10 best recipes for facial masks with green tea

Green tea is a delicious and healthy all-natural product, a great alternative to black tea and coffee. It can be used as a drink or as a cosmetic for the skin. The most popular green tea based masks in the East, they are very beloved by Japanese, Chinese and Korean women. Journalists asked beauticians and dermatologists to find out why green tea is so useful for the skin, what recipes based on this component are the most effective.

green tea mask

The benefits of green tea for facial skin

In the process of making natural (no additives) green tea, the leaves ferment slightly, about 3-12%. Therefore, the product composition retains a maximum of useful components for the epidermis:

  1. Tannins, which have a beneficial effect on the muscle fibers and help to heal skin injuries.

  2. Minerals are iron, copper, calcium, zinc, iodine. These components revitalize the epidermis, increasing the level of resistance to negative factors – both internal and external.

  3. B vitamins with a wide range of action. In particular, it stops the appearance of pimples, and stimulates the metabolism and metabolic processes.

  4. Vitamin A – an effective antioxidant, a recognized vitamin of youth.

  5. Vitamin P, a bioflavonoid, combined with vitamin C, helps to reduce capillary permeability and fragility.

  6. Vitamin C – helps to retard aging of the skin.

  7. Caffeine tones the epidermis and refreshes tired skin.

  8. Essential oils have anti-inflammatory, tightening, moisturizing, toning, bactericidal effect on epidermis, activate tissues renewal, remove itching and irritation.

  9. All elements in the green tea work in complex synergy, mutually enhancing the effect of each other.

The effect that green tea has on the skin and other facial tissues:

  1. Restores and maintains the tone of the muscle tissue, which makes the face look younger.

  2. It neutralizes free radicals, removes from the epidermis decay products, toxins, slags, which accelerate the aging process of the epidermis.

  3. Intensifies the regenerative processes and the growth of new skin cells, thus reducing the aging process.

  4. Stimulates the skin’s own production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are responsible for a firm, smooth and youthful appearance of the dermis, and help reduce the expression of age wrinkles.

  5. It supports the normal level of moisture in the skin, eliminating peeling and tightness. Removes excess fluid from the dermis at the same time, so puffiness and bags under the eyes disappear.

  6. Brightens the skin, helps to fight age spots.

  7. Narrows enlarged pores and normalizes the sebaceous glands.

  8. It heals minor skin damages like scratches and wounds and has anti-inflammatory and some antiseptic effect, eliminating irritation and pimples.

  9. Stimulates the metabolic processes of the epidermis.

  10. It heals blood vessels, eliminating the vascular network.

  11. Restores normal complexion, removing grayish or yellowish, greenish tinge.

If you are not allergic to green tea or other ingredients of masks, cosmetic procedures can be performed at any age for therapeutic or preventive purposes.

green tea mask

How to make sure you are not hypersensitive to the components of the mask? If you have consumed these products before without any adverse effect, it means you are not allergic. If you have never tried green tea or other ingredients in a mask before, you can conduct a home allergy test using the express method. Apply a small amount of the product on the skin on the inside of the wrist or elbow bend and wait for 10-15 minutes. If there is no negative reaction (redness, itching), you can make the mask without fear. Still, experts recommend consulting with a dermatologist or cosmetologist before using any home-made cosmetics.

In addition to allergies, there are such contraindications to the use of face masks, including those made on the basis of green tea:

  1. The mask should not be done if there are foci of purulent inflammation on the face.

  2. Do not use masks during exacerbations of chronic skin diseases.

  3. It is not recommended to perform this cosmetic procedure if you feel unwell and have high body temperature.

But pregnancy and breastfeeding are not considered contraindications to making facial masks.

The best recipes for facial masks using green tea

The most elementary and economical recipe is simply to brew 20 grams of tea in a glass of boiling water. Soak a cloth or gauze with this infusion and put it on your face for 20-25 minutes. If you plan to use this recipe regularly, you can sew a special cloth mask with notches for the nose, mouth and eyes.

Recipes for green tea masks with 2 or more components:

  1. Recipe № 1– 20 grams of flour (you can take flour from oat flakes), the yolk of one egg (you can take 2 yolks of quail eggs), strong green tea. First, the yolk is mixed with flour, then the mixture is diluted with tea to the consistency of thick sour cream.

  2. Recipe № 2– need to take 2 tablespoons of any cosmetic clay, mix with the same amount of dry crushed green tea leaves, dilute the mixture with a small amount of kefir to the consistency of a semi-liquid pulp.

  3. Recipe № 3– Make strong green tea, allow it to cool down to room temperature, add sugar and 5-10 grams of yeast. After 10 minutes, when the yeast is activated, you can add a few spoonfuls of lemon or lime juice to the mixture. Apply the mask to the face with a brush in three layers at intervals of 5-7 minutes.

  4. Recipe #4– Mash one egg yolk with sea salt, crushed oat flakes, a few spoons of natural honey and vegetable oil (any oil can be used, even sunflower oil). Add green tea infusion to the mixture. Ingredients are taken “by eye” and mixed to the consistency of a paste.

  5. Recipe № 5– Take 10-15 grams of honey, melt it in a water bath, but do not heat too much. Add rice flour and dry crushed green tea to the honey. To get the right consistency, you need to dilute the mixture, which has cooled to room temperature, with a few spoons of fatty sour cream.

  6. Recipe #6– Take a powdered green tea, for example, “Japanese Matcha green tea powder” – you will need about 1 tablespoon of the product. If you do not have powdered tea on hand, you can grind ordinary tea in a coffee grinder or with a food processor. Add natural cocoa (without sugar and other additives) to the powder – about half a tablespoon. Pour the mixture with boiling water, achieving the consistency of a dry porridge. When the mixture cools to room temperature, dilute it with liquid honey to the desired density and fluidity.

  7. Recipe #7– You will need 2-3 tablespoons of coarse leafy green tea, it is not necessary to crush it. Pour boiling water over the leaves and let them swell for 10 minutes. After that, drain the decoction, and mix the leaves with a little honey. Mass spread over the face and wash off after 20 minutes with cooled decoction of green tea.

  8. Recipe #8– Take 3 teaspoons of any green tea without any additives, pour hot milk so that the brew is completely covered with milk. After 2 to 3 minutes add 2 tablespoons of rolled oats or oat flour into the mixture. Cover and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Then you can grind the mixture with a blender or use as is.

  9. Recipe № 9– Take 3 tablespoons of green tea brew, mix with 2 spoons of cottage cheese, add a raw egg yolk and the contents of 1 ampoule of vitamin A, 1 ampoule of vitamin E, 1 ampoule of vitamin C.

  10. Recipe #10– For this mask requires a large number of components, but experts say that the effect of its use will be amazing. Take a teaspoon of gelatin, twice as much potato starch, 1-2 spoons of glycerin, the same amount of vegetable oil (almond oil or squeezed from rose hips), and a teaspoon of spirulina (in powder form or crushed tablets). As well as 2 teaspoons of argan oil, a few capsules of vitamins A and E (you can take “Aevit” capsules), strongly brewed chilled green tea. Preparation of the mask begins with the fact that the starch and gelatin are mixed with glycerin and spirulina. In this mixture, you need to add as much green tea as necessary to obtain a medium thick porridge. After 5 minutes, you need to introduce the rest of the ingredients into the mixture, mix thoroughly, allow to stand for 2-3 minutes more.

Recipe for an effective mask for the skin under the eyes – make a steep brew of natural green tea. The leaves themselves can be crushed, add to them a little broth and a couple of spoonfuls of homemade sour cream. Put the mush on two small gauze cloths and apply to the area under the eyes for 15 minutes.

The easiest mask recipe for eye fatigue is to boil green tea bags, drink the tea, and cool the bags and place them on the closed eyelids for 5 minutes.

How to prepare green tea masks – basic principles and expert advice

How to prepare green tea masks

When preparing green tea masks, you need to make sure that all ingredients are unexpired and of high quality. It is better to buy at farmers’ markets from producers who practice organic farming. In this way you can be sure that the pesticide-like chemicals in the products will penetrate the epidermis and cause damage.

The glassware in which you mix the ingredients of the mask should be glass or plastic.

You can use a knife or fork to easily crush the food. As well as such devices as a blender or food processor.

To thicken the mixture, if it came out too liquid, flour, starch is used. And to make the mixture less dense, you can use any liquid – milk, kefir, yogurt, water infusion of herbs, plain water.

Recipes for masks, which are presented in this article, are basic. You can modify them by adding different components, replacing some products with others. Simply take green tea as the basis, and to it add those ingredients to which your skin reacts best.

How to choose a green tea mask, depending on your skin type

There are three main types of skin on the face:

  1. Dry dermis, characterized by peeling, parchment, the appearance of pockets of irritation and redness.

  2. Oily skin – it can be recognized by the appearance of an oily sheen, enlarged pores, rashes, black dots and white comedones.

  3. Combined skin is a type of epidermis in which certain areas of the face have problems with dryness, and other areas are characterized by increased oiliness.

  4. Masks for dry skin should contain ingredients such as gelatin, egg yolk, honey and other additives that can soften and moisturize the skin.

  5. Masks for oily dermis are prepared on the basis of green tea with the addition of clay, dairy products, yeast, oat flakes.

If a girl has combination skin, you can prepare two masks based on green tea at the same time. One is applied exclusively to dry areas of the epidermis, the second – to those areas where the skin is excessively oily.

How to prepare for a cosmetic procedure

Proper preparation of the skin – the key to the effectiveness of the mask based on green tea. Firstly your face should be cleansed of various impurities. Even if you plan to do a mask in the morning, you still need to wash your face, because during the night the sebaceous glands have developed a certain amount of secret, which will prevent the penetration of useful substances in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Boost the effectiveness of the mask by steaming the skin. In the course of the procedure pores will open and become ready to receive bioactive substances.The easiest ways to steam the dermis:

  1. Boil water and pour a few tablespoons of chamomile in hot water. After five minutes, the medicinal herb will infuse. Leaning over the pot and covering your head with a towel, you can make a quick steam bath for the face.

  2. Make a decoction of medicinal herbs, let it cool down so that the liquid is hot, but not scalding. Soak the infusion in gauze folded in several layers, or a small terry towel. Place on the face for 5-10 minutes.

  3. After steaming the face, you can make a light exfoliating peeling or scrubbing, which will force the skin cells to renew more actively. At this point the preparatory stage ends and you can start making a mask.

How to properly make a face mask at home

Face mask at home

After you prepare and mix all components of the cosmetic, apply the mask on your face with a special brush, cotton pad or sponge. If there are no such accessories at hand, you can apply the product with your fingers, but you just need to wash your hands well, so as not to get an infection.

The mixture is applied to the problem areas or the entire surface of the face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin), except for the eyelids and the area under the eyes, where the skin is especially thin and sensitive. Do not keep leftovers in the refrigerator. Therefore, if you have not calculated the amount of products and the mixture turned out too much, you can make a mask on such parts of the body as the area under the chin, the decollete area, the back of the hands.

The mask is kept on the face and other parts of the body from 15 to 30 minutes. If during this period you may feel tightness, it is quite normal, especially if you have added cosmetic clay to the mask. But the burning, itching – are signs that something has gone wrong, and the mask must be washed off immediately. If discomfort does not go away even after the procedure, if redness or rashes appeared, you need to consult a dermatologist or beautician.

After the recommended time, the mask should be rinsed, consistently using lukewarm and cool boiled water. Instead of regular water you can use still mineral water as well as chilled water infusion of medicinal herbs.

To close the pores, you can wipe your face with an ice cube. It can be ordinary (boiled or mineral) frozen water. Or the same decoction of medicinal plants.

If you do not use ice, immediately after treatment, apply a moisturizing, nourishing skin cream. After 5-10 minutes it is possible to apply decorative cosmetics, making up.

How often should you make a mask based on green tea?

The masks can be applied at any time – in the morning or in the evening before attending an important event. The regularity with which you need to conduct cosmetic procedures – once every 2-4 days. If the condition of the skin is unsatisfactory, you can make masks every day before going to bed.

To achieve a tangible effect, masks with green tea, it is recommended to do the course, using constantly the same recipe or alternating different. The course length depends on the age of the woman and the condition of the skin – at least 1-2 months. After a break of several weeks, during which the skin is resting, the course may be repeated. Especially relevant is to do masks with green tea in a period when the epidermis is experiencing increased stress and the negative effects of environmental factors. That is, in winter, during cold and frosty weather, as well as in summer when the effect of ultraviolet rays is particularly strong.

Advantages of Using Green Tea Facial Masks

The most effective are considered to be salon cosmetic procedures that allow you to achieve tangible results in just a few procedures. But what if a girl simply has no time or money to visit a beauty salon? In this case, a real salvation will be home cosmetic procedures, in particular the application of masks based on green tea.

The benefits of homemade masks:

  1. They are made from simple, affordable products that can be purchased at any time of year at your local grocery store.

  2. The low cost of a cosmetic procedure.

  3. Minimum time spent on the application of the mask – the procedure can easily fit into any, even the busiest life schedule.

  4. The high safety of natural-based masks. No side effects and complications, because you are fully confident in the composition of the cosmetic preparation.

As you can see, home facial care products have many advantages, making them a great alternative to cosmetic procedures and purchased cosmetics.

How to increase the efficiency of home cosmetic procedures

No matter how hard you try to take care of your skin, if you have a problem with your health or other negative factors, the result will be poorly expressed. Therefore, experts recommend a harmonious combination of the impact on the dermis from the outside and the impact on the body as a whole, which is sure to affect the condition of the facial skin:

  1. Use green tea as a daily drink, it is very useful and in its native land is positioned as a cure for many diseases. This drink (without added sugar) can also wash your face, wipe your face, remove makeup. It can be used to saturate facial compresses and can be frozen to wipe the skin and get a lifting effect, as well as for steaming baths. However, frozen green tea should be used only on the skin of women over 35. The fact is that such procedures cause a slight stress to the epidermis, helping to increase the production of collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. If at a young age you constantly stimulate the skin in a similar way that in the future collagen production will only occur under stress.

  2. Drink plenty of clean water. We do not mean juices, soups, tea or other liquid foods, but plain water: boiled, bottled or artesian water. Even if you’re not thirsty, drink a few glasses of water a day (1.5 to 2.5 liters is optimal). Thirst is a sign that the body is already suffering from dehydration. There is no need to make it to that state, as it is sure to affect the condition of the skin of the face.

  3. Eat right – micro and macronutrients, vitamins and other bioactive substances must come not only through cosmetic masks, but also from within.

  4. Always wear sunscreen on your face before leaving the house. In this case the UV rays can not harm the skin, its restoration with the help of green tea masks will be accelerated.

  5. After returning home in the evening, always rinse your face makeup, even if very tired. The skin needs rest, at night it is restored, which is impossible if the pores are clogged with foundation and powder.

  6. Use the right skincare products for your skin type on a regular basis.

  7. Do not use unfamiliar brands of decorative cosmetics. The composition of such preparations is questionable, some ingredients can harm the skin, and no mask based on green tea will not help to restore and revitalize it.

  8. Lastly, live a healthy life. Physical activity, giving up bad habits, a healthy night’s sleep – these are factors of general recovery, to which the skin reacts accordingly.

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