How to convert GPT to MBR when installing Windows 10

GPT partition table, as part of the UEFI standard developed by Intel to replace BIOS. Originally intended for server platforms, but quickly came to be used on regular PCs as well. Despite a number of obvious advantages of GUID Partition

, M
while it continues to exist in parallel. As a result of this coexistence, the user may encounter a problem. For example if you try to upgrade your operating system will refuse to install on the new drive due to a different type of partitioning. How to eliminate this conflict and convert GPT to M
When installing Windows 10 tell our experts.

Converting partition scheme

As a modern operating system, Windows 10 can understand both types of partition tables. You can use both GPT and M with equal success
. Which one you choose depends only on your motherboard. If your system has UEFI firmware then you can plug in the new disk and proceed with the installation. The BIOS can be a bit more complicated.

At the beginning, at the stage of choosing the location, the Windows 10 installer may display a message saying that you cannot proceed. To find out what is wrong, click on the framed area with the error text.

In the information window that appears, the operating system installer shows the reason why it cannot perform the required operation. After determining the nature of the problem, close the notification. Remember the number that identifies the problem drive in the list. It is shown in the previous screenshot with arrows.

Press “Shift+F10″ to show the command line. Shift+FN+F10” is used on some laptop models. Enter command “diskpart” and press enter. As a result of its execution, it switches to the console utility designed for working with disks. This screenshot shows the console window after executing.

Type “

  • st disk” to get a list of disks defined by the installer. The asterisks at the end of the info lines show that GUID Partition is used on both detected drives
  • .

    You need to change the layout of disk 1, because that is where the operating system refused to install. Enter the command “select disk 1”, selecting the desired drive. Subsequent actions the utility will perform only with it.

    Type “convert m
    “To change the type of the table. Having got the conversion report, use again the “

  • st disk”. There is no asterisk next to drive 1 in the displayed list, so you can finish working with the command line. Type “exit” to confirm quitting Diskpart and again to close the console.

    Refresh the list in the installer window using the button marked “1”. Since the problem with the perception of partitioning has been resolved, the information line with the error will disappear. You can continue to install the operating system.

    To summarize the GPT in M
    when installing Windows 10

    These short instructions allow you to replace a partition scheme on the fly, without interrupting Windows installation.

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