How to remove a virtual drive in Windows 10

When you do not need to use the virtual drive, you must uninstall it to free up space on your physical drive. Our experts tell you how to perform this operation in Windows 10.

Managing virtual disks is done entirely in the GUI. The user’s actions vary slightly, depending on whether you know the directory location of the VHD file or not.

In the first case, immediately open Explorer. Right-click on the virtual drive to view the context menu. Select the item marked with a two.

With the disk disconnected, browse to the directory containing the image file. Expanding the context menu, remove it by clicking on the line marked “2”.

If the user does not know exactly in which directory the VHD file is located, use another option. Call the “Start” advanced menu with the key combination “Win+X”. Open the disk management utility by clicking on the line indicated in the screenshot.

Finding your virtual drive in the common list. Right-click on the area with its description, indicated by the arrow in the screenshot. In the context menu select the item “Disconnect”.

A pop-up confirmation window shows the path where the image file is located in the system. Use Explorer to navigate to the desired directory and delete it. Like any other file, you will first put the VHD image in the trash. Clear it for complete removal.

In conclusion

The actions described by our experts will help you in a few steps to remove from Windows 10 virtual drive that has become unnecessary.

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