How to enable network discovery in Windows 10

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The network discovery function allows to find other connected PCs and mobile devices within the same network. Our experts tell you how to activate it in Windows 10.

Network settings

In the graphical interface of the operating system the user can selectively set the detection for different types of networks.

Call the Options panel by pressing the “Win+i” key combination. Go to the section framed in the screenshot.

Select the line marked with a unit in the side menu. Move to the right side of the window and go down to the settings box, which is highlighted with a marker. Click on the area marked with “2”.

The Network Management Applet, part of the Classic Control Panel, will open. Click on the link framed in the screenshot.

In the shared settings panel by default the block with the parameters of the current connection is unfolded. Move the radio button to the “Enable” position, which is marked with one on the screenshot. If necessary repeat the operation for other types of networks by extending the block marked with a twos. Save the settings by clicking on the “Save” button.

Command line

Using the command line shells included in the distribution kit, the discovery function is enabled for all types of networks simultaneously. This option is faster, but requires additional configuration of the restrictions later.

Call the “Start” advanced menu with “Win+X” keyboard shortcut. Click on the line marked by a frame and start the shell in the elevated privileges mode.

At the prompt, type the command “netsh advfirewall firewall set r

    e group=”Network detection” new enable=Yes”. Press Enter and after a few seconds you will get the final report marked with the number “two” on the screenshot. For systems with English localization change the Cyrillic text in the command to “Network Discovery. To completely disable the detection of the computer, replace the last word “Yes” with “No”. The action applies to all types of networks at the same time.

    To conclude

    Our experts tell you how to enable network discovery in Windows 10. Choose the most appropriate option to allow other network-connected computers to find your PC.

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