How to change the TTL in Windows 10

The term Time to

  • ve, or TTL in short, characterizes the lifetime of the information packet in the computer network. This is not determined by time, but by the number of jumps between its nodes. When passing the next router in the path of the packet, the TTL value is decreased by one. When a zero threshold is reached, it is deleted, regardless of whether it has succeeded in reaching the addressee or not. Practical use of this technology by mobile operators allows to limit Internet connections at unlimited tariffs. Our experts tell you how to change the default TTL value in Windows 10.

    Invoke the “Start” advanced menu by pressing “Win+X. Run the default shell in elevated privileges.

    Check the default lifetime of the package. At the prompt we type in the command “ping”. Press enter and look at the digital TTL values displayed in the last column of the results.

    Call the “Run” dialog box with the “Win+R” key combination. Type “regedit” in the text box. Press “ok” or the enter key on the physical keyboard, starting the registry editor.

    Open HKLM branch and follow the path highlighted by a green marker in the address bar. Select the final directory “Parameters”. Switch to the right side of the editor. Call context menu and create a new parameter. For 32-bit systems -DWORD, for 64-bit -QWORD.

    Assigning the parameter the name “Defa

      tTTL”. Double click on the name to open the dialog box for correcting the values. Change the number system to decimal. In the highlighted field set the required value. If you need to distribute the Internet from a mobile device on Android or iOS -65. If we are going to share Wi-Fi from a laptop running Windows. Save the changes by pressing the OK button. Reboot your computer so that the new settings take effect.

      Check the result at the command line, repeating the steps in step two. As you can see in the screenshot, TTL has the value set in the registry. When giving out the mobile Internet the computer will send a packet with the lifetime of 64 hops (65-1) to the network without giving out that an additional device is connected to the network. To restore the default settings used by the OS, delete the “Defa

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