In Airplane Mode on Windows 10 won’t turn off

Microsoft created Windows 10 as a universal operating system suitable for installation on both smartphones and PCs. The consequence of such approach to the development is for example the aviation mode, which temporarily deactivates the power supply from wireless adapters. The function is convenient for mobile devices, but is practically useless on a computer. In addition, in some cases using it will make it impossible to connect the PC to the wireless network. Our experts tell you how to proceed if the “On Airplane” mode activated on Windows 10 does not turn off.

Physical actions

Some manufacturers place the turning on the airplane mode on the keyboard assigning it to a separate button among the function keys. In addition to the laptop may be located on the chassis two position switches that control the wireless adapters. The first thing to do is to make sure that the inability to connect to Wi-Fi is not due to their accidental activation.

The following screenshot shows the physical button of In Plane mode pressed together with the F7 key.

Another feature of the operating system is the reaction to the key combination “Fn+PrintScreen. Clicking on it disables the power supply for wireless adapters and is considered by Windows as a priority over the program management. Try it and reboot your PC just in case.

Software methods

If the described in the first section methods of physical troubleshooting do not help, go to the software.

Network settings

Call Windows Options Panel with “Win+i” key combination. Find the settings box that are shown in the screenshot.

Press the line marked with one in the side menu. You will see three toggles in the right part of the window. The upper one is intended for the activation of the “In Plane” mode. The two bottom ones, in the area marked with “3”, control the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters. Set the upper one to the “Disconnected” position, and turn on the lower ones.

Do not close the settings panel and select the Wi-Fi line in the same section. Scroll down the right part of the window all the way to the bottom. Click the hyperlink marked with “2.

A window opens with network connections from the classic Windows Control Panel. Select the wireless connection with the mouse. Right-click on the item to open the context menu. Go to the properties of the Com module.

Click the bordered button in the control applet that appears.

Click the tab marked with a one. Uncheck the box with the arrow allowing you to disconnect the adapter to save the battery. Check the possibility of deactivating the flight mode.

Restarting service

Open the “Run” dialog box by pressing the Win+R key combination. Enter in the text field “services.msc”. Press OK or Enter to start the System Services Control applet.

Find the line highlighted in the screenshot. Double-click on it to open the dialog box of parameters.

Use the drop-down menu that is indicated by the arrow to set the “Startup Type” to “Automatic. Start the service and apply the changes. The button to disable “Airplane mode” should be active immediately, but you may need to reboot the computer.

Adapter driver

Call the “Start” advanced menu by pressing “Win+X”. Click on the line marked with a frame to start the device manager.

In the opened window find and expand the item “Network adapters”. Double-click on the line with the name of the wireless module in the list. Right-click the right button to open the context menu. Select the item indicated with a double mark on the screenshot.

Click on the bordered area to launch automatic driver update search.

If a new version of the software was found and installed, check that the air mode function is working.

To conclude

The tips given by our experts will help to eliminate the problem with the operation of the “In-plane” mode. Choose the one that suits your situation, or use them one by one until the problem is solved.

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