How to install Linux next to Windows 10

The availability of two operating systems on a computer expands the range of tasks that can be solved by it. You can use the strengths of each operating system, switching between them as needed. Our experts tell you how to install on a single hard drive

  • nux next to Windows 10.

    Allocate free space

    Determining the range of tasks to be performed by the second operating system we prepare the space for its location.

    Call the Windows toolbar using the “Win+i” key combination. Go to the section indicated by the frame in the screenshot.

    Select “Memory” line in the sidebar. Move to the right half of the window and click on the description area indicated by the arrow.

    Make sure that the “Cleanup for updates” box is checked. The total size of freed disk space is shown in the green highlighted line. In a system that is used for a long time and is not regularly cleaned up, this can be as much as a dozen gigabytes. Press the “D” key to eliminate unnecessary files and maximize the available space.

    Call the “Start” advanced menu with the “Win+X” key combination. Click on the line marked with a frame to start the MMC console applet designed for disk management.

    Using the right mouse button bring up a context menu for the system partition. By default it is always denoted by the Latin letter “C”. Click on the line marked with a 2.

    In the area indicated by the arrow adjust the allocated space based on the system requirements of the chosen distribution

  • nux. Press the button marked with a 2 to start the process of compressing the drive.

    In the graphical area, we see that the highlighted marker shows the unallocated space that we will use for installation

  • nux.

  • nux to the selected partition
  • Having prepared the free space on your hard disk, we proceed to the installation procedure of the second system. Boot up from the pre-created installation media with the selected distribution

  • nux.

    In the GRUB boot loader’s initial menu select the top line to start the operating system in the

  • ve CD.

    On the desktop, double-click on the highlighted icon to activate the step-by-step wizard.

    On the startup screen, choose locale. Check the language that you want the system to use and the Setup Wizard in the list on the left.

    Define keyboard layout. Select the main language in the left part of the window. On the right side choose a base or nationally adapted layout.

    In the distributions that support proprietary components, check the box that allows using non-free codecs and drivers.

    At the point where you select the installation type, move the radio button to the arrowed position.

    The list of available partitions found by the wizard shows the free space on the disk. After marking the line with the mouse, click on the “plus” symbol marked by a double line.

    Select Ext4 file system for the selected partition. Specify the root mount point, marked with “/” in the drop-down list. Finish preparing the volume for installation by clicking “OK”.

    Returning to the volume list window, we see that the free space is now marked as partition with the Ext4 file system. Find the line labeled “Windows Boot Manager”. Look at the name of the medium and set it, using the drop-down menu marked with a twos, as the location of the GRUB bootloader. Click on the “Install” button.

    A pop-up message confirms that you want to change the partition table on your hard drive and format the one you want to install

  • nux volume.

    Choose the appropriate time zone by moving the pin to the appropriate place on the map.

    In the final step, set the name of the computer you wish to display on the network, as well as your username and password. Click on “Continue” to start the installation

  • nux to hard disk.

    Partition the disk under
  • nux
  • You can allocate disk space for a second operating system directly in the wizard.

    The above steps bring us to the partition list. Select the volume with the NTFS file system on which Windows is installed. Click on the “minus” symbol, which is marked with a double red dot.

    In the popup window, change the size of the partition, that is occupied by Windows, by specifying it in the highlighted field.

    Confirm the decision to change the existing volume by clicking on the “Continue” button.

    After the “free space” line appears in the list of partitions, repeat the above steps from the seventh point.

    Boot menu

    A pop-up menu will appear as the installation is completed. The user is prompted to continue using

  • nux in mode
  • ve CD or reboot the computer to enter the new operating system.

    You will see the GRUB boot loader when you start your PC. The unit represents the default system, in this example

  • Mint. Move the cursor to the position marked with a dotted line and start Windows. The start-up delay is ten seconds, the time counter is reset when you press the cursor movement arrows on the keyboard.

    To conclude

    The step-by-step instructions given by our experts allow you to install

  • nux on a Windows 10 computer by creating a dual-boot configuration.
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