How to know the IP address of your computer

When connecting to the network, each device is assigned a unique IP address intended for its identification. Our experts tell you how to find out your computer IP in various operating systems.


Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world, installed on the vast majority of computers.

Call the panel of operating system parameters using the keyboard shortcut “Win+i”. Go to the section highlighted in the screenshot.

Select the “Status” line in the pop-up area. Scroll down the right part of the window to the bottom of the page. Click on the link marked with a twin to open the properties of the current connection.

Find the line highlighted in green. The IP address of your computer ends with the “/” symbol. In this example it is “”.

For operating systems older than Windows 10 we use a universal way to determine the IP address. Open the “Run” dialog box by pressing “Win+R”. Type “ncpa” in the text box.cpl”. Click “OK” to launch the control panel applet, which is responsible for network connections.

Select the area with the description of the current connection. Right click your mouse to get a shortcut menu. Select the line marked with a double.

Press the button in the status panel that opens.

Current IP address in the details window is highlighted in green.

Command prompt

Another method, universal for all versions of Windows, uses a command line.

Call the “Start” advanced menu by pressing “Win+X”. Start the default shell installed on your system. This can be classic CMD or PowerShell, as shown in the screenshot.

At the prompt enter “ipconfig” and hit Enter. The IP of the current connection is on the line marked with the two on the screen shot.


Apple computers run macOS. It is the second most popular and widespread operating system in the world after Windows. You can define IP in macOS in graphical interface or with Terminal.

Hold down the Option key on your Mac keyboard and click on the network connection icon in the top pane. In the expanded informational area we can see the current connection parameters. The line with the IP address is framed.

Open the terminal and type in the command “ipconfig getinfaddr en0”. The interface name “en0” is displayed on the very first line of the information panel described above. Press Enter and the answer is the IP address assigned to your Mac on the local network.

  • nux
  • Operating system family

  • nux includes many different distributions. With some variations, the actions are not much different from those discussed for macOS.

    In the system tray, find the network connection icon, which is indicated by the arrow in the screenshot. Click on it to expand the context menu. Open the network properties applet.

    The current IP is shown in the parameter area of the active connection.

    Launch the Terminal

  • nux and type the command “hostname -I”. Pressing Enter will bring up the network address that your computer has got in the console window.

    External IP

    In addition to the internal address, which is unique to the local network, the computer gets another one, which identifies it to the Internet. You can find it out with 2ip, for example. Click on the given link and see in the marked arrow place the external IP received from your ISP.

    To conclude

    Following the step-by-step instructions in this material you can find out the IP address of your computer, regardless of the operating system.

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