12 tips on how to glue and how to remove false eyelashes

Accessories for eye jewelry, made of artificial materials, are in high demand among women. After all, this is one of the most effective and simple ways to help make your eyes bigger, even if they are naturally small or narrow. Framed with false eyelashes the look becomes open, expressive, mysterious and sexy. An additional plus – no need to use cosmetics, such as mascara or liner. It also reduces the time for makeup, which in the morning, as a rule, is not enough.

Journalists collected complete information on the types of false eyelashes, gluing techniques, ways to remove the artificial hairs.

Advantages and disadvantages of false beauty accessories

How to take care of false eyelashes

False eyelashes, as well as false eyelashes,Have a lot of advantages:

  1. It is possible to correct the shape of the eye, masking flaws such as the overhanging eyelid or too large, convex eyes.

  2. With proper use, damage to the skin or mucous membrane of the eyelids is difficult.

  3. Use false eyelashes can every woman, as it is an affordable product of the beauty industry, which you can buy in a stationary cosmetic store or on the website.

Despite all the advantages of false eyelashes,They also have disadvantages:

  1. It is extremely important to buy quality glue that will not cause allergies and will not harm the skin of the eyelids. That preparation, which usually comes in a ready-made set, can have in its composition hazardous chemicals. Such preparations, as a rule, are not able to fix the strip-base properly, or act shortly – false eyelashes often fall off at the most inopportune moment.

  2. When you wear false eyelashes, you have to constantly monitor whether they are okay, whether they have not started to peel off the skin of the eyelids. If you want to avoid such psychological discomfort, it is better instead of false eyelashes to use false eyelashes.

  3. If you wear false eyelashes, you can not go to the sauna, bath, swimming pool. It is also not recommended to stay in the open sun, get into the rain or snowfall. Sudden changes in ambient temperature are also undesirable, as the glue can change its properties.

In principle, the disadvantages of using false eyelashes cannot be considered significant. Such negative aspects do not stop true fashionistas and women who want to accentuate the beauty of the eyes.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the use of false eyelashes

Answers to frequently asked questions about the use of false eyelashes

Most women use false eyelashes on their own, without going to the lashmaker. And sooner or later they may have questions, which usually have no one to answer, so journalists decided to ask them to the consultants who helped write the article.

The most popular questions regarding the use of false eyelashes:

  1. Is it possible to sleep without removing false eyelashes? Theoretically it is possible, but overnight the artificial elements for sure unglued or deformed, so the reflection in the mirror in the morning you are unlikely to please. In addition, the glue that remains for a long time on the skin of the eyelids, can adversely affect the epidermis.

  2. Can you correct the length of false eyelashes with scissors? The length of the ribbon-base can be shortened, but the length of the hairs themselves – not, because the artificial elements will lose their natural appearance.

  3. Can I get my false eyelashes wet? No, rather than yes. Most manufacturers warn that contact with moisture during wear is highly undesirable.

  4. How do you wash your head if you have false eyelashes glued on your eyelids?? The accessory has only a decorative function. Therefore, it is recommended that you first take a shower or bath, and then apply makeup and glue the artificial elements.

  5. How long will false eyelashes last?? It all depends on how good glue you use. Some products provide durability of the result for 3-4 hours, other glues will hold firmly the eyelashes in place for a day.

  6. Can you use mascara and curler? You can, but do you have to? Artificial elements on the eyelids and so make the eyes expressive, in this matter, the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to get overly dramatic or doll effect.

  7. Does it is necessary to paint and curl your own eyelashes before applying false eyelashes?? It is necessary to ensure a more natural, uniform result.

  8. Is there any way to replace the special glue for attaching beauty accessories? The answer is no. If you see recommendations to use as a glue PVA, medical glue BF-6, nail polish or double-sided tape, in any case do not follow them, or vision problems will not avoid. At the same time, to fix the individual bunches, you can use glue to build up eyelashes, if you have it on hand.

  9. Can we glue false eyelashes over false eyelashes?? Theoretically it is possible, but not at all expedient. First, the effect would be excessive and unnatural, and second, you would put an increased strain on your eyelids and hair follicles.

  10. Is it possible to wear false eyelashes if one uses contact lenses?? You can, but very carefully. Trimmed eyelashes should not come in contact with optical aids in any way. And during the gluing and ungluing of artificial elements, lashes need to be removed.

Kinds of superimposed beauty-accessories

Styles of trimmed beauty accessories

The false eyelashes can be divided into several types, depending on the characteristics of the product:

  1. The material of manufacture – the cheapest versions are made of silicone, which, by the way, does not look different from natural hair, but it may be a little heavy. Inexpensive and lashes made of plastic, polyester or synthetic monofilament. More expensive products are made from materials (silk, rubber), the characteristics are close to the natural mink or sable lashes, as well as natural lashes.

  2. Type of false “eyelash rows” – there are lashes on a ribbon, which completely mimic the natural ones. Or sets of hairs that are gathered in small bundles – they are used for the bundle method of short-term extensions.

  3. The fixing point – 99% of all beauty accessories are eyelashes for upper eyelids, but there are also variants for lower eyelids.

  4. The effect or result that occurs after gluing false eyelashes – there are classic versions, which on the eyelids are indistinguishable from the native lashes. And also artificial ornaments, made of unusual materials, for example, from brightly colored feathers, decorated with rhinestones. Or neon lashes that glow in the dark. The latter option is not suitable for daily use, but in order to complement a festive or stage image – this is what you need.

  5. The method of fixation or attachment of the elements – there are the usual, classic beauty accessories, which are attached to the eyelids with a special substance – glue. And also a relatively new product – magnetic eyelashes, which are fixed on top of the natural eyelash row and under it. Magnetizing, the ribbons slightly clamp the natural hairs. This option not all seem comfortable to wear, but do not have to deal with the glue. You can find on sale and self-adhesive false eyelashes, for fixing which you do not need to buy glue, because the drug is already applied to the inner side of the tape-base.

  6. Number of uses for the same accessory. The most popular are reusable ones; you can use them 2-3 times without losing the esthetic characteristics and even longer, if you provide the jewelry proper care and proper storage. Disposable products are much cheaper, so they also find their consumer.

  7. If we talk about false eyelashes, there are two types – single elements glued on natural eyelashes, and bundles of hair, which are used in bundle extensions.

The differences between false and false eyelash accessories

In today’s beauty-industry are popular with two main groups of artificial eyelashes – false and extensions. False eyelashes are easy to glue at home, and false eyelashes – in a beauty salon (although having at hand the necessary tools, you can make the extension and on their own).The main differences between the two groups of beauty accessories:

  1. The main difference between the build-up and false eyelashes is that during the build-up the artificial hairs are attached to the natural eyelashes, and false eyelashes are fixed exclusively on the skin of the eyelids.

  2. The extensions can be glued on or off at any time. For example, if in the morning you made a regular make-up, and after work to go to the event, then gluing on false eyelashes, you immediately transform your image for one evening. Augmented hairs are attached for a longer period of time – 2-4 weeks.

  3. It is possible to use the false jewelry a few times, and the ones that are designed for buildup are disposable.

  4. A beauty salon extension procedure costs much more than buying false “décor” elements.

  5. Extensions are much harder to peel off on their own, than in the case we are dealing with false eyelashes.

  6. Experts point out that girls who are planning to do the build-up, can start with false eyelashes. This will give you the opportunity to understand how comfortable it is to wear artificial hairs, what volume and length of eyelashes suits you best.

How to Choose the Right Beauty Accessories

How to choose correctly false eyelashes

Careful choice of eye jewelry is a guarantee that you will be comfortable wearing it. Make sure that the artificial hairs hardly feel on the eyelids,Follow these recommendations of experts:

  1. Before buying, put the tape with eyelashes to the eyelid – the curve of the base should coincide with the curve of the growth line of natural hairs. The shape of the eyes of all people is different, some people have more convex, others have more flat and elongated eyelids. If the tape with eyelashes does not match the contours of the upper eyelid, you will have difficulty placing it properly and firmly fixed, while making the decoration invisible to others.

  2. Also, pay attention to the curve of the artificial hairs themselves. If they curl stronger than natural eyelashes, they will be very noticeable on the eyelid. If you have nothing to choose from, you can twist the natural hairs with special curling tongs to achieve the same level of curve of natural and artificial hairs.

  3. Evaluate the length of the tape of false eyelashes – most importantly, that the base is not too short for your eyelids. Although this situation happens quite rarely. In most cases, the base is much longer than necessary. To shorten the tape lashes, trim the part that will be at the inner corner of the eye. The outer edge of the tape-base is better not to touch, so as not to spoil the appearance of false eyelashes.

  4. If you want to buy not ribbon false eyelashes, but individual bundles, you need to decide only on the length of the hair, for the other parameters they are universal and suitable for eyes of all sizes and shapes.

With the choice of lashes for lash extensions in general there is no problem. Decide on the technique of extensions (classic, thin, glamorous, cat’s or fox’s eye), the type of volume (full, partial, 2D, 3D) and choose the right amount of single hairs or bunches.

How to do the gluing procedure at home

To begin with, you need to buy the right glueTo fix false eyelashes. It usually comes in two colors:

  1. Milky-white glue, once dry it becomes completely transparent and invisible on the eyelids. Such a preparation allows you to use eyeliner, pencil or shadow of any shade, as it will not shine through from under cosmetics.

  2. Black glue, which is appropriate to use if you intend to apply black eyeliner and / or dark shadow.

Before using the glue, check it for the ability to cause an allergic reaction. It will be unpleasant if after fixing false eyelashes you find that the eyelids began to itch, swollen and red, and tears are streaming from the eyes. It is better to make sure that your body does not react negatively to the adhesive, to do this, apply a small amount of the product to the skin on the inside of your wrist. Allow the hairs to dry completely-if you are not experiencing any discomfort, it is safe to use the adhesive.

kIn addition to glue you will needA small set of “tools”:

  1. Tweezers, which will help to hold the false eyelashes. If you use a band version, you can do without tweezers, but they will definitely be useful if you intend to glue miniature bunches. You can use a special tool, bent at 60-90 ° or ordinary flat, for example, the one that you use for eyebrows.

  2. Use cotton pads to apply the glue to the base of the false eyelashes.

  3. Manicure scissors. They are useful when you need to adjust the length of the tape.

  4. A mirror – preferably one that enlarges the image, allowing you to examine the smallest details and identify mistakes in the process of fixing the eye jewelry.

  5. Having chosen the glue and suitable false eyelashes, as well as accessories, you can proceed to the fixation procedure. Depending on the type of lashes can act in two ways:

  6. One-piece false eyelashes on a ribbon. Clean and degrease the skin of the eyelids, do not apply any preparations with an oil or powder consistency, otherwise the glue may simply not “adhere” to the surface of the skin. Take a strip of false eyelashes, with the help of a cotton swab apply the glue on the inside of it. Do the same with the second strip. Wait 2-3 minutes for the glue to dry slightly. Apply the strip to the eyelid as close as possible to the growth line of your natural lashes. Glue the tape should start from the inner corner of the eye, moving towards the outer corner. On no account should not fix the false eyelashes on the natural hairs, only on the skin of the eyelid.

  7. Separate bundles of artificial hairs. Clean your eyelids of dirt and skin secretions. Take one bundle of hair with tweezers, with a cotton swab apply a small amount of glue to its base. Allow it to harden a little, put the bundle in the right place, fix it on the skin of the eyelid as close as possible to the growth line of your own lashes. In the same way, glue all the other bundles.

After you have glued on the false hairs, it is recommended to reduce the degree of “artificiality” in the image. To do this, you can draw graphic arrows, or at least work out the inter eyelash space with a soft and bold kajal pencil. You can also use eye shadow, mascara (applied in one layer only), a curler to curl the hairs.

How to glue eyelashes at home

How to glue false eyelashes at home

To glue the false eyelashes by yourself, you will have to spend more effort than in the case when we are dealing with false hairs. But with enough experience can be carried out the procedure for 2-3 hours and enjoy the result for at least 2 weeks, in contrast to the false eyelashes effect, which lasts only 8-12 hours. Seeing that you can do eyelash extensions yourself, you may prefer this method.

How to grow eyelashes on your own (for example, a bunch technique):

  1. Prepare tweezers, degreaser, cotton swabs and special resistant glue, as well as a mirror and a couple of cotton pads.

  2. Place the halves of cotton pads under the lower eyelids to protect the skin (they can be secured with a little tape).

  3. Degrease your own lashes.

  4. Take one bundle of hair with tweezers, put a drop of glue on its base, close your eye, fix the bundle on one of your own lashes. The place of soldering should be as close as possible to the growth line of lashes, but do not touch the skin of the eyelids.

  5. Repeat the gluing procedure with all the prepared bundles of eyelashes – on each side (on each eyelid) should be fixed the same number of bundles in the same places.

Keep in mind that the glue for lash extensions hardens quickly, so the fixing procedure should be done without delay, without distraction.

How to remove extensions or false eyelashes – special products and improvised means

How to remove the extensions or false eyelashes

The best and safest way to remove the false eyelashes is to make an appointment with the master, who performed the cosmetic procedure. But in life there are often situations when it is not possible to get an appointment with a specialist. Lashmaker can be on vacation, on sick leave, or he may have a very busy schedule. In this case, you can try to remove false eyelashes yourself, at home. If you want to do it without the risk of damaging your natural eyelashes and eyelid skin, you will need to buy one of the specialized products. Such preparations are used by masters in beauty salons, so you can not doubt their effectiveness and, most importantly – safety. The same products can be used to remove false eyelashes, as they dissolve different types of adhesives.

There are several types of remedies for the removal of false and false eyelashes – removers and debonders. You can also try to get rid of false eyelashes with the help of improvised means, but their effectiveness is doubted by qualified specialists.

How to remove false or false eyelashes with the help of special preparations

To find out which debonder or remuver is better to use, contact the administrator of the beauty salon where you did augmentation. And ask him to tell the name of the means, which are usually used by the masters. The second way to choose the best product – follow the recommendations of experts. This method is useful if you have performed extensions yourself, or if you want to remove false eyelashes, which glued at home.

The first thing you need to pay attention to isthe consistency of the product. Qualified specialists can work with any debonders. Beginners are recommended to use not liquid, and gel or cream textures, and here’s why:

  1. In liquid debonders and removers probably contains acetone. If the drug accidentally gets on the mucous membrane of the eye, there may be a chemical burn or persistent irritation, tissue redness.

  2. Gel and cream debonders are more convenient to use. They do not smear on the eyelashes, can be well put on a cotton swab without dripping from the tip.

  3. You can control the amount of product applied and thoroughly distribute it to the adhesions. Gel debonders are also more economical than liquid consistency.

The composition of the debonder. First, it is recommended to buy a drug that does not contain acetone. Also the presence of other chemicals should be minimal. It is clear that the glue remover in the composition must be, otherwise the tool simply will not work. But components such as fragrances and dyes – completely unnecessary in debonder or removers, as do not perform the useful functions of the. If you are satisfied with the composition of the product, but it has too pungent, acrid smell, it is better to give preference to another product. You may have stumbled on a fake, the information on the package is not true, or the product has simply expired.

The reputation of the manufacturer’s company and the cost of the product.The first is inextricably linked to the second. The more famous the brand, the more expensive are preparations for the removal of false eyelashes. Surprisingly, there’s nothing to be surprised about it, because reputable companies produce products designed not so much for the average consumer, but for the use of professional eyelash extension workers. That is why the cost of such preparations is traditionally high. But since we are talking about the health of the organs of vision, you should not save on the purchase of debonder. The more that one tube, costing 800-1500 rubles you enough not just once, but for 10 or more procedures.

Specialists do not recommend buying removers and debondersTo remove false eyelashes in non-specialized outlets, particularly in the market. It is better to visit a major cosmetics supermarket, where the optimum storage conditions for the product, and where you can consult on the choice of a suitable debonder.

In addition to the preparation to remove false eyelashes, you’ll need cotton sticks and discs or special pads under the eyes in the form of half-moons; brush with a dense bristles (you can use a brush to comb the eyebrows or a clean brush from the used mascara); pliers to separate the artificial lashes from natural.

How to remove false eyelashes with debonder or remuvera

How to remove false eyelashes with a debonder or remover
  1. Take an upright position in front of the mirror. Make sure you have good lighting and that you have all the necessary preparations and accessories at hand.

  2. Stick special ergonomically shaped pads under the lower eyelids. If you do not have any, you can use cotton pads. Cut one disc into two halves. Where you get a straight cut, cut another recess in the form of a semicircle. This will allow the cotton pad to follow the shape of the lower eyelid and it can be placed just under the lash growth line. Disc halves can be fixed by “seizing” them on the sides with small pieces of masking tape.

  3. Close one eye, Dip a cotton swab in a debonder and apply the preparation to the adhesions between the false eyelashes and the skin of the eyelids. Without opening your eye, wait for the debonder or remooper to dissolve the glue holding the false eyelashes. The recommended time of the procedure for each eyelid should be indicated on the package of the preparation, tentatively the solvent should be held for 2-5 minutes or a little longer.

  4. vAgain, without opening your eye, brush from the base of the lashes(from their growth line) to the tips, as if sweeping away the false hairs on a cotton pad under the lower eyelid. If the eyelashes are glued not singly, but in bundles, you can use tweezers to pick up a few hairs from the bundle and separate it completely. If artificial hairs are attached to the tape, after the glue has dissolved, pick up the edge of the tape at the inner corner of the eye, begin to separate the tape-base from the skin, moving towards the outer corner of the eye. Do not make any sudden, jerky movements, as it is possible to damage the delicate skin of the eyelids if the glue has not softened completely.

  5. Clean the treatment areawith running water or a special eyelid makeup remover.

  6. Repeat the treatmentFrom beginning to end on the second eyelid.

After you remove the false eyelashes, take a break, do not use a similar decoration for 3-7 days. And the natural eyelashes, and the hair follicles and skin of the eyelids should be given time to recover, because exposure to glue, even the safest, is not beneficial. After extensions, you should also take a break, but it may take longer, from 2 to 6 months. If you use special care products – gels, creams, serums, the process of tissue regeneration will proceed faster and the next extension can be done already in 3-5 weeks.

Alternative remedies by which you can remove false and false eyelashes

Reasons for Eyelash Restoration after Eyelash Extension

Experts do not guarantee that such methods will help remove false eyelashes at home, but if you can not visit the masters, and debonder suddenly ended, you can try to use improvised options.

What will help remove false eyelashes:

  1. Any vegetable oil. Simply dab it on the adhesions and wait 15 to 25 minutes. If the artificial hairs (ribbon-base) begin to separate, it means that the oil is working and dissolves the glue. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure and reduce the processing time of each eyelid, you can slightly steamed the glue before applying the oil, using a steam bath. For this purpose it is necessary to heat water in a small pot. As soon as the container begins to rise in steam, it must be removed from the fire, bend over it, covering your head with a towel, with your eyes closed. You may have already had such a treatment before, when you were treated for respiratory diseases. Only instead of regular water you used a decoction of medicinal plants. After ten minutes, when the glue that holds the false eyelashes has softened a little, you can apply vegetable oil, which quickly dissolves the chemical substance, and attachments easily detached from the skin of the eyelids.

  2. A biphasic oily liquidFor the removal of persistent decorative makeup. The preparation is applied in the same way as vegetable oil.

  3. Greasy creamto care for children’s skin. It is recommended to use the simplest preparation with a natural composition and absence of synthetic components such as fragrances, dyes, stabilizers, fragrances, etc.d.

  4. Fatty foods, For example, cream or sour cream. The effectiveness of the method is questionable, but if you try to remove the false eyelashes with milk products, you will not harm your body. So it’s worth a try, especially if there is no alternative.

  5. Important!If you’re not using a debonder (remover) to remove false eyelashes, but a handy remedy, you shouldn’t expect it to work quickly. It may take 30-40 minutes or more for the glue to dissolve. If even after an hour false eyelashes will not begin to freely detach from the skin, try leaving the oil on overnight. In the morning it will be perfectly clear whether the herbal product is effective against the fixative. If oily means are powerless, then nothing but debonder will help you remove false eyelashes at home.

  6. Extension experts warn– Any oily substances and preparations will be effective if resin glue was used to fix false eyelashes. But such preparations are already becoming a relic of the past. Increasingly, craftsmen are using cyanoacrylate-imethylacrylate-based adhesives. These products hold false eyelashes in place more firmly, and they do not dissolve when exposed to vegetable oils or fats. If such a glue was used, you can remove the false eyelashes only with the help of remuver or debonder.

  7. On a variety of sites and forums on the Internet you can find quite strange advice on how to remove false eyelashes. Experts do not recommend the use of these preparations, if you do not want to get problems with the organs of vision or to cause significant damage to the skin of the eyelids:

  8. Any products containing alcohol.This substance may be able to dissolve glue, but there is a greater chance of chemical burns to the eyes. As a result, you will spend more money on treatment than if you bought a reliable and proven debonder.

  9. Acetone is even worse than alcohol or alcohol-containing products.Pure acetone will cause irreparable damage to the eyelid skin, As well as the natural hairs of the eyelashes. And if it gets on your mucosa or eyeballs, you will experience severe pain, and also for sureGet serious vision problems.

  10. Vaseline.In principle, this is a fairly innocuous preparation that is used in pharmacology. But you should not forget what it is made of. After all, it’s a petroleum product. Do not use it on delicate and sensitive eyelid tissues, as allergies and other side effects can occur.

  11. Soap, shampoo and similar detergents. If you close your eyes well, these preparations will not harm your eyelids, eyelashes or mucous membranes. But the effect of their use will not be any. Soap and similar products are simply unable to dissolve the glue that is used to fix false eyelashes.

  12. Hot water.Such a remedy only softens the glue, making it more pliable and supple. But it will not dissolve it. As a result, false eyelashes can simply be displaced from their place, they will sag, and will stick out in different directions, but do not detach from the skin.

If the means on an oil basis or debonder did not have the desired effect, it is not worth experimenting with more aggressive preparations. Experts strongly recommend in this case to make an appointment with any lashmaker, even if it will be an unfamiliar master.

What you can not do if you intend to remove false or false eyelashes without complications

What not to do if you intend to remove false or false eyelashes without complications

If you decide to remove false eyelashes by yourself, do not forget aboutThe rules of safety and do not commit acts that may harm your health:

  1. No forceful mechanical action on false or natural eyelashes. If the artificial hairs do not want to detach from the skin, do not pull and “tear”. After all, by acting in this way, you will cause great damage to your eyelashes and eyelid skin. As a result, to restore health will have to spend more than one month. It is better to wait longer than planned, so that the glue dissolves completely, and the procedure of removing false eyelashes was atraumatic.

  2. To remove false eyelashes should not use objects with sharp edges. Scissors, needles, pins, toothpicks – all this should not in any case, contact with the eye area.

  3. You should not remove the false eyelashes yourself if you have any infectious and inflammatory ophthalmic disease. Otherwise, you risk infecting other tissues and making treatment more difficult. By the way, if you have similar diseases, you should not glue on the false jewelry, so as not to aggravate the situation.

  4. Also, do not conduct the procedure of getting rid of false eyelashes during the critical days (including a few days before and within a few days after this period). At this time, the body’s sensitivity is heightened and the pain threshold is lowered.

  5. If during the use of a product to remove false eyelashes, you feel pain or a strong burning sensation, rinse the product from your eyes immediately. Such sensations as a slight warmth, tingling, itching are considered normal. The occurrence of severe pain or burning indicates that the product is of poor quality, or simply not suitable for you. If even after you have washed the drug from the eyelids unpleasant sensations do not go away, then you need to consult a doctor – a dermatologist, ophthalmologist, therapist.

  6. No need to use a debonder or remoister, if it has expired. Even if there is a lot of product left over, it is still better to dispose of it and buy a new product.

  7. No need to try to remove the false eyelashes yourself if you wear contact lenses and can not remove them for the duration of the procedure. If even the slightest amount of debonding agent gets on the lens, it can become cloudy and not as clear as necessary.

Obviously, the process of removing false and especially false eyelashes involves some risks. Therefore, if possible, it is better to entrust this procedure to qualified specialists.

Care for reusable false eyelashes

How to restore eyelashes after extensions

If you use reusable extensions, then after removing them you need to prepare them for storage. The correct care will prolong the life of the jewelry, so you can glue the same lashes not 2-3 times, but 5-7 times or even more.

The rules of care for false eyelashes:

  1. Immediately after use, gently remove any adhesive residue from the base of the tape. Cured glue comes off easily, in one strip, if you gently pick it up at one end and pull. If the glue is removed with difficulty, drop the artificial lashes in the liquid for demake-up for 10-15 minutes, or put on the basis of any fatty tape cream for the same period of time.

  2. Rinse the false jewelry thoroughly under running water.

  3. Dry your eyelashes with a warm jet of air from the hair dryer. You can also use a soft towel, which should blot the artificial eyelashes, do not rub them, otherwise they may crumble from the base.

  4. Put clean and dry eyelashes into a small box.

  5. Store eye jewelry in a cool, dry place that is out of the sun’s reach. For example, in a desk drawer in the room.

In the range of cosmetic stores there is a large number of false eyelashes produced by different companies. So that the choice of suitable products has not become a problem for you, you can be guided by the recommendations of lashmakers, who have made for you a rating of the most popular companies-manufacturers:

  1. L’Etoile– A company that offers a large selection of false eyelashes, as well as accessories and preparations for their fixation. In the brand range you can find products for everyday use and bright, original eyelashes to create festive images.

  2. Ardell Fashion Lash– This company produces false eyelashes in the form of self-adhesive tapes and individual bundles. You can choose suitable positions depending on the length, volume and shape of the hair.

  3. MAC– one of the most popular brands on today’s beauty market. Produces many types of false eyelashes for all occasions. The same company produces a high-quality glue for fixing artificial hairs.

  4. NYX Wicked Lashes.This brand offers the buyer more than 20 kinds of one-piece false eyelashes on ribbons. As well as a palette of bundles of different lengths – more than 60 options.

  5. Kiss.In the range of this company has a large selection of false eyelashes on a ribbon – from as close to natural, to bright and extravagant. Also, this brand has transparent eyelashes, which provide volume without loss of naturalness. And sets of bundles, which are often complete with special tweezers.

  6. Huda Beauty.The company is engaged in production of one-piece false eyelashes, which need to be glued, as well as magnetic eyelashes with increased strength of attachment.

  7. Also on the domestic beauty market are presentedThe following companies-manufacturers of false eyelashesDE. CO, Essence Fancy Lashes, Manly Pro, Irisk, Adhesive
    Ush On, Revlon, Catrice Lash Couture, QVS, Valori Fashion Lashes, Vivienne Sabo False Eyelashes, Inglot. You can safely buy the products of these companies, as they have proven themselves in Russia and abroad.

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