How to become popular in the class

Girls are very sensitive about their position in a group of friends or classmates. Certainly, there are schoolgirls who behave quietly and unnoticeably, and this role suits them completely. But there are also those who try hard to become popular, but they do not succeed. Then girls become withdrawn, worried, and their self-esteem drops. They feel uncomfortable and insecure.

How to help your child get where he or she wants to be? How does a girl become popular in class to be appreciated and respected??

How to be popular in class

Researchers at the Institute of Sociology Titkova V.v., Ivanyushina V.a. and Alexandrov D.a., conducted a study among students in grades 9-11. A total of 2,376 people were surveyed using questionnaires and another 62 students were interviewed.

According to the survey, teenagers believe that pro-social peers are popular, i.e. peers who are willing to help others or society at large.

If we look specifically at the characteristic of personality, then nA popular teenager has the following qualities:

  1. The soul of the company– Is fun, humorous, can hold a conversation, knows how to pass the time, and knows how to occupy herself and her friends. Such people gather in large groups.

  2. Attractive appearance. This definition was used less often, but it is also considered a leader. If we are talking about a girl, it means that she is beautiful, fashionably and stylishly dressed, has a bright appearance. Calling a boy attractive meant he was in good shape, had a beautiful body, and had an outsized appearance.

  3. Intellect. These people are also considered popular with teenagers. They learn well, but they are not arrogant, and are always happy to help their friends with homework or give advice on a test.

  4. Stand up for themselves. First of all, it is independence from others’ opinions, the ability to stand up for themselves, no fear of teachers, the ability to engage in dialogue and defend their opinions.

According to the results of the study, researchers concluded that the popular teenager is the one whose behavior is socially approved by his peers. This person is supportive of others and has made academic progress.

Many girls dream of attention from classmates. They want to be friends, walk around, listen to their opinions, invite them to birthdays and parties, socialize, ask for advice.

Some people can do this, and others simply don’t notice or ignore them. But everything can be fixed if you change your behavior and attitude a little bit. Work on yourself, and you are sure to be a better person. Then your friends will reach out to you.

If you try, but you can’t become popular, then take note of the following tips.

Work on improving your social skills

  1. Socialize with classmates not only on academic topics. For example, find common interests. It can be about animals, hobbies, extracurricular activities, traveling, etc.d.

  2. Interact with girls and boys not only at school, but also outside of it: call for a walk in the street, go to the movies, call each other, talk on the phone.

  3. Do not forget about the social networks, make a page in the social network where most classmates sit, add your friends, create general conversations to discuss.

  4. Do not belong to any group of students, communicate with all well and positively. Only then you can enjoy attention from all classmates, not just a certain circle of people.

Remember that being nice is the key to success!

Be involved in school activities

For example, you can run for office and become a class monitor. But if you don’t have that much activity and courage, then just come to extra events that are not required to attend: concerts, exhibitions, sports events where you can not only participate, but also cheer on your classmates.

You can take responsibility for the school newspaper, become a DJ at the school radio station (if you have one), perform dances and songs at concerts, become a photographer and take pictures of the brightest moments of your classmates’ life.

There are many options, and they all lead to an increase in your credibility in the eyes of students and teachers.

Take care of your reputation

  1. Be polite, successful in your studies, don’t be rude to teachers and friends, don’t use foul words.

  2. Don’t tolerate ridicule and humiliation from peers, be prepared to stand up for your honor and dignity.

  3. Don’t date boys just to prove to others that you are an adult and don’t change them like a glove. Take care of your honor and dignity from a young age.

  4. It is very important that the classmates respect you, then their attitude will be good.

Pay attention to your appearance

Wear neat, clean and nice smelling uniform according to the dress code. If there is no school uniform, wear discreet, not flashy outfits to look decent.

Wear light, natural makeup on your face (if you already wear makeup). Do not forget about a good styling or neat hair. It is important to monitor the condition of the nails, because the hands – the hallmark of a girl!

It is much more pleasant to communicate with a person who looks good, than with a dirty and slovenly one.

Do not use illegal substances and alcohol

“Adulthood” can be shown in other ways. Teens are now trying to lead healthy lifestyles and will not mess with a bully who is different. And it is very unhealthy!

How parents and teachers can help teens become more popular and eliminate bullying at school

How to become popular in the class

Young Scientists Yakushina M.v. And Bushmarina D.a. conducted a scientific study“An Introduction to Popularity in Modern Teens” and published it. As a result, experts have found a solution for teachers and parents who care about the position of a certain teenager in society.

Parents can help a child gain greater status in society in the following ways:

  1. Don’t beTreat the problem of teenagers’ popularity with disdain. For them, it is much more important than for an adult. It is worth helping your child with the solution to this problem, instead of brushing it aside, further lowering his or her self-esteem and humiliating.

  2. Too strong-willed and strict parents need toGive your child a little more freedom of expression. Basically, this applies to clothing, shoes, hairstyle, accessories, that is, it concerns the appearance. If you are categorically not satisfied with the chosen style, then try to come to a compromise. Take away the categorical nature of the issue and do not control these points too rigidly. Sometimes, the only reason for rejection in the company is just the child’s appearance.

Teachers should also pay attentionTo address the problem of popularity and rejection, to eliminate bullying in the team:

  1. Communicate with a leader and set a positive direction, then the whole team will confidently pull for this student.

  2. Identify outcasts and do your work in class, not naming names, but just pushing teenagers to think the right thoughts. But to do this, you need to understand the causes of what is happening in the classroom.

  3. Get collectives together for after-school activities to help kids get to know each other better and bond. The competitive aspect helps a lot in this matter – it blurs the line between popular and unpopular.

The problem of popularity among schoolchildren is very relevant. So adults need to take an active role to level the playing field and eliminate bullying.

If you are not a success in school or class, you need to try to remedy the situation. But only in the right ways. For example, don’t copy the behavior of a popular girl, flatter, please everyone, date different boys. Only goodwill, a good attitude, activity and sociability can achieve recognition. Be a strong person with your own interests and thoughts, and then you will gather around you interesting people who will become great friends for many years.

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