Installing Kali Linux


  • nux is a dedicated distribution based on Debian packages. The main purpose of using it is to do all sorts of network and computer security tests. Our experts tell you about ways to install it on your PC.

    Get distribution package

    The current version of the distribution is presented on the project page in several variants. The user has an opportunity to choose 32 or 64 bit edition. Download Ka

  • You can install it directly from the site or with a torrent client. For each bitrate is available working without installation
  • ve CD.

    Use the network installer or the offline image to install it on your PC. Our experts have chosen the latter, which is suitable for burning to a CD or creating an installer stick.

    Graphics mode

    The most convenient and most informative from the point of view of the user is graphical mode.

    Start the installation from the boot disk. Move the cursor to the top line of the main menu, marked with an arrow on the screenshot. Press Enter to activate the graphical installer Ka

  • .

    In the list that opens, select the language to which we want to switch the interface.

    Choose the country of residence from those automatically proposed by the system.

    Tick the preferred locale in the list.

    Find the appropriate keyboard layout in the list displayed by the installer.

    Setting the input language switching. By default the Alt+Shift combination shown in the following screenshot is used.

    Specifying computer name. The name should consist of one word.

    On the next step the installer offers to choose a domain name. You can skip this step in your home network and leave the default value.

    Type in your personal information. You can use your real name or a convenient alias.

    Setting the user login. It will propose an automatically generated version based on the data entered in the previous step. When you type in your account, be sure to use only lowercase Latin letters and add numbers, if you want.

    In the fields highlighted in green we set the password. By default it is not shown, only the number of characters typed. Checking the box marked with one activates the visual control.

    Choose the variant with Ka

  • nux will be the only operating system on your computer.

    Specify the drive to be installed.

    Use the automatic partitioning of disk space option.

    In the marked with one, the installer shows the future structure of the drive. By default a root partition “/” is created and a part of the disk is allocated for swap.

    Set the radio button to the arrow position. Pressing “Continue” allows the partitioning of the drive and the installation of the operating system.

    In the network configuration the user will be asked to specify the proxy server to connect to the internet. Enter the information, if any, in the highlighted field.

    The installation is interrupted a second time to allow the user to select their preferred graphical environment. List of desktops included in the Ka distribution

  • , appears in the area marked with one. Below the number “2” represents a selection menu of tools. By default there are ten of the most popular and a basic set of.

    At the end of the process permits installation to the hard drive boot loader GRUB by placing the radio button in the marked arrow position.

    Specify the “sda” drive you have chosen as the location for the operating system

    After installing GRUB and the latest packages the installer will display the following notification, as shown in the screenshot. Remove the installation media and press “Continue”.

    After rebooting, the user is greeted by a login window. After specifying the username and password you set during the installation, you can start using Ka

  • nux.


    A pseudo graphical mode represents the classic interface used in earlier versions

  • nux. In the installer’s startup window, choose the second line indicated by the arrow.

    The following screenshot shows what the Ka installer pseudo-graphics look like

  • . The steps to be performed and their sequence are absolutely identical to the ones described above.

    In summary

    Our experts explained the two Ka installation modes

  • nux on your PC, looking at what the user does with the graphical installer. Choose the most suitable one to get at your disposal this specialized distributive for security testing.
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