How to remove fonts in Windows 10

In Windows 10, by default there are almost a hundred different fonts. Unnecessarily they are not used and most PC owners do not pay attention to them. They cause inconvenience to those who often have to work with texts and their design. In order not to scroll through the list of hundreds of elements each time unused fonts can be removed or hidden. Our experts tell you how to do this.

Control Panel

The classic Control Panel gives you the ability to perform all the actions available in the system with fonts.

With the keyboard combination “Win+R” we call the “Run” dialog box. Type “control” in the text field. Press Enter on the keyboard or the OK button to open the control panel.

Scroll down the parameter list to the very end to find the section highlighted in the screenshot. Enter it with a single mouse click.

The main box of the applet window is occupied by the list of fonts represented in the form of specimen sheets. When you select the icon on the toolbar with the mouse, the elements marked with the number “2” are activated. By pressing the “Hide” button, we leave the selected fonts in the inactive state. Externally, they differ from the working brightness of color and are shown in the block marked with a four. The hidden font does not appear in the text or graphic editors selection dialog box, but it is stored on the PC. The link in the side menu, marked with a triplet, opens additional options.

When you use the “Delete” button, Windows displays a warning window. Confirm the decision by clicking “Yes.

In Advanced Settings, put a checkmark in the place marked with an arrow. This action automatically hides fonts that do not support Cyrillic. Restore the initial settings, in case the changes were made unsuccessfully, by pressing the button marked with a double.

Parameters panel

The toolbar of the new interface gives the user less possibilities to manipulate fonts, compared with the classical one. Here the user can only delete them.

Using the keyboard shortcut “Win+i” bring up the control panel of the operating system. Go to the section framed in the screenshot.

In the transitions area, switch to the block marked with a one. On the right side of the window, in the section highlighted by a marker, there is a list of installed fonts. The control elements intended for searching and filtering are marked on the screenshot by a double line. Click on the description area, going to the detailed properties.

The metadata area below the highlighted name is where you can find the location on your PC, version, copyright, and other information. The arrow shows the selection area of the outline. For instance, if you like any font only when italicized, you can keep it. The other variants of outlines are deleted one by one with the help of the button marked with a double.

Each operation you perform requires confirmation in a popup window. One of the advantages of using the new interface is that you can find and delete the fonts, installed by the user from the Microsoft Store.

Fonts directory

All fonts installed by default are located in the same system directory from which they can be managed.

Type “%windir%/fonts” in the “Run” dialog box and hit “OK”.

The “Fonts” folder opens in Explorer, but the controls appearing on selection of a font in the list and actions performed using them fully coincide with those discussed for the classic Control Panel.

System Registry

Removing the fonts affects the system configuration and can be done through the system registry.

Open the Run dialog and type “regedit” in the text field. Launch the registry editor by clicking on the “OK” button.

Open the HKLM folder and follow the path indicated by the marker in the address bar. Select the final directory “Fonts” with your mouse. The right half of the editor window shows a list of installed fonts. Each key corresponds to one of the outline options. Find the one you don’t need and right click on it, expanding the context menu. Select the line marked “4” on the screenshot.

Confirm the requested action by clicking “Yes”.

To summarize

Ways described by our experts allow to delete or hide unused fonts. Choose the most convenient one and clean up your system making your PC more comfortable.

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