What to do if a girl does not want a relationship, but communicates: how to make love

Situations when a girl is not ready to enter into a relationship, but does not refuse to communicate, not a few. We will tell you how to understand if there is a chance to win her heart and how best to act to do it faster.

Why does she say that she does not want a relationship?

How to make a girl fall in love with you

Before choosing a behavioral strategy, you need to try to understand why the girl refuses to turn communication into a relationship.

The reasons can be different:

  1. A recent breakup, which she painfully endured;

  2. Fears that the new relationship will end just as badly as the previous one;

  3. Wants to achieve results in her career or studies, so she is not ready for an affair at the moment;

  4. Believes she is not yet at the right age to have a serious relationship and get married;

  5. She is still undecided, choosing between two applicants for her heart, etc.d.

These reasons are not a verdict and give you a chance to transform the relationship into a serious romance.

However, it’s better to think whether it is worth it if she uses you as a fallback or just considers you a “convenient” admirer… In this case, the chances of reciprocity are small.

If you already understand why the chosen one is in no hurry to talk about a serious relationship, it is important to act as quickly as possible. Tactfulness and patience are good qualities, but if you think too long, there is a risk of falling into a friendzone, from which it is not so easy to get out. In this case, you will remain a reliable and perhaps your best friend, but with no chance of a romantic relationship.

How to determine that you are not interested in a girl

It is important to understand the difference between when a girl is interested in you, but not yet ready for a serious relationship and when she really doesn’t need you. Signs that there is no chance of reciprocity:

  1. Answers her messages in a single phrase, without asking follow-up questions or encouraging conversation;

  2. Refuses to meet several times in a row;

  3. Remember you only when she needs something, for example, to take you somewhere, to help move furniture, to borrow money, etc.d.

If a girl has one of these behaviors, she is unlikely to consider you as a potential mate, rather you are a good friend to her. In this case, too, you can try to get reciprocity, but it will be harder than when she makes contact.

Reasons why a girl communicates, but does not want a relationship

If you actively communicate, go to the movies, go to a cafe and constantly correspond, but the relationship has no official status, this too may have reasons.

It could be because she:

  1. Doesn’t know you long enough, because everyone has his own pace of approaching;

  2. Thinks your intentions are not serious enough;

  3. Sees some defect in you, such as lack of work, bad habits, or possessive attitudes, etc.d.;

  4. Has feelings for someone else and considers you just a good friend.

These signs indicate that the girl is in doubt – she is interested in you, but not so much that she feels in love. In this case, you must act decisively to quickly move the relationship to another status.

How not to behave

How to make a girl fall in love with you

If you see that the girl willingly communicates with you, but does not show her feelings, do not get angry and completely spoil your relationship with her.

Even if such behavior offends and insults you, you don’t have to:

  1. Show aggression or throw tantrums – this completely discourages girls from communicating with you;

  2. Put on a mask of contempt and indifference after persistent courtship – it’s better to end communication with dignity, saving face;

  3. Spread rumors about her – it is not nice and makes you look bad in front of others.

If you realize that the girl really doesn’t want a relationship with you, the best solution is to switch to another object and stop the current conversation.

How to get a girl who does not want a relationship – an algorithm of actions

To make your chosen one reciprocate, you need to follow certain rules of behavior. Here are our tips on how to act to get a girl to reciprocate.

Be there for each other

If she communicates with you, it already means that she is interested in you. This gives you a chance to strengthen your feelings by always being there for her. Show interest in how her day is, her life and hobbies. Girls love attention, so she sooner or later will appreciate such behavior and begin to treat you warmly.

Try to win her over

Do not passively pay attention, but show her that you are interested in her as a girlfriend: give her flowers, give her compliments, confess your feelings… Do not be afraid to sound banal, the fair sex likes romantic gestures, even if they want to seem proud and independent.

Change your tactics

If your attempts do not yield results, take a break, do not write or call for a few days. Choose the duration of this behavior by yourself, but so that the girl has time to notice your absence, but at the same time has not forgotten about you. It is optimal to disappear for 5-7 days, and then write a message or call. Explain the reason of absence is not necessary, but if she asks, blame it on urgent matters, you don’t have to tell the real reason.

The advantage of this behavior is that, accustomed to the constant attention, she feels your absence in his life acutely. This behavior will at least hurt her and increase your importance to her. At maximum – will cause a desire not only to return everything to the way it was, but also to take the relationship to the next level.

Here it is important not to overdo it – do not disappear for a long time and do not wait for her to call first. Your task is to attract her attention, not to make her angry

Do not rush things

Even if you already want to kiss her the next day after acquaintance and declare your love, you should restrain yourself. Some girls may be surprised by such persistence, but most will accept such behavior with caution. Immediately there will be doubts about the seriousness of feelings that arose so quickly and you may be considered too windy.

Don’t give ultimatums

If you’ve been talking for a long time and are tired of the unknown, you can ask her directly who she thinks you are in her life. But you need to do it carefully, without using ultimatum language.

If you tell your girlfriend that you will be a couple from tomorrow or she will not see you again, she is likely to choose the second option. Even if she does not want to lose you, it is more important for her to retain her right to make her own decisions.

How to make a girl fall in love with you

Don’t let yourself go overboard

Speaking of determination and proactive actions, do not overstep the boundaries. It is important to show your attention in caring and courting, and not to proceed to physical actions.

Try to kiss her only when you will see from her hint at reciprocity, otherwise there may not be a second chance. And, especially, do not “open your hands”, such behavior immediately put a cross on further attempts to move to a new level of relationship.

But you shouldn’t rule out tactile sensations completely. Accidental hugs, light touches on the waist, palms, knees will arouse emotions and help you understand whether there is the very “chemistry” between you.

Don’t play on her jealousy

A common tip is to ostentatiously pay attention to other women in order to make your lover jealous. But this is a risky method because:

  1. Will cause doubts about the sincerity of your feelings;

  2. Give another girl a reason to get her hopes up.

So, the consequences of using such a method can be additional problems that not only do not help in achieving the goal, but also interfere in it.

Take care of your self-development

Devoting 99% of your time to the girl you like is a bad idea. Self-sufficient people who know their value and exude confidence are more attractive. If you have been wanting to do a new business or change jobs for a long time, now is the time. Don’t be afraid that you can’t give your girlfriend enough time, a busy young man arouses more interest and respect than a man who has nothing to do and is ready to run to his girlfriend at the first call.

Do not limit her

Don’t set specific limits for a girl, don’t try to forbid something. Even when there is already a stable relationship, this behavior worsens it. But in the beginning of acquaintance and communication such restrictions will only alienate the chosen one.

Take your time with the lady, but don’t ask why she can’t meet today. Don’t try to monitor her phone, find out the list of people she’s been in contact with during the day. Give your girlfriend a feeling of freedom along with the feeling that you are always there and she will quickly appreciate that attitude.

If she offers to be friends, say yes

You can’t force yourself to love anyone. If a girl does not want a relationship with you, it does not mean that you are not worthy of her. If she offers to stay friends, say yes, that way you will be with her and become a really close person. And in time you will meet the one who will appreciate you and make you happy.

So, there are many reasons why a girl does not want a relationship, but actively communicates. Almost all of them offer the opportunity to move communication to another status with the right behavior, so it just takes a little time and patience.

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