How to Survive School – 10 Skills Your Child Will Have Difficulty in School Without

High school is very different from elementary school. Children get more responsibility and at the same time more freedom. They have to learn how to choose. In addition to the school program, the elementary school student at the transition to secondary school must have certain universal skills and personal qualities that will help him in the process of adaptation in the 5th grade.

10 skills a child can't survive middle school without

Skills that will help your child adjust in 5th – 8th grade

Psychologists have developed certain rules that help to “survive” in high school without too many problems. We will acquaint you with them.

Follow the rules of the school

There are rules in every society: at home, on the street, and in elementary school. Middle school has its own rules, which will have to follow. Some of the rules are school-wide and have been familiar to your child since first grade – you have to raise your hand to ask a question, while some will take some getting used to in 5th grade.

  1. Learn how to ask questions.It is important to the teacher that children understand what needs to be done. If the child does not understand something, does not know, you need to ask the teacher, to clarify a point. No need to be afraid to ask questions. Children came to school to learn. It’s okay not to know something. If you are too shy to ask in front of the whole class, go to the teacher at recess or after school. You will learn the material that way, and the teacher will realize you are interested in their subject, which gives you a tick in your relationship with them.

  2. Study the information boards, which describes the rules of school behavior. That way you will understand what is expected of you. After all, in elementary school, you were considered little children. Now you have moved into the category of adults who have certain advantages over students in grades 1-4, and at the same time you have increased responsibility.

  3. Act like adults.Of course, no one expects perfect behavior from teenagers, but, the requirements for behavior in middle school are higher than in junior high.

Learn to write quickly

10 skills a child can't survive high school without

In middle school, no one will dictate material in words. This is a serious problem that all students who have left primary school have to deal with. Slow dictation is a thing of the past. It’s time to learn how to quickly write down forms and their transcription from the board, concepts by ear. If your child doesn’t learn to write quickly, he’ll fall behind academically.

There is only one way out of the situation – to train yourself. We have a simple exercise for you. Play an audiobook. Fairy tales for the little ones are a good start. They tend to be voiced at a slow pace. The child turns on the story and writes it down after the speaker. The lesson does not last long, no more than 2 minutes. Then take a half minute break. If he or she has learned to write down a story behind the narrator’s voice within 5 minutes, it’s time to move on to more serious works. Classes twice a week for 10 minutes will get him ready for his first lectures.

Don’t get involved in gossip

Of course, no one would dispute the importance of staying informed about what’s going on in school. But, this information is often mixed with gossip. To live comfortably in middle school, we recommend the following rules:

  1. Avoid gossip, even if it concerns you. If you are told something, do not spread the rumor further, and if possible ask this person to stop “spreading” gossip.

  2. Do not invent gossip yourself. They are relationship breakers. Rumours damage relationships and lead to feuds. If there is any tension in the relationship, talk privately.

  3. Try to be kind. Even if someone speaks out sharply, respond with kindness.

  4. Cut the gossip. Do not participate in discussions about other people.

  5. Don’t talk about other people’s mistakes and personal lives. It’s unpleasant for everyone when their secrets are revealed.

  6. Avoid conflict situations.

Choose your friends carefully

It is important to choose your friends with care. Be friends with people who avoid dramatic situations. That way you will protect yourself from trouble. Remember that problems can happen in any team, but if things start to look like a soap opera, it is better to leave, to find a different environment.

It is not uncommon for enemies to appear in the midstream, even though you do nothing for it. This period is better to get through. Find friends. They, as a rule, there are not many of them. It is enough to have 1-2 friends and a few good acquaintances with whom it is easy to communicate. Don’t try to win general affection. But, be emphatically polite to everyone. This tends to reduce the risk of open hostility.

Don’t let yourself get into trouble

10 Skills a Kid Can't Survive High School Without

It is not necessary to be friends with those because of whom you can get into serious trouble. If you are encouraged to lie about someone, to do something bad, to hurt a person, then don’t get involved in the adventure, refuse. If something doesn’t feel right to you, don’t do it.

Don’t be afraid to tell your parents or classroom teacher that someone is encouraging you to do these things. It’s better to stop the pressure at this stage before any action begins.

Don’t hurt your body

It is important not to harm not only others but also yourself. Don’t put yourself in danger with illegal asphyxiation games, walking tall, jumping over dangerous places. Don’t try drugs. Don’t hurt yourself with cutting objects. If you are forced to do this, talk to people you trust.

Be sober about the romance

In middle school, many have their first love. Although the prospect of being someone’s other half is pretty exciting at this age, it’s necessary to sort out the relationship.Remember the following:

  1. Girls grow up two years earlier than boys. That’s why, as a rule, boys of the same age are not ready for this kind of relationship.

  2. School attachment doesn’t last long.

  3. Do not idealize romantic relationships. Things don’t usually happen like they do in the movies.

  4. If someone in class has found a date, don’t get hung up on the fact that you don’t have one. At this age, not having a couple is not the exception, but the norm. Most people don’t usually have it.

  5. Everyone develops at an individual pace. In middle school, physical development is accelerated. Sometimes some seventh graders look on par with graduates. Some seem like elementary school students.

Don’t be afraid of gym class

P.E. class usually causes fears more than other classes. Children are afraid to change clothes in front of others. No one will look at anyone in the locker room. Everyone needs to change quickly and get out. In the middle stage, there are changes in the body. If you are a girl, if you have your period, just wear dark underwear. ¶¶ No one will notice ¶¶. Someone not as dexterous as others is afraid of their “successes”. It’s okay. You just feel like everyone is looking at you. In fact, everyone is busy doing their own thing.

Learn to solve your problems

This is a necessary skill that you will have to become familiar with. It is important not only in school, but also in life. If you master it, it will be easier to cope with difficulties in life. To master this skill, we offer the following tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.In the beginning, you think you look silly when seeking help for problems. Everyone has problems. No matter who you talk to, you’ll be understood. All people need help from time to time. It’s OK.

  2. Acknowledge your actions,If you’ve done something wrong. Learn to apologize. Denial of misconduct, even if you did it unintentionally, it will only make life more difficult. It doesn’t matter if other people are mad at you or if you feel guilty. Don’t be afraid to apologize.

  3. Learn to express your thoughts clearly. Many problems arise from the fact that someone misunderstands someone. You may accidentally offend someone if you say something differently than you intend. Choose your words with care.

Make friends

10 skills a child can't survive high school without

Having friends makes life in school a lot easier. But it is not uncommon for teenagers to have trouble making friends.Psychologists give the following tips to help in this matter.

  1. Talk to people you know. This will allow you to form a social circle.

  2. Talk to people who live close to you. This way you can spend your free time easier.

  3. Don’t be afraid to get to know people. New acquaintances help you make new friends. You may meet a best friend from another class or even school.

  4. Join different clubs. There are many different clubs: book clubs, cooking clubs, robotics clubs, sports clubs. You can get to know people by volunteering.

  5. Don’t be afraid to show what you like. Show off your hobbies in a subtle way. That way you may find people with similar interests who will come up and talk to you. This is a great way to make friends. For example, if you make beads, wear a bracelet that you have made yourself, or if you support a sports team, wear their logo. But don’t overdo it. Maybe you like a particular cartoon, and dressing from head to toe in this style will, on the contrary, repel people.

  6. Show you are a confident person. Don’t be afraid to show people your interests. Someone may not like them. Don’t get upset, learn to defend your opinion. Emphasize your specialness. Don’t try to be like everyone else.

  7. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. This will allow you to make new acquaintances. If you don’t start talking to people you don’t know, you won’t make new friends. Have conversations you find interesting. Speak confidently and loudly so you can be heard. Don’t “sugarcoat” your own merits. The truth will come out anyway and you risk having no friends.

  8. Meet new interests. Learn a new business. Perhaps you have long wanted to learn how to make soap, or weave beads, or draw an anime, or woodcarve. Show off your skills as casually as possible at recess, thus raising your status in the classroom.

  9. Be polite. No one wants to talk to a cheeky person. If you are nice to people they will respond in kind. Show your good sides actively, help someone in class, protect the weaker person, give a kind compliment. Remember that if a person behaves rudely, badly, then, most likely, he has something bad going on in his life. He doesn’t know what kindness is, so he shows aggression. Try to be polite even if you see a negative attitude towards you.

  10. Remain Yourself. Do not see yourself unnaturally. This causes a lot of problems. People will find out the truth anyway, it will be embarrassing later.

  11. Surround yourself with friends. Don’t let them be few, but you will know you are not alone. Communicate with them in good and bad times. But, don’t limit your social circle to them. Talking to other people will help him make new friends.

  12. Do not let communication influence learning. Often children get so caught up in friendships that they forget the main purpose of school.

  13. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. Be confident, be yourself.

  14. Enjoy life. Do not forget that life is one. Don’t be afraid to be brave, to enjoy life, to enjoy every moment.

If you learn certain skills, school life will become easier. Sometimes things can be hard for everyone. But, remember, the good times always come in the place of the hard ones. You have to learn how to deal with adversity. This skill is necessary not only in school, but also in life.

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