How to change the mouse cursor on Windows 10

Every user wants to give some kind of personality to the system. Most limit themselves to adjusting the Start menu and changing the desktop wallpaper. Our experts tell you how to change the cursor in Windows 10.

Standard cursors

The default set of mouse pointers can be changed by the user in the old or new operating system interface.

New interface

Call the Windows Control Panel with the “Win+i” keyboard shortcut. Single click on the section of the toolbar shown in the screenshot.

In the side menu, select the line marked with one. On the right side of the window, scroll down to the settings area with related parameters. Click on the link with an arrow.

This brings up the one-digit block of pointer options in the panel window. The slider marked with a b is for changing the size of the pointer. Below are the color schemes. The first three are the preset design variants. By choosing the rightmost one you get an opportunity to choose the color of the cursor and adjust it to the general desktop design, which is set in the personalization section.

Control panel

Call “Run” dialog box with “Win+R” shortcut. Type “main” in the text box.cpl”. Press “OK” or the enter key on the keyboard to start the classic control panel applet.

Click the “Pointers” tab. Using the drop-down menu marked with an arrow, change the default layout to one of the preset ones. Press “Apply” to save your changes.

Third-party pointers

In addition to standard cursors, the user can install one of the many cursor sets developed by enthusiasts.

Open the classic operating system control panel applet using the method described above. In the “Indexes” tab, click on the framed button.

Go to the folder with the downloaded set of pointers. Select the main cursor image. Click the “Open” button, indicated by a twin. Repeat the operation for all cursor display modes one after another. After you finish your manual change, save the scheme by giving it a name.

To simplify the task, some developers include the automatic installer in the package. Open the directory with the downloaded scheme in Explorer. Look for the Install file in it.inf. You can study its content, if you want, using Notepad. After selecting a file, right-click on it. From the context menu, choose the item shown in the screenshot with a two.

The system will automatically open the control panel applet with the set of cursors. All the user has to do is to give it a name, using the button marked with one.

To conclusion

Following the tips of our experts, you can dramatically change the mouse pointer in Windows 10 in a few clicks, giving your system a unique personality.

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