How to change your email address in Gmail

The email address created when registering for the Gmail service remains unchanged for the entire time of use. More precisely, in the login you can’t change the character order. However, the rules do not prohibit creating aliases for it. In this material our experts tell how you can change your e-mail address without creating a new box.

Domain names

The point of using aliases is to visually change the address. If you have a user@ box, you can specify it in user@ format. A letter sent to either of these addresses will reach the recipient. In this case, the registration algorithms on forums or services are considered different. This way a user can get two emails by simply changing the spelling of the domain name.

Additional points

In the login, the part of the address before the dog is allowed to use dots. It is not allowed to type two characters in a row, but it is possible to separate characters. So the login “user” can be represented as “u.ser” or “”. The e-mail address changes visually, but the e-mails keep on being delivered to the same mailbox.

Symbol “+”

The greatest number of opportunities opens the use of the symbol “plus”. By placing it behind the name, the user can “add” any additional combination of characters. The login “user” can be represented as “user+a” or “user+bb.

To conclude

Using aliases for the primary email address avoids spam and makes it easy to organize the sorting of emails.

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