How to add to exceptions in Windows 10 Protector

To reduce the CPU load caused by the antivirus program, you can add exceptions to it. Our experts tell you how to perform this operation for the Defender included in your Windows 10 distribution.

The easiest way to access the security settings is to find the shield icon in the tray which is shown in the screenshot. Clicking on it will open the security control panel of the operating system.

The second way implies using Windows settings. Call the new interface panel with the “Win+i” key combination. Go to the section highlighted on the screenshot by the frame.

In the side menu, select the line marked with one. Press the button marked with the number “2” on the right side of the window, it will open the Security Control Panel.

Click on the shield icon in the toolbar. In the main panel field find the section highlighted with a green marker in the screenshot. Click on the highlighted link in the frame.

Find the “Exceptions” block in the list of parameters. Click the hyperlink depicted in the screenshot.

Click the button with a “plus” symbol to display the context menu. A user can add an individual file, directory or process to the exclusions list. The “type” line allows you to exclude the Defender from scanning objects with a certain extension.

The first two menu items open Explorer with a selection dialog. Find the desired folder, select it, and click on the “double-click” button. The same way to select the file.

The following two items in the context menu will open the pop-up windows. Enter an extension or a process name in the highlighted fields and press “Add”.

To conclude

Following the steps described in the step-by-step instructions provided by our experts, you can disable scanning of selected items by the anti-virus protection built into Windows 10, thus reducing the load on your system.

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