avoid vulgarity. So it is better to give preference to pastels, soft, powder, “dusty”, deep, close to natural colors. The only exception is the makeup for a holiday or a festive event. In this case, you can afford a selection of brighter options that are combined with the overall style of makeup. The main thing is to avoid matte textures, which dry out the skin and make a woman look older.

The choice of lipstick according to staying power, composition and other physical characteristics

Lipstick Selection

When choosing, keep in mind that most of the range of stores – it is the usual makeup, which stays on the lips for several hours, after which you may need to correct the makeup. To wash off such a lipstick, it is enough to use water, makeup remover milk or paper towels.

But there are also resistant products that are not washed off with water, are not “eaten up” when kissing, while eating. Such lipstick can last not only all day, but even longer, up to 24 hours. To wash it off completely, you will have to apply a foam, lotion to remove permanent makeup. Usually this lipstick has a matte texture, but it can be coated with a clear gel on top to add shine.

Regarding the composition – carefully read the information on the package. According to statistics, women who regularly use lipstick, in 12 months, involuntarily eat about one tube of this drug. So it is desirable that the composition was more natural ingredients, natural dyes, vitamins and oils. And less fragrance, artificial colors, stabilizers, preservatives and other harmful components.

When choosing a product, it is important to take into account the smell. If a cosmetic product smells bad or just irritating, reeks of chemistry, it is better not to buy it. Unpleasant fragrance can indicate a chemical intolerance, poor quality or expiration date.

Appearance – the color of the product should be uniform, as well as its texture. If you notice suspicious blotches, cracks, dents, drops of liquid, delamination on the surface, you have an expired, counterfeit or low-quality product.

The first trial of makeup – in order to fully test the product, you will have to buy it. But some brands give you samples. They are very inexpensive (for example, in Oriflame), and sometimes even free. What should be evaluated – whether the pigment is even and easy to lay, how much it feels on the lips, whether there is discomfort, whether the product spreads under the influence of body heat and sunlight.

Form release and texture, properties of cosmetics

In today’s cosmetics industry, there is a lot of competition. That is why the producers make a lot of efforts to offer the maximum variety of product forms and textures to the consumer. When choosing a product, you can be guided by this factor as well. On the shelves of the store you can find such variants of decorative cosmetics for the lips:

Classic lipstick with a retractable rod. This option is suitable for women who are not used to experimenting and prefer to use this kind of traditional remedy. It can be either matte or glossy. There are also two-color lipsticks, which replace the contour pencil. The stick has two parts, each of which is pigmented in a different color. Passing it on the lips, you get a richer coloring of the contour, and the middle part is covered by the pigment of a less bright tone.

Glossy lipsticks, lipstick lacquer in pencil, stick or tube forms, including those with an applicator.

Lip Balm with shade. This product is suitable for girls who have dry, chapped, flaky or cracked lips. Lipstick has a double effect – it moisturizes and nourishes the lips, but also gives them a light shade and a slight sheen.

lipstick texture

Lipstick Selection by Texture

The texture of the cosmetic product is also important in the process of selecting the best option for makeup. On this aspect depends both the convenience of applying cosmetics and the feeling on the lips. All girls have different preferences, so the manufacturers have tried to provide the maximum range of choice:

  1. Liquid Lipstick, which can be applied with a special applicator, a brush or a specially shaped tube tip. This option is ideal for those girls who want to apply makeup and correct it quickly. Liquid lipsticks are typically translucent and light in color, giving your lips a luminous sheen. There are also liquid, opaque, highly pigmented products.

  2. Creamy lipstick– One that comes in twist-off sticks, or in palettes of one to five (or more) creamy-textured shades. This type of decorative cosmetics contains moisturizing and nourishing components, oils and vitamin complexes. It feels softer when applied. And at the same time the shade of the lips is just as it should be.

  3. A solid lipstick with a high concentration of pigment– Available in different variations of sticks and pencils. The advantages of this type of decorative cosmetics – durability and economical use, saturated color, high overlapping properties. The pigment fills in all the fine lines on the lips, smoothing out their surface and making them soft and delicate.

  4. Dry lipstick, which comes in powdered form and is packaged in small jars or bottles. This lipstick can be applied using the applicator that comes with it. The key benefits of a liquid lipstick are full color, coverage, and economical use. But the fact that the cosmetics are available in the form of powder, can create some discomfort during its use – there is a feeling of tightness and dryness.

Lipstick formulation according to its properties

When buying a cosmetic product, you should also consider what properties it should have. There are special moisturizing lipsticks. They are the most widely available on the market. The selection of such funds is recommended in order to saturate the skin with vitamins, smooth, make it soft and gentle. Such cosmetics are optimal for daily use. An additional feature that such products may have is protection against UV rays.

Nourishing lipsticks are recommended for use in the cold season. The oils, waxes and vitamin complexes in the composition help protect the lips from the negative effects of wind and frost.

Hygienic lipsticks can be used by girls at any age. Even if the application of pigment on the lips is not appropriate. These pomades are colorless and help protect and regenerate the skin. They help to eliminate peeling, cracking, dryness of the epidermis. And in this case, except for a light natural shine on the lips there is no trace of cosmetics use.

Lipsticks with Botox Effect. From time to time products like those in the Oriflame (“The ONE”) range are available that have unique properties. You may feel your lips begin to tingle and grow larger when you apply it. Also changes the color of the lips – it becomes brighter, more saturated. This effect is achieved due to the composition of the cosmetic preparation. It has components that stimulate blood flow to the tissues. Therefore, the lips become more voluminous for 2-3 hours. After the end of the action, if necessary, the result can be refreshed by applying the preparation again.

Lipstick selection according to the nature of the finish


Finish is the effect that is achieved after the application of makeup. The finish can be matte, the latest fashion trend. And glossy – it helps to create really romantic, delicate and sensual looks. And satin – a light sparkling, but unobtrusive shine appears on the lips. The transparent finish is almost invisible on the lips. The amount of pigment in the lipstick is minimal, but may include nacreous components, which give lips a bit of volume.

Keep in mind that most of today’s lip care products have several different properties at the same time. So when selecting a lipstick, you need to find one that suits you in color, release form, texture, properties, finish. To find the best product, you can read the descriptions and characteristics of cosmetics, which are available on the websites of online stores. Or consult a makeup artist who can suggest a few different possibilities, tailored to your wishes, for every occasion.

Lipstick selection according to brand and price

Experts recommend buying products of well-known brands. Cosmetics can belong to the category of mass-market, luxury or professional segment. If you have already used the products of a particular company and were satisfied, then you can try to buy and lipstick.

If you have not yet bought the famous brands of cosmetics, choosing lipstick, you can give preference to the products of Maybel

  • ne, L’ Oreal Paris, NYX, Bobbi
    Own, Pupa, Dior, NOUBA, Vivienne Sabo. It all depends on your purchasing power. The cost of a quality product can range from 70 to 2500 rubles. Anything more expensive are cosmetics intended for use by professional makeup artists.

    Lipstick selection depending on the expiration date

    If you use a stick or solid, dry lipstick, it has a shelf life of about 2 years. Experts say that if you use a liquid product with an applicator that is constantly immersed in the bottle, the shelf life of such a lipstick is reduced to 2-3 months. Storage conditions are also important:

    1. If the lipstick is kept cool, unexposed to sunlight and extremes of temperature, it can be stored and used for up to 24 months.

    2. If you carry makeup around in your bag all the time, it can last up to 2-6 months.

    Little tips to make lipstick selection easier

    Experts on makeup shared with the journalists of our online edition small tricks and useful tips that will help to make the correct choice of lipstick as easy as possible:

    Take advantage of modern technology. They can help you save time and choose the best option from the comfort of your own home. For example, you can download and install the free “L’Oréal Makeup Genius” app on your smartphone. You can use the program to take your own picture and “try on” different shades of lipstick. In other words, you can see how each product would look on your lips.

    Test makeup. In the corners/stores of many brands, you can take an express course or a makeup master class completely free of charge. Qualified consultants are well versed in shades and textures. With their help you can without much effort and financial investment to test a variety of options and make a selection of several most suitable at once. And also learn how to apply lipstick correctly.

    Find your favorite shade,But you want to change the finish or try a new texture? Take your favorite lipstick with you to the store so you can compare the shades of your old and new products in the cosmetics department to make the best purchase.

    The most common mistakes when choosing a lipstick

    common mistakes

    Given that today’s high-quality decorative cosmetics costs a lot, selecting the lipstick, it is better to avoid mistakes. If you buy the wrong product, you simply can not use it in the future, or return it to the store. Consider the top 3 most common mistakes that girls make when they’re picking out lipstick for their lips:

    1. Like a friend’s lipstick. This approach to buying makeup is fundamentally wrong. Every person has his or her own skin type and shade, lip shape and volume, eye and hair color, and other personality traits. What looks great on your acquaintance may not suit you at all. If you really want that particular shade of lipstick, test the product on yourself before buying it. You can ask a friend to lend you some makeup, or use a sample in a store. But keep in mind that it’s not hygienic.

    2. Buying lipstick out of habit. Many women, having made once a successful selection of cosmetics, continue to buy the same product for many years. Such consistency is not bad in and of itself. But it must be taken into account that over time, changing the shade and condition of the skin (especially in summer and winter), the color of the hair on the head. The choice of lipstick affects the time of year and changes in a girl’s style. All of these things should be kept in mind. Also, some lipstick companies often tolerate variations in shades of the same lipstick number from shipment to shipment. Or just stop releasing certain product lines. Therefore, a girl should take into account all these aspects and have on hand a few independent options for lipstick makeup.

    3. Spontaneous, unexpected, emotional purchases. Sometimes in the mood or in the affect we pick up such shades of lipstick, which seem to us promising. Especially when the product is at a discount. Consider whether such a purchase is worth the waste of money? It is better to make a rational and weighted decision, that is, buy a product knowing exactly whether it meets your requirements in terms of texture and shade.

    4. And the last mistake – to choose the decorative cosmetics according to the price only. The high cost of a cosmetic product is not always an indication that it is much better than its less expensive counterparts. You can avoid unnecessary costs, so read the reviews of different brands and user reviews.

    How to apply lipstick for maximum effect

    It is important not only the selection, but also the correct application of pigment:

    1. Clean the lip area with water or a special makeup remover, washing your lips.

    2. Give your lips a light scrubbing. As an option you can use regular sugar, mixed with one teaspoon of honey or sour cream. If you’re in a hurry, you can skip this step.

    3. Apply a moisturizing and revitalizing cream or gel, balm – care products you use to revitalize your lips. Wait 5-10 minutes for the product to absorb into your skin, blot your lips with a paper towel to remove the excess. This step can also be skipped in case the time for the makeup is limited.

    4. Apply primer to the lips, blend the product in thoroughly.

    5. If necessary, use a colored pencil. If you use a liquid or moisturizing lipstick, a product with a soft texture, using a pencil or eyeliner will prevent the product from smearing beyond the contours of the lips.

    6. Apply lipstick, wait a couple of minutes, blot your lips with a tissue, apply a second coat of makeup.

    If you use lipstick in this sequence, your lips are protected from harmful external influences, the product itself lasts much longer, and its shade does not change throughout the day.

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