How to celebrate a child’s birthday at the age of 3

The birthday of a three-year-old baby is a very responsible party for parents. After all, 3 years is the age when the child already understands everything and has their own interests and views.

Many people think that kids don’t need a party, they won’t remember/understand it anyway. But this is a misconception. And if everything is well organized, then even three-year-olds will remember their birthday and will understand what a holiday is.

Therefore, it is important for parents to let the child participate in the organization of the event, so that he understands and realizes the peculiarity and importance of the day itself.

How to celebrate the child's birthday at 3 years old?

Choosing a location for the celebration

At age three, birthdays are not limited to celebrations at home.To choose the best place to hold the party, it is worth considering:

  1. The number of guests and their age;

  2. The time at which the event will take place;

  3. Choosing an environment that is comfortable for the child;

  4. financial capacity.

The main thing is to have enough space during the celebration. Based on these criteria, a choice can be made which is ideal for all.

Celebrate at home

This option is suitable for those whose child is excitable and too active. Unfamiliar surroundings may greatly excite the child and instead of congratulating him, you will have to run after him the whole holiday. At home, there are restrictions on space, so adaptation to a new event is easy and fast.

The advantage of having the party at home is that the food will be cooked yourself. At the age of three, the ration of the child is still limited, so you can not doubt what is included in the prepared meals.

This method is one of the most budget-friendly, as you do not need to rent a room and order ready-made food. And the animator can be ordered at a cheaper price, rather than someone who is tied to a particular location.

The downside of a home birthday party is that at the age of 3, a child tends to get greedy for their toys. On the background of which may begin to argue with the other children. It is worth considering this point. In addition, the cooking and cleaning after the guests will fall entirely on the shoulders of the parents.

A children’s cafe or a game room

How to celebrate a child's birthday at age 3?

A very popular way to celebrate the birthday of a three-year-old. As a rule, the room is rented for 3 hours. This time will be enough for the kids.

It can be noted that the undoubted advantage of this choice of celebration is the love of children for active entertainment: slides, trampolines and other entertainment games. Kids will be easy to distract, and new toys and activities will appeal to kids of all ages. At the same time, parents will also be able to relax a little and celebrate the holiday in adult company.

But it’s important to know that luring children to the table from the play areas will be extremely difficult. So it is better to organize a holiday so that children eat first, and then go out to have fun.

Picnic outdoors

If the child was born in a warm season, a picnic outdoors will be the best solution for those whose budget is severely limited.

You can opt for a forest park area, or take your guests out of town. The main thing to observe all safety precautions, to inspect the place for broken glass and other debris, do not make a fire in places not intended for this.

You can take prepared meat to fry, and pickled vegetables, sausages for the kids, potatoes in foil, as well as ready-made meals: unseasoned salads, sandwiches and snacks. Be sure to provide a menu for children.

This holiday can only be spoiled by bad weather. Another disadvantage of such a place – unsanitary conditions. In addition, you must think about how guests will get to the place of celebration. It is especially difficult to organize guests if the venue is outside the city. But a small bus or shuttle bus can always be hired.

Organizational points of the party

Since at the age of 3 a child is still very attached to the regime, the timing of the celebration should be taken responsibly. The best time for the party is after a nap, around 5 pm. So the child’s nervous system will be able to cope with the upcoming entertainment, he will not be cranky and overworked.

It is also necessary to think carefully about whom to invite to the birthday party. At the age of 3, the child already has friends in the yard, in kindergarten and among the parents. Therefore, you can invite them to the celebration along with the parents. But don’t call too many guests, a few children with their parents, grandparents, other close relatives will be enough.

You should remember that a child of this age is already a formed personality. Therefore, it is important to involve him or her in the organization of the event. You can consult with him and find out who he wants to invite to the birthday party, and who he would not like to see there.

Determining the theme of the birthday party

In order for the event to be fun and interesting, you should think of the theme of the holiday in advance. At the age of 3, children like very much the fairy tale cartoon characters. But, of course, you should be guided by the child’s preferences.

For girls at age 3, the following themes of celebration will be appropriate:

  1. Disney princesses. Here you can make a throne for the birthday girl yourself out of foil, buy a gold crown, decorate the chairs beautifully, use paper garlands in the decor, a gold carriage, posters with favorite Disney characters.

  2. Fairies. All children can be given magic wands, bought in a store in advance, girls – wings, and boys – pixie hats with pointed ears.

  3. Ice cream and sweets. The photo area can be decorated with an ice cream cart, make a themed candy-bar, order balloons in the form of lollipops and cakes.

  4. Unicorns. Give all children headbands imitating the horn of a unicorn, decorate the room with balloons in the shape of unicorns and posters depicting this magical animal.

For boys, there are also many diverse and interesting topics:

  1. A pirate ship. You can decorate the room in the pirate style, buy pirate headbands and bandanas, invite the animator, dressed as a pirate.

  2. Marine theme. Dress up the guests in stripes, give the birthday boy a captain’s cap, decorate the room with balloons in the shape of ships, fish, helm.

  3. Space. Hang garlands of stars in the room, buy balloons in the shape of rockets and planets. In the photo area you can put a cardboard rocket and give each guest “space equipment” in the form of cardboard helmets from the spacesuit.

  4. Cars or other transportation. Decorate the room with posters of favorite cartoons with cars, build from improvised means traffic lights, decorate the floors with decorative markings.

Also a good solution for both girls and boys will be to organize a holiday in the theme of cartoons “Masha and the Bear”, “The Three Cats”, “Barboskins”, etc.p.

You should think in advance about the costume in which the baby will celebrate the birthday, and warn the guests about the theme of the event. The child will appreciate it if the other guests will be dressed according to the theme of the celebration itself.

Decoration of the room and menu

How to celebrate a child's birthday at age 3?

To create a festive mood, decorate the room where the birthday party will take place. The main thing here is to make the decoration bright, beautiful and expressive.

The main elements of the decor will serve:

  1. balloons;

  2. volumetric figure 3;

  3. Paper garlands;

  4. Bright posters with pictures of their favorite cartoon characters.

You can also make a bright photo zone that repeats the theme of the celebration; all guests will be able to be photographed there with the hero of the occasion.

Even very fashionable now in the design of the birthday party is considered a candy-bar. This is nothing more than the usual table with sweets, decorated according to the theme of the birthday party. Usually such a sweet table consists of bright caramel and lollipops on a stick, marshmallows, marmalade, cupcakes and muffins, drinks (morsels, compote, juice or tea) and the main attribute of the birthday – a birthday cake. But it will be better if for the time being you remove it from the eyes of children, or the basic treats they will simply refuse to eat.

In addition to the table with sweets, it is important to think through the menu of the evening. As children at such events are busy playing active games, they eat little and on the run. Therefore, you need to plan the event so that the kids can have several snacks at the table. For the holiday table canapes, sandwiches, pizza, burgers or fries, familiar and healthy salads, sliced fruits and vegetables. You can serve hot food for the adults. But children, as a rule, from such nourishing dishes refuse.

How to entertain children at the feast?

The theme of the evening should be used to plan the event.But usually children at age 3 really like the following entertainment:

  1. a soap bubble show;

  2. Animators who are suitable to the theme of the birthday party;

  3. puppet musical performances;

  4. disco with incendiary (and familiar) music;

  5. active contests.

Also at the beginning of the event to lift the mood of children can do watercolor, inviting special artists. During the holiday, time should be allocated for the children to play independently. Joining in the company, they will have fun on a slide, trampoline, in a dry pool, or just in a room with toys.

If the event is intended with the use of their own forces, without the help of an animator,then children 3 years old can do the following contests:

  1. Repetition of animal movements, learning dances;

  2. “As the animal speaks” (the adult includes audio recordings with the sounds of animals, and children must choose the right image of the animal with its sound)

  3. competitive games for speed (for example, who will assemble a puzzle faster, put all the yellow cubes in a box and so on)

  4. Creating a common drawing or collage (you can work together to create a picture for the birthday child using paints, stickers, plasticine);

  5. searching for gifts (it is necessary to hide small gifts for guests in advance, they will only have to find them with the help of a few clues);

  6. You can play a puppet theater, for example, play a fairy tale “Teremok”, distributing the roles to small guests of the holiday;

  7. Collect in a basket on the speed of as many flowers or other paper objects scattered around the room in advance.

A child’s birthday is first and foremost a holiday for children. And in order for children to know how to have fun, we need to teach them. Do not burden this mission on the host, animator or anyone else who is invited to such events, and the parent himself to show how to.

Organizing a child’s birthday party is a responsible process. But if you follow all the recommendations, then such a holiday will remain in your baby’s memory for years to come.

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