Birthday 3 years old boy: how to celebrate at home, ideas, scenarios, what to give

Three years is the first birthday for a baby, when he is able to understand the essence and meaning of what happens with his thinking, which begins to undergo the first age crisis, widely known in child psychology as the “three-year crisis.

But the crisis is a crisis, and we’ll talk about joy. Because in the life of a child came the realization of himself as an individual separate from this world. It’s still difficult for him and let this day be decorated with joy and fun, and this article will help organize it all.

Birthday 3 year old boy

Organizing a birthday party for a boy who turns three

Up to the age of three, the entire world and the world of the child himself exist inseparable in his perception, and all the people around him, including his parents and tutors, are simply a part of this world. All the people around him have no interests or feelings of their own. They are for a child, a part of his own life, and take place when they appear in his field of vision, their departure and return is a mystery to him.

And so at three years old the child will begin to realize himself learning to stand out from the world of others, posing, and looking for himself in this world. These changes, if you can imagine them, are simply startling to the imagination!

So, the child begins to position itself. Toddlers of this age are great restless kids who do not yet understand what it is like to play together. Now each of them is a small center of its own universe. The adults are entrusted with the duty of the plotters, of course, they must be prepared for it.

The best time to start the celebration will be in the second half of the day, after the baby has slept during the day, around 16.00. – 17.00. At this time the rested kids will be as ready as possible for the upcoming exciting events and magical adventures on the birthday of the birthday boy.

Holiday decorations

The decoration of the house party should be a surprise for the young birthday child, which will create a sense of celebration and give him the feeling of satisfaction that all this has appeared specifically for his birthday. Therefore, it is worth decorating the house while the child is asleep so that his awakening is in a fabulous and bright holiday atmosphere.

At this age, there is no need to create a special theme for a birthday party. It is quite difficult for a child to perceive the plot lines and connect them with a theme. The atmosphere of the holiday may well be created by decorating the room with balloons, pictures, photos and toys – all this should be:

  1. bright and colorful;

  2. design elements should be large, in order to avoid getting them in the nose, mouth or ears of young explorers;

  3. Environmentally friendly and non-traumatic.

The kid should, going into the decorated for the big day room, immediately be covered with anticipation of bright and joyful events. Now out of the ordinary helium balloons do a lot of wonderful things for the holiday – flowers, assorted animals, grass and leaves will look great under the ceiling and on the walls.

Children’s feast

The right thing to do would be to start exactly with the holiday table. The holiday will require energy, and if the table is set, kids are likely to be distracted by this fact.

At this age, children still have quite a few limitations in terms of culinary delights. The main restrictions apply to canned foods, food allergens, various hot spices and condiments. It is also better to avoid excessive consumption of salty, sour and bitter foods, foods high in sugar and too fatty.

For this age is characterized by a conservative attitude towards food and lack of love for experiments. Even the combination of only two or three ingredients in the food in one dish causes karaputs often disapproval.

Mashed potatoes with low-fat, perhaps chicken cutlets and simple sandwiches would be just the thing. And out of the sweet stuff, you can make a mini-competition to make a delicious cake or decorate a gingerbread man yourself.

It would also not be bad if drinks were in abundance, and they would not be high in sugar. This could be homemade morsels and compotes or juices that do not cause allergies.

Holiday ideas and scenarios

Birthday 3 years old boy: how to celebrate at home, ideas, scenarios, what to give

It is worth repeating that a single story line for a birthday party at age 3 will be superfluous and even tedious for kids. The ability to focus on something for a long time will not come to a child soon enough, and the main feature of his thinking at this age is that the attention of a toddler switches from object to object. Through this, he is constantly learning and learning about the world through play. His birthday is another reason to help him do that.

The basic need of the child at this age is to find his or her own place in this suddenly appeared world of “other people” and to feel as comfortable as possible in it. Therefore, it is necessary to begin with the child to understand that at this feast of life – it is the main.

Greetings by children and parents who came to his birthday, a round dance around the birthday child and the indispensable singing of “Loaf – loaf …” will help the child to feel the positive focus of the guests. Presents will be better viewed and unpacked when the guests leave the house. Otherwise, this activity may cause the birthday child to forget about the invited.

At the end of the festive meal the party can proceed directly to the fun. This part of the program should take a couple of hours. The adult organizers should think through the plan of action in advance. For the most part, children of this age are restless.Complex rules are alien to them, and they don’t follow simple rules very much.

  1. A performance in the puppet theater. A small theatrical reprise, composed and carried out by the efforts of adults. The children will be an appreciative audience. The motif can be any fairy tale or well-known cartoon. Decorations and toys will be needed, or you can buy a ready-made set. After the “premiere,” you can let the children play with the characters of the play.
  2. Moving games.

The snake is on the hunt.The children’s music starts to play. The kids jump, run, frolic. The music stops unexpectedly and all the players have to squat and hide so that the snake “can’t see them”. A pre-made or purchased toy snake “crawls” past the players with the help of an adult. The children’s task is to stay calm and not run away from the “snake. A game to develop a child’s self-control.

Geese – swans.Traditional fun, where the role of the “wolf” must first get an adult. When one of the goose children has no time to hide in the house and is caught by the “wolf”, he will start to lead. A wolf mask will be needed for the game.

Mouse round dance.The children – “mice” walk in a ring around the ring, with a “cat” in the center – the leader from among the children. The kids read a rhyme.

The mice dance around the clock

There’s a cat snoozing on the crib.

“Quiet, mice, don’t make any noise,

Don’t wake Lemu the cat

Now Lemka the cat will wake up

And disperse the round dance!”

As soon as the word “who” is spoken, the leader has to “wake up” and rush to catch the mice. The minks can be made into children’s chairs, on which the children can “hide” from the cat.

Throw toys. If there are enough toys at home and there are no more than six children together with the birthday child, the children are divided into two teams. In the middle of the room, a “boundary” is drawn with a rope. Both teams are given an equal number of toys. At the announcer’s signal, the teams begin throwing the toys onto the opponent’s territory. The one who has time to throw all the toys to the opposing team wins.

Find a pair.Each pair of children is given identical objects. For example, one pair, two participants – a tennis ball, the other – a handkerchief. At the command of the adult presenter, everyone scatters one by one and runs around randomly to the music. The instructor gives a second signal and asks the children to find their pair and stand together quickly. The losing pair is the one that has been looking for each other for the longest time.

Who did what?.At this age, most children like to perform the simplest tasks – instructions that apply directly to them personally. The adult presenter says, – “Stand on one leg all those who drank kefir today,” or “Jump those who like ice cream.”. Such a game usually includes a heated and merry debate about who drinks and eats what and who likes what. This relaxed atmosphere, besides being fun, stimulates the development of speech. The command can be performed to repeat the name of the colors, for example, “Sit down those who are wearing something green from the clothes.”

Jumping jacks.Balloons are suspended from the ceiling, at a height accessible to a three-year-old child. Inside you should put some foam balls or confetti beforehand. The leader calls the color of the balloon, and the kids must jump up and hit those balloons with their hand whose color was called.

♪ Over the pebbles, across the creek ♪. Use pieces of rope, ribbon, or jump rope as stream banks. The distance between them is 2 – 2.5 meters. The role of pebbles are circles cut out of cardboard or plain paper. Kids from two teams are asked to race against each other, in two directions, to overcome the “brook. The game is simple and unpretentious, but for three years to develop coordination and lift your spirits very well.

If you take care to prepare your costumes well in advance, you canorganize a game based on famous children’s cartoons, such as “Smeshariki” or “Luntik,” or fairy tales like “Teremok. You can also organize a small themed costume play, with the release of the brave knights of the princess from the clutches of the treacherous dragon or save our planet team of super-heroes.

Choosing a gift

We’d like to say right away that it’s not a good idea to give a three year old child. Any gadgets and devices for such a young age will do nothing but harm. So it is better to save the psyche and thinking potential of the young birthday child, and at the same time, the money for the purchase of such, sometimes expensive and also, extremely harmful for this age toy.

Otherwise it’s just a question of the donor’s imagination and finances. Any bright toy, cubes and other constructive games for this age, bicycles and scooters, a colorful book with poems, all gifts like these will resonate in the heart of the young hero of the occasion.

This article was compiled on the basis of the book: “Brain Rules” by John Medina. What you and your children should know about the brain,” Andrei Kurpatov, “Happy Child. Universal Rules”, / and materials of the teachers and educational practices of the staff of Solnyshko Children’s Home RK

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