How to configure limit connections in Windows 10

You can reduce the consumption of network resources in Windows 10 by using the “limit connection” option. When you turn it on, the system limits the downloading of updates and reduces the activity in order not to waste the allotted amount of traffic. Our experts tell us how to set up such connection.

Call the Windows options panel with the “Win+i” keyboard shortcut. Go to the section indicated in the screenshot by a frame.

Select the parameter block in the side menu that is responsible for the use of data. The drop-down menu with a list of available network connections is marked by a double line. By default it shows the current connection. Press “Set” button to set traffic limit for selected network connection.

In the pop-up window, select the type of accounting by moving the radio button marked with a unit. When setting the monthly countdown select the starting date from the drop-down list. Set limited data volume and its unit. You enter the numeric value manually. Traffic is counted in gigabytes or megabytes. Clicking “Save” writing down the set parameters.

In the parameters section under consideration day counter and traffic spending diagram appears. Just below, set limits for background sharing. Our experts recommend to set the radio button to the position marked with a two on the screenshot. The two buttons marked with “3” are for controlling the restriction. The left one opens the pop-up window discussed above, where the user can change the previously set values. The right one is used to delete the set parameters.

Disabling the option requires additional confirmation. Click “Yes” if you want to remove the limits for the selected connection type.

In conclusion

The step-by-step instructions provided by our experts allow you to set up a limit connection in Windows 10 and limit the system’s network activity in a few minutes.

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