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In the ecosystem created by Apple, data synchronization between devices is performed via iCloud. You may need to link your device to your Google account to transfer contacts if you are switching from Android or using devices on different OSes at the same time. Our experts tell you how to do it on your iPhone.


In order to bind your Apple smartphone to the Google service, you need to create the corresponding account on it.

Open the iPhone settings and find the section in the general options list, shown in the screenshot.

By default there is an Apple ID account on your device, associated with iCloud. Tap on the “New” line.

Select Google in the list of services by clicking on the area with the company logo.

Allow to switch to a web service to sign in.

If you have a valid e-mail address, type it into the field marked with an arrow and press the button marked with a deuce. If the iPhone owner does not have a registered Google account, click on the “Create” link.

Confirm the ownership of the specified e-mail by entering a password into the field indicated by the arrow. Press “Next” for authentication.

After verification is complete, user gets to the window to select email service options. Check the desired areas by moving the radio buttons. In this example, our experts have bound the mailbox, contacts and calendar.

Back on the main page, we see two accounts. Contact synchronization is enabled for both, and will start automatically if you are connected to a mobile or wireless network.


After linking to a Google account, iCloud is still the primary service for storing iPhone address book entries.

Open the smartphone settings and go to the section marked on the screenshot with a frame.

The last line in the list of address book options is the main account. Tap on it to open the selection dialog.

Press on the area “Gmail” to switch to the priority of smartphone with the service Google. After you’ve done this, new address book entries will be saved there first, and only then to iCloud.

To conclude

Our experts have told how to set up the synchronization of contacts saved in the iPhone with the e-mail service Google. The procedure does not take much time and is done in the background. By not disabling the storage of the address book in iCloud, the user gets an additional backup increasing the overall reliability.

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