12 ideas to make eyes expressive

Expressive eyes are every girls dream. So journalists have gathered information about all the ways to achieve this effect – from the use of different types of decorative cosmetics, to the use of colored lenses and fitness techniques. You can combine different techniques to make your look more expressive, with stunning results.

Brow work

Brow work

The eyebrows are a part of the face that can dramatically affect appearance. Just change the shape, width, and length of the curve, and the look is almost unrecognizable. So, emphasizing the eyebrows, you can make the eyes expressive, the look deep and attractive.

First, you need to form the correct contours of the eyebrows, mark the point of curvature, the beginning and end of the arches. For this, you can consult a makeup artist, who will advise which shape suits you best, will remove unnecessary hairs, will mark areas that need to be painted with a pencil or a special eyeliner, mascara.

If there is no time or opportunity to visit a makeup artist, the optimal shape of the arches can be determined by yourself. To do this, take any long and thin object, such as a knitting needle. It will help to trace three points – the beginning of the eyebrow, its middle (the place of curvature) and the end. To do it this way:

  1. The beginning, the base of the eyebrow, is where the needle touches the eyebrow hairs if one end of it is placed on the wing of the nose and the other end is placed on the inner corner of the eyelid.

  2. The end of the brow arc is the point where the knitting needle applied to the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eyelid crosses the eyebrow line.

  3. The curve of the arch is the point at which the spoke crosses the brow when positioned near the wing of the nose and above the pupil.

Such a simple method will help to form a correct eyebrow line. Concerning the form, too, everything is simple – at the base the eyebrow should be naturally wide, smoothly thinning to the middle, and the tip should be the most narrow, 1-2 mm wide. Any hairs below the eyebrow line that are out of optimum shape are plucked with tweezers or removed with a special trimmer. It is better not to pluck the hairs that are in the upper area of the eyebrows’ growth and not to remove them in any way.

Once you’ve got the shape of the arches figured out, you want to look at the length of the hairs. Take a brush, for example, an old, cleaned from the paint mascara brush. Pass the brush across the eyebrows, moving it upward, keeping it parallel to the eyelids. All hairs that are so long that they protrude beyond the outlined shape of the eyebrows, trim with manicure scissors. Repeat the process, brushing from top to bottom. The hairs that hang down and look untidy should also be shortened.

Now it’s time to work on the color of your eyebrows and any gaps in their growth. Not all hairs grow evenly across the curve shape, small gaps may form, especially in areas where there are scars. Also the shade of the eyebrows may not match the overall image. This problem is actual for girls, who have changed their natural hair color on the head. If you’re a brunette, shade your eyebrows a few shades lighter than your hair color. It is recommended to blond girls to paint the eyebrows in a color that is 2-3 tones darker than the hair on the head. Using a pencil, you can not only trace the eyebrows, but also accentuate their shape by tracing light, soft lines along the lower and upper border of the hairs’ growth.

When you apply makeup, using highlighter, a light foundation, or a light beige shadow that is applied to the area under the eyebrows (from the middle to the tips of the arches) can help make your eyes look expressive.

Use highlighter, concealer and a white pencil

Using Highlighter

All light shades of makeup are intended to emphasize the attractive features of the appearance. So highlighter, white pencil or light shadow can help make your eyes expressive, regardless of your daily makeup technique.

How you can use these cosmetic products:

  1. Highlighter is applied not only to the area under the eyebrows, but also to the area near the inner corners of the eyelids. Instead of highlighter you can use any cosmetic product of a lighter shade. If there are no skin problems, it is acceptable to use eyeshadow with a slight glow effect.

  2. The pencil can be used to trace a line below the lashes on the lower eyelid. If you flatten the line, the look will look more natural.

If you have dark circles under the lower eyelids, no amount of tricks with makeup will not help make the look more expressive and deep. On the contrary, you can draw attention to the imperfections of your appearance. So it is necessary to disguise the bruises under the lower eyelids. This is not difficult to do, you can use the same highlighter or concealer. Apply the product to the skin, and after thoroughly blending it in, it conceals any unwanted darkening, in just a few minutes.

Drawing Chic Arrows

Arrows are a great way to make eyes more expressive. The main thing to remember is the basic rule of drawing the arrows – the line on the inside of the eyelid should be thinner than the outer. If you draw a thick line at the bridge of the nose, the look will not be expressive, eyes will look heavy, will look smaller.

If you want a simple and discreet daily makeup.., You can draw modest nude arrows in this way:

  1. Take a beige, graphite or brown pencil. it is important that the shade of the cosmetic product belongs to the range of natural shades.

  2. We paint the inter eyelid space on the upper eyelid, then draw an arrow line that starts and ends within the lash line.

  3. Brush the line, so it does not look distinct.

  4. Starting with the lower eyelid, working in between the cushions, blending the pigment carefully.

If you want to express your eyes,and the image more vivid, draw the arrows with a black pencil or black eyeliner:

  1. The inter eyelash space is painted over. This is a standard technique to make eyes more expressive.

  2. A thin arrow, the tip of which can protrude 1-2 centimeters beyond the outer corner of the eyelid, is drawn along the growth line of the eyelashes.

  3. From the middle of the lower eyelid to the outer corner of the eyelid a thin arrow is also drawn.

  4. If desired, the arrows on the upper and lower eyelids can be slightly blurred, making the image smoother.

This method of drawing arrows is universal, suitable for any occasion. For work or study, for a romantic evening or a friendly party.

The arrows on the eyes

There are also two arrow makeup techniques that can help make your eyes most expressive and charming. It is recommended to use these techniques in evening and festive makeup, but not in everyday makeup.

Arrow for retro style makeup:

  1. Use black eyeliner or a finely honed black pencil to draw a line that starts at the outer corner of the upper eyelid. A line upwards and slightly to the tip of the eyebrow.

  2. From the middle of the upper eyelid a second line is drawn, which smoothly curves and joins at the end with the upper tip of the first line.

  3. From the inner corner of the eyelid, a third line is drawn, which, curving, runs along the top point of the second line, joining with it, and ends at the end of the first line.

  4. The area which is formed inside the lines drawn is painted over with a pencil or eyeliner, and the result is a retro style arrow, with an expressive tip, thin at the base, and wide at the corner of the eyelid.

The technique of making makeup in the style of smoky aisleWith arrows and shading shadows:

  1. Drawing the middle part of the eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids.

  2. Drawing a solid arrow for the upper and lower eyelid. It begins in the inner corner of the upper eyelid, and ends in the inner corner of the lower eyelid. On the lower eyelid, the line is drawn not on the skin under the lashes, and on the mucous membrane.

  3. Shadows in darker shades, chocolate, black, dark purple, or any other shade can be applied to the upper and lower eyelids. The eye shadow is perfectly shaded, creating a smoky effect, making the eyes expressive, mysterious, alluring.

To do this makeup and get a great result the first time is not easy. Therefore, experts recommend practicing these techniques to “stuff up your hand”.

Also experts advise to experiment with eyeliners of blue, purple, turquoise shades. These pencils and liners are used to trace arrows on either upper or lower eyelids. Cool, bright, saturated tones help make the simplest makeup look more impressive and the eyes more expressive.

Use mascara and curling tongs to make your eyes more expressive

Curling tongs

For everyday makeup can be used a simple black mascara or cosmetics wet asphalt shade. It’s enough to apply 1 or 2 coats of mascara on the upper lashes and 1 coat of mascara on the lower lashes, for your eyes to look more expressive.

Mascara, which gives the eyelashes volume, combined with curling hairs, will maximize the aesthetic effect in the evening and festive makeup. Curling tongs for eyelashes look quite intimidating, but thanks to the soft, elastic rubber pad can not cause any damage to the hair. It curves your lashes just long enough to make them look fuller and longer. This is to make the look expressive and enchanting.

The technique of using these tools is as follows:

  1. Lift the lashes with your fingertip, then apply a single coat of mascara from the roots to the tips of your eyelashes. Move the brush in a zigzag motion.

  2. Wait until the mascara dries a little, then apply the tweezers, taking the lashes of the upper eyelid and squeezing them moderately, so as not to damage the structure of the hairs.

  3. Apply a second coat of mascara on the upper lashes, trying to curl them with the brush.

  4. Once again, squeeze the lashes with the tweezers for about 2-3 minutes.

  5. Apply one coat of mascara on your lower lashes, coloring each hair from the top to the bottom.

  6. Thanks to the tweezers it is possible to make the eyes expressive in only 5 minutes. They can be used in everyday makeup as well. But in this case you need to apply not 2, but 1 layer of mascara.

Mascara volumizer – false eyelashes effect

Eyelash extensions are a procedure that helps make even the smallest and most unremarkable eyes big and expressive. However, the build-up has several disadvantages – short duration, the need for regular correction, causing damage to the lashes. Recently, a healthy alternative to lash extensions has emerged – Extreme Lash Volumizer mascara with fibers. This unique cosmetic product, which can be used at home without any special skills, can increase the length and volume of lashes by 3 times.

Benefits of Extreme Lash Volumizer by Feg pro Advanced:

  1. It hangs on your lashes all day long and does not fall off.

  2. Easy to rinse away with regular water or a makeup remover.

You can adjust the volume and length of the eyelashes yourself at your discretion. The desired result is obtained by applying 1, 2 or 3 layers of mascara.

Amazing result, up to 300% lengthening guarantee to make your eyes more expressive and your look more open and hypnotic.

The only downside of Extreme Lash Volumizer by Feg pro Advanced is the cost of the mascara. It will cost almost 800 rubles, but the result will be worth it.

The right choice of lipstick

Lipstick selection

If you want to make your eyes more expressive, no flamboyant lipstick is a must. Only one area on the face should be accentuated – either the eyes or the lips. If both are put on too brightly, the image will seem provocative and vulgar. Pearl lip gloss or matte nude lipstick will make your eyes brighter and more attractive, and your look more harmonious and balanced.

To make the eyes more expressive, use eye shadow

Shadows are the ultimate weapon in the hands of the woman who wants to make her eyes expressive. Choose the types and shades of these cosmetics carefully, starting from such basic rules:

  1. Subdued, pastel colors– For everyday makeup, brighter and more vivid for weekends and holidays.

  2. Matte shadow– For everyday makeup as well as makeup for the face of problematic skin. Pearlescent shadows, with sequins, shimmer, glitter – for special holiday evenings, are used in moderation, even if the skin is young and has no defects. Ladies in age should use glitter eye shadow very carefully and only in evening makeup.

  3. Lightweight eye shadow is an eye-catcher, make the eyelids appear fuller. Darker shades are designed to draw attention away from your imperfections. But very dark shadows – black, dark brown, or dark gray – both narrow the eyes and draw more attention to them. So if you have a narrow cut of the eye orbits or an anatomically small shape of this part of the face, it is better to refuse to use dark shades. Dark shades of shadow look provocative and vulgar in the daylight. And light, pastel shades at the party would be lost under artificial lighting.

  4. Dry Shadowsbenefit from the fact that the effect of their application meets expectations. Shadows of creamy consistency may surprise you with unexpected results, but may not be suitable for your type of appearance at all.

The main technique that will help make your eyes expressive is double shading, that is, a combination of light and dark shades of the same range. Here’s an example of applying makeup using two shades of eye shadow – a light beige and a dark chocolate:

  1. Apply primer to the eyelid. This product will make the eye shadow show its true colors and stay on the skin well.

  2. On the entire eyelid from the lash line and to the line of eyebrow growth, apply a shade of light beige.

  3. A very light layer of chocolate eye shadow is applied to the area above the mobile eyelid (where the crease passes and slightly above).

  4. On the area in the outer corner of the eyelid, apply dark shadow in several layers so that the shade is the most saturated.

  5. Apply highlighter to the area below the eyebrow itself.

  6. Lower eyelid – from the inner corner to the middle you need to apply a light shadow; from the middle and to the outer corner – dark.

All the boundaries of color transitions are shaded, but it is important not to smudge your makeup into a single solid spot, which will look sloppy.

How to make your eyes expressive if you have problems with the shape

How to make your eyes more expressive

If you have almond-shaped eyes, which are considered the standard of beauty, you may not read this sub-item. However, the perfect facial oval, optimal size and proportions are quite rare. But even if the appearance does not quite conform to generally accepted canons, it’s okay. The eyes that are close, narrow, small, or even large can also be made expressive, using contouring techniques.

To solve various problems with the shape:

  1. If your eyes are set too close together, Visually increase the distance between them, if you put on the inner corners of the upper and lower eyelids light shadow, including with pearls. The bridge of the nose should be brightened.

  2. If your eyes are set too wide apart, You can make them more expressive by tracing a circular outline along the mucous line of the lower eyelid and along the lashline of the upper eyelid. It is desirable to use a pencil or eyeliner in a dark shade – black, brown, graphite. If you use a dark shadow along the entire length of the upper eyelid – from the inner corner to the outer, the eyes can visually bring even closer.

  3. If you have narrow eye sockets, Lift the lower eyelid with a light pencil or eyeliner, and apply a light shadow, such as beige. Do not paint the eyelashes on the lower eyelids, and apply a single coat of mascara on the upper eyelids, preferably a curling mascara. Use curling irons to enhance the open-eye effect.

  4. Eyes are round, large, and rolled out. Dark shadows, applied to the moving upper eyelid, and light shadows, applied to a static upper eyelid, under the brow, under the lower lashes. Mascara is applied both top and bottom, but moderately.

Experiment with light and dark shades and little by little you’ll find out which blends can make your eyes more expressive and beautiful.

How to make eyes more expressive without using makeup

expressive look without makeup

Not only decorative cosmetics help make the eyes expressive. The right clothes, accessories, and hairstyle can also affect a girl’s image. For example, women with gray irises can favorably emphasize its shade by wearing clothes or using jewelry of one or another color. Gray irises turn blue if a woman wears a blue or blue dress, green if she wears green clothes.

The second way to make your eyes more expressive and impressive is to buy colored lenses. The range of such products is very large. There are lenses which give your eyes a natural blue, green, gray or brown color. They are suitable for those who just want to make the iris color more saturated. You can also buy lenses in bright or unusual shades that will make your eyes special and unforgettable. There is another very original variant of the lenses, which allow you to make your eyes bigger and more expressive. They were invented in Korea, where all women and men traditionally have narrow eyes. These are lenses with an enlarged iris, making your eyes visually 20-30% larger. If a normal natural iris has a diameter of 11 to 13 millimeters, then with lenses it will have a size of 14-15 millimeters. There are variants of products with and without dioptres. You don’t have to wear contact lenses all the time, but they will come in handy if you have a party, a romantic dinner or some other occasion.

The right way of life can make your eyes expressive and your look clear and fresh. It is necessary to get enough sleep for at least 8 hours a day. Otherwise, your eyes will be puffy and red. A balanced diet and avoidance of alcohol and smoking, will also affect the expressiveness of the eyes. First, a healthy person’s whites of the eyes are really white, without a hint of ugly yellowing. Secondly, a sensible diet and the absence of bad habits help to preserve the youthfulness of the body. Which is important, because as you get older, the color of your irises fades, and their expressiveness decreases.

To make your eyes shine with beauty without makeup, try not to strain your eyes. If you work at a computer, let your eyes rest more often, do not read in low light, do not forget to wear sunglasses in summer. This will preserve the beauty of the eyes. To make them expressive without makeup, you just need to carefully pluck your eyebrows and curl your eyelashes. No makeup is used, but the result is impressive.

Another way to make your eyes more expressive is to take up facial fitness. This movement appeared not so long ago, but it became very popular, as it allows not only to preserve health and youth, but also to emphasize the favorable features of the appearance. Facial fitness exercises do not require the purchase of any devices. It is very easy to do these exercises, and no special skills are needed.

To make eyes more open and expressive, to remove “duck legs” from the corners of the eyes will help this exercise:

  1. Raise your left hand and put it behind your head.

  2. Place your fingers on the right temple just near the outer corner of the eye.

  3. Stick your tongue out as far as possible and tilt it to the left.

  4. The head is also tilted to the left.

  5. Stay in this position for 5-7 seconds, then rest, and repeat for five more times. Then the same is done with the left side.

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